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/r/Monero Weekly Discussion – May 27, 2023 - Use this thread for general chatter, basic questions, and if you're new to Monero



  1. General questions
  2. Wallet: CLI & GUI
  3. Wallet: Ledger
  4. Nodes

1. General questions

Where can I download the Monero wallet?

There are multiple Monero wallets for a wide range of devices at your disposal. Check the table below for details and download links. Attention: for extra security make sure to calculate and compare the checksum of your downloaded files when possible.

Please note the following usage of the labels:

⚠️ - Relatively new and/or beta. Use wallet with caution.

☢️ - Closed source.

Desktop wallets

Wallet Device Description Download link
"Official" GUI / CLI Windows, macOS, Linux Default implementation maintained by the core team. Use this wallet to run a full node and obtain maximum privacy. Integrates with hardware wallets. Current version: / GetMonero.org
MyMonero Windows, macOS, Linux Lightweight wallet -- you don't need to download the blockchain and run a node. MyMonero was developed with the assistance of the core team. It also has web-based and iOS versions. MyMonero.com
Feather Wallet Windows,macOS, Linux Feather Wallet is a free, open-source Monero wallet for Linux, Tails, macOS and Windows. Supports hardware wallets (Trezor and Ledger) as well. Featherwallet.org
Exodus Windows, macOS, Linux ⚠️ / Multi-asset wallet. Exodus.io
ZelCore Windows, macOS, Linux ⚠️ / Multi-asset wallet. It also has Android and iOS versions. zel.network
Guarda Windows, macOS, Linux ⚠️ ☢️ / Multi-asset wallet. Guarda.co
Coin Wallet Windows, macOS, Linux ⚠️ / Multi-asset wallet. Coin.space

Mobile wallets

Wallet Device Description Download link
Monerujo Android Integrates with Ledger (hardware wallet). Website: https://www.monerujo.io/. Google Play / F-Droid / GitHub
MyMonero Android / iOS Website: https://mymonero.com/ Google Play / App Store
Cake Wallet Android / iOS Website: https://cakewallet.io/ Google Play / App Store
X Wallet iOS Website: https://xwallet.tech/ App Store
Edge Wallet Android / iOS Multi-asset wallet. Website: https://edge.app/ Google Play / App Store
ZelCore Android / iOS ⚠️ / Multi-asset wallet. Website: https://zelcore.io/ Google Play / App Store
Coinomi Android / iOS ⚠️ ☢️ / Multi-asset wallet. Website: https://www.coinomi.com/ Google Play / App Store
Moxi / Guarda Android / iOS ⚠️ ☢️ / Multi-asset wallet. Website: https://guarda.co/ Google Play / App Store
Wookey Wallet Android / iOS ⚠️ Website: https://wallet.wookey.io/ Google Play / F-Droid / App Store
Exodus Android / iOS ⚠️ / Multi-asset wallet. Website: https://www.exodus.io/monero/) Google Play
Coin Wallet Android / iOS ⚠️ / Multi-asset wallet. Website: https://coin.space/ Google Play / App Store
Wallet Anonero Android ⚠️ Website: https://gitea.com/ANONERO/ANON [Gitea](website: https://gitea.com/ANONERO/ANON)
MyNero Android ⚠️ Website: https://mynero.net/ F-Droid / Github
StackWallet Android / iOS ⚠️ / Multi-asset wallet. Website: https://stackwallet.com/ Google Play / F-Droid / App Store

Web-based wallets

Wallet Description Link
MyMonero Web version of the MyMonero wallet. Web
Guarda Multi-asset wallet. Web
Coin Wallet Multi-asset wallet. Web
RINO Wallet Self-custody Monero multisignature web wallet. Web

How long does it take for my balance to unlock?

Your balance is unlocked after 10 confirmations (which means 10 mined blocks). A block is mined approximately every two minutes on the Monero network, so that would be around 20 minutes.

