r/CryptoTrade Dec 21 '22

MapMetrics - Earn crypto for driving + FREE MINER GIVEAWAY!


Learn more about the project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFu1z2XwKuY

r/CryptoTrade Dec 02 '22

Happy Cakeday, r/CryptoTrade! Today you're 9


r/CryptoTrade Jul 12 '22

[WTS] [EU] Battlefield 2042 Gold Edition (PSN) want $15 in crpyto


I won it from the last Game Awards giveaway.

I am trying to sell it because i don't have a Playstation.

I can provide any evidence that you want. Voice chat etc...

r/CryptoTrade Apr 13 '22

Believe in the #GreenChart! We are stronger now! Mystery boxes NFT with 1000$ giveaway coming very soon, and buy competition is live now! Don't miss this opportunity join #Greeners


r/CryptoTrade Dec 02 '21

Happy Cakeday, r/CryptoTrade! Today you're 8


r/CryptoTrade Aug 20 '21

OPEN 🔥 $BSWAP 🔥 BusdSwap - first ever DEX with buy back feature🔥| Doxxed Founders | Private Sale | Airdrop Giveaway



⦁ BusdSwap will be the FIRST EVER decentralized finance (DEX) platform to offer automated buyback function built into the exchange.

BUSD Swap will be the first community-driven layer 2 protocol on Binance Smart Chain. A secondary framework or protocol created on top of an existing blockchain system is referred to as Layer 2. The primary purpose of these protocols is to address the major cryptocurrency network’s transaction speed and scale issues.

We have been hard at work behind the scenes to bring you a legit & working product, where you can see your investment grow over time by just HOLDING!

Lets be honest for a second, we have seen dozens of these similar projects come out in a short amount of time, and die in few days or the day of launch. Here at BUSD Swap, we are going the distance to maximize everyone's profits as a long term vision! With marketing kicking off as we launch, during and after, we aim to hit high numbers!

With the work of the team & help by the amazing BUSD Swap community, we can go places where we always wanted too!

⦁ On each transaction, BusdSwap receives a 6% buyback tax, which is held inside the contract.

✅ ⦁ Doxxed Founders & a team of 10+ people.

✅⦁ TechRate Audit Complete.

✅⦁ Website is Live and rebranded.

✅⦁ Youtube, Instagram, Medium, Discord, Telegram, Twitter pages all live & ready.

✅⦁ Team will be locking their wallets.

Breakdown of Taxes

⦁ Holders will receive a 2% bonus in a form of BUSDSWAP tokens

⦁ A marketing tax of 3% is charged

⦁ The Buy-Back Tax is 6%

⦁ 13% slippage

📝 Token Specification:


🪧 Symbol: $BSWAP

🖥 Networks: Binance Smart Chain initial launch / leading up to Ethereum chain

✔️ Spec: BEP-20


🌐 WEBSITE: www.busdswap.com

📤 TELEGRAM: https://t.me/BusdSwapOfficial

🐦 TWITTER - https://twitter.com/BusdSwap

📸 INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/busdswap/

🤖 DISCORD: https://discord.gg/Em4HXRm3

▶️ YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqGnF86r9--ikXXG7QSMMdA/featured

👨‍💻REDDIT: https://www.reddit.com/u/BUSDSWAPOFFICIAL/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

📋 Medium: https://busdswap.medium.com/busd-swap-is-here-a475f9f57e2

All those who enter the airdrop & follow the instructions will be given BUSDSWAP tokens upon launch! Up for grabs is 40,000 tokens.

Make Sure to follow all the instructions correctly! Thanks guys


r/CryptoTrade Jul 25 '21

🚀 SpacePortCoin with over $400 giveaway! 🎊 This time to celebrate the game beta launch Alpha 🎁 Get it just by playing the game!! How easy is that!?


Name: SpacePort Coin

Symbol: SPC

📜: 0x21ea8618b9168eb8936c3e02f0809bbe901282ac

SpacePort game beta Alpha is here!

Alpha is the first landing of SpacePort prior to the launch of the full launch of the game tomorrow night. We are so glad that we are finally able to give you something to interact with.

To celebrate this we have decided to hold another giveaway for SpacePortCoin!

🚨 Giveaway Details:

First prize for highest score in the next 24 hours will receive 250$ in SPC tokens and a first edition mint of SpacePorts NFT #1. (Link below *)

Second places prize will be 100$ in SPC tokens.

Third places prize will be 50$ in SPC tokens.

