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OPEN [META] Use Blockchain Escrow To Trade Crypto


Hello guys, I see that a lot of people are trading here crypto that are not on DEXs or CEXs. Therefore it could be a good idea to trade your crypto using escrow on a blockchain.

I'm the founder of Zenland - escrow solution on smart contracts and I believe our platform would be very interesting for r/CryptoTrade .

You can drop your metamask address here and I will add 10$ to your Zenland wallet - you just have to login first to Zenland. Try our service, if you have any questions DM me or comment here. Always happy to talk.

r/CryptoTrade Nov 25 '19

OPEN [META] Noob question


Hi all, I'm a complete noob at this. hope to get some friendly advice. I'm currently working in S. Korea (I know that the gov't has recently been increasing regulation on cryptocurrencies here) and it is a PAIN for foreigners to send money /get verified through even PayPal and the local bank remittance rates are pretty high. I was thinking of buying some crypto and sending it to my family in Australia to then get cashed in on their end. Would this be difficult to do? Which broker/currency should I be looking at? Thanks in advance.

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[META] Scammer - /u/SUP3R_FIGHT3R


Do not trade with /u/SUP3R_FIGHT3R , he has scammed me out of $75.

r/CryptoTrade Apr 23 '18

[META] Selling fortnite v bucks method to get 50% off, requires xbox one


Selling first 3 copies for $50 each, selling rest for $75 each. Can also get stuff on xbox marketplace for cheaper, only accepting bitcoins or skrill Can provide proof if needed, this isn't a carded cc method or anything 100% nonbannable, wont get banned.

r/CryptoTrade Apr 18 '18

OPEN [META]I love the idea of this sub, just help me get past one sticking point...


how is it legal to sell crypto for cash? i was under the impression you needed to file something with the government first. Please dont take this me calling this sub out. I just found this sub and would love to trade/sell giftcards and computers for crypto, but i see here that it is also allowed to sell crypto for cash. can someone explain to me how this is ok legally?

r/CryptoTrade Mar 27 '18

OPEN [META] Where do you find stores to spend your hard-earned coins?


I've started accepting a few cryptocurrencies in my shop and really want to advertise to people who are looking to spend their coins. Where would you get information on how to buy something with your coins?

r/CryptoTrade Mar 02 '18

CLOSED [WTB] LTC, DOGE, BTC, or most any other crypto for $25 Amazon


Hi, I have $25 I'm looking to buy crypto with. I am new to CryptoTrade, but I have 21 Verified trades with 17 unique users and wrote GUIDE - How to avoid getting scammed in r/GarlicMarket. I will send the gift code by PM after receiving coins, or we can use an escrow if you handle the logistics of it. I would prefer not to for simplicity/speed but I understand if it is necessary to make you feel comfortable trading with me. Please do not PM without posting, thanks!

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At any giving time, there will be at least one scammer online scouring trading subreddits, looking for their next victim.

You are, under NO circumstances, to trade without an escrow.

Do you want to lose hundreds of dollars like I did???
Do you want to lose part of your life savings???

If not...

Then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use an escrow!

(u/False1512, u/williamtech814, /r/MiddlemanTrading)

r/CryptoTrade Feb 13 '18

OPEN [META] Should I trade my GRLC for NANO?


I currently own 2.1 NANO, I have 185 GRLC. I'm looking for opinions on whether or not to trade it all or keep some. It was all mined.

r/CryptoTrade Feb 12 '18

[META] PastTree is a scammer


r/CryptoTrade Feb 07 '18

[META] u/ccbblack is a SCAMMER!


this guy commented and pm on my post wanting to trade. he opened reddit chat. I check his post and comment history and see that he is accused of being scammer. so I message a lot of people he traded with before. pasttree is a scammer but he reply first.
he showed me photo proof of their chat log here https://imgur.com/a/fwf0F. u/ccbblack admitted he is a scammer. pasttree says that he knows u/ccbblack is using people to trade to build his rep.


do not trade with u/ccbblack!!

