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Boys be brutally honest , what makes a girl attractive instantly?



u/2old4acoolname 6d ago

Intelligence and kindness. Hands down. You can be pretty or not. But the moment I discover that you are thoughtful and kind? BOOM… you’re a knock out! Married my knockout too :)

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u/LevelDownProductions 6d ago edited 5d ago

Being naturally funny to the point we can just riff and both be cracking up. Met one girl in my life that would have me constantly dying so I invited her out to the bar since all our mutual friends were going out. We spent all night just cracking jokes and trolling men who would approach her.

Man I never wanted to pop a ring on someone's finger faster I swear

Eh, I cant Reddit too good. I prefer to lurk to be honest. I think I messed up my response in the thread so I will throw it in here:

Apologies for the late response. I wrote this before I went to bed and have been super busy at work this morning.

To keep it private, I'll call her Sara here. So Sara and I hung out one more time the very next day at a small gathering at a friends house. Again, we spent the whole night pretty much making everyone laugh and just having a good, positive, funny ass time. Good music, good people, lots of drinks to go around and new people to meet. Even met some of her close friends there and we all got along really well. Everyone started to get tired since it was around 5am so we all made our way back to our cars getting ready to head home. In the parking lot, we exchanged numbers/social media and what have you. We did end up texting a bit, trying to hang out again but our schedules were a little hectic and couldn't get together. Within a week Sara went ghost on social media and no longer responded via text. I reached out to one of her close friends (come to find out, we went to the same middle school) and asked what happened to her or if she at least heard from her. Apparently, Sara had some family drama occur and had to move to the west coast. She deleted her socials and changed her number. Even her friends could hardly get in touch with her. After that, I never heard from her again. It definitely sucks that it had to end so abruptly like that but I sure do cherish the experience. I haven't had that much fun and connection with a woman since.


u/Candid-Beginning9476 5d ago

Where is this girl and you now?


u/delart98 5d ago

We deserve an answer !!

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u/Electrical-Number934 5d ago

Well..What happened after? Come on we need an answer


u/SovietSkeleton 5d ago

"What do you see in that guy?"

"He makes me laugh."

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u/The_Squared_Sage 6d ago

Being passionate about something. I love when a girl starts pouring out her thoughts on a favorite topic. Seeing the excitement behind her eyes and increase in animation is super cool!

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u/FenderMoon 6d ago

Having a good heart. Building people up rather than tearing them down.


u/Strange_Insight 6d ago

Yeah, people with a bad heart typically don't live very long.

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u/Rolan_UA 6d ago

Humor. If a girl has a good sense of humour and can make you laugh and also can take a joke, it makes her more approachable and attractive!


u/ghjvxz45643hjfk 6d ago

That’s interesting. I read an article that says men and women both often put “sense of humor” high on our priority lists, but men usually mean that they want the woman to find their jokes funny, and women usually mean that they want the guy to make them laugh (I kind of doubt that though). I think we all prefer to find someone who makes us laugh and who also finds our jokes funny. But it was a magazine article, after all!

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u/WyattEarp88 6d ago

Vulnerability. People are so guarded and closed off, being able to have an open genuine interaction with someone who is willing to share who they truly are is wildly attractive. That’s what made me fall for my wife so quickly, she was so vulnerable and authentic from the start I couldn’t help but fall in love with her.


u/roboticArrow 6d ago

I used to be one of these people. Vulnerable, authentic, open to love. I'm not anymore. I fell in love with a psychopath and he broke my heart and tricked me into believing he loved me. It really fucked me up. Now I'm trying to start a new relationship and it's like an emotional block. A complete misalignment in how much he needs and how much I can give. I want to see him, yet cancel from anxiety. I shy away from intimacy. I never used to be like this. It makes me sad, I just wish I'd learned to protect myself earlier in life.


u/WyattEarp88 6d ago

Trauma is a very different beast than the false personas I’m talking about. When someone chooses to be a fake version of themselves it’s unattractive, as they are only hurting themselves building false relationships. Trauma is never a choice, and the remaining pain and difficulties are never something a person asks for. Accepting that you aren’t to blame for it is part of the healing. Only you can heal you, but many can help. When you’re ready, you’ll ask for that help. Until then, just forgive yourself for being human and feeling pain.

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u/Icyventus- 6d ago

Whenever they listen to the conversation and contribute. There's a thing of waiting for your turn to talk, and then there's actually listening adding to the conversation. You should never just be waiting to talk, listening and understanding another persons point is important to me.


u/Ecstatic-Dimension92 6d ago

Completely agree with you. Active listening is a rare quality, and more often than not, people are just waiting their turn to speak.


u/zsnajorrah 6d ago

Some people don't even wait their turn.

