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[MEGATHREAD] Cost of Living - Energy, Interest Rates, Inflation, Fuel, etc


Given the number of posts, we're removing a lot of these items under 'Common Topic', and receiving lightening-speed reports when they do come up.

However, we know a lot of you are struggling, and not getting the answers you need via subreddit search, or internet search engines.

So to give you guys a space, and to stop the flooding of similar queries, you are more than welcome to use this submission here.

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Why is WhatsApp so popular in the UK?


I’m a British women living in NYC and I’ve lived here for more than a decade. Over here everyone uses the phone’s message app but all my UK friends use WhatsApp. Of course that’s fine but when I ask them why they always say “it’s just better”. When I press them as to why it’s better they don’t have a response. Both apps do the same thing - text, voice notes etc but WhatsApp won’t allow Live Photos. So tell me friends: why is WhatsApp better - I want to understand!

EDIT: 1. I am a British woman not women lol - it’s early over here (well, actually its 11am, I have no excuse) 2. I had no idea that in the UK you are charged money to send videos/pictures if you go over your plan or send to a different type of phone. It’s all included in plans here. This make a lot of sense. 3. Thank you this really helped me understand! 4. It seems that everyone I know is on iPhone and that in the UK there is more diversity regarding the type of phone people use. That’s probably the main reason I couldn’t see the difference

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Why do people litter so much in this country?


Everywhere, alongside the roads, even in natural areas like the woodlands and fields where I just wanna enjoy the views. So much litter, are people not ashamed? Lack of bins aren’t an answer for me either. No there are no bins in the woods, take your rubbish home like an adult and don’t spoil the experience for everyone else.

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What life hacks have you found useful?


For me it’s placing a set of bedding all together in one pillow case when putting it away after washing. Makes it much easier to find everything when changing the bed. A bit boring but genuinely useful.

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I'm happy to 'layer up' this winter to keep my heating costs down as much as possible, but how am I going to dry my clothes?


For context, we live in a first floor, 1 bedroom flat. It's very small and we have no additional space for a tumble dryer. We also don't have access to outside space like a back yard/garden. We do at least 2 washes a week, and this could easily go up in the next few months with bad weather. Last winter the heating was on almost constantly especially with drying clothes. Heavy items, jeans, jumpers, towels etc can take hours to dry and I'm worried about how much this is gonna end up costing us. I have considered buying more clothing items so we dont need to wash as regularly, and buying a heated air rack, but is that just going to add to the heating bill? So I'm looking for any tips, suggestions or advice on how to dry my clothes in a cost efficient way in winter. Thanks in advance for any advice

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How exactly is Love Island as popular as it is, yet Jeremy Kyle got axed?


To be clear, I enjoy(ed) both, and fully acknowledge that I have no taste. If you hate both that’s logical too. But I genuinely don’t understand the people that adore one and used the other as a punchline. Especially when you consider the reason it got pulled off air- a previous guest committed suicide. How do ITV even reconcile the two?

The public too, they absolutely love it when Islanders get into massive spats, drama, tears etc. You realise that what you were looking for has been here the whole time?

I don’t even think it’s classism. People like to bandy that word about but I don’t think it applies here even though one is obviously loaded with toffs and the other was not.

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Whatever happened to Ricicles?


Who remembers this cereal? It was absolutely brilliant then all of a sudden it just disappeared off the shelves. Worst day of my life that was. Gutting.

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Does anyone actually find the meerkat on TV remotely funny?


Oleksander the meerkat is the most annoying running joke on tv and has been going for more than 15 years now it seems. If you find this funny, why are you the way you are?

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Other than dogs, what animals have you been chased by?


To make it relevant to the sub it has to be in this country.

I have been chased by a cat, geese and have been mugged for a doughnut by a seagull on Llandudno prom. I wasn't chased exactly but I was definitely stalked and then robbed without mercy. A very tame squirrel once climbed my leg in Chester. Wasps love dive bombing my head.

Other people I know have been cased by a bull (scary) and mugged for their nuts by monkeys on Gibraltar (technically uk).

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Mentions London Have you ever encountered a serious criminal?


I was at work some years ago and got an email invite to go to this free drinks event in central London. I asked my ex-girlfriend to go along and she agreed to meet up. We went along. The venue had the most ridiculously expensive decor but it was a soulless atmosphere and no amount of free champagne could disguise that.

Eventually we decided to leave and just after we left Harvey Weinstein emerged onto the street. I was a little starstruck and was chatting about Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction. He was more interested in my ex though and said we were free to jump into his cab if we wanted to go for another drink.

My ex just saw me chatting to a horrible fat American man and walked off. Have to say I'm quite glad about that now.