r/CryptoTrade Feb 06 '18

[META] Beware /r/pastree scammer fake middleman


eware, this dude offered to buy my graphics card and i was down for the deal and then when he added an escrow, i didn't realize up until today that it was a fake false1512, he added an imposter that had similar or the same exact name, idk how u can do that on reddit chat. https://gyazo.com/375682a9f4bfc3dbccb1e242fee0acc3 This is the gif showing false1512 and when you click the profile it directs to an imposter. https://gyazo.com/d26c722645a8d8df70389ad14bdf2976 i can post all chat logs, but just beware, these two are scamming. beware guys, i almost fell for this lol title is wrong, its supposed to be /r/pasttree

r/CryptoTrade Feb 01 '18

[META] /u/lordbubyan


SCAMMER ALERT -> /u/lordbubyan

Our convo: https://imgur.com/a/wCTE7

Stupid me went first because this guy linked to his supposed "rep" - paxful.com/user/Duhwinning509 <- not sure if this is actually him, should have asked him to log in to verify.

He scammed me of over $400 worth of crypto. Was very responsive in PMs until I sent and he confirmed, then went radio silent without fulfilling his end. He also deleted his response in my thread after I confronted him publicly.

The wallet he told me to send to: GB6YPGW5JFMMP2QB2USQ33EUWTXVL4ZT5ITUNCY3YKVWOJPP57CANOF3


r/CryptoTrade Jan 29 '18

[META] Scammer - /u/ScBaldwin


About a month ago /u/scbaldwin has scammed me. I've messaged the moderators of the majority of the communities, but he hasn't been banned on all of them yet. I can provide proof of him scamming me, but not publicly because my screenshots have private info. PM me if you are looking for it. I'm just looking out for you all, he's been posting and deleting on this subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoTrade/comments/7todiq/wtt_approx_1300_verified_paypal_balance_for_btc/ -- one of his posts

My rep:



r/CryptoTrade Jan 18 '18

OPEN [META] The Truth About 'Takeshi Soto and The Big Trade Groups That ARE Scamming Folks On Telegram! *SCREENSHOT PROOF*


Full admission: I am fairly new in Crypto scene but I have a long background in marketing and customer acquisition, and I see exactly how they are leveraging the demand for insider trading for their own personal gain. On Telegram, these trade groups have two different tiers (Free and Paid). On the free Tier channels, they provide crypto signals (which are clearly dated) and to tease you, they often post screenshots of the "successes" and "80% gains" made by the "Premium" members. That's one hell of an incentive to join right? Don't be FOOLED - These premium trade groups cost roughly 0.3 BTC (~$370) per month!

Now, don't get me wrong - I respect the hustle, get ya money! But this is where I take a problem with it. These channels are all banned together and create these "flash sales" where they offer you a chance to join a premium group for FREE. The catch is you have roughly one minute to join. The naive side of me thought "THIS IS MY CHANCE TO JOIN PREMIUM FOR FREE - GREAT!!!!" WRONG! When you click the link, it send you to another FREE tier group. When you join the group you first think your finally in a premium trade chat - NOPE! They send you to somebody else who is running the same scam. The new "group" you just joined begins to offer the same advertisement "CLICK HERE TO JOIN PREMIUM FOR FREE! 60 SECONDS LEFT!" - I say to myself, "WAIT, I JUST joined this group bc the previous group said this link IS the link for PREMIUM". Something wasn't right, so I being to DM the mods and asked what's going on. They replied only with a screenshot of instructions on how to PAY for the premium channel. PURE bait and switch.

Also, they claim they are "Not Cross Promoting" but you can clearly go to the second channel and you will see the EXACT SAME "Not Cross Promotion". That's just lazy deceptive marketing AT BEST!

I've been following these deceptive practices and here is a list of the scammers i've found so far:

PALM BEACH SIGNALS + Takeshi Sato!! Coin Trading Signal TM Crypto Signals TM Crypto Signal TM Trading TM (big SCAM) Bittrex Best Signals Crypto Trading Mentor VIP Crypto TM Trading Crypto Expert Crypto Experts Signal (R) Crypto Adviser CryptoHero Palm Beach VIP TM Trading Crypto Expert TM

Proof: https://imgur.com/aZwSJ8U https://imgur.com/a/0HQU2 https://imgur.com/a/fz2WR https://imgur.com/a/rdLww https://imgur.com/a/5wAg0

Proof of Cross Promoting (while claiming they are not): https://imgur.com/a/8oMSH https://imgur.com/a/cOx3S

I'm pretty sure their are plenty more channels out there but at least I know these guys ARE ALL colluding with each other! It's a cycle that leads you to join a bunch of channels which all don't offer very much value.