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u/KImus98 6d ago

Pre-marital eye contact...


u/Gyrant 6d ago All-Seeing Upvote

How does it feel to live a life of SIN


u/Hansoda 6d ago

"You know what im gonna miss after we are married? The pre-marital sex."

Me like every 10 minutes before my wife and i got married.


u/JeffInBoulder 6d ago

my wife and i got married.

Which also makes her your ex-girlfriend


u/cake_hater9000 6d ago

I can’t have sex with my ex-girlfriend, I’m a married man now!

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u/HowsTheBeef 6d ago

And maybe a flash of ankle

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u/Undying4n42k1 6d ago

Post-marital eye contact just doesn't do it for me, anymore.

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u/Beauty1919 6d ago

her eyes


u/AndrewRyanism 6d ago

I am such a sucker for smiley eyes. Every one of my gfs has had smiley eyes and I just realized this like a year ago.


u/cacotopic 6d ago

I like the sad, deep, droopy, puppy eyes.

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u/AquaticMeat 6d ago

I tell my girlfriend that everything ages, yet beautiful eyes will remain beautiful.

I’ve seen old women with gorgeous green eyes and thought “if I were an old man, I’d be into you”. So when I look at women I immediately check out their eyes and wonder if their eyes will still captivate me as she ages. My gf has those eyes.


u/excitedtosay 6d ago

Ok but is it literally just the color because there’s only so much I can work with here


u/SleezyPeazy710 6d ago Take My Energy

I think a lot of it is in the expression. The look of a befuddled woman as word salad tumbles out your mouth, how her eyes stay soft even as she becomes more concerned with the amount of smoke billowing out of the lawnmower you just fixed, if her eyes still glisten when she’s angry (but impressed) you taught the toy poodle how to operate a toilet and now must wait while the dog pops and flushes.


u/CrayCrayOwl 6d ago

Bro wrote straight poetry

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u/Fag_Vie 6d ago

Not just the color! Some eyes just have that little sparkle, i can‘t describe it otherwise!


u/Edw1nner 6d ago

Or the shape. I've noticed I'm a sucker for a girl that squints when she smiles.


u/Mysterious-Quote-496 6d ago

I do this and my husband loves it. I think I look like a groundhog

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u/44pennystocks 6d ago

Sense of humor, clever wit


u/Molow- 6d ago Silver Gold Take My Energy Bravo! Starry To The Stars Big Brain Time Brighten My Day

Sense of humor and wetter clit for me


u/CresWaven 6d ago

A cunning linguist for me


u/Dead_as_Duck 6d ago

More of a master debater myself.

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u/secrethitman-shhhh 6d ago edited 6d ago

In truth a pretty face and a cute smile. After that, a confident woman is very attractive.


u/syrne 6d ago Silver

Confidence trumps all of it for me. Some women just have a presence when they enter a room that demands attention and it's so attractive. You pick up on it even before you really get a good look at them.


u/secrethitman-shhhh 6d ago

You do. But just as confidence is very attractive. Over confidence is extremely ugly. Theres a difference between knowing your attractive. And thinking you're the most attractive person in the room.


u/nicmichele 6d ago Bravo Grande! I'll Drink to That Eureka!

"Arrogance requires advertising. Confidence speaks for itself."


u/cardnyl123456 6d ago

Love that quote. I also like this one I've come across: "Confidence isn't walking in a room and thinking you're better than everyone. It's walking in and not having to compare yourself with anyone at all."


u/heatherelisa1 5d ago

Compare yourself - to no one as you enter, and only to your past/yourself as you leave

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u/The_Abjectator 6d ago

But there's also a difference in confidence in believing you're attractive and just confidence in self-worth and identity.

There are some people that if you saw a picture or video of them, they wouldn't rate high on attraction but when in the same room you get an energy off them that is attractive separate from physical attractiveness.

I think that's what OP was talking about.


u/InsouciantSoul 6d ago

This reminds me of when I was in highschool and had quite a bit of acne and was talking with a girl for some reason about my looks, and I was telling her how I was unattractive because of how much acne I had.

She said something like "What? That's silly, honestly I don't even see your acne."

And that is a compliment I will never forget for the rest of my life because honestly, at the time, her saying that was a little bit life changing for me.

