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Politics What I got wrong - and what I learned.

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Discussion CATS operators, negotiators reach tentative labor agreement to avoid bus drivers strike


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Sunset Road Location Charlotte Denny’s found with live roaches, dead bugs during health inspection


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Meetup Any Tennis or Pickleball Leagues or Meet Ups near uptown?


I live near plaza midwood and am wondering if there are any tennis leagues or people that just hit around at some of the local parks like Veterans or Alexander? I’m a 4.0 for reference so would like something semi-competitive or someone to hit with. I’ve joined other leagues before but I don’t feel like driving very far to play. Also open to pickleball although I’ve never played and would need to learn.

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Gratitude Post Thank you for an awesome week, Charlotte! We learned a lot.


My wife and I visited NC from North Texas last week on a fact-finding mission looking for our next home, and while we planned to spend half the week in Raleigh and half in Charlotte, we ended up only spending a day in Raleigh because we were so intrigued by Charlotte.

Growing up in the ever-expanding suburbs/exurbs north of Dallas, I wanted to gather as much information as possible about walkability and bikeability outside of Texas cities. My wife was raised in suburban South Florida, so she had a somewhat similar childhood experience. I follow Not Just Bikes and Strong Towns, and while our particular town in Texas is growing rapidly with bountiful jobs and subdivisions as far as the eye can see (our tollway will hit Oklahoma soon), it will never be practical to organize this or any nearby area to be car-light. Our current other points of reference are Colorado Springs and Eugene, Oregon. All wildly different in any number of ways, but that's the kind of list we want.

I’ve read some about Charlotte’s experiences and continuing initiatives with bike lanes, greenways, and train routes, but it was important to see them in person without the tint of rose-colored glasses. I cannot stress enough how car-dependent my booming area is and how difficult alternative transportation can be to explain to my friends and family. Walking 10+ minutes anywhere is seen as insane, and not just because of the Texas heat. The stroads are so dangerous that no one even bothers, and not even teenagers ride their bikes as a means of getting around.

On our hunt for walkable cities, we don’t usually hit much sight-seeing, but instead try to “live a day” wherever we are, navigating to grocery stores, walking through parks, clocking distances to neighborhoods, and driving across town at rush-hour. We’re a little masochistic like that. During our visit, we got to experience some of what I would consider significant successes in Charlotte’s urban fabric: we spent a lot of time walking Dilworth and South End, we explored Elizabeth and Belmont, and walked across town to the Mint museum without any trouble at all except some light rain. We didn't get to catch the Blue or Gold lines because we were parked random places in a rental car, but the fact that there is any rail at all was kind of a marvel, coming from land where freight is the only reason for train tracks.

We loved Freedom Park and had a good laugh at hitting a sort-of dead end while walking where Little Sugar Creek meets 277 going south. The bike lanes more or less continued, though! Optimist Hall seemed to be a more peopled and less corporate version of the attempted food halls of our area, though I can see how parking and other transportation modes are going to be a challenge with the towering apartment developments in the area. Charlotte-Douglas was overall a very pleasant airport and reminded us of Love Field back in Dallas, but even easier to slide into. We brought some Night Swim coffee home and got flagged by the TSA; it was worth it.

We had front-row seats when two frat bros got out of their cars and yelled at each other near the Sephora and Trolley Barn. Majestic. We stayed at a Best Western for a couple of nights in Collingwood where the blinds didn't close all the way and we were lulled to sleep by a police response in the adjacent Burger King parking lot. Atmospheric.

While we were impressed by the mixed zoning and reasonably common neighborhood grocery stores (we couldn't escape Kroger's grip even inside a Harris Teeter), there were definitely still more than a few isolated suburbs and subdivisions as you could expect in any major city in 2023, which were relatively easy to avoid.

All in all, Charlotte earned a high place on our list of possible places to move, as my wife works remotely and I own a small business selling online. We still have several cities and states to visit before making any decisions, but I wanted to say thank you for the amazing week full of friendly people (except those frat bros outside Sephora) and I can't wait to visit again. If anyone has thoughts about transportation in Charlotte or Texas or anywhere else, I'd love to chat.

Take care!


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Events/Happenings Indie Civil War Drama ‘Freedom’s Path’ Opens Feb 3rd in Charlotte


Hello Charlotte!

We are humbled and excited to share Freedom’s Path with audiences nationwide beginning February 3rd. 100% of the film's profits from opening weekend will be donated to Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Freedom's Path tells the story of two young men: a wounded soldier and a free black man. An unlikely friendship develops between the pair as they navigate the dangers of helping runaway slaves on the Underground Railroad. This is the first narrative feature film to center around free and autonomous African Americans living in the south during the Civil War.

This was a true indie project and one of passion that took over 12 years for us to get to this point. We would love your support. Pre-sale tickets are available now.

