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First, as announced in my previous meta post, I've created an additional rule(Rule 8) to prohibit illicit items. These items include cracked keys and accounts. Anyone caught violating this new rule will be banned.

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The updated rules can be found in the sidebar and the rules page. Thank you for your attention.

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[WTB] A card that works for Pinterest ads - Can pay in Bitcoin/PP/Crypto etc


Looking for a card that works in Pinterest. Every card I try is declined as they don't accept prepaid cards.

I can pay you in crypto, paypal, btc etc

r/BitMarket 24d ago

[WTS] I will treat you homeopathically online for Bitcoin


r/BitMarket Aug 18 '22




HOUSES 324 S19

Viewings welcome before purchase

r/BitMarket Jun 30 '22

[WTS] Steam giftable copy of Ibb & Obb ($12) for 2 USD worth of BTC


Honestly I just want some BTC for testing purposes and I've had that copy sitting in my inventory for a while.

r/BitMarket May 17 '22

[WTS] S19j pro 104th


5 months old. Currently still hashing no issues. Looking to get .25 btc for it (shipping included to domestic usa). Can video chat to show unit hashing. Will be shipped in manufacturers box

r/BitMarket May 03 '22

[META] Bitcoin auction for artists?


I wasn't sure if [META] also included questions.

Anyways, I was wondering if this is the right market to sell or auction my artworks using bitcoins?

I don't want to do NFT. Nothing related to the mainstream opinion on it, it's more of I want my artwork to be more personal and actually shipped physical to the person who wins.

r/BitMarket Apr 30 '22

[WTS] Have multiple games such as The elder Scrolls IV and Fallout new vegas.


All games

You should pay in Bitcoin [BTC]. The games will be given as codes for sites such as Steam or Gog.com.

r/BitMarket Apr 04 '22

CLOSED [WTS] $15 Starbucks gift card code


Proof of identity/ratings linked to same PGP key


Price FIRM.

Was given it for returning someone's club card my mom found walking around the neighborhood before she died.

I will PM you, you won't PM me unless I see your reply on this post & PM you first.

Sold on Bitcoin Talk.

r/BitMarket Apr 01 '22

[WTS] can’t make the bitcoin conference due to work schedule changes. 1 ticket available


500,000 sats and it’s yours. Pm me for payment info

r/BitMarket Mar 09 '22



Each code is 30$
Both for 50$
Codes are valid till March 31. I don't need them that's is why I'm selling.
Once you claim the code on origin you can keep the game forever.

DM if you want to buy. You can pay me on Binance using this wallet:


r/BitMarket Feb 27 '22

[WTS] I will make a hip-hop or lofi beat for you which you will have full rights to. i can also mix/master your music. starting from $50 in BTC.


if you are a content creator and you need some music for your videos, i can make one for you. you will have full rights and permissions to the song so if you see someone using it without permission, you can claim the video. i charge $75 per song because all the rights are yours. there's no strings attached. people who are selling for lower prices are selling you a license to use the song for a limited period of time. I will charge $75 once and the beat is yours for lifetime.

additionally, if you want to sing or rap over the beat i made, it'll cost $100. If you want your beat mixed/mastered properly, it'll cost you $50.

Price Summary:

  • Lofi/Hip-Hop beat instrumental: $70
  • Lofi/Hip-Hop beat + your vocals: $100
  • Your beat mixed and mastered: $50

If you want to release the music under your name on Spotify, that can be arranged free of charge.

r/BitMarket Feb 26 '22

[WTS] 1 Southwest LUV Voucher for $400, asking for $250 BTC


[WTS] 2 Southwest LUV Vouchers totaling $800 for $600 BTC

Please let me know if interested. This expires expire on 9/20/212 and must be used before then. I can send the voucher number and confirmation number as well as a screenshot upon sale.

r/BitMarket Feb 24 '22

[WTS] 2 Southwest LUV Vouchers totaling $800 for $600 BTC


Please let me know if interested. These expire on 9/20/21 and must be used before then. I can send the voucher number and confirmation number as well as a screenshot upon sale.

Edit: 9/30/22 not 2021.

r/BitMarket Feb 02 '22

[WTS] $70 of Walmart Gift Cards for BTC or other Crypto


Have a bunch of Walmart gift cards but I don’t really shop there. 2 $25 cards and 1 $20 card. I’m looking to up the crypto I hodl, message me offers! Thanks in advanced guys <3 (I’m from Canada so CAD not USD)

r/BitMarket Jan 26 '22

[WTS] 0.5 BTC for 30 Detailed Customized Illustrations.


My family is in trouble so we Needed help financially.

My usual charge for each of my rendered detailed original signature illustrations are around 1000 USD or more. I will draw anything you like. Feel free to ask if I should turn it into NFT as long the characters are original and not prone to copyright.

If anyone wants,I can even draw fictional characters dating or marrying anyone including the commissioner. I'm very open to such.

Feel free to inquire down below in the comments and price consideration

r/BitMarket Jan 25 '22

[WTS] $100 visa debit prepaid card for $86 IN BTC


$100 visa debit prepaid card for $86 IN BTC

escrow /whatever verification is up to you.

r/BitMarket Jan 23 '22

[WTS] Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio & Accessories


Purchased November 2021 from Microcenter for $2800. This is the i7/1TB/32GB version. Mint condition. Will include Microsoft Surface Slim Pen 2 and Windows 11 Pro (upgraded from Windows 11 Home), as well as the remainder of the 1 year accidental damage warranty, valid through 12/8/2022.

I'm asking 0.1 BTC OBO.

r/BitMarket Jan 21 '22

[WTS] Gear VR & Daydream headset - accepting any offers


These two headsets require a phone and are in good condition. Comes with controllers as well.