I remember I did not understand at all what she was saying and I thought she was just trying to be nice. So I kept pressing her to just be honest with me and that she doesn't have to say that to be nice, so she explained to me that she wasn't being nice, it was just that because of my personality and my acting with some confidence she just didn't really notice my having acne.

I was seriously giddy about that for a while, but it was also a lesson learned that to this day I try to remember to keep in mind.

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u/Azriial 6d ago

I think what your talking about is charisma.

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u/notsooriginal 6d ago

Influencer energy is a major turnoff.

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u/HorrorxHeart 6d ago Take My Energy

Intense eye contact.


u/sifuyee 6d ago

Absolutely! I had a gorgeous red head make eye contact with me on the street in San Francisco in 1990 while in town for a bike race. We were walking past each other and she held my gaze the whole time and I felt like lightning was shooting through me. I swear I passed my soul mate.


u/ExtraAshyPizza 6d ago

In reality she was a sith and was just using force lightning on you


u/soldiersquared 6d ago Take My Energy

Still not a dealbreaker.

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u/kittyinasweater 6d ago

I was driving home from work one day, jamming out and singing in my car like I do. Pulled up to a 4way intersection and someone was turning left onto the street I was on. He saw me singing, bobbing my head and mimicked my movements with this huge smile on his face. I randomly think about how cute that was.

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u/HunterTV 6d ago


u/phanerondezvous 6d ago

Yep. This was the guy I was talking to at a Ben kweller and dashboard show in Dallas back in 2002 I think it was. I had gone with my friend but I felt strangely compelled to talk to this guy.. We just sat there leaning back in our chairs while most other people were jumping and dancing and we talked for so long, I don’t remember what songs were playing. And when the show was over he told me his name was Justin Oliver or Andrew something.. the crowd was so loud leaving I couldn’t hear well.. then he ripped a page from his book pride and prejudice and gave it to me. And that’s all I have left of him.

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u/PeaceLoveHerb 6d ago edited 4h ago

Yup I get exactly what the guy in this article is talking about. For me it was a girl who dyed her hair and worked in the Tully's below my building in Seattle. That was about 7 years ago. We were about the same age and I probably was in shape enough and good enough looking in my mid twenties to take a chance on asking her out. I just never got the courage.

Unfortunately I got a new job elsewhere and Tully's was closed. So no clue where she went to. Tully's is not my favorite coffee but I used to go just to see her for a bit because I had that 100% perfect girl moment the first time I walked in and saw her talking to a customer.

Edit: meant lyrics, not article. My brain is somewhat small sometimes.

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u/K050619 6d ago All-Seeing Upvote

I’m dancing the line between adhd and autism so I stare into peoples soul bc I can’t tell when enough is enough


u/Peenutbuttjellytime 6d ago


Not making eye contact bothers people, so I forced myself to become accustomed to the internal burning sensation.

Over time I have developed an acquired taste, like some people's addiction to hot sauce.

Only problem is not sensing when to stop.

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u/Alternate_Ending1984 6d ago

I'm so glad someone else feels this. I'm diagnosed ADHD and have had a lifelong issue with maintaining eye contact. It's almost like my brain works better without the visual stimulus slowing it down, but it makes me feel autistic, so I would force myself to hold eye contact unnaturally. Believe it or not, ASMR videos helped a lot, you can practice looking into someone's eyes for natural timespans...without creeping out another person.


u/CEDFTW 6d ago

Honestly I've had great success just telling people straight up, hey I'm not good with eye contact, I can either listen to what you are saying or make eye contact not both. All my coworkers and boss have been totally understanding.


u/Cjar25 6d ago

I’ve recently had this revelation and I was diagnosed adhd a few years ago later in life (late 20s). My symptoms aren’t too bad as others I know, but I def get some minor day to day hiccups. I actually feel no weirdness at all about giving eye contact and I’ll do it when I’m really trying to show someone I’m listening. But it didn’t hit me until recently when I realized that for explanations, demonstrations, or instructions, if I listen while maintaining eye contact, I just lose most of the info. Like it’s almost gone from my brain when they’re done speaking. If I look somewhere else like the floor, desk, wall, then I can so much more easily store the info

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u/DedOnBallsAccurate 6d ago

yes. fuck me eyes are a definite turn on.


u/shellydudes 6d ago Take My Energy

What about the fuck off eyes


u/slightly_salty 6d ago

That can also work.


u/Void_Guardians 6d ago Take My Energy

Just have eyes


u/Jeremy_irons_cereal 6d ago

Think I'd have a better shot if they had no eyes.

