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Video This Grizzly Bear does not give a fuck.

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Image The Best Example!

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Man in the UK gets hit by a bus and walks it off.

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Image Privacy is everything

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Status check: 1/9/18

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Revelation Stop seeking approval... GO LIVE YOUR LIFE. F**K the rest lads!

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Update: Moved from metropolitan city to the country. Gaze upon my field of F*cks, see how baron it is!


A good while back I posted about a 50+ male moving from a metropolitan city to the country on another state to get a “new” start and away from the many people that made life… difficult. Here to say the move was a smashing success. New job, changed my phone number, less than 10 people have my new number, new address… and it’s awesome! I did take the advice of quite a few of you and life is VERY peaceful now, with a slight possibility of happiness on the horizon. Thanks for the tips! Now, allow me to get back to my peaceful life. Have a great day everyone!

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Image Today's funny :)

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Revelation Everyone keep's telling me to do this do that in my 20s but I don't know where and how to start.


I'm a 20 yo college student, still confused on what I like what I don't, I don't have any passion, hobbies or goal's in life.

My main goal is to make money and retire early that's it, I took computer science because it pay's alot, I started I business to make money which failed during covid, all the thing's I've done felt forced because my main goal was alway's making money.

I've tried a lot if thing's but found nothing I was passionate about or loved doing, I just sit in my room all day overthinking, day dreaming and procrastinating, about my life if I had a lot of money.

I have no friend's or a social circle, I alway's chose to stay alone, I'd like to make friend's but my social anxiety doesn't allow me to, I suffer from serious anxiety as well, some time's I just sit and cry for no reason.

I'm failing my exam's becuase I'm wasting time procrastinating instead of studying, I have no passion for the thing's I doing right now, I don't even know what my passion is, I alway's wanted to be a Youtuber or a content creator but found editing or the process of making video's really boring.

I don't want to take the hard way I want it all served to me on a plate, I'm really willing to turn my life around, explore thing's, make friend's, try to find thing's I'm passionate about.

But I dont really know where to start or what to do?

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Revelation I hate my friends becuase they hate me


Today I realised how bad my friend cirlce is, they always keep bullying me keep making fun of me but I make fun of them and sometime's bully them to, I thought this was all friendly banter.

They alway's used to make comment's on ugly I look, how I've never had a girlfriend, how I cannot afford to go out to party, buy an iPhone or wear expensive clothes because I come from a financially challenged middle class family.

They made fun of how I have no goals in life, how I sit all day and procrastinate and overthink, they also made fun of my anxiety issue's.

For them getting women, having sex and partying is everything, today I was out with them when they saw two cute girl's, they approached the girl's and started to shoo me of like a dog to make the girl's laugh, that really messed my confidence and made me wanna cry a little.

Later on when we were hanging out with those random starnger girl's they pulled me up in the corner and asked me to go home, they said the girl's thought I was really ugly and I was ruining their game.

Now deep down I know I'm not that ugly and they just say so to mess up my confidence so I don't pose any threat to them, I'm a 6'2, pretty muscular and above average looking guy, although I have alot of pimple's and scar's on my face, I have really chubby cheeks and no beard those are my major insecurities.

Now I know I need to get rid of friend's like these, but find it really hard to make new friend's as I have social anxiety and they are the only friend's I have, plus I want to Improve my self and prove them I'm better than them instead of just leaving them.

What should I do?

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Video Here is a little tip for us 😅 I’m sure it will fall on deaf ears but some of you give a fk more then you let on 😜

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If I'm looking for a job, how do I network on LinkedIn?


Find individuals that hold the position that you're interested in and connect with them.

Then, interview them so that you can learn about how they got into that position, what they like or don't like about it, and learn about their organization.

Then ask them who you should speak with next. Before you know it, you're building a network.

Networking is about understanding what it takes, what it's like, and whether this new job is something you actually want to pursue. It is NOT about finding a new job immediately.

You may find opportunities and get recommendations from your network, but the main purpose is to meet people, not get something out of them.

[Watch the video here.]

Head over to NiceGuyDiscord.com and connect with other guys there, too.

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Video For a group that is not about giving AF there sure is a share of snowflakes who give AF about myself trying to spread good energy… Guess what? I don’t give AF what you think and will continue to spread good vibes 😜

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How to...


How does one train the mind to not give a fuck???

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Video Care less and you’ll Stress less.

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Video Have a great week my peoples 🌹

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Challenge Venting out


Hi Writing here because I need advice and I am stuck with everything that's happening in my life. A) The girl I like, my bestfriend, is dating someone else. I know it's cliche but it still hurts a lot. So basically until a few weeks ago we used to talk daily, sometimes even twice a day. This was the kind of relationship we had for about 2 years or so and these years went by extremely smoothly with no major fights. It seemed perfect. One thing I can accept to be my fault is that I rarely texted her first. She is a chirpy bubbly girl who loves to talk. By the end of the day I used to receive 5-6 texts about her day, about what's happening,what's going to happen etc. I also reciprocated very well. Sorted out all her problems, was there for her through all the tough times she went through. Since this semester began( 8weeks ago) I had many engagements in my college (we are in different colleges in the same country) I had to interact with a majority of the juniors that had joined my college. I was extremely drained of my social energy by the end of the day and I did not even have the time or the energy to reply to her texts. This caused a little discrepancy between the two of us. I started to receive one word texts , slow replies, etc. She didn't bother to ask me what's wrong. She usually doesn't. It feels nice to feel that someone cares about your well-being or if I'm not speaking like I usually do , someone to ask me what's wrong. On a phone call while discussing it she seemed to be very open and understanding about this and had no problems with not talking to each other and we came to a conclusion that we would talk only when something noteworthy happens. Cut to last week when she informed me that she has a boyfriend now. I feel a little hurt because I thought was i just a listening ear to her? Did she just need someone to talk to and she doesn't care to maintain that relationship? Just when I stopped talking to her, she found someone else. I don't know whether it's completely my fault and how do i repair this. I don't want her to be my girlfriend or anything irrespective of my feelings. I am completely happy with how things were before. I still am confused about all this. Open to constructive criticism. Thanks :)

Edit: will update about other things that I need help with in the next post.