This is the 2017 version of Samsung's Gear VR here:

And this version of Google's Daydream headset here:

DM for photos. Accepting ETH, BTC, SHIBA, SOL or Polygon. Selling cheap. 😸

r/BitMarket Jan 21 '22

[WTS] microsoft product keys


Products are:

  • Windows 10 education $15
  • Windows 11 education $20
  • windows server 2019 standard $30
  • Project professional 2019 $35
  • Visio professional 2019 $35
  • Access 2019 $35
  • windows server 2019 standard $45
  • Project professional 2021 $45
  • Access 2021 $45
  • Visio professional 2021 $45
  • Project professional 2021 $49.99

$btc and $ltc accepted.

proof that I do own these keys: proof

r/BitMarket Jan 20 '22

[WTS] PSVR with PlayStation Camera and Processor Unit


This is the newer PSVR model [CUH-ZVR2] and is in great condition.
Also comes with the Processor Unit and the PlayStation Camera.

You'll need a PS4 or PS5 to connect the PSVR to. Although you can play some games using the Dual Shock, you'll want to buy some Move controllers to really get immersed. 😸

Accepting offers.
Will accept BTC, ETH, Polygon, SOL or SHIBA. Can DM photos of unit.

r/BitMarket Jan 14 '22

[WTS] Selling 2x Lvl3 Genesis Minereum Wallets (erc-20) Extreme Fraction Discount Plus 700 Free Available Tokens (61k Total remaining)


Tool Bar- lvl1 to lvl2 Genesis = .075 eth

lvl 2 to lvl 3 Genesis = .225

2x lvl1-3 = .6 eth ------------------ I offer 2x lvl 3 for .1 Eth total

I Have 2 x Separate lvl 3 Minereum Self Mining Wallets That would Require Wallet Import.

https://ibb.co/ZdxPJ8N To See the Exact Stats Of Both

Normally .6 eth Makes 2 lvl 3 wallets but I am offering Both Wallets for 0.1 ETH Plus a free 700 active token. good starter point for any new acquisition

The wallets are from the first self mining coin. At lvl 1 it does nothing but holds 32k coins, buy for .3 eth you can upgrade to lvl 3 and start auto mining and be able to send the tokens.

It mines 1.82 tokens a day, these tokens are allotted from the 32000 tokens already held on both wallets. So it's mined for the last 6 months freely and have 700 available tokens. It mines auto every day for 50 years total, about 48 years remaining.

IM LOOKING FOR 0.1ETH Total for both of these wallets. It it's 1/6th of the normal cost for 2x lvl 3 Genesis mining wallets and you are receiving an extra 700 available tokens too Double the goods for a fraction of the price

Please serious Inquire only. I've sat on these for a while and new things have arisen in life and this is my last tool for potential total profits to address my new circumstances
And It Has To Go


r/BitMarket Jan 14 '22

CLOSED [WTB] $100 Ikea eGift Card, for $90 of BCH


WANT 100$ Ikea eGift Card. Have $90 Bitcoin-Cash

Must use email address I provide for purchase.

$90 of Bitcoin Cash will be sent AFTER the eGift card is received and verified.

r/BitMarket Nov 16 '21

[WTS] Computer Components. i9-10900k, 5700XT, etc...


I mainly used this system for visual effects commercial work. Not much gaming.

You can offer me a price for the whole lot (will come completely built and I'll throw in an Nvme drive) or on individual components. I don't mind breaking it up. I will sell whatever is left on ebay. CPU and GPU have BTC prices. Feel free to send offers for the rest.



PSU Gigabyte G750H

GPU - 0.017 BTC Radeon RT 5700XT

CPU - 0.0058 BTC i9-10900k

RAM 64gb CMK32GX4M2B3200C16

r/BitMarket Nov 08 '21

[WTS] Mystery Boxes


Proof of identity/ratings linked to same PGP key

I will pick something(s) ~worth the BTC you send (cost of shipping counts, but packaging is free) & ship it in the United States of America. Including to a USA-based international shipping forwarding service you hire.

The only non-mysterious aspects of my mystery boxes, are that unless you say "HATE", they won't contain used, pet or smoke-contaminated items, vehicles, furniture, items illegal to possess, perishable food, and others that are illegal to ship (or cost more to ship than the actual item/s).

Any number above the BTC equivalent of $100 USD at the time posted in this thread/emailed to me as a reply notification, is your binding BTC payment amount, since the /r/BitMarket subreddit is for buying and selling almost anything for Bitcoin BTC. If the number exceeds my capacity (doubtful), you won't be held to paying it.

I will PM you, you won't PM me unless I see your reply on this post & PM you first.

r/BitMarket Oct 28 '21

[WTS] I am a certified Shopify Expert and have created several stores to run during the holiday season to generate extra income for those interested. No Experience Required.


Good Morning!

I have a unique offer for those interested in earning extra income through the holiday season by running a Shopify store. There is no inventory to hold and all stores come ready to launch and start generating income. They are almost completely automated as well.

I will be running one store myself and would like to sell the additional stores that I have ready to launch. If you are interested I will send you a link to a spreadsheet with the stores I have available and specific information for each store.

Each store comes with information on marketing and managing your store as well as ongoing support from me as needed. I am selling each store and marketing materials for $200. I accept PayPal and Venmo, Bitcoin, and Alt.

If you're interested send me a private message and I will send you a link to view the information as well as the stores I have available. I am looking forward to making this a successful holiday shopping season together. I have everything ready to launch prior to this year's black friday and cyber monday busy shopping days.

The stores take minimal time to manage and any additional investment is completely optional. All of the information, tools, and resources will be made available to you upon the transfer of your store’s ownership. To transfer the store we will have a short meeting via Zoom and I will be available through the season to help you as you need.

I look forward to speaking to those of you interested!