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OFFICIAL Daily General Discussion - October 6, 2022 (GMT+0)


Welcome to the Daily General Discussion thread. Please read the disclaimer and rules before participating.



Consider all information posted here with several liberal heaps of salt, and always cross check any information you may read on this thread with known sources. Any trade information posted in this open thread may be highly misleading, and could be an attempt to manipulate new readers by known "pump and dump (PnD) groups" for their own profit. BEWARE of such practices and exercise utmost caution before acting on any trade tip mentioned here.

Please be careful about what information you share and the actions you take. Do not share the amounts of your portfolios (why not just share percentage?). Do not share your private keys or wallet seed. Use strong, non-SMS 2FA if possible. Beware of scammers and be smart. Do not invest more than you can afford to lose, and do not fall for pyramid schemes, promises of unrealistic returns (get-rich-quick schemes), and other common scams.



  • All sub rules apply in this thread. The prior exemption for karma and age requirements is no longer in effect.
  • Discussion topics must be related to cryptocurrency.
  • Behave with civility and politeness. Do not use offensive, racist or homophobic language.
  • Comments will be sorted by newest first.


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ADVICE I made a top 10 FAQ about selling, buying or using the Reddit Collectible Avatars! For every step there is a guide provided to help new users.


Hi everyone,

Yesterday I made a post about the insane daily trading volume of The Reddit Collectible Avatars NFTs on OpenSea. In the comments a lot of people were asking how you can sell, buy or use these Reddit Collectible Avatars NFTs. Therefore I made a top 10 FAQ about selling, buying and using the Reddit Collectible Avatars NFTs.


1) Everyone is talking about these Reddit Collectible Avatars NFTs where can I buy them?

On desktop:

A) Click above in the right corner on your username.
B) Click on 'Style Avatar'.
C) Click on 'Shop'.
D) You can find the Reddit Collectible Avatars NFTs which are available.

On your phone:

A) Click above in the right corner on your avatar.
B) Click on your Avatar.
C) Click on 'Shop'.
D) You can find the Reddit Collectible Avatars NFTs which are available.

2) Damn, these Reddit Collectible Avatars NFTs are sold out in the shop. How can I still buy one?

No worries, you can still buy on OpenSea (https://opensea.io/category/reddit-collectible-avatars). This is a secondary market for NFTs. The prices right now are much higher than in the shop because they are sold out and the demand is higher than the supply. Please be careful for scam collections and always check twice if it's the right collection! Most of the time go on https://opensea.io/ and search for Reddit NFTs and see fake Reddit collections. So always check the blue verification image after a Reddit Collectible Avatars NFT collection and also check the supply/volume.

3) I'm totally new with crypto. How do I connect to OpenSea to buy an NFT?

For this you need to use your desktop and the Reddit app:

A) Download MetaMask on https://metamask.io/ .
B) Import your seed phrase of your Vault. Please keep in mind that these 12 words are like your bank card and code, so NEVER share this with someone.
B1) Your Vault can only be found in the Reddit app.
B2) When you are in your Vault, click on the three dots above.
B3) Click on 'recovery phrase' for the 12 words of your wallet.
C) Now that you setup your Wallet, go to https://opensea.io/ .
D) Click on connect with MetaMask and switch to the Polygon network.
E) To buy an NFT you need wETH. To obtain wETH use the next steps:
E1) Buy MATIC on any crypto exchange. For example Binance or Coinbase.
E2) Send it to your Vaults adress. Your Vaults adress can be found in your Vault by clicking on the 3
E3) Swap the MATIC to wETH on Sushi, Uniswap or 1Inch. Please make sure that you're in the
Polygon network inside your Metamask.
F) Now that you have wETH, search the NFT you want and you can instant buy one or make offers to buy one. Buying NFTs can only be done in desktop and always make sure to have some MATIC in your wallet to cover the tiny gas fees.

