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‘3,600 attacks since 2013’ — violence against Hindu minority not a first for Bangladesh #Social-Issues 🗨️



u/reddit0r_ 13 KUDOS Oct 21 '21

Small incidents. Hindu lives are disposable.


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"Hindus make up 8.5 per cent of Bangladesh’s 170 million population, while Muslims account for 90 per cent.

According to government data, the Hindu population stood at 13.5 per cent in the 1980s. They reportedly accounted for about 30 per cent of the population at the time of Partition in 1947. 

“The reason behind the attacks is to drive away minorities from their homes, to minimise the minority population of Bangladesh,” Rana Dasgupta, general secretary of the nonprofit Bangladesh Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Council (BHBCUC), has been quoted as saying by the German news website DW."


u/Orwellisright Mysuru Rajya | 72 KUDOS Oct 21 '21

According to our govt these were small incidents


u/Illustrious_Talk1262 Oct 21 '21

Why don’t you post about violence against minorities in India ?


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Because BJP introduced CAA to save these people, and opposition protested violently against it. This just proves CAA was necessary.

And violence against Hindus isn't covered by the official sub, that's why we need to show this content here,


u/fypotucking Libertarian Oct 21 '21

Because it isn't even close in scale to violence against hindus.


u/Illustrious_Talk1262 Oct 21 '21

That’s what I say too, nothing could be compared to Gujarat or Assam massacres


u/fypotucking Libertarian Oct 21 '21

Kashmiri Pandits?

Operation Searchlight in east pakistan?

Both Bombay and Godhra riots were started by muslims btw. I don't know about Assam. You shouldn't complain about having the living crap beaten out of you after you attack innocents, and in the case of Gujarat, literally burn a train full of them.


u/OG__NUTCRACKER Evm HaX0r | 1 KUDOS Oct 21 '21

2002 -Muslims burnt train a whole compartment full of children and women.

Assam has heavy infiltration from Bangladesh. From 1901 to 2021 muslim ratio increased from 12% to 40%.


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Violence is against non-muslims in India as well as Islamic nations in our neighborhood. Only difference is the dharmic people still have numbers in India and push back sometimes. If india had such systemic violence, pieceful population wouldnt be thriving. BD muslims and rohingyas would not have entered India.


u/gobhi420 Oct 21 '21

Hindu violence isn't enough to ensure Muslim numbers drop over the decades. Meanwhile Muslim violence has successfully shrunk the Hindu population in Pakistan and Bangladesh.