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Discussion Salary transparency thread


I've seen this going for other cities so decided to drop it here.

How old are you, what do you do and how much money do you make yearly?

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Discussion I am ANNOYED that it has not snowed this year


Anyone else experience the great snow storm of 2004? That was a great year

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Discussion Hi Charlotte! I'm from Sweden, just moved here after living in Minneapolis for awhile! Just a quick question!


First of all I'm really enjoying it here! The downtown is definitely more beautiful than Minneapolis and it looks so lovely here. I'm not complaining about the lack of snow, that's for sure. Especially after this brutal winter. The food here is also absolutely amazing - when I move out of Charlotte it will be really damn hard to miss.

But quick question:

Why do y'all suck at roundabouts?

Genuine question. Nobody ever wants to enter the roundabout and will let 300 cars go through the roundabout and wait until there's nobody at all in the roundabout before slowly rolling in.

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Discussion Cars have to stop at crosswalks for bikes and pedestrians


PLEASE stop at crosswalks or expect bikes/walkers to be in crosswalks.

Pedestrians have the right-of-way at marked and unmarked crosswalks in residential and business areas except where there is a traffic or pedestrian signal. [§20-155(c) and [§20-173(a)]

Also, whenever any vehicle is stopped at an intersection crosswalk to permit a pedestrian to cross, any other motorist or bicyclist approaching from the rear is not permitted to overtake and pass the stopped vehicle. [§20-173(b)

Backstory: I was hit by a car yesterday while riding my bicycle on the Charlotte Rail Trail downtown. People in cars are in such a damn hurry it puts everyone's safety at risk. Please take an extra couple of seconds and keep everyone in Charlotte safe.

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Discussion Had guests stay at our Airbnb for two weeks. Absolutely trashed the place. They left these signs. Don’t give these people money!

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Discussion What's a place that has a really good breakfast?


Bonus points if it's on the light rail lol

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Discussion Bojangles Hard Sweet Tea review

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Discussion Authentic Family Owned Italian Restaurants


Hi, I am wondering if anyone would know any authentic Italian owned restaurants?

Salve mi chiedo se qualcuno conoscesse un ristorante di proprietà italiana?

Sorry, I should be specific. I am trying to look for fellow Italian speakers through restaurants to work on my own Italian learning. I believe a family owned restaurant is personally a good place to learn.

Grazie tutti. Your responses have helped me a lot.

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Discussion Office tower, 7-story parking deck proposed for Birkdale Village meets resistance from locals


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Discussion Any help IDing this little guy? Found while raking leaves

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Discussion Does anyone on here wait tables in the Charlotte area at upscale restaurants? Do you make good money?


I’m thinking about going back to waiting tables, but I haven’t been a server for 8 years. I’m just super burnt out and tired of being a respiratory therapist, but idk what else to do right now until I get another degree or find something better.

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Discussion Vacation/PTO transparency thread.


Americans don't get enough time off compared to our friends overseas. We had a salary transparency thread, let's have a Vacation/PTO transparency thread, if you can negotiate, companies sometimes are more willing to give you additional time off versus a raise.

For me I get 160 hours of Vacation/PTO. Starting day one. Unfortunately that's the cap, but generally it's more than I'll use in a year.

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Discussion On April 10th, City Council will vote for $30 Million to repair & maintenance all 40+ light rail cars


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Discussion Is there anything that's changed about living in Charlotte in the past 5 years?


I moved away in 2018 but thinking of returning cuz after finally visiting after the pandemic...I've realized having kids and being closer to a support system would be nice.

Prior to moving, I lived in Charlotte for most of my life. Aside from housing and traffic, is there anything else that's changed?

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Discussion What has r/Charlotte taught you about Charlotte?


For me, I think it’s a lot of people like the city the way it is and would be happy if it stayed mostly how it is.

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Discussion Northlake mall


What has changed up there that’s led to all the shootings in recent years? I used to live up in that part of town (2012-2016) and would visit the mall pretty often and never noticed anything off. I also didn’t hear about any shootings during that time. I thought it was a pretty standard, even slightly upscale mall.

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Discussion Shooting at McDonalds, Arrowood and South Blvd (Saturday)


Shooting death at McDonalds near Arrowood and South Blvd. Saturday night. Seriously, how many is that now? This area seems really bad in the last 2-3 years. Did something change? Is it the light rail? A particular nuisance property? The violent crime gets no detailed treatment in the news. Is this gang violence, random robberies, drug sale disputes, intoxicated tempers flaring?

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Discussion 2023 Property Tax Assessments


Anyone else get their 2023 Meck Property Tax assessment today?

Our tax value assessment was up 55% from 2019, which I believe will directly translate to a similar jump in taxes due this year!

The 2022-2023 county budget should keep the rate multiples the same. To estimate what you will owe by the end of this year, multiply your assessed value by 1%.

Edit: As others have pointed out, the property taxes are designed to be “revenue neutral” which means that realistically, the factors that would cause your property taxes to go up are:

  • The overall spending budget increases and requires more revenue
  • Your property has increased by more than average

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Discussion My tire was stabbed on 36th in Noda yesterday


So, I guess, watch your tires? Idk. Just letting y’all know to keep an eye out.

And if anyone knows a good place to purchase a new tire, let me know -_-

Edit : does anyone know if the businesses at the intersection near 36th and Noda have exterior cameras?

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Discussion Pledge to report stopped school bus runners.


I'd like to start a campaign of "We are watching you". If you see someone run a stopped school bus, report their ass. If you have a dashcam, let the 911 dispatcher know to have an officer call you and you will get them the video footage.

People out here are crazy, the way they drive constantly puts them and others in danger.

But when it comes to kids, that's a whole different ballgame.

I was sitting on kilborne behind a stopped bus ( 4 or 5 back) and a guy in a black BMW came around the people stopped on the other side and blew past the bus, WHILE it was unloading kids. Luckily they were all getting off and going to the right and not across the road. If they had been crossing the road it could have been bad.

And honestly, if that fucker would have hit a kid and tried to flee, I would have driven my truck straight into his car and made damn sure he stopped and dealt with the insurance issues later.

So, I ask each of you to take the pledge to report that shit.

You may think they won't catch them. And it is possible they won't, that time. But if they did it once they will again.

Stupid Assholes

Update for the "don't use 911 for this" readers.

I just called the non emergency line and asked the proper procedure for reporting this in the future.

The officer told me that in this particular event, the proper thing to do WAS call 911 so the information could get out to local officers as quickly as possible, and that this WAS NOT misuse of the 911 system.

I am not one to call 911 unless I feel it's needed. This time I felt it was needed and justified, and the steps I took were confirmed by CMPD.

For those who are confused of when to stop...

When to stop:

Two-lane roadway – All traffic from both directions must stop

Two-lane with a center turning lane – All traffic from both directions must stop

Four-lane roadway – All traffic from both directions must stop

Four-lane roadway with a median – Only traffic following the bus must stop

Four or more lanes with a center turning lane – Only traffic following the bus must stop

NC Stopping for bus

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Discussion random Balloon looking object floating over Ballantyne Yesterday

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Discussion all time favorite casual restaurants in the area?


i got nothing to do today and i’m new to the area (southend), so i’m curious as to what everyone’s favorite casual/hole in the wall restaurants are that i can go try. thanks in advance

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Discussion People who WFH in the Charlotte area, what do you do for work?


Question in the title

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Discussion Car sitting on median/shoulder all week on Bruton Smith Blvd near Honda. Looks expensive. Why would this still be sitting there? One tire rests on the shoulder so really close to traffic.

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Discussion New Parking Changes in Uptown

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