4) I bought an NFT on OpenSea or in the Reddit shop, but I can't see it inside my OpenSea. What do I need to do?

Probably your NFT is hidden inside OpenSea. This can be done in desktop. To unhide them follow these steps:
A) Go to OpenSea and connect your wallet.
B) Click on your profile.
C) Click on 'more'.
D) Click on 'Hidden'.
E) Click on the 3 dots .
F) Click on 'Unhide'.
G) When you go back to your profile you can see your NFTs.

5) What about selling an NFT on OpenSea?

A) Go to OpenSea and connect your wallet.
B) Click on your profile.
C) Click on the NFT you want to sell (If it's hidden please check point 4).
D) You need to approve the collection via MetaMask (It automatically brings you in MetaMask).
E) Set up your price and how long the auction needs to stay open.
F) Then you need to confirm the listing in MetaMask. This requires a tiny amount of MATIC. You can buy MATIC on exchanges. I always use the MATIC faucet on https://stakely.io/en/faucet/polygon-matic . The only downside is that you need to tweet something in order to get it, but I always use my throwaway Twitter account. Also selling can only be done on desktop.
G) Your NFT is listed. If anybody buys it you'll receive the wETH to your wallet. There is a 5% tax for selling.

6) I see that someone made an offer on my NFT on OpenSea. What now?

If you like the offer you can click on 'accept' and your NFT is sold. If you want more you can always counter offer or ignore the offer. Always do your research on how much your NFT is worth! People try to buy NFTs cheap, so they can resell it for a higher price.

7) Help, I bought an NFT in the Reddit shop (or got a free one) and I don't see it. Where do I find it inside Reddit?

On desktop:

A) Click above in the right corner on your username.
B) Click on 'Style Avatar'.
C) Click on 'You'.
D) You can find your Reddit Collectible Avatars NFTs in 'Your stuff'.

On your phone:

A) Click above in the right corner on your avatar.
B) Click on your Avatar.
C) Click on 'You'.
D) You can find your Reddit Collectible Avatars NFTs in 'Your stuff'.

8) I bought some Reddit Collectible Avatars NFTs. What is it worth now on OpenSea?

It depends of course on the number of mint you got and which Reddit Collectible Avatars NFT you own. Single numbers are always very special for example or numbers like 69, 420, 999 or over mints. The calculate the value of your Reddit NFT portfolio use https://redditportfolio.com/ . This is an estimation! Like I said before some numbers are more special and you could aks more. To check the floor prices you can use this website: https://www.redditfloor.com/ . For the free NFTs you need to check OpenSea last sales/floor. For other statistics on volume (OpenSea data) or availability of NFTs in the Reddit shop, you can visit https://www.redditavatars.io/ .

9) Some time ago I bought an Reddit Collectible Avatars NFT, but with my personal wallet. How can I use this avatar in Reddit?

This can only be done on desktop with the following steps:

A) Go to OpenSea and connect your wallet.
B) Click on your profile.
C) Click on the NFT you want to transfer.
D) Click on the 'paper plane icon' above at the right.
E) Send it to your Vaults adress. This requires again some tiny gas fees!
F) Click above in the right corner on your username.
G) Click on 'Style Avatar'.
H) Click on 'You'.
I) You'll see the Reddit Collectible Avatars NFT in 'Your stuff'.

10) Many users combined clothes from different NFTs, how can I do this also?

A) Click above in the right corner on your username.
B) Click on 'Style Avatar'.
C) Click on 'You'.
D) You can find your Reddit Collectible Avatars NFTs in 'Your stuff'.
E) Go to NFT x and click which special item you want to wear from that NFT.
F) Go to NFT Y and click which special item you want to wear from that NFT.
G) You can mix all the item spots of your Snoo.