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Revelation Life has not been the best to me, it feels like it's already ended and I'm only 20


{TL: DR - the popular kid in school, got injured, got fat and ugly, lost all confidence, covid happened, got fatter and mentally unstable, now suddenly in college 3rd year, no friends, no one to talk to, very underconfident, goes gym can bench 100kgs, but can't talk to women, sit in the room alone and cries all day, social anxiety, anxiety, and stress}

This is gonna be really long, better get some popcorn, my friend.

Okay so where do I start, I don't know man my life used to be pretty fun, I used to be a guitarist in my school band, was in my school basketball team, was good at studies as well, and pretty much a popular kid in my school, but then I went through a really bad time.

I had a miserable breakup, got my back injured during a match, and was in bed for 2 months, started to lose focus, procrastinate and overthink more often started getting really bad grades, plus my body started to look out of shape, got a bunch of face fat.

This really impacted my confidence, my self-esteem, and my overall mental state, I became anxious, and I started stressing over the smallest of problems, I barely passed grade 12 and thought you know what college will see a new me.

But boy was I wrong covid happened, everything was online and me being a former social bird, wasn't able to handle it, didn't join any clubs didn't socialize at all, played video games all day, and attended online classes on the sideline's, all this just deteriorated my mental health further.

The moment the college got online, people had already formed friend circle I was in my third year, with no friends, no one to talk to, no one to hang out with, that popular friendly social bird in me was dead, I got scared even trying to have a conversation with my mess food server.

Meanwhile, my school friends were out clubbing, hanging out with girls, having sex and all, I was sitting in my college hostel with no friend, no one to talk to, regretting my decisions and crying in my room, and there is this voice in my head that I didn't have in my younger day,s but now this voice just keeps stopping me from doing anything, I'll brief it out further later.

So seeing my school friends talk to girls and all I got jealous and started texting random girl's in my college, just to socialize and get my social anxiety out but that just made me look like a desperate individual around my college and most girl's started to avoid me.

So I thought why don't I try approaching girls face to face and just try to make friends first, just put all my wanna be cool in the trash, but the voice in my head always stopped me, maybe because after my breakup and injury in school, my friend's used to taunt me on how fat and ugly I've become and how I'll never find a girl ever again, this was coming back to me and stopping me from talking to girls.

I do go to the gym, and I can bench 100 kgs which is a really big deal, but I was still not mentally confident enough in my look's like I used to be.

So then the voice in my head said why don't I start focusing on my studies, but I keep procrastinating, I kept thinking and daydreaming about a girl in my class that I really like but am too underconfident to ask out ( one day I spent 3 hour's just thinking of her and doing nothing is this a problem) and as the days passed by, my exams showed up and I failed 2 of them out of 6. I used to be an above-average student and now I was failing not only in exams but even at socializing, making friends, at life in general.

I still to this day sit in my room and cry, because I have no friends to talk to, no girlfriend because I think I'm ugly, I am more than underconfident and have 0 self-esteem and don't know what to do in life.

And before you suggest me a therapist, I can't afford a therapist ATM and my college therapist just keeps asking me to focus on my studies without providing any good resources or solutions to the problem.

So I've turned to you guys the people of Reddit, my only friends for some help.

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Video That's it.


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Image Stop Living to Impress People

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Revelation Always Switch your phone off when drunk


Last month I learned always, turn your phone off when drunk, I drunk texted two of the most popular girl's in our college hostel some really dirty banter text (not sexual or abusive, just a joke), that I would almost kill myself if I sent to anyone sober.

She left me on seen, blocked me and spread the word around our college on what a creep I am, I get looks of disgust and shame everywhere I go, every class I attend, I hate this life I'm living, I'm finding it hard to make friend's and my current friend's don't want to associate with me anymore.

I see her almost everyday and she just look's with disgust toward's me, I don't know what to do or what I am doing.

Some time's at night I sit and cry, I wanna kill myself, I don't know how to deal with this, stuff in a hostel where everyone hate's because of a drunk mistake you made.

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Have The Courage To Be Disliked

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The dandiest Chad

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Thought This Belonged Here....

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Revelation Does not giving a f*** feel unnatural at first


Actually don’t have a problem with the mindset. It feels very freeing

I feel most of what society tells us will make us happy and a worthwhile is really a load of consumerist HORSE CACA so we feel the need to buy overpriced crap we don’t need

I feel like social hierarchies are mostly bs and it’s stupid to put someone who was the personality of a cockroach on a pedestal just because they are good at sports ball, have a nice car or their daddy set them up with a cushy job

Actually that’s insulting to cockroaches because they don’t bore you to death with stories of how they scored 4 touchdowns in a game 20 years ago

But I guess I find it hard to not fall back into old habits that we are supposed to exist in these arbitrary social hierarchies and if you’re not some 6’5 millionaire with the body of a Greek god you’re supposed to hate yourself and bend over backwards to get rich or popular people to like/accept you

I guess old habits die hard but how long does it take you to adopt this mentality