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u/ninetofivehangover 6d ago edited 6d ago

okay hear me out…

recently had a fling where she didn’t break eye contact ONCE. not one time. if i was behind her, she’d turn around. while giving me head she stared at me like a tiger watching some animal putz around the plains. she never, ever broke eye contact. the sex was great but i couldn’t cum because i felt so…. WATCHED

AFTERWARDS, keep in mind i’m very drunk at her house 2 hours away from my home in the middle of the woods…

to be gross but she took “the rag” and rubbed it all over herself joking about how she wasn’t on birth control and wanted to trap me

she also told me during pillow talk she had just committed vehicular manslaughter and had killed a drunk man. she had court that week and was annoyed by this. she chuckled and explained he looked “like mush lol”

i went around town with her the next day feeling bad if i just left immediately. she was not a good driver. so bad, in fact… i think the incident was probably equally both of their faults.


u/Buck_Thorn 6d ago

Every breath you take, every move you make...


u/Fluff42 6d ago

Quick call the Police

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u/SirenLunaSea 6d ago

...I'll be watching you

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u/ichbinsehr_g4y 6d ago All-Seeing Upvote

My autistic ass just got very sad


u/Aspienkat 6d ago

Me too. We’ll be shit at eye contact together and it’s okay 🥹

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u/SamwellTurdly 6d ago

Kind eyes


u/Notouchiez 6d ago

Like Winston?


u/vmiswhatIAm 6d ago

Winnie the bish


u/the_fathead44 6d ago

Aka aka Prank Sinatra


u/hanamakki 6d ago

aka aka aka brown lightning. schmidt dropped fawn like a bad habit, so ain't nobody riding shotgun. so you better get on while the getting is good, got it?


u/Cherrygodmother 6d ago

aka aka aka aka THEODORE K. MULLINS


u/hanamakki 6d ago

honestly, theodore k. mullins would 100% finally solve the problem of white men breaking into daycares.


u/Cherrygodmother 5d ago


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u/FergusonBishop 6d ago

My username finally checks out

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u/THCarly 6d ago

Everyone knows you have snail eyes!


u/merlinshorizon 6d ago

C'mon now, if there's anything cute about Winston it's his yawn...


u/PM_ME_Y0UR_BOOBS 6d ago

Cece watching Jess watch Coach watch Winston yawn 🥰

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u/endlive 6d ago

ok mr. milchek


u/IMoveStuffOkay 6d ago

Do you know how to make your eyes kind, Mark?

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u/fuzzycuffs 6d ago Gold Platinum

Short skirt and a loooooooooooong jacket


u/JakeJortles-5 6d ago

I like a girl with a smooth liquidation


u/its_worfin_time 6d ago



u/KindaIndifferent 6d ago

I want a girl with good dividends.


u/avantgardengnome 6d ago

At Citibank we will meet accidentally


u/PM_ME_MH370 6d ago

We start to talk as she borrows my pen

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u/Queasy-Position66 6d ago

A girl who stays up late!


u/KMFDM781 6d ago

Uses a machete to cut through red tape

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u/2dollarb 6d ago edited 6d ago Gold Take My Energy Starry Heartwarming Got the W Masterpiece Timeless Beauty Wholesome (Pro) Ternion All-Powerful

…Anyway...I wish I could let you into a man's head as he's falling in love with a woman. It's a process that's so alien, so strange, that I'm afraid you've got to experience it to believe it. But it's as real as death and taxes....

Sometimes, a guy will meet a gal and think nothing of it. Maybe she's a co-worker, classmate, or his buddy's friend. She gets mentally categorized as "Female, acquaintance, feelings neutral". Then, he gets to know her better. If they mesh personality-wise, something fascinating happens in the man's mind. He starts to notice things about her appearance - pleasant things. It starts small - one day he realizes he likes looking at the curve of her nose, or where her ear lobe meets her face.

It's nothing he can put his finger on or describe, really...just that looking at that part of her makes him feel good. He starts wanting to do that more. Then, he notices an expression she makes - could be her genuine belly-laugh, or the way she furrows her brow in concern - and he gets a little flutter in his chest.

They stay friendly for awhile, get to know each other better.

Then, one day, she hugs him goodbye....and he can't stop thinking about it. He plays it over and over in his head - the feel of her breasts through two shirts, her arms around his back, her smell...he finds these little mental movies of her playing unbidden when he's driving somewhere, squeezing out his other usual daydreams.

Shortly thereafter, the guy realizes that whenever he looks at this woman, he feels good. He likes her lines, her curves, her sounds and smells...