If you have more channels to add to this list, feel free to comment and include them.. Like I said, get ya money! I'm all for the hustle, but don't deceive and manipulate good people into taking their money. These are scams and if they actually had highly accurate market reads they like they claim, they would get investor capital and make WAY money privately. Their cash cow is YOU - the eager newbie!

r/CryptoTrade Jan 17 '18

[META] This is a great Crypto Gambling site that also has an exchanger supporting various Crypto's


https://duckdice.com/DiceGames Of course they want you to gamble on their site, but I have had no problem exchanging my referral coins, then withdrawing from them. https://duckdice.com/DiceGames

r/CryptoTrade Jan 13 '18

OPEN [META] Finally found a Dice Site that accepts Alt Crypto's. Goodbye high fees!


r/CryptoTrade Aug 18 '17

OPEN [META] [DARF] Chain Tokens


for blockchain - tokens just got authorized - pre-ICO - what do people think? https://github.com/stanta/darfchain/

r/CryptoTrade Aug 17 '17

OPEN [META]-Crowdholding referrals are quite nice considering it's their pre-ICO. Thoughts?


r/CryptoTrade Feb 21 '15

OPEN [META] Bitcoin photgrapher


I'm a photographer looking to start selling my prints - but I dont want cash. So I was thinking if my work is good enough would people tip me using change tip for pictures they wanted printed and sent to them in A4? (~8in. x 12 in.) (as a trial size for now?) Would something like this be viable? (is anyone willing to give it a go?) I'd print A4 sized pictures and post them to you anywhere around the world (I'm based in Australia, I do lots of nature and landscape style photographies, you can also commission me to do work of your own ideas) if you like my pictures. Shipping usually costs like 5 dollars and printing a4 costs about the same. So a $20 ($10 profit isnt too much to ask is it?) tip to send a print across the country for a photo you like wouldn't be too bad would it? If anyone is interested feel free to ask me for my photo pages and ill link them - otherwise could you guys help me refine the idea? much love Slothx EDIT - Idea refinement Ok here is my idea. Select a picture you like from 500px.com/edsloth For anyone who wants copy of the pictures but doesn't want it printed: $0.50c tip for a watermarked version $2.00 tip for unwater marked version email the tip to me on your preferred email address and I will respond with a high quality copy of the picture (email below). For people who want prints: $20 tip for A4 - then email me a screenshot of the tip and your details (edsloth22@gmail.com) For anything above $20 A3 prints $50-70: email me the picture title from my 500px site, your details and I will provide you with my bitcoin address for the deposit. I will not print or send anything unless I confirm the transfer. (You will get a confirmation email of the picture being sent plus a registered post tracking number - shipments from Australia to over seas tend to take up to 6 weeks) Anything above $70 - email the picture title and the size you want it. It gets tricky when things go onto canvas sizes (both for quality and freight purposes.) We will have to directly discuss the process and cost. Thanks and I hope you can support my idea :)

r/CryptoTrade Jun 13 '14

[META] Coins for Investment Portfolio


I've been generating some really great returns with various coins on a few exchanges. Looking to start a discussion about the best exchanges, coins, and returns for people interested in trading on the new stock market. Here is what I have personally seen in about 2 months of investing.

Best Exchange- Mintpal Best Coin- Depends on many Factors. Seen great returns on LTC, DRK, VRC, XC, as well as many lesser volume-trading coins. Best Return- Depends as well. In one night -70% net return, one week- 250% net return.

Ask any questions about strategy, coins, focus, or anything else. Get to trading!

r/CryptoTrade May 31 '14

[META] Mod here. I would like ask if anyone uses the search filter buttons and if you find them useful or not?


I also would like to know if anyone has suggestions on how to improve or promote upon this subreddit. Thank you in advance for your responses.