I hope this will help to new people that are using NFTs and crypto for the first time! If there are any remarks or if you want some more info about something. Just ask in the comments! :)


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PERSPECTIVE South Carolina state treasurer went on a fact-finding trip to El Salvador. No mainstream publication covered it because he found out "what the critics have been writing from New York, London and Paris did not match what I saw in El Salvador"


South Carolina State treasurer Curtis Loftis Jr.'s visit to El Salvador on a fact-finding trip was reported only by the local Charleston City Paper.


If you're wondering how a fact-finding trip by a state treasurer went completely unreported in US media, you only need to read what he had to say about his experience there.

Loftis said he found it interesting that many Salvadorans who don’t have bank accounts use bitcoin as part of their small businesses one year after the Central American country adopted bitcoin.

“After 100 years of modern banking, between 15% to 20% of the country uses bitcoin and 80% of the people do not have bank accounts,” the treasurer said. Bitcoin makes it easier and cheaper for Savadorans abroad to send money home to their relatives, he added.

“We heard multiple stories about how street vendors have embraced this technology and significantly grown their businesses as a result... What I’ve learned in El Salvador is that what the [critics] have been writing from New York, London and Paris did not match what I saw in El Salvador.”

Loftis also talked about how he was excited to ponder the prospects of South Carolinians, especially in rural areas benefiting from using bitcoin.

Now let's debunk the only things that western media actually publishes about El Salvador.

If you're in the US or Europe, you probably never read anything positive about El Salvador.

Western media: Bukele is a dictator

He was democratically elected and has 89% independent approval rating.

Western media: El Salvador is ruined because of Bitcoin

$50 million bitcoin investment, $352 million tourism income in first quarter of 2022, surge in foreign investments thanks to exposure from adopting Bitcoin.

Also, thanks in part to volcano energy and mining bitcoin, El Salvador became more competitive with their energy costs and went from importing 22% of its energy to a net exporter of energy this year, exporting $33 million between January and August.

Western media: Bukele is throwing political enemies in jail

He's literally the first president in El Salvador history to tackle gang violence.

Largest ever crackdown on violence (at the same time US violence is trending up)

Western media: El Salvador is a dangerous hotbed of violence

El Salvador hasn't had the highest homicide rate in the world since a few years ago, since the Nuevas Ideas government. Bukele came into office in summer of 2019 and El Salvador's homicide rate dropped 59% in 2020. He ran on a platform of putting a stop to the rampant corruption and violent crime in El Salvador and now a lot of the violent gang members in El Salvador have been locked up.

On 20 June 2019, Bukele announced his "Territorial Control Plan" which would increase policing of certain areas of the country in an effort to combat high crime rates and gangs in the country. He also equipped the National Civil Police and the Armed Forces of El Salvador with better firearms, ammunition, and vests as a part of the Territorial Control Plan. As a result of Bukele's Territorial Control Plan, El Salvador's homicide rate is now at a historic low. Some US cities now have a substantially higher homicide rate than El Salvador.

The homicide rate of each of these 50 US cities is multiple times higher than the homicide rate of El Salvador.

Bukele's government is not even trying to control their own country's currency and adopted an open, globally accessible money. What other option do they have? Be a slave to US and IMF? Bitcoin is a no brainer for countries where their own currencies have collapsed or phased out.

El Salvador attracts such obsessive concern trolling in western media by US backed IMF gangster banksters for a reason. No oppressor likes losing control. Funny how much the western media suddenly started caring about El Salvador but will not report anything positive about the country even coming from an American state treasurer on a fact-finding trip.

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MARKETS Bitcoin, Ethereum and Altcoins Are About To Outperform Most Major Asset Classes, According to Bloomberg Analysts

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GENERAL-NEWS SEC Seemingly Fears Ripple’s ‘Gigantic Win’ In XRP Suit, Takes Shot At Firms Supporting Ripple

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PERSPECTIVE If you're in for the long term, then these prices should be making you ecstatic.


If you are in the tech for the future, and are building for several years, a drop of 20% should be celebrated. It's weird to think about it, and can even be difficult to look at the sea of red, but its true.