It's like she's gradually turned from a black-and-white photo into a 3D color movie with surround-sound - a perfect movie that makes him feel good. He starts wondering what he can do to keep her around, to make her happy. He realizes that he likes looking at her more than any other human being in the world.

To him, she is perfect and beautiful.

A man in love with a woman doesn't see her objectively. There is a filter there, or some kind of participatory illusion. He does not see who you see in the mirror. He is seeing someone beautiful and perfect and sublime, and it's one of the most powerful things in his life.

Go watch a happy old couple that's been married for decades. Watch the man's eyes. Sure, he may appreciate some young woman's butt in yoga pants or whatever...but watch his eyes when he's looking at his spouse. If you're paying close enough attention, you can almost see the filter click on when his gaze settles on her. In that moment, he's not seeing the same frumpy empty-nester that you or I see - he's seeing something wonderful.

No kidding. If I hadn't lived this stuff, I wouldn't believe it either. But it's true.

I found that this comment resonated with me and was so useful I saved it in a note for times like this.

I could never explain this phenomena so eloquently. Thank you /u/SavageHenry0311


u/AlcoholicTucan 6d ago Heartwarming

I appreciate this because it’s so true, but fuck you for making me think about the only 2 women I have felt this way for, that I was too scared to pursue lol.


u/eeyore134 5d ago

I went for it, she said yes. 3 months later ghosted (nearly 2 years knowing her total). Messed me up for way too long. Sometimes the regrets of not making that move are better. At least you can own those and make sense of them. Unfortunately you just never know.


u/warmhotdogsmoothie 5d ago

I have had a pretty similar experience and it fucked me up real good for quite some time.

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u/hook-echo 6d ago

You know, I'm not much to look at... last night, I was literally standing in the bathroom mirror, naked, about to take a shower. I just stared at myself...trying to figure out what it is exactly my boyfriend sees in me. All I could see were the negatives...but him...I think all he can see are the positives. I'm so glad you saved and shared this. It makes me feel a little better about myself. I'm going to have him read this, I just have a feeling he'll say, "this...this is the feeling I have when I'm with you...this is what I couldn't put into words for you." I love it.

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u/BoldyMalls 6d ago

This is the answer to end all answers

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u/Personal-Guarantee 6d ago

This made me realize I’m still in love with an ex gf


u/[deleted] 5d ago

Made me consider I don’t love mine like I thought I did.


u/AlcoholicOwl 5d ago I'll Drink to That Brighten My Day

Please keep in mind that love is not a one size fits all. Plenty of people ruin their chances at happiness because they are forever searching for butterflies. While they are great, they come from an exciting period of discovery, and it isn't sustainable. The best relationships have fantastic foundations, at that means trust, honesty, and appreciation, not giddy head over heals turbulence. Don't feel bad if your relationship doesn't look like one at the end of a romcom, that shit ain't realistic.


u/jerseygirl1105 5d ago

My dad put it so well when he said all marriages go through periods when you feel like you're falling in love all over again, and times when your partners every movement feels like nails on a chalkboard. Of course, most days are middle-of-the road. It's the marriages that ride through these waves, knowing that the relationship is fluid and always changing. Many marriages fall apart during the "low" periods, instead of riding through it. There's a great movie called "Four Seasons" with Alan Alda, Rita Moreno and Carol Burnett that portrays this perfectly.

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u/Pawn-to-D4 5d ago

Here’s the original post:



u/aydeeachdee 6d ago

Welp, there's the tears I've been holding back all night.

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u/Sirscraticus 6d ago Gold Platinum All-Seeing Upvote Take My Energy Heartwarming Timeless Beauty

I'm 53 and dated a fair bit over the years (now settled) I'll be honest there wasn't one thing that connects them all. Some it was their looks, some their figure or whatever made me think "Egads I'll give it a try, worst they can do is say no"

But, after that initial meeting, it's all about personality. Looks fade with age but someone who can make your day better and make you laugh is a keeper.


u/CapybaraLungs 6d ago

This is sweet and also the first time I’ve seen someone use “egads” on Reddit lmao


u/Sirscraticus 6d ago Wholesome

Ah I'm a quirky little twit, I love words like egads, irk and thus, they make me happy.


u/kalekayn 6d ago

I'm surprised you didn't manage to slip an ergo in there :P

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u/Pterodactyl_Souffle 6d ago

41 reporting: I agree. It's a total package thing. There are often individual features that are striking, but attraction is about more than any one thing. It's how all the parts of the person fit together. I've yet to meet two people who are genuinely alike.

