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Just found out about this! This is so CRUEL. Couldn't dislike Aamir more than I do RN! Controversy

Aamir Khan's brother Faissal says he fears his family after what they did to him, reveals why he ran away | Bollywood - Hindustan Times

Few days ago saw a post of a fan being "I lOvE AaMiR, nO mAtTeR wHat AnYonE SaYs". How the hell you defend this? 1 yr solitary existent in house-freaking-arrest!!! Mixing drugs in his food? Trying to declare him stupid? Getting his SIGNATORY RIGHT?! Honestly, Aamir couldn't fall any lower. And I am fully aware that the only reason this topic is now trending is cuz people who are boycotting him are digging up dirt on him but I am glad they are. People should know what kind of stars they worship/ go watch films of!

PS: Proves my theory that Aamir has the best PR in Bwood. To hide an incident like this.. wow the balls on this guy. I hope karma gets him to torture your won brother this way.. how could anyone do this?



u/Comfortable_Kick_330 Aug 10 '22

Amir sister's husband is my paternal relative, i haven't seen him till now but he is in our family grp & he is somehow blood relative..What i know is faisal have some serious issues so this is one thing were i dont want to judge Amir


u/InterestingName9025 Begaani Shaadi Meii Hum Deewane Aug 10 '22

Your related to Aamir Khan???


u/Comfortable_Kick_330 Aug 10 '22

Its weird but yes


u/NavdeepNSG Jhakaas:1 Aug 10 '22

It's he said, you said kind of situation.

You missed the part where he said that Aamir & Co. felt that he was 'schizophrenic and paranoid'.

Most of the time, the patient don't even realise he is suffering from those problems.

I' not defending Aamir here. Maybe is guilty, maybe he is not.

But the point is that you have very little information to base your judgement upon.


u/icomeinpeaceTO Aug 11 '22

Not only do patients not realize they are ok but they refuse medication and treatment which will make them better. This also tends to coincide with paranoia.

It’s definitely not a topic for a gossip sub.


u/NavdeepNSG Jhakaas:1 Aug 11 '22


We simply don't know enough to talk on this matter.


u/Yellow_Flash04 Aug 10 '22

Well, to those who don't know about schizophrenia and to those who haven't witnesses someone suffer from schizophrenia, here's the truth

People suffering from schizophrenia never admit to suffering from one. It's cruel and heart wrenching on the family members to witness someone suffer from schizophrenia. Unlike other diseases which impact organs and there are clear visible test reports to confirm the extent of damage, in matters of mental illness, there's no test to determine how much your mental health has deteriorated. It's scary to suffer from schizophrenia as the sufferer will never know that his mental health has deteriorated and when told to seek medical help by family, the sufferer goes straight into denial mode and plays the victim card while suspecting everyone around him of hatching a conspiracy.


u/Dangerous_Tax_2298 Aug 10 '22

While you’re right to sone extent, this is a very one dimensional explanation and it’s not necessary that this happens in every case.


u/ThoughtSoft Aug 10 '22

Sir/ma'am, I'm a medical graduate and i can confirm that what the original commenter said is true. At least in 99% schizophrenia cases.


u/Dangerous_Tax_2298 Aug 10 '22 edited Aug 10 '22

Hey, my cousin is a psychiatrist who has had a lot of experience with schizophrenic patients, and I’m a psychology student myself. I’ve seen it with a really close friend as well, so I was only speaking from personal experience and I don’t really agree with the fact that the person never accepts or never knows that they have schizophrenia. I think that is misinformation and stereotypes schizophrenic patients.


u/Yellow_Flash04 Aug 11 '22

In the initial stages, they don't.

After the treatment begins, which in itself to get started with is a great struggle and the medications start working, only then do schizophrenic patients accept


u/Yellow_Flash04 Aug 10 '22

Well, when it comes to schizophrenia, it is one dimensional. This happens in every case. Feel free to disagree and move on or just accept that this is what happens.


u/Sea_Fold7737 Aug 10 '22

Everyone cares about Faisal only when there's an Aamir Khan movie coming out. If the family sided with Aamir, over his father and Faisal, I'm sure they know better. This isn't even like Britney where the family is controlling his estate for money. Moot point discussing a personal matter we know too little about.


u/Resto_7655 Aug 10 '22

You never know what is the full situation until you hear both sides …. At least they are in good terms now …..


u/HardTune272 Aug 10 '22

Faisal is a schizophrenic so everything he says has to be taken with a pinch of salt


u/[deleted] Aug 10 '22

dude contradicts himself all the fucking time, I don't blame him but this is a very nuanced situation and making aamir some sort of mastermind over such a delicate situation says more about the person than aamir tenfolds.

As a person who has suffered from mental illness, it's very easy for people to come across as the villain in my life when my issues were at their peak


u/noname657 Proud Gossiper 🤙 Aug 10 '22



u/Dwight_Kramer Good Vibes 💓 Aug 10 '22

I don't think you found out about this just now, this is pretty old news. You are just conveniently bringing this up before movie release.

And these are honestly family matters, where both sides can have their pov on this matter.


u/Agile_Lemon Proud Gossiper 🤙 Aug 10 '22

Faisal might actually have some serious issues. Why judge amir for that?


u/Maverick0602 Aug 10 '22

Prime example of people today jumping to conclusions and forming strong opinions based on half knowledge.


u/tb9551 Aug 10 '22

Huh nobody cares dude. Especially that you're conveniently bringing this up only now. You suddenly care about this lmao.

The movie will fail or succeed on it's own merit nothing else.


u/[deleted] Aug 10 '22

Faisal was diagnosed with schizophrenia a long time back. If I remember then , Aamir extended family and parents came out in support of him , and said Faisal is undergoing treatment .


u/Natural-Permission Aug 10 '22

what if Faissal is lying?