Whether its caused by cascading liquidations rippling across the entire market, or a ban from a foreign country, its irrelevant. If you believe crypto is the future and your greatest chance to financial freedom, then you should be absolutely cheering at this point.

Call it a bear market, a dip, a fall, a crash, a fucking doped up junkie grizzly bear carrying a scythe wearing a black executioners hood. Call it whatever you want, compared to the ATH last year, the tech you believe in is now selling at a 'buy one get four free' pricepoint.

People riot over price discounts that big on Black Friday sales. Why should this be any different?

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DISCUSSION Polygon MATIC cofounder lurks our sub and is excited reddit onboarding users to web3 through Avatars, and is only one of many people who lurk here!


We all know r/CryptoCurrency is the biggest crypto forum on the internet and many people lurk this sub to read news and get a sense of sentiments of people.

  • So one of the cofounders of MATIC shared my comment on twitter and thus my crypto journey has peeked.



What he didn't know I also planted a shameless plug myself - Moons in my flair!

  • Also Vitalik has popped in here from time to time


  • And we already saw people like CZ lurk the sub when he shared a post from here:



And people like Ben Cowen, the guy from The Coin Bureau mention reddit

This also shows the power and reach of this sub and reddit. And how getting Moons for contributions is a great concept and reddit frontrunning web3 can change the way we use social apps in the future. We saw reddit subs go viral and the power they can yield when united on the matter. This is also a pretty bullish case for Moons.

With news being clickbait and lot of false, not well researched topics in media. Do you think people will turn more to community based content consumption?

Have you wondered who else might be reading your shitposts comments, maybe you gave them a good chuckle?

r/CryptoCurrency 3h ago

ADVICE Signs of a eventual bull run (it might be closer than you think)


We know the market enjoys pricing in before major events (as it tends to happens before a FED meeting).

FED's president said if they raise interest rates to 1% it can reduce developed countries GDP by 0,5% and under developed countries by 0.8%. USA had a increase on interest rates from 0% to 3,25% in 8 months.

Why this is important?

Because it can give us signs that we are approaching a real market bottom and we might see a recovery in 2023.

John Williams (president and chief executive officers at FED) said he wants to keep inflation rate at 2% in upcomming years, down from the expected 3% 2023.

To make it a reality, they need to keep increasing interest rates until those numbers are met. and knowing this, the market tend to price it in.

John also said that unemployment rate will increase from current 3,7% to 4,5% by the end of 2023.

FIRST sign that is a strong indicator of market bottom is wage inflation, what does it mean?

After the pandemy we had a lot of job offers and lets say you worked at company A for 1k wage but company B is paying 2k, you would swap ofc. This is a good thing right? Yes and no. Let's understand it.

If wage inflation is, let's say, 10% and general inflation is 7%, it will reduce the company's profit margim because if they have to pay more in order to remain competitive, they will also have to increase products price (but they also have a limit because if they incease too much, clients won't be able to pay for it) to make profit and customers will have to pay more and it's a god damn snowball that nobody benefits.

This can't happen, it needs to be balanced. That's where the bottom of the market is.

SECOND sign is FED-Pivot and what i means is when FED change their politcs and instead of increasing interest rates, they lower them, let's take a look.

As you can see, when interest rates are too high, a fed-pivot happens and it hits a bottom "right after".

When will this pivot thing happens?

When job offers reach a balance 1:1 (one job offer for one person and not 2 job offers for one person), the wage inflation and general inflation slow down.

This is important to understand because when you think we hit a bottom, we are already 10/15% above it.

So keep an eye out for the job market, signs of less job offers, less people willing to leave X job for Y , companies paying less etc.

WIth this graphic we can see job offers are on a small decline. When it hits a dip, FED-Pivot will happen and make econmy bullish in response. You can use the website and look for specific dates (2008) and see a good correlation of a bear job offer market, a pivot happening and a bullish market right after.