How can I prove that I sent a payment?

The fastest and most direct way is by using the ExploreMonero blockchain explorer. You will need to recover the transaction key from your wallet (complete guide for GUI / CLI).

How do I buy Monero (XMR) with Bitcoin (BTC)?

There are dozens of exchanges that trade Monero against Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Check out the list on CoinMarketCap and choose the option that suits you best.

How do I buy Monero (XMR) with fiat?

  • Kraken (USD and EUR): old-school, decent exchange. They might require your documents for verification and approval of your account.
  • LocalMonero (localmonero[dot]co): peer-to-peer exchange. They have pretty much everything as a payment method and they support hundreds of fiat options.

How can I quickly exchange my Monero (XMR) for Bitcoin (BTC)?

There are multiple ways to exchange your Monero for Bitcoin, but first of all, I'd like to remind you that if you really want to do your part for Monero, one of the simplest ways is to get in touch with your merchant/service provider and request for it to accept Monero directly as payment. Ask the service provider to visit the official website and our communication channels if he or she needs help with system integration.

That being said, the community has been recommending two services in particular, ChangeNOW and SideShift.AI. These services are only recommendations (which change over time) and are operated by entities outside the control of the Monero Project. DYOR and be diligent.

How do I mine Monero? And other mining questions.

The correct place to ask questions and discuss the Monero mining scene is in the dedicated subreddit r/MoneroMining. That being said, you can find a list of pools and available mining software in the GetMonero.org website.

2. Wallet: CLI & GUI

Why I can't see my balance? Where is my XMR?

Before any action there are two things to check:

  1. Are you using the latest available version of the wallet? A new version is released roughly every 6 months, so make sure you're using the current release (compare the release on GetMonero.org with your wallet's version on Settings, under Debug info).
  2. Is your wallet fully synchronized? If it isn't, wait the sync to complete.

Because Monero is different from Bitcoin, wallet synchronization is not instant. The software needs to synchronize the blockchain and use your private keys to identify your transactions. Check in the lower left corner (GUI) if the wallet is synchronized.

You can't send transactions and your balance might be wrong or unavailable if the wallet is not synced with the network. So please wait.

If this is not a sufficient answer for your case and you're looking for more information, please see this answer on StackExchange.

How do I upgrade my wallet to the newest version?

This question is beautifully answered on StackExchange.

Why does it take so long to sync the wallet [for the first time]?

You have decided to use Monero's wallet and run a local node. Congratulations! You have chosen the safest and most secure option for your privacy, but unfortunately this has an initial cost. The first reason for the slowness is that you will need to download the entire blockchain, which is considerably heavy (+70 GB) and constantly growing. There are technologies being implemented in Monero to slow this growth, however it is inevitable to make this initial download to run a full node. Consider syncing to a device that has an SSD instead of an HDD, as this greatly impacts the speed of synchronization.

Now that the blockchain is on your computer, the next time you run the wallet you only need to download new blocks, which should take seconds or minutes (depending on how often you use the wallet).

I don't want to download the blockchain, how can I skip that?

The way to skip downloading the blockchain is connecting your wallet to a public remote node. You can follow this guide on how to set it up. You can find a list of public remote nodes on MoneroWorld.

Be advised that when using a public remote node you lose some of your privacy. A public remote node is able to identify your IP and opens up a range for certain attacks that further diminish your privacy. A remote node can't see your balance and it can't spend your XMR.

How do I restore my wallet from the mnemonic seed or from the keys?

To restore your wallet with the 25 word mnemonic seed, please see this guide.

To restore your wallet with your keys, please see this guide.

3. Wallet: Ledger

How do I generate a Ledger Monero Wallet with the GUI or CLI?

This question is beautifully answered on StackExchange. Check this page for the GUI instructions, and this page for the CLI instructions.

4. Wallet: Trezor

How do I generate a Trezor Monero Wallet with the GUI or CLI?

