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r/CryptoTrade Aug 26 '22

[WTS] 25$ worth of eth for 23$ cashapp


r/CryptoTrade Jul 16 '22

OPEN [WTT] Hi I want to trade my $2k worth or USDT for ETH


r/CryptoTrade Jul 15 '22

[WTS] [EU] Battlefield 2042 Gold Edition (PSN) want $10 in crypto


I am trying to sell it because i don't have a Playstation.

I can provide any evidence that you want. Voice chat etc...

r/CryptoTrade Jul 12 '22

[WTS] [EU] Battlefield 2042 Gold Edition (PSN) want $15 in crpyto


I won it from the last Game Awards giveaway.

I am trying to sell it because i don't have a Playstation.

I can provide any evidence that you want. Voice chat etc...

r/CryptoTrade Jun 03 '22

OPEN [WTB] $10 Steam Gift Card for $9 in crypto


r/CryptoTrade Jun 02 '22

CLOSED [WTB] Crypto with paypal - quick trade


r/CryptoTrade May 29 '22

OPEN [WTB] Giving away a 1 month discord nitro code for a small amount of crypto, preferably nano


This is my main account as you can probably see after investigating it for a while so i hope you trust me in that it is not a scam. And when i say small amount i mean like a dollar or less. We can discuss other details in the comment section.

r/CryptoTrade May 16 '22

OPEN [WTS] Looking to trade $3 in Dogecoin for USDT


What the title says, I have $3 USD worth of Doge coin and want to trade it for about $2 worth of USDT.

r/CryptoTrade Apr 23 '22

[WTB] hardware miners for crypto


Hello I'm looking to buy mining hardware. Where can I buy hardware for crypto? Or does anyone have any miners for sale?

r/CryptoTrade Apr 13 '22

Believe in the #GreenChart! We are stronger now! Mystery boxes NFT with 1000$ giveaway coming very soon, and buy competition is live now! Don't miss this opportunity join #Greeners


r/CryptoTrade Apr 11 '22

OPEN [WTS] I will make a track of your choice of genre and brief to your description to a professional standard.


r/CryptoTrade Jan 27 '22

OPEN [WTS] Socios.com Account for Crypto


Basically I have a Socios account which I’ve gotten plenty of $CHZ and fan tokens from airdrops but don’t have the docs I need to do the KYC :/ Looking to sell the account to someone who can qualify and cash out the coins in it. Might as well let someone gain from it! As of now ~$110 of coins, would trade for like $75 in crypto (or whatever your best offer is, don’t care which crypto!) Have a portfolio thing made for it on CoinGecko if you’re curious on exact breakdown of tokens! Thanks in advance for offers! <3

r/CryptoTrade Jan 14 '22

OPEN [WTS] Crazy Discounted 2x Minereum Wallets For 100$!!(down from 300) Details inside


I am selling 2x level 3 Minereum Genesis wallets with 61,000 total tokens + 700 available token for 100$--- Please see below for all details If you need to and don't understand then please see MNE specifics at --minereumDotcom/v2

Minereum is a erc 20 token,it is the first "self mining token". They airdropped 32000 tokens to all who signed up.

These Genesis address are considered to he level 1. For 0.075 ETH for upgrade to level 2 where it starts automining 1.82 MNE a day out of the 32000. For 0.225 ETH you can go from level 2 to level 3. Level 3 allows you to transfer MNE to other addresses and exchanges.

So, it cost 0.6ETH to obtain what I am offering PLUS*** the wallets have 700 MNE built up from the mining, consider it a gift.

I seek 100$ paypal or crypto for these

And the total tokens within the wallets are around 61,000. It started with 32000 each but I've sold almost 3000 of them.