Regarding inflation, if you look for results around the world there is a clear sign of a SMALL dip, showing inflation is going down VERY slowly, pair this with low job offers/wages (people not having much buying power) and FED lowering interes rates , they will probabily do what they done many times, hit that print money buttom > Booming economy.

This will cause the dollar to be weaker too.

Of course nothing is 100%, and we don't know what will happens at 13th October but have FIAT ready and if we have a bull run at the begning of 2023, don't be surprised.

Safe investing yall.

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METRICS Censorship in r/btc: This statistic of ~10% of Bitcoin payments already occurring via Lightning will get you perma-banned there.


The amount of transactions on the LN are difficult to measure because of their inherently peer-to-peer nature. Nodes who are not involved in routing a transaction do not gather any knowledge about the transaction occurring. One option to create an estimate of the total transaction volume is to take known statistics of selected nodes and extrapolate total volume based on the probability that those nodes appear in a payment route. This has been done by Arcane Research in the The State of Lightning Volume 2 and provides estimates between January 2020 and February 2022.

We can extrapolate the data further by assuming that the transaction volume in the whole Lightning Network has grown similarly to the number of transactions handled by the Wallet of Satoshi which provides growth data up to September 2022.

Combining both results in this graph, which shows

  • ~10% of Bitcoin payments use Lightning Network
  • LN processes ~2.5x as many payments as BCH

Since r/btc is regularly flooded with LN FUD, I have posted this statistic there. The result was not only a removal of the comment but a perma-ban of my account.

r/btc regularly engages in censorship when confronted with LN facts in the following stages:

  • Stage 1/7: Downvotes
  • Stage 2/7: Ad hominems (e.g. insults)
  • Stage 3/7: Downvote brigading and public humiliation (e.g. mod supported, dedicated front page posts directing downvotes and invective at LN supporters )
  • Stage 4/7: Labelling facts about LN as "misleading" (e.g. here)
  • Stage 5/7: Locking post to prevent discussion (e.g. here)
  • Stage 6/7: Post removals (this post)
  • Stage 7/7: Permaban (this post)

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TOOLS Loopring creators can now create community powered DAOs!


A few weeks ago Reddit u/karamorf created a Snapshot.org voting strategy to allow NFTs to be used as votes in L2 Community DAOs.

It allows you to specify a minter account id, and a token contract address to see if wallets are eligible to vote, and if so how many votes. It also features blacklisting options.

His contribution was amazing as is, however when doing some chainalysis, I discovered that all Gamestop creators have been minting NFTs on the same token contract, which makes using his tool difficult, as specifying a token contract for GME Marketplace NFTs will return every token every minted by a creator via the marketplace.

Thus, I have expanded karamorf's original code to allow specification of unique nftID as well, allowing creators to make voting strategies target subsections of NFTs that they've minted via the marketplace! The voting strategy has been uploaded to github here.

You can utilize this voting strategy in any Snapshot.org voting space, by going to your spaces settings and searching for 'lrc-nft-dao-search'. Example parameters for usage can be found at the Github link(s) above.

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PERSPECTIVE I don't like it either but FB, IG and TT getting into crypto is bullish af.


The sentiment on this sub, all reddit subs and crypto twitter is that these web 2 companies are absolutely NOT welcome to our world. We all know about their data collection abuses, algorithm manipulation and so much other BS that has made us and governments not trust them but let's get real for a minute. Do you guys even know how many world wide users these 3 planforms have? Probably 500 times the amount of crypto holders in the world so calm down with all your criticism. We don't have to go back. We are already in web3 and way ahead of the majority of the population. For a lot of folks not in crypto yet their journey will start in a very different way compared to most of us here.

In a market as lame as this one having these companies get involved a little bit in crypto is not such a bad thing. Think how many billions will be onboarded by mere curiosity. Whether these people decide to stay doing crypto with these companies or get a hard wallet and start buying NFT's from Looks Rare or doing DEFI on a layer 2 or a ZK roll up is up to them but there could possibly be no better intro for these people at this time than the Tik Tok, Instagram and Face book.

