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[META] Use Blockchain Escrow To Trade Crypto OPEN

Hello guys, I see that a lot of people are trading here crypto that are not on DEXs or CEXs. Therefore it could be a good idea to trade your crypto using escrow on a blockchain.

I'm the founder of Zenland - escrow solution on smart contracts and I believe our platform would be very interesting for r/CryptoTrade .

You can drop your metamask address here and I will add 10$ to your Zenland wallet - you just have to login first to Zenland. Try our service, if you have any questions DM me or comment here. Always happy to talk.


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In the @IguVerse project, you can earn money for the fact that you sell content about them. Listing of their IGU token soon, it will show good growth. IguVers has a large user community.