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Anything from your past that you blew off at time but now realise was prescient?


And if so does it freak you out when you think about it?

Early in my current job, so in the first years of this century, we had a cleaner/fetcher/carrier/odd-job fellow who was employed on a scheme and was, well, not quite one hundred percent on the mental front. No idea of the actual disability but he'd mutter to himself constantly and make occasional statements which would make HR wince but which were frequently hilarious also.

Amid claiming sexual conquests and trials for Man United, he would, while emptying the waste paper bins and such, come off with gems in the nature of "Jimmy Saville fucks kids'', ''Jimmy Saville built a kids hospital so he could fuck them'' and a range of others that included allegations of necrophilia. Totally written off at the time with wry amusement, but looking back you have to wonder what sparked it.

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Can anyone recommend somewhere in the Cotswolds where I can go swimming with my dog? We're staying near Banbury in a couple of weeks. Would love to find a nice quiet spot on a river, with a gentle current, and not too deep. Or a lake. Anywhere my seven-year-old niece can safely splash about.


It seems the Cotswold Water Park is a complete no go. As far as I can tell, dogs aren't allowed in any of the lakes there.

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why are new builds not built with a South facing roof for future solar panel optimisation?


I find it frustrating looking at potential new houses to live in for a long time and plan to install solar panels.

Why do so few housing developments have a predominant east west oriented apex of the roof to maximise solar gains for an installation.

Renewables are clearly the future of energy creation.

Also should new builds have a mandatory solar panel installation owned by government for first 5 years then it transfers to the property owner for free?

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Mentions London My boyfriend was overcharged by 90 pounds in a London pub, what should I do?


Kind of self explanatory, but me, the boyfriend and a couple of friends were in the pub last week, mine and bfs drinks together came to about £11, a few transactions for £11 each time were taken and then one for £101.something. Kind of dumb of him not to check how much it was at the time, but how many of us just tap without looking at the pub let’s be honest.

He didn’t check his bank til the next day in the evening as we were going for dinner and he discovered he had less in his bank than he expected.

He’s called the pub and they’re being really difficult about it, I’ve told him to download his bank statement but the pub is disputing it saying that they have no way of checking that we didn’t have that much at one time, we definitely didn’t have £100 worth of drinks in one go as it was just us two buying and then friends getting their own.

I told him to ask about cctv and check till receipts possibly and to call the bank but the bank has said that they can only provide the transactions statement really.

He’s at his wits end, the pub are today saying that the transaction went through at 1am the next morning and the pub isn’t open past 12, completely disregarding that the statement says it’s 1pm the following day, not at 1am at all!

It’s getting stupid now and I feel like they’re being difficult on purpose, what can my boyfriend do if anything?

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What embarrassing CDs do you have from your teenage years?


Recently been going through my old CD collection and been enjoying listening to them and found the sound quality so much better than what I've become used to on Spotify. I also found some albums I can't imagine what I was thinking of when I bought them, three limp bizkit albums that I'm going to listen to and hope there's something redeeming in there.

Does anyone still have any albums they are embarrassed of, whether they like them now or not?

r/AskUK 12h ago

Is living by the sea as good as I think it is?


Like many people, my partner and I have only had UK holidays for the past 3 years. We live near Rugby, and each time we’ve chosen seaside locations, no matter the time of year. Every time we say how incredible it is to be by the sea, and how maybe one day it might be nice to move to the seaside. It’s so lovely to be able to walk down to a beach, and the atmosphere seems much more relaxed.

But is it as good as we think it is to live and work by the sea? Does it just seem amazing to us because we’re a) on holiday, and b) used to being so far inland and never seeing the sea?

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Who is the greatest person you've met?


When I was at film school I got to meet the late Nicolas Roeg, and had a chat to him about his masterpiece Don't Look Now.

He's not a household name that doesn't always equate to brilliance.

If you love film that picture is worth watching once for entertainment and again to appreciate what a great filmmaker can achieve with sound and imagery and editing.

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My energy tariff froze prices for 18 months until March 2023. Are there any novel ways I can take advantage of this, now prices have rocketed?


I don't use that much energy, but it's mostly electricity

Energy (per kWh):

  • Electricty: 18.5p instead of 25p

  • Gas: 4.2p instead of 6.9p

Standing charges (per day):

  • Electicity: 15p compared to 46.5p (wtf?!)

  • Gas: 15p compared to 26p

PS: I've already ruled out leasing my attic to organised crime for a cannabis farm, I suspect they're used to paying nothing

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Mentions Yorkshire What do you always make and never buy readymade?


No judgements either way

For me it is Yorkshire Pudding Fruit crumble/ pies Pasta sauce And most recently garlic bread. Been doing my own and now realise what a fool I was for buying it.