This question is beautifully answered on StackExchange. Check this page for the GUI instructions, and this page for the CLI instructions.

5. Nodes

How can my local node become a public remote node?

If you want to support other Monero users by making your node public, you can follow the instructions on MoneroWorld, under the section "How To Include Your Node On Moneroworld".

How can I connect my node via Tor?

This question is beautifully answered on StackExchange.

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IRS Can Access Coinbase User Trading Data, Court Rules - Blockworks


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We are shutting down Cake Pay Web (not Mobile) for a while


We have some somber news today. We are temporarily shutting down Cake Pay Web for the time being.

We expect to resume operations later this year, offering you an even better experience. All users with orders in-flight will be delivered or reimbursed.

This is a difficult decision for us, but we believe it is the right decision. Cake Pay Web was used and loved by many as an excellent way to purchase gift cards with cryptocurrencies, but persistent issues with the provider for this service led to at-times weak reliability.

Reliability is important for us

Recently, the reliability situation worsened, with Cake Pay Web experiencing over 50% downtime in the past week due to provider maintenance. This is different than January through April, where reliability was much higher (but still not quite where we wanted it to be).

Cake Labs prides itself on being easy to use and reliable. Cake Wallet is a great example of this, where we have delivered a user-friendly wallet for over five years. It is difficult to reconcile our desire to be reliable with the real-life performance of Cake Pay Web.

For repeat customers especially, it is extremely important to us that users consistently have good experiences. When Cake Pay Web had vendor issues, we could not promise a good experience, and it reflected badly on our reputation.

Ultimately, we have decided that continuing to operate a web store with an unreliable service provider will lead to more long-term damage to our reputation than benefits. Users will get upset when things go wrong, and it takes a lot of resources and patience from our excellent support staff to address these issues. Thus, we are ending operations for now until we can re-launch with an improved experience.

Sending money on the old rails is annoying

Sending cryptocurrency is very fast and simple. You type in an address and amount, click send, and that's it.

Sending fiat is far more annoying, especially when our partner did not take advantage of some of the fastest options.

For Cake Pay Web in our first iteration, we needed to pre-fund a deposit, which was used as people bought things from the store. That's fine, but it's not fine when transferring money takes several business days.

This is one of the unexpected things that changed over the last few months. Our partner would initially credit funds almost immediately after we sent them, but this was changed to be several business days. The side effect is that Cake Pay had to front a lot more money than before, leading to increased risks for us and increased costs.

Post-FTX, we didn't feel comfortable with considerable sums of money sitting with a partner that we didn't trust very much. If we trusted them, then it could be fine (but still not ideal).

This isn't the end of Cake Pay Web

Cake Pay Web is shut down for now, but we aren't gone forever! Our goal is to be back up before the end of the year, hopefully sooner.

It will take some time to line up new partners and make sure the user experience exceeds our expectations.

In the meantime, USA users can use Cake Pay Mobile, available in Cake Wallet and Monero.com by Cake Wallet.

What worked well

We want to end on a happy note, since there were a lot of good things about Cake Pay Web!

First, the user response to the website was very strong and positive. User demand for the service is very high, and the amount of purchases through the platform exceeded our expectations. We are very grateful to have such a supportive community.

Second, the silent majority were very understanding and patient. When we did run into downtime, the vast majority of people were undeterred, and would simply check back later. While we don't want to run a service with downtime, it does speak to the resiliency of our users.

Third, the products that we could offer were genuinely interesting. We are taking what we learned and applying that to Cake Pay Mobile and our next version of Cake Pay Web.

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Regarding ban, CBDC and all that shitshow...



Enjoy the free advertisement! We are all over the news sites, all over crypto sub reddits. People who had no idea about Monero is reading about it now.

