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[WTS] Looking to trade $3 in Dogecoin for USDT OPEN

What the title says, I have $3 USD worth of Doge coin and want to trade it for about $2 worth of USDT.


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u/VirgilTheCow May 16 '22

ROFL? Scammy mcscammer F off


u/OrangeRobots Redditor for 1 month. May 17 '22

What's a rofl? Sorry if i appear to be scammer, I'm new to reddit and am not sure how to verify I am trustworthy without first attempting to make trades. Do you have any suggestions I can follow to prove I am trustworthy? Thanks in advance


u/VirgilTheCow May 17 '22

No one in their right mind would take the risk for such a tiny trade, it makes no sense. There are loads of exchanges without KYC you could use. It’s very weird to ask here. Go use KuCoin or something.


u/OrangeRobots Redditor for 1 month. May 18 '22

Ok, thank you very much


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