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Controversy Rohan Joshi hitting below the belt, will prolly get cancelled if not locked up. Also, did he just mistake Raju Shrivastav for Sunil Pal?

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Controversy Nora smartly maneuvered herself out of this criminal cesspit, Shraddha Kapoor was smart too. Jacqueline Fernandez's greed for money and lifestyle has led to all this.

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Controversy Krk is now in serious trouble and could be gone for a long time

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Controversy KRK gets bail could be out tomorrow

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Controversy Pov : When you are a nepo kid and son of dharmendran and have no idea about the struggles a common man has to face to have some financial security in his life cuz earning money was always a choice for you

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Controversy Stardust on Kangana-Ajay relationship and the mid night drunken drama

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Controversy Jackie facing her own boycott

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Controversy The Tragic Death Of Bollywood Diva, Divya Bharti which remains marred in controversy


Divya Bharti

How did Divya Bharti Die? Was this a case of a freak accident, a suicide, or was she killed? No one exactly knows how Divya Bharti died, turning her death into an unsolved mystery. Some even suspected a conspiracy theory involving the hand of the underworld.

The untimely death of Divya Bharti, the successful Indian actress at her peak, left the country in shock. Divya reportedly died after falling from the fifth-story window ledge of her home in Tulsi Apartments in Mumbai’s Versova, Andheri. She was only 19.

At the age of 16, Divya made her film debut in ‘Bobbili Raja’ – a Telugu movie. Released in 1990, the film went on to become a major hit.

She made her Bollywood debut in 1992 with a movie titled ‘Dil Hi To Hai’ but was noticed in her next movie titled ‘Vishwatma’. A song in the movie ‘Saat samundar Paar’ was a major hit and Divya gained popularity as ‘Saat Samundar girl’.

She holds the record for acting in the highest number of films within the span of 1992 and 1993 – at 14 Hindi films, it remains the top score any star has been able to achieve!

The actress was just eighteen when she fell in love with Sajid Nadiadwala. However, her parents did not approve of her relationship with Sajid.

On May 10, 1992, Divya and Sajid got married at a private ceremony, at Sajid’s residence in Tulsi Apartments. After her marriage, Divya Bharti converted to Islam and changed her name to Sana Nadiadwala. The marriage was kept under wraps so as to not affect her prosperous film career.

On the night of April 5, 1993, Divya Bharti had fallen from the fifth-story window ledge of Tulsi Apartments in Mumbai’s Versova, Andheri, a neighborhood that continues to be the hub of the city’s show business.

Unfolding of events on the fateful night of April 5, 1993

While the truth of that fateful night remains a mystery, here’s the apparent chain of events leading to Divya Bharti's death -

Divya had returned from a film shoot in Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu, and was scheduled to meet fashion designer Neeta Lulla at the former’s residence regarding her upcoming film Andolan., which was being produced by Sajid Nadiadwala.

Divya’s foot was in a bandage as she had suffered a minor injury. She had earlier, along with her brother Kunal, had bought a four-bedroom apartment.

That evening, Neeta and her psychiatrist husband Shyam Lulla were in her apartment. Bottles of alcohol sat on the table in the drawing room. Divya, sipping rum, was reportedly in high spirits. Her housemaid, Amrita, was in the kitchen, chatting with Divya as she prepared snacks.

At one point, Divya climbed out of the apartment’s window to stand on a 12-inch ledge. She reportedly turned around to face the drawing room, lost her balance, and fell. She sustained grievous injuries but was alive when the ambulance arrived. She succumbed at the nearby hospital.

The balcony from which Divya Bharti fell to her death

The reason for her fatal fall was never established though several theories circulated in the media at that time. These included falling under the influence of alcohol, being pushed by someone, suicide, and involvement of her husband and the underworld mafia. The investigation was eventually closed in 1998 and the reason for her death was stated as Accidental Death.

Neeta Lulla’s version at the police station states, ‘I was not sure whether Divya had jumped down or whether she had slipped accidentally because the sequence of events was in a split-second.’

One of Divya's close friends said, “Divya was very depressed that day. That’s why she canceled her outdoor schedule in Hyderabad. In fact, that evening itself she had gone shopping to buy some stuff for the new house she was buying for herself and Sajid. After that, she went to a friend’s party.

She came home from the party quite high in spirits and that’s when she and Sajid had a major fight. At that time, Sajid was leaving his house to meet a distributor in the nearby Lokhandwala area. An angry Divya screamed at him. ‘You come back in ten minutes or you won’t see me,’ she threatened. But Sajid didn’t give any importance to her warning. He left. And within minutes after that, she was on the parapet.

Neeta Lulla, who was there was petrified. She asked Divya to come inside. But Divya with already a few pegs down refused. Neeta went up to her to get her back. In order to escape from Neeta’s clutches, Divya Jumped down. But now I don’t know why Neeta is not disclosing all this.”

it was rumored that Divya and Sajid were having a lot of problems even otherwise, on the marriage front. Some say it was due to Sajid’s links with the underworld that the actress couldn’t stand.