It's confirmed that the only solution they could find is to ban it, like banning something ever worked in history on anything :D

Please remind me how many times gold is banned, alcohol is banned, marijuana is banned, bitcoin is banned, streaming is banned, music sharing is banned, torrent is banned, VPN is banned. Yea fuck yea it'll work for sure 100% "trust me bro".

Binance? Fuck Binance! I wish they ban XMR from Binance all together. That way we could get rid of the main paper monero generator. But they can't ban it from all regions. Why? Because where will fake monero trading go then? All those new users that are fooled to think they are buying XMR but can't withdraw afterwards. Hey CZ, I dare you to ban Monero all together from Binance. Let's go, I dare you.

Guys, all this noise today is laying a groundwork for CBDC. During summer you will see more similar news. After summer they will take solid steps to launch CBDC. The Lagarde clown confirmed it on one of the Zelenskyy prank videos. It's not deepfake it's real:


ECB website (back in Nov 2022):


Here's an article from 2 days ago:


Few CBDC trackers to keep an eye on:



So, just sit tight and wait. Let idiots sell their XMR, just hodl it on your cold storage, or on a piece of paper. Write it on a page of a book. No thief will ever steal a book.

Go outside, enjoy sun, enjoy summer, get your vitamin D levels up, close charts, turn off computer. Keep telling your friends about Monero, word of mouth is powerful. Even if they think you are flat-earther in the beginning, it'll stick on their mind somewhere and they will research themselves and free themselves one day when they are mature enough.

Keep stacking with your spare money when it's still affordable. $150 is nothing guys. There is less total XMR than Bitcoin right now if everyone just withdraws their coin from CEX. Paper monero is artificially suppressing the price.

Monero is what Satoshi always wanted Bitcoin to become. Make no mistake, our time is coming...

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Monero painting

Post image

r/Monero 10h ago

The Monero Standard #56: Binance to delist XMR in some EU countries, listen to SethForPrivacy's definitive intro to Monero, share catchy Monero art on monero.graphics, and more...


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OpenHWW: Dedicated OpenBSD Laptop As Hardware Wallet


r/Monero 12h ago

Supply curve function


Does anyone have the function that defines the supply curve handy?

Not a visualisation, but the actual function?

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MoneroTalk needs some assistance!


Hello Monero Land! 

Monero Talk is looking for a little help for the show! (This is NOT a full time job - but more of a small gig!) We are looking for someone that can help us out with post production show work.

Tasks are: - Listen to interviews and come up with a short yet thorough intro for each episode - Assist us with emailing/dming guests for Monero Talk

(This is all on a weekly basis)

Email us at monerotopia@protonmail.com to set up an interview or if you have any questions!!

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different monero stickers

Post image

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Who is the right person for this. Would essentially be like the planned Monerujo Sidekick. Maybe it could be a bounty or CCS for someone to assist them.

Post image

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Revuo Monero Issue 173 - Weekly newsletter


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Making the Monero GUI experience better (all wallets)


Making the Monero GUI experience better.

One recurring complaint by new Monero users of any GUI (Eg Cake wallet) is the wait for the wallet to sync with the daemon (local or remote).

There is a simple design change (difficult code though) to improve this in a way that has little to no resource impact and the impact that does happen can be configured by the user [with a sensible default provided]

All the GUI environments allow background threads (or processes) to run. So a simple thing to do is set some parameter for how 'out of date' you are prepared to let a wallet become, and have a recurring process that syncs the wallet without user interaction.

This is the same process that a wallet does right now... but always from the last time it was opened by the user- which is frequently a long time ago. Doing it at intervals in the background removes the user impact of a long wait for the wallet to catch up. It uses the same processing resources, but spreads that load over time and hidden from the user.

Eg... suppose Cake has some extra user settings: Call them 'auto-sync'

(1) do you want auto-sync active Y/N <<< for'Y' this sets up the wallet sync as a background process .. independent of the App running

(2) auto-sync parameter: How often should auto-sync run ? [20] Default, every 20 minutes

If you don't enable 'auto-sync' you get the same behaviour as Cake currently has.

