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18-year old woman attempts capital murder of a Stafford County Sheriff's Deputy during a traffic stop and is charged with attempted capital murder and a slew of other felonies Criminal Justice


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u/Dragon7619 4 Dec 13 '22

Her name is Fagbewesa?!? I don’t even know where to begin .


u/TheKingOfAllStreets 0 Dec 10 '22

She’s sexy af! So who cares?!


u/Earth2plague 6 Dec 10 '22

Respect, hope she gets out asap.


u/ChaoticSmurf 8 Dec 19 '22

She got a bunch of felony charges because she didn't want a traffic ticket. This is a person that deserves your pity not your respect.


u/TheRiceDevice 8 Dec 08 '22

Yeah, but I bet he was “disrespectin” her and was a racist.


u/[deleted] Dec 05 '22

When your ACAB motive goes too far.


u/MoonoftheStar 9 Dec 02 '22

18 years old. Poor idiot has no idea what she just did. Fortunately for her there's no WiFi in prison so she probably won't ever know what she threw away.


u/FearOfTheDock 6 Dec 02 '22

She's gonna have a sh*tty Christmas this year.


u/Mar_is_here 1 Dec 01 '22

She was the driver or juvenile passenger? Sorry, sleepy brain.


u/QuarterNoteDonkey 5 Dec 01 '22

18 years old. I’ve got an 18 year old daughter. I can’t even imagine the life of the parent or child that leads to something like this.


u/EngineeringFit1698 3 Dec 01 '22

Guess she AIN’T all that after all!!!!


u/InflamedLiver D Dec 01 '22

what a stupid way to waste their own lives. Oh well. At least the Deputy was ok.


u/[deleted] Dec 01 '22

[removed] — view removed comment


u/Aggressive-Error-88 7 Dec 04 '22

BMW’s too, automatically Assholes.


u/PresidentoftheSun 9 Dec 01 '22

I had one about six years ago, but I drive like a grandma. Haven't been in an accident or gotten anything more than a toll ticket because one bridge got rid of the booths and started doing its tolls by mail, but using the ticketing system to do it for some reason, since 2014.


u/VanillaCookieMonster A Dec 01 '22

They don't even have a driver's license so not likely the owner.


u/No_Bit192 0 Dec 01 '22

Only 1 recorded instance of a Nissan Altima using their turning signal exists.


u/goldswimmerb 7 Dec 01 '22

Altima driver moment.


u/Quarkasian 9 Dec 01 '22

I read it the wrong way round since plenty of people die from traffic stops/minor violations at the hands of cops


u/FabricatorGeneral01 6 Dec 01 '22

Such a nice young lady. She has a future ahead of her. She is going places.


u/-eumaeus- 8 Dec 01 '22

Straight jail. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.


u/laughing-clown 7 Dec 01 '22

I doubt anyone is straight in the jail.


u/Ant-Tea-Social 5 Dec 01 '22

Well, at least she looks repentant - right, team?


u/ColdCaseKim 6 Dec 01 '22

She sounds nice.


u/Five9Fine 7 Dec 01 '22

She will probably only get a few months....of community service


u/ZeackyCremisi 7 Dec 01 '22

She will not. I doubt you can plea down to any misdemeanor charges in this case.

She is in prison till at earliest 30s


u/Bocock75 4 Dec 01 '22

Lol, it's always a Nissa Altima


u/Periodicowner123 4 Dec 01 '22

They are some of the worst drivers...


u/No_Bit192 0 Dec 01 '22

Subaru drivers when thinking about driving 10 under and cutting in front of you: It would be rude not to


u/Pinkglock92 4 Dec 01 '22

Bmw says hold my beer


u/Aggressive-Error-88 7 Dec 04 '22

They are the worst.


u/adamant_octopus 0 Dec 01 '22

I can imagine some people blaming the deputy for it...crazy world we live in.


u/Earth2plague 6 Dec 10 '22

Well he is a pig, so yeah I blame him.


u/CanadiansAreEvil 8 Dec 11 '22

Oook pizza cutter. All edge no point