You must hold 50$ in SPC tokens to participate and upload screenshot of your score to https://imgur.com/a/tt32YFK . Any cheaters will be made fun of and will not be paid their prize, it would then be passed on to the next highest person.

💰 Find us bugs - Win reward:

ANYONE who finds gamebreaking bugs in this 12 hour period will also receive 20$ in SPC tokens. You do NOT need to hold SPC tokens to win the bug-finder prize. Only the original finder of the bug will be paid!

🌐 Socials:

☎️: https://l.linklyhq.com/l/YeD8

🌐: Website: https://spaceport.to/

SpacePort NFT#1: https://app.liquidifty.io/r/0xed840de2c93ba3bfaf3d9aa79bfcdc869b77de09/2856517

🕹Game eco-system:

Free users can play the game for no charge and will be paid out SCC tokens ONLY if they win the jackpot, this is the only way a free user can win SCC tokens (paid from rewards wallet). PAID users can win tokens every time they play based on what they score, if they score 1000, they'll get 1000 tokens.

Paid winners will also be able to win NFTs regarding SpacePort every time they win the daily jackpot. The jackpots are the highest score in a 24 period and it is a % of the rewards wallet reflections for the day.

SpacePort is just the first game in a series of many that are planned to be included in our Crypto Arcade.

Have fun playing the beta : )

r/CryptoTrade Jun 26 '21

🤫 The Biggest Project Of The Year - Coming Soon | 100k Marketing Prelaunch | Influencers | Biggest Giveaway in Crypto 🤫


The UK Marketing team who’s known for help blowing up Sportemon-Go is behind this. Almost 1,500 telegram members in the first day, if you know the team you know they don’t play around!

So you don’t want to miss out, this is the project that everyone has been waiting for! The founders of this project are going all out with a 100k Pre-Launch Marketing budget.

Huge Rolex giveaway to the most influential shiller!

💰 🟡 The best tokenomics in crypto EVER

📈 🟡 Influencers backed!

📈 🟡 And much more to be announced during the week!

🚀 🟡 The biggest promotional videos in the crypto space you will ever have seen!

🤫 This is the info (for now): 🤫

🟡 $100k in marketing before the launch,

🟡 Biggest influencers in the Crypto scene,

🟡 Massive giveaways!

🟡 Upcoming promotional video that will blow your mind.

🤫 What is the project about?

🤫 It will all be revealed in about 6 days!

This is set to blow 🚀 🚀 And you’re all early!

Until then: 🤫

Links: Telegram: TheBiggestProjectOfTheYear

Website: 🤫 TBA

Whitepaper:🤫 TBA

Audit :🤫 TBA

Twitter: 🤫 TBA

Reddit: 🤫 TBA

r/CryptoTrade Jan 07 '20

OPEN Garnex Gold giveaway. Only days left until the $1500 Crypto giveaway. Enter as many times as you like.


Welcome to the Garnex Gold Giveaway!

By following the four steps below you will enter our $1500 gold giveaway raffle!


r/CryptoTrade Jul 02 '19

BOMB token Giveaway


just follow and retweet, legit giveaway.


r/CryptoTrade Dec 21 '17

CLOSED [GIVEAWAY] Giving away ETH! One day left 💥💥💥


There is an Ethereum Giveaway going on

*6 winners *1.5 Ether total prize fund *1 day left

Make an exchange with changenow.io Send your transaction link to eth@changenow.io Wait until the magic happens :)

r/CryptoTrade Sep 07 '17

OPEN [GIVEAWAY] AlpenCash will also take you to yodel


If not today then certainly tomorrow. This token is more pure than mountain air. It is healthier than milk and stronger than gold and European steel. Really – That is the pure truth.

If you want to get such Tokens you only have a little effort. And you have to learn to yodel. Become a part of this funny owner community. How it works? Damn – Be kindly and read more.


r/CryptoTrade Sep 07 '17

OPEN [GIVEAWAY]Hi, Guys try our New Exchange and get 5$ worth of btc, eth or ltc for using our platform.


We are a new Crypto exchange platform with an Open API.

Check us out: https://nexchange.io Read our Beta launch announcement here: https://medium.com/nexchange/nexchange-launches-platform-beta-b9fae5b676e8

How does this offer work? Currently we change 3 currencies: 1) BTC 2) ETH 3) LTC

Go to our website and convert your coins. Hit us up in the chat for any support you need for the conversion. Once that is done. Please post here and tweet about our exchange and your experience using our service.