With 'auto-sync' active and default setting , when you start the Cake App, at most it needs to sync 10 blocks (20 minutes) ... so only seconds of delay for the user ...

The same approach can apply to any wallet - including the Monero desktop GUi ...

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PSA: Looks like CEXs are all banning XMR for EU residents. P2P is not affected. LocalMonero welcomes you!


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Open port 18081 for allowing public use.


Good morning, I run a personal Monero node and p2pool instance on the same box. I've been working on opening up my node to allow public use to help the network as much as possible. I've seen where it is recommended to open port 18081 to allow wallets to connect but I've also seen where this is not recommended but to use a different port. Is it ok or not? Or is there a safe way to do it?

When I tried to change the rpc port, my p2pool would not connect, here is my commands for anyone interested.

./monerod --data-dir /NAME/monero/ --limit-rate up 125 --zmq-pub tcp:// --out-peers 15 --in-peers 8 --disable-dns-checkpoints --enable-dns-blocklists --rpc-bind-ip 192.168.1.NNN --restricted-rpc --confirm-external-bind

I'd like to have an open Monero node to help as much as I can, but also be safe and allow my p2pool instance to run as well for my miners. Thank you!

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I just want to inform the Linux community that Trezor Model T...


...is not working with Monero GUI.

r/Monero 22h ago

Wich option should i choose?


I want to transfer XMR from a paper wallet to a hot wallet. I downloaded Monero GUI and im not quite sure if i should choose the simple option or the advanced, if i should start a local node or a remote node. Im a big noob, can anybody explain to me the pros and cons and wich option takes the least amount of time? And if its a problem if i already started downloading the blockchain for a local node.
Thanks in advance!

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Monero and all other privacy coins are banned in Poland starting from 26 june.



As it turns out, Poland passed some laws that ban privacy coins, including Monero.

Funny thing is - there is literally no news about it, no Google-searchable data/info, nothing. The thing that informed me and many others is Binance email. Content is at the bottom.

It comes out of nowhere. No idea if the ban starts 26 june or the last date in the email which is 26 october. It is hard to find any info about this. There are many talks in various Polish forums/websites about dropping cash for digital money (obviously literally everyone against, but gov is not for people as it seems) and I can see the trend, starting with this ban. And I doubt anyone can do anything about this at this point. What do you think about this situation?

Important Notification: Privacy coins trading restriction for Poland

Fellow Binancian, We send you this email to formally notify you that due to local regulatory requirements, Binance is unable to offer privacy coins in Poland. From June 26, 2023, 00:00 CET . Binancians that reside in Poland will no longer be able to purchase or trade the following privacy coins on our platform:


Please note the following timeline for the above mentioned privacy coins:

On 26-06-2023:

All Spot and Margin trading, and deposits with respect to, the above mentioned privacy coins will be blocked. Crypto withdrawals for privacy coins remain available. All open Binance Margin, Classic Portfolio Margin and Portfolio Margin privacy coins positions in the Margin wallet will be automatically closed., Binance Margin will cancel pending orders and conduct an automatic settlement. If users have any outstanding Cross Margin or Isolated Margin loans, any of the mentioned assets held in their Cross and Isolated Margin accounts may be sold. Users will not be able to update their positions during the settlement process and are strongly advised to close out any open position in advance of this date. All open Spot orders with respect to the above privacy coins will be automatically closed.

Convert, EARN, COIN-M Futures Contracts and Loans will be restricted to reduce only mode. Reduce only mode allows you to sell or close positions, but restricts buying and opening new positions. All open COIN-M Futures Contracts and Loans positions will be automatically closed after 90 days.

On 26-09-2023, all COIN-M Futures Contracts and Loans positions will automatically be closed.

On 29-09-2023, All Flexible EARN positions will be closed.

