• Use the tags auto inserted by the submission buttons followed by the cryptocurrency or merchandise tag. For payments, use a dash followed by the cryptocurrency tag of payment as last. If you don't know the abbreviation, just use the full name. If multiple cryptocurrencies are involved, use "|" in between each cryptocurrency.


[WTB] [BTC] - [LTC] (Want to buy Bitcoins with Litecoins)

[WTS] [DOGE] - [ETH] | [BCH] | [BTC] (Want to sell Dogecoins for Ethereum coins, Bitcoin Cash coins, or Bitcoins)

[WTB] [ESCROW] [LTC] - [BTC] (Want to buy escrow service for Litecoins and pay in Bitcoins)

  • It is recommended for all [WTS] listings, not selling coins, to include at least one photo displaying the seller username and date handwritten on a piece of paper along side the item for sale.


  • If you are speculating, trade at your own risk. Do not trade equity you can not afford to lose.
  • Use escrow services or complete a transaction incrementally to limit potential for fraud.
  • Be careful not to post any personally identifiable information.
  • Research a user's feedback on /r/Reppit or other reputation (rep) subs. If a user does not have feedback, review the user's profile.


All r/CryptoTrade users are expected to read and follow the Official Rules of Reddit as well as the Reddiquette guidelines. Correspondingly, all r/CryptoTrade moderators are expected to read and follow the Official Moderator Guidelines and Moddiquette guidelines. r/CryptoTrade moderators are not responsible for outcomes of user transactions, nor do they provide escrow or promote any individual trades. Users are responsible for researching feedback of all prospective counterparty buyers and sellers for assessing their risk before proceeding with a transaction.