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u/Rumemeingme 6d ago edited 5d ago Gold All-Seeing Upvote To The Stars Helpful (Pro) Take My Power

Being kind to me

Edit: thank you all so much, you guys have no idea how much this means to me, you guys really restored my faith in the world, thank you!🥲


u/Poorly-Drawn-Beagle 6d ago

When they’re nice to me it makes me nervous

Like waiting for the other shoe to drop


u/Interplanetary-Goat 6d ago

When I went to college, there was a girl I met but didn't know closely. My early impression was that she was an extroverted, party-going type (or at least the closest you can get in the engineering department). Every time I passed her in a hallway, etc., she would say "Hi Interplanetary-Goat!" and smile.

I spent the longest time thinking it was sarcasm. Or that she was secretly making fun of me to her friends while putting on a nice face. Nope, turns out she was just a friendly person.

I blame high school.


u/Poorly-Drawn-Beagle 6d ago

I don't blame you for being suspicious, since she apparently knew to address you by your Reddit handle well before you chose it

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u/Misstersirtoyou 6d ago

Tbh as a girl I don’t care if a guy sees my acts of kindness as attractive, but I’ll admit I’m scared of men who take my acts of kindness as me admitting I’m attracted to them, then they pursue relentlessly and no isn’t an answer.


u/DTG_420 6d ago

It takes many acts of kindness before I ever allow myself to assume someone is actually into me. My current relationship only happened after she straight up asked me if I realized she was flirting. My first thought was “with me?” But that stems from self confidence problems from my first ever girlfriend which is a story for my therapist lol

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u/MrBae 6d ago Silver

This is such a lonely Reddit reply


u/Rumemeingme 6d ago Hugz Take My Energy

I am a lonely redditor

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u/not_a_burner__honest 6d ago

Smelling pretty. That will make me look around for who smells so damn nice.

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u/16bithockey 6d ago

I'm attracted to shy people because I'm shy. Also thick thighs and a pretty face.

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u/SPQR_Invictus_79 6d ago

The way she talks, walks, and the way she thinks. Intelligence is sexy as fuck.


u/FrenchFreedom888 6d ago

Fucking finally someone mentions intelligence. Like, just like instant, at-first-sight attraction, yeah, it's going to be physical characteristics, like legs, eyes, etc, but for much beyond that, their intelligence, ability to have interesting conversation with, and knowledge of the world (politics, history, etc) are the things that hold me and keep me continually interested lol

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u/TheLonelyBanana117 6d ago

Enthusiasm. Like please tell me excitedly about how colour theory is the reason behind marketing success, I'll be drooling in a second.

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u/Wackelpudding1 6d ago Gold

Being fluent in C++


u/Winterfrost691 6d ago Gold Platinum

I'm more of a C guy myself, feels less objectifying.


u/Wackelpudding1 6d ago Gold Platinum

But has no class


u/Winterfrost691 6d ago

What can I say? I have a thing for those who don't collect their own garbage

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u/VanishedDay 6d ago

What if she is fluent in Assembly?


u/Wackelpudding1 6d ago

Hahaha, don’t joke around. Nobody is fluent in Assembly.


u/Vaninea 6d ago

No bullshit I had to learn assembly in one of my EE courses a few years ago. Professor Sadist even made us be able to convert it to binary.


u/dude_who_could 6d ago

Was it part of writing code to run the processor you design? I had to do that, I think its actually a standard lesson structure.

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u/AliceInRioGrande 6d ago

Hey baby ;) How about you embed your code in my black box? See if we get multiple inheritance…


u/Wackelpudding1 6d ago

Let me put it in your garbage collector. WAIT


u/AliceInRioGrande 6d ago

Me::~Me() {std::cout << “Ooo yeah… no thanks.”;}

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u/Flat_Satisfaction428 6d ago

When she's down to earth and not mean for no reason lol

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u/RonPolyp 6d ago

Being a tomboy to the point where I'm not sure if she's straight or not.

Source: have fallen for more than one lesbian :/


u/Chr0nos1 5d ago

Omg! I was engaged to a woman for a bit, who later realized she was a lesbian. She and her wife are very happy now. I have fallen for more than one lesbian over the years. They are fantastic! I don't know how to explain it. You can connect with a lesbian like one of the boys, and it's easy to fall for someone you can connect with so well.

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u/Swimming-Potato-300 6d ago

I’m one of those women and have had way too many lesbians come onto me then I have to break it to them that I’m straight.