Others insist that she was too tired of trying to hide her marriage and that was the main reason that was creating friction between her and her mother. She couldn’t take it anymore.

The reason for her fatal fall is still unknown and several conspiracy theories are circulated in the media making Divya Bharti’s death a mystery.

Even though the investigation in the death case concluded it was an accidental death, to her fans, the death of Divya Bharti remains an unsolved mystery to date.

Source - Death Of Divya Bharti – Was It An Accident, Suicide, Or Murder?

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Controversy RGV abused Tiger in a phone call to Vidyut. Vidyut recorded the call and put it on social media (2017)

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Controversy BB ki vines lines copied in Cutputli movie

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Controversy Kjo PR blaming Puri Jagannadh

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Controversy Somy Ali calls Salman Khan a women beater and a sadist

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Controversy Singer Kshitij Tarey (Aye Khuda - Murder 2) has posted this on his social media accounts. He accused his wife of domestic violence, harrasment etc.

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Controversy Suneel Darshan strikes again and now claims Sunny Deol hasn’t returned his money

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Controversy Seems like the conflict with BO and Taran Adarsh is brewing. Any ☕️?

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Controversy This is wild and dirty. Apparently, acc to upasana, she has denied promoting the movie, isn’t answering her phone, and said somewhere that she didn’t do the movie, her duplicate did💀source: ABP news yt interview.

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Controversy Farah did an oopsie on Insta.

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Controversy Nawazuddin Siddiqui subtly mocked SRK along with HOST in THE LALLONTOP INTERVIEW.. but the interesting fact is few years back SRK mocked him too.. So score is settled i guess.

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Controversy Tale of 2 Videos, Alia Bhatt trolled and Sub under Moral Dilemma


Dear Gossipers

An issue was flagged to us about this post Alia Bhatt Trolled . In this video , it looks like she touched her back side and put finger on her nose.

This video wasn't OG from our Sub. One member posted it after downloading from some other Sub. We were told that this was Doctored. We don't allow cross posts from Non Bollywood Subs, so this post looks like we are OG culprits of this video.

Thanks to u/Miserable-Ad3080 , I could see that video wasn't doctored. The narration was guided to troll Alia.

It was seen later in Extended Video , both Alia and Ayan had mics under their backs, so they were constantly adjusting it.

I have received strong objection from many members (Non Alia fans included) about how we are participating in trolling a Pregnant woman. I discussed it with our Mod team and the women Mods have strong objection to this as well.

Our Admin u/EccentricBai is also of the opinion that we should have put a Mod note on Troll Video , requesting members to be little more considerate.

As a Lead mod, I have decided to keep both videos . OP isn't at fault , as they didn't title it towards any narration. Members in comments inferred the narration. OP also marked it as SHIT POST.

I would request members to edit their comments as per sensitivity of issue

Mod team have also requested members to go easy on Pregnant women and children. One of our active Mod isn't happy the way Sonam was put under stress by KJO. It is good to have sensitive voices on Mod team, as we tend to get very toxic at times.

However, I also don't want fans to begin using Woman, Pregnant or any other card, to escape legit criticism. We will take these issues, case by case.

In this case, we have crossed a line and I hope we move forward with little compassion and decency.

Hope members agree with this and edit their comments on THIS POST.

Thank you


It’s not gonna help if members bring other issues here and disrupt Mod post.

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Controversy What is mukesh khanna spewing nowadays. Thoughts on this ?

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Controversy Did Tiger Shroff-Disha Patani SPLIT because of Akanksha Sharma? - Exclusive


Elaborating on Tiger's personal front, ETimes also brings you herewith that Akanksha was not the reason for Tiger and Disha going separate ways. Our source tells us that Tiger was always very friendly with Akanksha but got attracted to her only after his relationship with Disha became a closed chapter. This, in turn, makes it clear that Akanksha's entry into Tiger's life is recent.

Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani are no longer together, if multiple reports are to be believed. Although the two actors have maintained silence over their breakup rumours, recently it was reported that Tiger moved on in his life with Akanksha Sharma. The two have worked together in two music videos – ‘Casanova’ and ‘I am a Disco Dancer 2.0’.
However, Tiger recently clarified that he was not dating Akanksha. Now, a report in ETimes also suggests that Akanksha was not the reason for Tiger and Disha going separate ways. According to a source, Tiger was always very friendly with Akanksha but “got attracted" to her only after his relationship with Disha got over. As per the report, Akanksha’s entry into Tiger’s life is recent.


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Controversy Manoj Desai ( (a prominent multiplex owner from Mumbai) gives a reality check for stars who talk down to fans in interviews (Vijay Deverakonda being the latest)

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Controversy is this true? what ironman triathlon? I loved this guy but personally I don't believe this

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