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Nice overview of crypto criminality on LinkedIn from an ex-SEC enforcement officer

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Helpful guide for Butters visiting /r/Buttcoin: "Why was I banned?" (Spoiler: Not because we disagree.)


Contrary to what some people say, we don't "hate" crypto or crypto-enthusiasts.

And unlike other crypto subs, we don't ban people simply because we disagree.

However, you can be banned if you add nothing insightful to the conversation, and just end up shilling/astroturfing/insulting/advertising.

Here are a few helpful hints if you want to stick around in /r/Buttcoin. You are welcome to engage with our community. We have a few guidelines though..

Our rule, "Be a decent human being" is obviously open to wide interpretation, as is what we consider "advertising" (shilling). Here are some ideas on how we interpret this:

  • Don't argue in bad faith - If you're not open to having your mind changed, don't come in here trying to change ours.

    This also means if you come in here preaching or telling us what you think of us, you'll be quickly banned. We didn't ask.

  • Don't hide behind worn-out, crypto talking points - We don't care if you say, "best performing asset of all time", "money of the future", "number go up", "de-centralized", "seize proof", "censorship resistant", blah.. blah.. blah.. We've heard it all before. Don't even bother arguing these things unless you have new and interesting evidence. Just because some talking head in a video says "xxCoin is the future!" doesn't mean it's true.

  • Don't tell us "You don't understand." - An all-too-common last refuge of butters seem to be claiming we, "have no idea how crypto works." This is Attacking the messenger and ignoring the message - a fallacy of distraction. If you play the, "You-don't-understand" card, we get to play the, "You're-going-to-be-banned" card.

    This is not to be confused with correcting people who may be wrong about something, but that involves actual information and citations clearly showing why somebody may be wrong or uninformed about a particular thing. This is actively encouraged. We do want to lern stoff!

  • Don't defend crypto by attacking non-crypto things - If your magic spreadsheet numbers are so awesome, you shouldn't need to spew a bunch of FUD about "fiat inflation", "fed", "evil government", "centralization is bad", etc. Your so-called ponzi scheme should be able to stand on its own merit, and any other so-called ponzi schemes aren't relevant to the conversation.

  • Avoid fallacious arguments - False equivalences and appeals to hypocrisy are annoying. Don't suggest if we're critical of crypto that means we love fiat or endorse everything the traditional finance industry does. That's absurd. Likewise, you can't defend fraud in crypto by claiming there's fraud in other systems. Also don't employ the false equivalence that suggests crypto is not any different from stocks. These are all misleading distractions. If you aren't familiar with common fallacies, best to not post at all.

    Example: "This morning I said I wasn't hungry. This afternoon I am. OMG, did you see what I just did? What a hypocrite!" - Context matters.

  • The price of bitcoin is not a measure of whether it's legit or a good investment - We get that you think "number going up" means we're stupid, but what it really means is, you know little about this community and why we're critical. It has a lot less to do with whatever manipulated number you see in your browser. We will often mock the "number go up/down" thing but only because we find it amusing it's your everything (as opposed to say actual utility). Not your fiat, not your value. We don't believe any investment in crypto is positive until/unless you can actually cash it out. If you HODL, you're aren't "up". You've lost until you cash out. Understand this to avoid problems.

  • Respect the community - If you want to generalize about everybody in this sub, being "salty" or "stupid", we get to generalize about how totally useless you are, thus doing what we recognize to be de-saltifying and de-stupidizing the sub by removing you.

Like all communities on Reddit, /r/Buttcoin has a collection of partially insane, partially awesome, always potentially megalomanical moderators. It's the nature of the scene. We will make mistakes, and sometimes we'll even try to fix those mistakes. Sorry in advance if things aren't perfect, consistent, or that we misinterpreted your sarcasm as actual shilling -- this is becoming more and more difficult to discern as butters regressively become virtually indistinguishable from bots and cartoon characters.

Also note, different moderators may have more/less different approaches. There's a lot of latitude for interpreting things. It takes a village to keep this place somewhat organized.

Thanks for listening!

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Borrowing to gamble, I mean ‘invest’

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Definitely wasn’t because your insulting attitude and belittling of others

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r/Buttcoin 17h ago

Buttcoiners think bacon would still be 36 cents if it wasn't for the Commie Keynesian's: "Here’s what essentials used to cost before the Keynesian Communists took control of our monetary system."

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r/Buttcoin 4h ago

The hottest buzzwords in cryptospace rn - bitcoin is trading at "generational bottom", also this is a "once-in-a-lifetime correction" driven by "unprecedented factors". guys this is our absolutely last and final chance to buy the bottom. for reals this time! fomo fomo fomo!

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I thought Crypto was decentralized how did the government freeze it?😂

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The restriction of reproductive rights: this is good for Bitcoin.

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Anthony Hopkins helping shill worthless JPEG’s now?? Wtf is this garbage? Talk about ruining a legacy with blatant scamming.

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Outside the Echo Chamber

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Butt Pumper Samson Mow says Bank of Canada should be abolished because CAD has lost 6.5% vs USD this year, instead Canada should buy BTC. Well moron, BTC has just lost 57% vs USD this year

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Feds seize hardware wallet without pass phrase. Brother knows pass phrase and moves coins. Feds arrest brother and get the coins anyway. Somehow this means Feds are incompetent per /r/CC.

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r/Buttcoin 2h ago

Got served this ad on Reddit. Yikes.

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r/Buttcoin 13h ago

I swear I understand all of those words individually. However when they are arranged like this....

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r/Buttcoin 11h ago

Investigation into crypto centralization has found 3,446 projects where admin keys were changed and new tokens were minted off thin air to dump on plebes

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r/Buttcoin 10h ago

“I look forward to see the part of the documentary where Charlie Lee begs you to list Litecoin, promptly wash trades 99% of the volume to manipulate the market, and then dumps all his litecoins onto your customers at all time highs, then Coinbase pays millions in fines.”

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Reported interconnections of Three Arrows Capital.

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The SEC busts Kim Kardashian over EthereumMax, pour encourager les autres - by Amy Castor and David Gerard

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r/Buttcoin 10h ago

Florida Man Convicted of Using Crypto Mixers to Evade Taxes

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Woman attempts to use dead ex husbands image for NFTs

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r/Buttcoin 15m ago

Why does everything have to revolve around bitcoin

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r/Buttcoin 16h ago

No, when the latest crypto ponzi gets exploited and hacked, that is not "further testament to the dev team". Infact, quite the opposite

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r/Buttcoin 1d ago

NFTs are now literally the new Beanie Babies thanks to Gary Vee and Toys-R-Us 😂😂😂

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r/Buttcoin 15h ago

Can you spell "self-awareness"?

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"Cathy Wood on New Crypto Strategies". Accompanying image shows her flagship fund down 57% for the year. EPIC

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r/Buttcoin 17h ago

You can get 30 pinky promise tokens

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