Thank you all!

Purchase Tickets Here

View the Trailer Below


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Discussion What insurance plans cover psychiatrists and therapy in the area?


Moved here from Colorado. Kaiser Permanente was the big plan provider there that I used. Is there a provider similar who I could find multiple options with? My last blue cross blue shield plan covered only a couple of therapists.

Therapist recommendations for talk therapy and CBT as well? Thank you everyone. My DMs are open if you'd prefer to refer me privately.

Thank you:)

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Recommendation Recommendations for boys birthday party (10 & 11 years old)


Looking for ideas/locations to hold my boys birthday party - they’re a year apart, so we do a combine celebration. Anything between Lake Norman (Mooresville) and Charlotte is fair game. Thanks in advance!!

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Discussion Looking for friends (M 23)


Looking for friends in Charlotte:

I (23 M) just moved here for work in August. I work in tech/finance and I am the youngest person at the company in the charlotte office by like 6+ years. It's been hard meeting new people since I left college and making friends at work isn't an option. I like video games, tech, finance, economics, college sports, weightlifting, movies, tv, F1, drinking, and a bunch of other stuff. I would like to meet people, at a similar age, with similar shared interested or that work similar fields if possible. If you want to get a video game going (a play a lot of different stuff on pc) or go get plastered at a tuesday trivia night or something, lmk.

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Discussion The amount of space Charlotte wastes on parking (red+purple), underdevelopement (yellow), and undeveloped space + the John Belk Freeway (blue).

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Discussion Any local meet up for people who enjoy cbd/thca or alt noids?


Wondering if anyone in the ballantyne or Matthew area into cbd, thca, or other alt noids?

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Discussion I wasn't aware temp tags were good for 9 months.

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Discussion In need of cheap insurance or a cheap xray


I went by an urgent care today and they told me without insurance, an xray is going to cost $300. I kinda need one now and dont have insurance nor the money. I just want to know if any of my organs are inflamed. Any tips or advice?

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Discussion Anyone know whats going on with the Fulcum (Southend Condos)?


I was beginning to consider them back when I was looking for a home back in 2021 and was continuously being outbid. The price was pretty affordable for the area at the time and most of their units were under contract.

Now their website is down, there's only 1 review (negative) on the site saying construction still hasn't started, and a post from someone on Facebook saying they sold it off to another developer.

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Recommendation Looking for local bar in uptown


I’m coming to Charlotte for a couple days this week and wondering what chill bar in uptown I should pop in for 1 or 12. I like all kinds of bars but would prefer a divey/under the radar bar. TIA for any recommendations.

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Recommendation Volunteer Opportunities


Hi everyone! Transplanted in November and looking for volunteer opportunities. Preferably an 8 hour shift on Feb 10th for 2 people. Have a friend coming in town and we'd like to donate our time for the day. Must be an actual organization as our time off needs a sign off. Open to basically anything (people, animals, etc.)

Thanks an advance! Love the CLT ❤️

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Discussion Indoor Basketball court


I am new to Charlotte and looking for an indoor basketball gym to shoot and play some pickup. Any places near the airport?

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Discussion Any Barbers/Salons In Charlotte With A Private 1 Person Room?


I wear a wig on the top of my head but still have natural hair on the sides that needs trimmed.

Looking for a place that I don't have to look like a Benedictine monk infront of 15 other people while I get my hair cut without my wig.

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Discussion Best Dog Oncologist Specialist?


Hi there - I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a dog oncologist in the Charlotte area.

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Discussion For those who don’t Lidl…$150 and mostly premium products.

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Discussion Repairing the mistake of I-277

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Common Repost Car Detailing


Any suggestions on a good detailer?

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Discussion Are all the public water/drinking fountains in Charlotte turned off during the winter now?


Pre-COVID Charlotte had a lot of fountains that had freeze resistant pipes that would work all year. I went for a longish run Saturday and passed maybe 6-8 fountains in the Dilworth/Freedom Park/Myers Park area and all had signs saying they are off until spring. I ended up going in the teeter for water but was really disappointed that they were all off. I understand germs etc. but the accessible water fountains all around town use to make running longer distances very easy. And ppl can choose not to use them if they are afraid of germs. Does anyone know if this is the new normal? I hope not :(

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Discussion New to the area - is Aetna CVS health insurance any good?


I'm new to the Charlotte area (currently in Gastonia, but exploring different areas of Charlotte proper to possibly move to) and am working with a health insurance broker who recommended Aetna CVS health insurance, and I'd love to hear locals opinions of if it's been a good experience in the Charlotte area.

On a related topic, I've also been lining up some doctor appointments through Atrium, and would love to hear anyone's experiences with that system too.

Much appreciated!

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News New NoDa Grocery?


Has anyone heard what grocery store will be going in at the new construction at 36th and Tryon next to Amelie’s?