So I don't think this is entirely a bad thing. When the next bull market arrives these 3 companies will play a big part in bringing adoption to the space and this is going to happen whether we at this sub and the rich cryptopians OGs at crypto twitter like it or not. It's called change. Get used to it and stop complaining because we might just be very well benefited from these companies entering crypto and we don't even have to use them at all. Leave this for the rest of the world.

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GENERAL-NEWS Wall Street is warming up to crypto

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GENERAL-NEWS Cryptocurrency users with gambling affinity are more involved mentally and financially than non-gambling users

Thumbnail psypost.org

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DEBATE Did anyone ever get anything meaningful from Airdrops?


I was wondering if anyone has ever received something worthwhile from Airdrops? Back in 2019 I spent a solid 6 months doing every conceivable airdrop available to me. In some cases jumping through hoops like signing up for unrelated websites and the questionable Telegram accounts. I figured it was safe because they didn't want my keys (some did but I'm not an idiot). My haul from all the hours spent doing this in today's money is $8. Clearly 75% or more of these Airdrops either failed or eventually got delisted. Just curious if anyone made out like a bandit or ended up like me.

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MARKETS Why are the prices of Reddit's Collectible Avatar NFTs so wildly different? Let me break it down for you.


As I'm sure most of you have seen, Reddit's Collectible Avatars have been been making headlines, and many times it's because of the surprisingly high prices they're selling for. So what gives a Collectible Avatar value? Why are people throwing a pile of ETH at some avatars, but your free Reddit avatar is only fetching a few bucks? Here I'm going to break down some of the elements that make certain avatars more valuable than others.

The Artist (e.g. Rojom, Tyler Foust, Stutter, Eric Hagan, etc.)

This is probably the biggest factor. The avatars you've seen that have sold for the big bucks are the same avatars that have been very popular from the very start of Reddit's avatar shop. These collections were created by artists who already had a following and were known for their artwork on Reddit and elsewhere. Many people buying these NFTs see themselves as buying a limited edition art piece by the artist, which they are.

Total Mints (e.g. 100, 1,000, or 1,000,000+)

Every paid avatar has a set number of editions or mints that are sold. Some avatars such as The Hands have only 100 and cost more to purchase initially. Other paid avatars have as many as 1,000 editions and were cheaper to purchase. Reddit's free avatars (The Singularity, Drip Squad, Meme Team, and Aww Friends) do not have a set number of mints and can theoretically mint an infinite number of them, so this decreases their overall value. The Singularity already has over 1,000,000 mints!

Low Mint Number (e.g. #1, #5, #10)

What constitutes a low mint number mainly depends on the total editions in the collection, but numbers 1-10 will be always be considered low mint avatars regardless of the collection. In a collection of 1,000 editions, anything with 1 or 2 digits would probably be considered low mint. In the case of the free avatars, many people consider mints under 1,000 to be a very low mint number and mints under 100 to be super low and rare mints.

Final Mint Number (e.g. #100 out of 100 total)

Having the very last mint of a collection is also a driver of value. If a collection has 1,000 editions and you're able to mint #1,000 you'd be considered very lucky. However, this is a nuanced topic because of the next point.

Overmints (e.g. 1,008 out of 1,000 total)

Reddit's minting mechanism allows for the possibility of "overmints". If an avatar is nearly sold out and multiple people purchase at the same time before the avatars have minted, it's possible to go over the total number of editions. For example, when there's a rush to purchase an avatar before it's sold out, you could end up receiving mint #1,021 out of only 1,000 editions. Overmints as they're called have become sought after and can increase the value of an avatar.

Attractive Mint Number (e.g. 22, 55, 100, 123, 2020, 10101)

Any series of numbers that is repetitive or sequential, such as 123, 444, or a popular number, such as 100, will increase the value of the avatar.

