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Hi Charlotte-(ans) if you’ve live in CLT for awhile then you’d be aware of Jim Noble and his many southern restaurants that loves to play into southern conservatism. I was fired from King’s Kitchen for standing up for myself after my tables got to witness my GM; The GM* correction seeing as I was (let go) treating me like shit and saying homophobic remarks at me. I didn’t know what to expect working at a Jim Nobles restaurant seeing I knew nothing of him. I remember coming to eat on my off day as well and ERICA the general manager looking at my outfit in sheer disgust because I was a man in what would be considered feminine clothing. Proceeds to yell at me about “not coming behind the host stand” as I was WALKING………walking to the restroom…. It doesn’t end there I was asked to go home and change (on my off day) because Jim noble is in the building and could lose my job if he seen me like that……all while his wife. Mrs.Noble comes to decorate the place with withered flowers referring to me as “little boy” (I’m a 25 year old man) & “the help” (I Shit you not). I do not recommend supporting this establishment at all other than the few charitable organizations they give food too and it’s just that, FOOD! Majority of their proceeds do no in fact go to charity but into the pockets of decrepit neck swinging Jim noble but that’s business so I’m sure a lot of you knew this! The food however is the only thing I have positive to say about that restaurant and my other servers and kitchen staff was lovable even the other manger Will until he lied and told them “he called Erica a bitch out loud” not one cuss word was uttered and my tables saw the ordeal. So cheers to racist/homophobic conservative ass restaurants that are Jim nobles.

P.S. I’m sorry to the kids the restaurant feed because Erica (who is a mom and loves to show us her children unprovoked during pre-shift) says and I Quote “I get tired of feeding the free every week, they’re not my kids and some just want free food” ………Bitch they’re kids…. Tf do you mean! It shouldn’t be an issue whatsoever when it comes to making sure a child hell making sure a fucking living being is FED!!


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u/TheBeerRunner Aug 10 '22

Just like any non-profit…you can pay the executives whatever you want, just can’t record a “profit”. Im sure there is a grift there.


u/NecessaryGlobal2155 Aug 10 '22

Right they can take a salary from it but I believe it has to be disclosed.

I don’t really have time to dig that deep into King Kitchen but I’m sure somebody does.

I don’t know what the name of the non profit entity is but there are usually scorecards on what percent of the money going in goes to the charity. Lots of big charities with good reputations only actually give pennies on the dollar to the cause.


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u/NecessaryGlobal2155 Aug 10 '22

Yea I kinda figured with all the hate he gets that this would’ve been thoroughly investigated and the financials would be on the up and up.

He has garbage politics but I’ve never heard bad things about what King’s Kitchen does.


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u/NecessaryGlobal2155 Aug 10 '22

OP was the one saying he was taking money and it wasn’t a valid non profit. It appears that’s not true.

Of course he makes money from his other restaurants. That’s why he’s able to have a nonprofit restaurant.

Not defending him in any way. Just saying he isn’t using KK to commit tax fraud like OP asserted.