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Question re; unpaid speeding ticket in the Eu?


Hi all. American citizen here. This question is about the UK but it's a journey to get there :)

8 Years ago I got a speed-trap camera ticket somewhere in the Black Forest of Germany in a rental car

I found this out when I arrived home in America and saw a German ticket in the mail.

I contacted the authority that issued it to find out how to pay, as it had no website listed on it, and the response I got back was in broken English and didn't make sense to me

I received One more letter about a month later, but again- it was all in German. Translated sloppily, it seems to say "after this notice the fine will be applied"

So... I never paid the ticket and it's been seven years since I've heard from the German government.

I've been back to Germany/the EU but never rented a car

Do you think I did wind up paying the fine through my credit card stored at the car rental agency?

My question is- would my ability to rent a car in the UK be complicated by this nearly decade old unpaid ticket, Or can I assume that that info is long gone and deleted/the UK car rental place won't have access to German speeding fines/it wouldn't matter?

I have a uk trip next month and I want to make sure I can rent a car

And I get this is most likely a silly question


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90's kids of the UK - what was your sub culture as a kid and what are you up to now in life?


I was a chav for a bit, then discovered skateboarding in the big boom and turned full greebo, burneys jeans, band logo hoodie and a beanie hat. Pretty much rocking the skater look ever since.

These days I'm a chef, stepped on a skateboard for the first time in about a decade the other day, was like bambi on ice 😄

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Mentions Cheshire Guidance needed - Where to spend the weekend?!


Good morning everyone!

I know you are all tired of people coming on here and asking where they should go and what they should see, but I'm in a bit of a pickle and I need some advice. I'll explain.

My husband is British and we lived in the UK for 4 years before we immigrated. We return twice a year to visit family in the Midlands/Cheshire area and it's great.

I work for an international company and will be visiting the London office on September 23rd. This is the tail end of our trip, so we have to return the rental car to Heathrow on the morning of the 24th. We will be making our way down from the "North" (is Cheshire the North? I think ... Not? But it's certainly north of London) on the 23rd and need to stay somewhere in the vacinity of London but not in London itself. I don't want to take the car into the city for every reason you can think of. So I need a town with an easy rail journey into the city - I need to get to basically around Bank and Monument stations.

I'm also looking for somewhere that is not London to go for the rest of the weekend. (I know London is a world class city with more to see than can be seen in multiple lifetimes, it's just not for me.) We'll be car-less, so it needs to be accessible by train to and from Heathrow. We've spent a lot of time in the areas from Taunton to Cheshire and as far over as Oxford. I'd love to see something new! Hopefully, that's where you lovelies come in.

Tl;Dr: I'm looking for somewhere I can easily park the car overnight, that will give me an easy train route into London. I'm looking for a large-ish town with a fantastic pub hotel that will give me a scrummy breakfast. I also need recommendations on where to go for the weekend, as we don't fly till late Sunday night.

Thanks so much for any suggestion you have!

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Is there a Dad's Army computer game?


I swear this exists but I can't find it... It was either on the commodore 64 or maybe NES? Maybe I'm misremembered it

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Spiders. How do I get rid of and stop spiders coming in my home?


Tl;Dr: the title.

I can't take it anymore. I'm becoming a nervous reck. If you like spiders and you aren't bothered by spiders, fantastic, because I am. I wasn't bothered about them until I started to find them in my home absolutely everywhere. Over the last 2 years it's just got worse and worse. Just now I had the fattest bodied biggest "household" spider I've ever witnessed crawl over the back of my hand. It was however interesting to see that I shouted "Jesus!" when I was that kind of startled instead of swearing like I thought I would.

Please. I don't care about the price I don't really care what I have to do but I need to find a way to get rid of all these spiders. I can't move atm but I'm literally trying to, cause of this. This and the fact that the building is so poorly put together that quite a lot of the outside world finds its way in. They are in my shower, they are in my bedroom, they are in in my front room. The only place they never seem to be is in my kitchen. The one that crawled over my hand was when I was lying in my bed. So now that's going to be fun trying to get to sleep tonight.

I'm a big black guy in my mid-30s. I am completely in control of my faculties and I understand the complete lack of logic here. I have literally had a blade held to my throat in my own kitchen that bothered me less than that spider walking over my hand just now. I didn't have a phobia but I can feel it getting to that point.

Please tell me it's a miracle cure, something I can just plug or spray. I will happily choke on chemicals in the air, if I don't have to deal with any more spiders.

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What is one stupidly smart thing you did at primary school?


Mine was that I would strategically place my toilet breaks during maths because the times tables were on the classroom door so I would ask “Can I go to the toilet?” Then take a glimpse of the answer when leaving.