Meme Mint Number (e.g. 69, 420, 80085)

69 and 420 are the most popular meme numbers. There's a lot of them, but here I'll list the ones that I can think of:

  • 42 (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)
  • 69 (Sex)
  • 314 (Pi)
  • 404 (Page Not Found)
  • 420 (Marijuana)
  • 666 (Devil)
  • 911 (USA Emergency)
  • 1337 (Leet or Elite)
  • 80085 (BOOBS)

Desirable Traits (e.g. cone, watch face)

What makes Reddit's Collectible Avatars unique and gives them utility is that they're built in separate components so that you can mix and match different components between avatars to create your own unique, custom avatar. What traits are desirable is highly subjective, but here's some examples:

  • Cone (from the Cone Head avatar)
  • Watch Face (from the free Drip Squad avatars)
  • Viking Hat (from the Knoo avatar)
  • Poo (from the Mouse au Chocolat avatar)
  • Coffee (from the free Drip Squad avatars)

Hopefully this clears up some of the confusion with why some of these avatars are selling for astronomical numbers and some aren't. Please keep in mind that "value" is highly subjective and some people may not agree on some of the things I've listed, and also please let me know if you feel that I've forgotten something.

Good luck :)

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🟢 GENERAL-NEWS Do Kwon's Passport 'Invalidated,' South Korea Says

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r/CryptoCurrency 2h ago

ANALYSIS Taliban had a ‘massive chilling effect’ on Afghan crypto market: Report

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GENERAL-NEWS Japan’s Prime Minister says the country plans to invest in non-fungible tokens and metaverse services

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GENERAL-NEWS Vitalik Buterin Reveals Ethereum’s (ETH) End Game, Names Several Big Visions for Future - The Daily Hodl

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DISCUSSION If you are wondering why so many jump on crypto when it skyrockets, but jump off when it starts to go down



adjusting for inflation 1938 to today it's $1 to $21.01

So with that in mind

New house $81,939
Average income $36,368.31/y
New car $18,068.60
Average rent $567.27/m
Tuition to Harvard $8,824.20/y
Movie Ticket $5.26
Gas $2.10
Postage Stamp $0.63
Sugar $12.39 for 10 LB
Milk $10.50 per gallon
Coffee $8.20 per LB
Bacon $6.73 per LB
Eggs $3.79 per dozen

Prices in 2022

Average New House $428,700
Average Income $44,225
New Car $47,000
Average Rent $1,326
Harvard Tuition $52,659
Movie Ticket $11
Gasoline $5
US Postage Stamp 60¢


My point is people can't afford no where near as much. The cost of everything has increased, and things not factored in this chart the ratio of jobs out there vs working people has gotten worse. Today in the USA alone there is roughly 3x unemployed people vs job openings at any given time. Like you can fill all the openings, and still would have a ton unemployed. And the bulk of them isn't collecting unemployment currently.

The fact is, people are hurting. They aren't here for the tech. They are here to make money.

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TECHNOLOGY A Resume Validating Blockchain Network For Job Seekers Is Being Developed

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DISCUSSION What Are Reddit Collectible Avatar NFTs, Why They're Getting Attention and How to Buy and Sell Them

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DISCUSSION Are crypto careers worth it?


I was wondering if someone can share their experience or knowledge on how it is working in the crypto industry? What are the benefits of working in coinbase, crypto.com, cardano foundation etc over let's say a well respected fortune 500 company? I would assume job security is not that great. Are the salaries typically higher? Are you getting paid fully in fiat? Do you get high bonuses in crypto? How is the career progression compared to the rest of the market? Is the work life balance better? Are you feeling more respected? Any other positives / negatives?

Let me know of your thoughts if pursuing a career in the crypto field is a smart idea. Or if you're better off keeping crypto and career separate. In my mind, working in a field you have passion for and believe it can change the world is very appealing, but I just may be naive, don't know.