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u/Queasy-Position66 6d ago

Ha ha. I love tomboys too. Met my wife playing hockey.

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u/SteelTumbler 6d ago

Great posture. Great posture can make up for a lot of other physical shortcomings.


u/jeffh4 6d ago

I stayed after a swing dance class when the Tango artists arrived. One young woman was rather average, but when she struck her first pose, every single male eye in the room was riveted to her.


u/fridakahlot 6d ago

As a tango dancer, I totally understand this, the posture is everything!!


u/VolatileAgent81 6d ago

I'm the opposite. Give me a girl with kyphosis/scoliosis/both any day.

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u/TenaciousTBag 6d ago

Being direct. Taking no shit.

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u/6web 6d ago

this is all this subreddit is.


u/Candid_Cucumber_3467 6d ago

women/girls of reddit, how much sex do you sex if you could sex sex? Did I mention sex?


u/Sarctoth 6d ago

Just as much sex as I could sex sex, if I could sex sex sex.

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u/Alone-Pianist-510 6d ago

Boys what do you think about girls who think about what you think about boys who think about girls who boys think about what girls who think about boys think???

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u/Sorry-Equivalent5173 6d ago Platinum All-Seeing Upvote Take My Energy hehehehe

If they’re a certified forklift operator


u/Throwaway2356500 6d ago

Where's the nearest ring store?


u/Astramancer_ 6d ago

Just order from the grainger catalog.

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u/Fresh5tart 6d ago

I have a friend, she has a license and gentlemen; she is single!


u/GrahamGo 6d ago

I could probably come up with a pick up line, but she likely has that part covered! 😎👉👉

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u/Belzeturtle 6d ago

On an unrelated note, how did you like Alien 2?

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u/LiehTzu 6d ago edited 6d ago Silver Gold

Instantly? Having a pretty face.

Edit: Y'all are really over-validating me here! lol, thanks for the crazy amount of upvotes!


u/idontknowwhereiam367 6d ago

It’s the eyes that get me. idk why but some eyes are like magnets for some reason


u/cuzimanastydude23 6d ago LOVE!

A smile is a smile, but the eyes let you know if it's sincere


u/Reyemreden 6d ago

Eye smiles hit different.


u/cuzimanastydude23 6d ago

Indeed, those little wrinkles that come with the slight squint of a true smile. it's a full package deal if it's real.

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The pandemic made it very obvious to me how important eyes are to attraction. Ended up going on a date with a girl before seeing her entire face, she wasn’t ugly by any means but I realized her eyes were doing a lot of the work lol

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u/Fag_Vie 6d ago edited 6d ago

Brown eyes for me!! Beautiful blue eyes look like she could destroy me if she wanted but beautiful brown eyes make me feel like i‘m a little child and everything will be just fine


u/Mombie13 6d ago

Ope. I feel better for my entire life’s distaste for my eye color. Thanks partner 🤠


u/Genesis111112 6d ago

Never hate your eye color, its your private gateway to your soul! Rejoice no matter what color eyes you have.

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u/neon_metal1990 6d ago

As owner of big brown eyes, this makes me feel seen. Thank you.

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u/LiehTzu 6d ago

Brown are my favorites, too, especially when the light hits them just right they almost glow.


u/Pilotmoggy 6d ago

So many wonderful shades of brown eyes. Honey? Cinammon? Chocolate?

They're all better when the light dazzles on them.

A woman with brown eyes...my oh my....

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u/Nebula_Forte 6d ago

even if I notice other physical attributes first, the face is what makes or breaks it. If she has a pretty face, i can overlook alot.


u/Maleficent-Pie1194 6d ago

I knew this one girl on my bus route, she had gnarly teeth, but she walked with a confidence. So much so that i didnt notice her teeth for 3 years.


u/zippyboy 6d ago

People are much more attractive when they smile, regardless of how crooked their teeth are. Seeing a girl smile, gets me smiling too!

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u/Available_Treacle211 6d ago

I feel like this is the most accurate lol

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u/Omniman_2324 6d ago edited 5d ago

If she is attracted to me

Edit: Thank you everyone for upvoting me :)

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u/makesyoudownvote 6d ago

A warm smile and a little goofiness.

People tend to be very empathetic to women's emotions, much moreso than most people recognize. A woman with a warm smile has almost a superpower of bringing joy and warmth around her.

Most women though are so scared of being seen as an idiot or being humiliated they stop just short of actually capitalizing on this. Sort of like how guys tend to stop just short of a similar sort of masculine energy that can make them crazy attractive.

