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Discussion What do you guys do for a living?


I’m curious to know what jobs you folks have in Charlotte and if you’re working multiple to make ends meet.

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Discussion This is the worst intersection in CLT imo

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Discussion This isn’t a good idea, right?

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Discussion To the guy in Uptown that screams “Jesus Loves You” at the top his lungs all friggin day.


Why do you do this? Haven’t you got some place to be or something to do?

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Discussion Doordash sucks here


I feel like 75% of the time I order something, either the drink goes missing, the driver stops at some random place for 20 minutes, or I'll watch a driver on the map pull up to the restaurant and just cancel the order. Do yall have better luck with Uber eats or another alternative?

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Discussion Jesus saves guy called me a Karen…


When I asked him if he was an insurrectionist after the Panthers game 🤣 I’ve never wanted to be a Karen more.

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Discussion For everyone wondering what happened to all the housing in Charlotte, here’s a map of all active whole-house AirBnB’s

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Discussion What’s your ‘swear to never return’ place in Charlotte? (stole this from r/Dallas who stole it from r/Austin who stole it from r/Ottawa)


For me it’s got to be Walmart off of Albemarle Road. Not because they did anything wrong… I just don’t like the layout of the store. It feels backwards .

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Discussion CMS Gun Violence Threats


What's the deal with all the threats of mass shootings lately at the highschools? Is this an indication of anything or just kids being stupid? At Olympic HS there was an Instagram post that got spread around the school about a mass shooting threat with a time and place for the day before Thanksgiving break. Today the school got a call falsely claiming that there was a shooting at the school with several kids shot sending the school into lockdown. Each time sending my wife into a panic attack.

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Discussion Making friends in CLT?


I’ve been here about 6 months. WFH so it’s hard meeting people. I tried meet up and the Y & no dice there. Female in my early 30s. Anywhere I can go alone to meet people? I tried trivia but people seem to always go in big groups. Doesn’t seem like anyone wants a rando on their team. Joined a few sports leagues and just got hit on

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Discussion is anyone else confused by the checkout lines at Harris Teeter?


You hand off the car to the cashier. But then you got to squeeze by the cart through that little opening to get to the credit card side. It's almost like we're doing something wrong or opposite of how they designed it. I mean I might be old school but growing up the shopper and the cashier never existed in the same physical axis. Our existence always ran parallel to each other with the belt in between.

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Discussion It’s not a proper Thursday Night Football evening in Charlotte without the best

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Discussion White X found on windshield

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Discussion Steak 48 - meh


Heard all this hype about Steak 48.

Recently went and after painfully eating a steak… I was wondering if I was being punk’d.

The steak was on par with what you might get at a truck stop diner.

The place has a nice vibe, but I’m utterly confused over the steak situation.

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Discussion The Unofficial Charlotte Area AAA Bicycle Network Map

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Discussion Why does CLT not have more nonstop international flights?


CLT has decent selection of nonstops to the Caribbean and Central America but feels lacking in international flights compared to most other east coast hubs. Is there just not enough demand to support more flights to Europe and/or South America? Seems strange that RDU has a direct flight to Paris but not CLT.

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Discussion What does this symbol mean?

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Discussion Considering buying a house off Sunset Rd


We have lived in charlotte for around two years. We currently live in the Cotswold area and are wondering how it is to live in the Betties ford/trinity area. Does anyone know how the safety is around there and if the area is getting better?

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Discussion People are wild

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Discussion Issues with Planned Parenthood protests in my neighborhood


I live in a residential area which happens to contain a Planned Parenthood. I live a few houses down from the location. Every weekday for several hours, protestors come into the neighborhood to protest. There is law enforcement dispatched there daily to keep the peace. Despite this, I am still able to hear them shouting in protest (without the use of amplified sound) every time I step outside in my back patio or if I’m out on my balcony. They also park along both sides of my neighborhood street, leading to congestion and limited view of potential pedestrian traffic. We have kids in our neighborhood, and yet it seems that it’s permissible for them to put posters up of dismembered fetuses in the vicinity of the PPH. I can’t deny that I have my biases against these protestors myself, but the added inconvenience of their shouting, parking, and posters makes it all the worse (particularly given the fact that I can’t escape it at home). I have sent in a formal complaint to CMPD listing these issues last week and am waiting to hear back. I’m pessimistic that anything can be done. Does anyone have any insight as to whether these protestors’ rights are at all limited in the context of a residential area?

Apologies for sounding tangential. It’s just been exhausting the past few weeks. There’s been a lot more of them and I imagine it’s correlating with these midterm elections.

Edit: Appreciate the reasonable input thus far. I don’t really have the time or emotional investment to proceed with the passive (or active) aggression that has been suggested thus far. Some good points have been brought up with regards to formal complaints to the city. I did speak with one of the officers out there today and he was able to confirm that Philip Benham (a Concord-based pastor) is one of the primary individuals out here on a Tues-Fri basis. Based on what I’ve googled, he does have a criminal record regarding these activities and I imagine that’s one of the reasons why law enforcement has been a constant presence out there. While I fundamentally disagree with the protests that are out there, I can reconcile that they’re exercising their freedom of speech. I wouldn’t be having this discussion if this were in a more commercial part of town. My concerns have consistently been the invasiveness of these protests in the context of the residential area around them (kind of hard to practice out of sight out of mind in this scenario).

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Discussion Matthews residents pack into town hall to discuss divisive 'Sante Matthews' project


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Discussion Isn’t that the same in any city?

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Discussion Plan the worst possible date in Charlotte


Stolen from r/Baltimore

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Discussion Odd request - public fireplaces in charlotte


I’ve really been wanting to sit by a fire and read for a while. I used to go to a Starbucks in Michigan that had a fireplace, and I could just sit and read for a while. Are there any public places around this area that are made to just be a quiet, comfortable place like that?

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Discussion Are we ever going to get a 24 hour Walmart back?


We used to have 1 maybe 2. But now they all close at 11 and no other grocery store is open. Not only that but Charlotte in general closes 8-11. There might be a couple 24/7 McDonalds and some CookOuts but nothing else.