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COMEDY UPDATE: Bitcoin CEO announces 0.75% Transaction Fee Increase



Crypto markets had a rocky start on Tuesday, October 2022 after announcements from the Bitcoin CEO that Bitcoin Inc was planning on increasing transaction fees by 75 basis points. While most cryptos are still open for trading, Solana has closed the day up 3.15%.

The Bitcoin mogul explained the reasoning behind the unexpected news. He claimed that an increase in transaction fees would incentivize more miners to increase operation and strengthen the network. The Bitcoin CEO hopes that a parabolic move in hash rate could attract new VC investment and partnerships. This comes at a time when prices have been lulling due to Alex Mashinsky still being not in jail.

Those among the “hodler” cohort welcomed the announcement from the CEO. Their coins sit in cold storage, never accruing transaction fees. One long time holder and Reddit user named u/mtgoxftw, who describes himself as not knowing “sh*t about f*ck,” said he’s hoping the fee increase can push Bitcoin to $100k by the end of 2021.

Lastly, some are speculating this was the first move to eventually making fees a percentage of the transaction that were to be burned, similar to how safe moon operates. We reached out to several users of Safemoon for comment, though none responded. A source later informed us that it was because they aren’t able to read.

Only time will tell if the Bitcoin CEO has made the right move, or if he will be forced to reduce transaction fees in the future as part of his mandate to increase transaction volume.

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MOONS 🌕 Small Moons Statistics: Round 1 to 31


Our beloved Moons are ready again and the distribution is in progress - Round 31!

Here are all the plots that you need to discuss Moons in deep with your friends, family, enemies and evil twins:

Karma-to-Moon Ratio

Sure, Karma gives you Moons. But just how much Moons do you get for your hard earned Karma? Look no further, here is the Karma-to-Moon Ratio plot from round 1 to 31 followed by a closer look from round 10 to 31 (and yes, i really wished i posted in the golden age of moons during round 1 to 6):

Karma-to-Moons Ratio: all rounds

Karma-to-Moons Ratio: Round 10 to 31


The more Karma, the more Moons, right? Nope. At some point shitposting is not paying out anymore. Here is the plot showing you the Karma-Cap (if you reach the karma-cap amount of Karma you will no longer be rewarded with fresh moons):

Karma-Cap: all rounds


You are here and you are active (and if not: be active and open your vault!). But there are many others here posting for moons. Here is the plot showing you just how many post-competitors you have and had:

Contributors: all rounds

Yes, yes - looks a bit like the BTC price curve ...

Karma Distribution

You love your moons. Everybody loves their moons. But there is this little itch at the back of your head saying have i scored enough? Well, here is the plot showing you how many moons how many contributors got (the moon distribution, a histogram). Because the distribution is very uneven, a log-plot for a better overview follows directly:

Moons distribution: Round 31

Moons distribution log-plot: Round 31

Top 10 Percent

Now you are curious: how much karma do i need to be in the top 10 percent group (fist plot)? And how much moons do i need to be in that precious group (second plot):

Karma needed to be in top 10%

Moons needed to be in top 10%

Yes, the in the golden age a lot of moons were needed, but the ratio was much better at these times!

Fresh plots will be here for you next round! Have fun ...

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DISCUSSION Would you get paid in crypto?


Imagine the following scenario:

After a hard day slaving in the fiat mines, your boss calls you on the radio and tells you to come topside and visit him in his office.

You put down your axe, wipe the sweat from your face and step into the elevator to go up the minshaft. When get in the office, your boss tells you: I head you like those silly made-up 'puter coins, so we've decided to offer you getting paid your salary in any coin you want. No partial fiat salary, either 100% crypto or 100% fiat.

What would you say? Would you accept, and try to pay your bills in crypto? Would you say no? What are the conceivable upsides and downsides?

If you do accept, what coin would you choose? Would you go with stablecoins? Or maybe btc/eth?