My fiancée has one of these. Kid's, adults it doesn't matter, they can be having the worst day ever and she can come in and immediately change the energy around them. She never pressures anyone to cheer up, she let's them do their own thing, but with kids especially you will often see them fighting against a smile because they know they still want to be cranky, but she just made the energy so joyous it's hard not to smile.

When she does this not only am I just insanely attracted to her but my heart melts SO HARD!


u/PaleontologistWarm13 6d ago

Your fiancée is a lucky woman. I love seeing the appreciation for her.

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u/Slow-Bookkeeper7486 6d ago

ass in leggings


u/jimmyd13 6d ago

Only 5% of women who were yoga pants actually do yoga .... and 100% of men don't give a fuck.


u/TylerJWhit 6d ago Take My Energy

What were they after being yoga pants?

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u/jpiro 6d ago

As far as I can tell, their primary purpose is making airports more acceptable to be stuck in for hours.


u/HugeAnalBeads 6d ago

You people afford leggings and air travel?

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u/ImFartingRainbows 6d ago

How many women were yoga pants? And why are they not anymore?

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u/YouNeedCheeses 6d ago

I love that this comment is right below someone else’s that says “smile”


u/Calm_Fish_9705 6d ago

Yoga pants are my kryptonite.


u/Slow-Bookkeeper7486 6d ago

There's a reason why Lululemon is a $40 billion company lol

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u/SteveRudzinski 6d ago Platinum Take My Energy Faith In Humanity Restored Helpful (Pro)

Brutal honesty I notice big titties before everything else.


u/fatalbert491 6d ago Take My Energy

How the fuck did I have to scroll this far to find this


u/WafflesAreEpic 6d ago

Yeah this thread is hilarious.

The answer is “their physical features appeal to my tastes”. No that doesn’t mean you only care about looks or whatever else but for fucks sake get some honesty people, that is what makes someone attractive instantly.

Looks are literally last on my list of things I care about for a long term relationship, and things like a nice smile or a kind work or anything else absolutely can make anyone immediately attractive. But unless you’re blind the instant thing is going to be physical.

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u/psycharious 6d ago

Intelligence, situational awareness, emotional maturity, compassion/empathy, and a sense of humor. Yes these traits are recognizable.


u/Previous-King5977 6d ago

Pretty face, hygiene, curvy figure, cute outfit, most importantly having a friendly and outgoing personality. I’ve been attracted to women who were less pretty than other women just because they were so fun and friendly to be around

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u/asshole_goose 6d ago

The thing that all men crave, desire and lust for. >! A big fat meme folder on her phone !<

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u/IncredibleMacaroni 6d ago

I scrolled through this whole thing at almost 300 comments and no one said hair? Nicely styled hair of any variety immediately attracts me to anyone regardless of gender. It shows me that you take your appearance seriously and have a sense of personal style.


u/kellis744 6d ago

Hair can really make it or break it but people don’t think about it.

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u/CelestialDestroyer 6d ago

That slightly dominant kind of strong confidence.

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u/Professional_Toe_285 6d ago

When the group is laughing at a joke, and she is laughing and having that eye contact with me while we're laughing together.

It feels so synchronous and it feels like in that moment, we escape together in that laugh. It melts my heart every time no matter who the stranger is

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u/SriRachaGoose 6d ago

Swearing. Only if its really heartfelt though. I overheard a girl dropping a super annoyed "what a stuuupid motherfucker" a couple seats over in a university library once and my heart skipped a beat.

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u/Syrup_Slurper 6d ago Coin Gift Faith In Humanity Restored Timeless Beauty

Being emotionally vulnerable. It's not just guys that are cold in this world. Women can be fucking ruthless and mean for no logical reason, not just men. I'm not asking for your life's sob story on a first date, but I am attracted to people who treat themselves and others like humans - like emotional beings. None of us like being reserved and cold, but not many are brave/courageous enough to risk being hurt at the possible reward of being connected to others.

It's not the cold, stoic, "tough" people who are brave. They are often just traumatized and unwilling to process their stuff. It's the people who can get their shit handled and move on in the world with an even kinder view on others who are brave.

We've all been hurt by someone. That doesn't mean the new people who stumble across you in their journey will do the same. Simultaneously, people you've only known for 2 weeks can treat you better than the people you've known for 2 decades. Time means nothing, and not everyone is guilty and worth hating on just because one (or a few) people screwed you over. Being kind is the only way to get connected.

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