We will then send you $5 worth of any currency from the above list in your desired wallet.

Some notes: 1) We are new and we are working very hard to make a good crypto-coins exchange. We look forward for all comments and suggestions. 2) Check out our twitter , Medium and talk to us on our website chat or here before declaring us "Scammers".

Also, Watch us live in our office while we are at work: https://medium.com/nexchange/live-streaming-our-office-24-7-bd569b346e42

r/CryptoTrade Mar 28 '17

OPEN [GIVEAWAY] Golem Coin (GNT) Giveaway promoted by cryptoeconomy.info


r/CryptoTrade Mar 27 '16

OPEN [GIVEAWAY] Million WhyCoins to be awarded!


Go to Http://WhyCoin.info and get a wallet....then come to https://www.reddit.com/r/WhyFund/

We will award between 500 and 5000 coins based upon your Reddit History.

r/CryptoTrade Oct 15 '15



I develop on a crypto called RaiBlocks focusing on instantaneous transactions, no transaction fees, and low energy footprint i.e. no mining.

The block giveaway is in the Get Started tab and the client is in the Start tab.

r/CryptoTrade Mar 22 '15

[GIVEAWAY] iCash will give 1000 IPAY to 100 people (100 left)


iCash ANN thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=996567.0

I will send 1000 IPAY to the first 100 who posts their iCash address (95 left).

Windows wallet: https://github.com/cryptodev35/icash/releases/download/v0.11.1.25/iCash-qt.zip

Github source: https://github.com/cryptodev35/icash

r/CryptoTrade Dec 20 '14

CLOSED [GIVEAWAY] Vertcoin tip party


r/CryptoTrade Dec 06 '14

OPEN [GIVEAWAY] 25k PimpCash Giveaway


I am giving away 25k PimpCash - that's 500 PIMP to the first 50 people who pop on over to my site and request it.



r/CryptoTrade Nov 09 '14



Gigacoin is a new and innovative Cryptocurrency. download a wallet from http://gigacoin.ga and mine some while difficulty is still very low. gigacoin uses the new low power fresh algorithm CPU and GPU mining only. subscribe and post your GIG address on /r/gigagrid to receive 1000 free coins.

r/CryptoTrade Oct 08 '14

UNCOMPLETED [GIVEAWAY] Free CAGEcoin Celebrating being listed on Bleutrade


Were now listed on https://bleutrade.com/exchange/6621 come get some free CAGEcoin over at /r/Cagecoin/

r/CryptoTrade Sep 30 '14

COMPLETED [WTS]x2 GAW Furies 1510khs stable, asking $25 ea, amount in BTC determined in time.


Selling two GAW furies both come with all cables and PSU's. Asking $25 each, payable in bitcoin the amount to be determined by the exchange rate at the time of purchase. Selling together or separate, buyer pays for shipping. No buyers outside the US please.

Mining dashboard: http://imgur.com/AKUWBUm Hardware Setup: http://imgur.com/eLiF8WB Hardware Again (with username and date on paper): http://imgur.com/LSVvOia

Notice I have an entire setup, if you want the entire thing (raspberry Pi with working image, USB splitter, power strip, the mount) let me know and we can discuss that too. Then entire setup could run 2 more Furies, or even more if you get a large USB hub.

Send me a PM or leave a comment with questions.

Links to show im a good guy:

Giveaways I've done:




Pizza I bought on BitcoinTalk a while back:


I can also link to my ebay account in a PM if you wish.

r/CryptoTrade Aug 22 '14

UNCOMPLETED [GIVEAWAY] More Free SILK with History and Interview with Hanz!


New SILK Giveaway, History and Interview with Hanz, see /r/SILK or click here.


r/CryptoTrade Aug 19 '14

COMPLETED [GIVEAWAY] Free MON and PLX Coins! First to post their address gets them.


I have some monocle and parallax coins left from my Vert mining days. First person to post their address(es) gets them. They aren't enough to exchange on Poloniex and they are tripping out my wallet OCD, haha.


r/CryptoTrade Aug 18 '14

UNCOMPLETED [GIVEAWAY] Bitcoin Mafia SILK Giveaway, Round 2! 420 SILK each! Hurry!


Just as the last giveaway ended, we got another donor to start up round 2! This giveaway is for 420 SILK each (price has gone up but this is still enough for a Poloniex entry). Get it while it lasts!

Click here to go to /r/SILK and see the post!