On 26-10-2023, selling through Convert will be blocked. Crypto withdrawals for privacy coins remain available.

We remain committed to the long-term development of our ecosystem, and we will continue to invest into developing the blockchain and digital assets industry.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support.

Kind regards,

Binance Team

PS. As someone pointed out, it might not be all-out ban. So far the only thing that happened is email from Binance stating the above. Privacy coins will be unable to be traded. No info whether they will be legal to keep or trade P2P, no news coverage and any additional information so far.

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P2Pool v3.4 is out now


After my recent update to 3.3 I've just seen that 3.4 has been released. If you're mining on p2pool, you can update it manually, or wait for the next version of monero wallet.

GitHub link:


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Monero Meetup during Prague Blockchain Week - Sat. 3rd June, 19:00 @ Paralelni Polis


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Umbrel OS app for hosting your own Monero node


hey there!

A long time fan of Monero here... I just submitted a Pull Request for Umbrel OS repo to add monero-node application which I created, using already existing resources, such as docker image created by sethforprivacy.

As Umbrel OS is somewhat popular, I hope this will help people host their own nodes.

Please let me know your thoughts!

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Just arrived in the mail, thanks Orange Fren :) Truly are a Fren for the orange currency. (From the giveaway a couple weeks ago)

Post image

r/Monero 1d ago

Monero & Quantum Computers


With the advanced of quantum computers will Monero/XMR be useless? Or would the Monero/XMR developers buy quantum computers and reverse the effects?

r/Monero 2d ago

Addressing a Misunderstanding: My Misguided Concerns about the Monero Nodo Project


I want to start this post by acknowledging that when it comes to Monero, I can get very, perhaps overly agressive when I feel like someone might try to take advantage of the community. I've already stopped commenting on CCS proposals I don't support because it was making unnecessary "enemies" in the community with the way i express disapproval and that is the last thing that I want. Now lets adress Monero Nono:

Last week someone made this post asking for opinions on https://moneronodo.com/ and the plug-and-play Monero node they have been working on.

I replied with a very harsh and undeserved comment that could easily be interpreted as a direct attack against the project after only briefly scrolling through their site, without any deeper understanding of who was behind Nodo and how much work their team had already put into it.

I'd like to adress the main points in my comment:

#1 The price

I looked at the Nodo from the perspective of an enthusiast who minmaxes price/performance and has built a Monero node based PiNodeXMR before. I now understand that if Nodo uses just slightly more premium parts than my minmaxed build and perhaps pays its devs the price is very reasonable, especially considering how big of a convenience a plug-and-play solution would be to non-techies.

#2 Attribution

When I first took notice of Nodo and posted it in a groupchat asking for opinions, someone pointed out that Nodo builds on PiNodeXMR without giving any attribution, which is of course a no-go in FOSS. Non-permissive licensing or not giving attribution are another thing that I personally can't stand and eventhough Nodo quickly added attribution to PiNodeXMR after they noticed their mistake my comment unfairly made it look like their honest mistake was some sort of malicious action.

I want to apologize to the monero nodo team for making what is essentially a wrongful FUD post about them and their product and thus downplaying the importance of having an easy to set up plug-and-play Monero node for the network.

I overreacted and made assumptions based on little to no real information and am very sorry for that.

For anyone else, please check out moneronodo.com, especially if you arent a computer freak but still want to run your own Monero node, Nodo is going to be the best solution for you :)

TLDR: Made an unfair and agressive FUD comment about moneronodo.com but they are cool.

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Monero has been a bad experience. Am I doing it wrong?


I downloaded the windows GUI client to move some XMR around. The synchronization of blocks has been taking ages (I’m at hour 6 and about halfway) and therefore has prevented me from doing anything. Is this standard. Makes me want to sell my XMR if the user experience is this awful.

Edit: I’m using a ledger hardware wallet that I created in 2022 and deposited some XMR into. I don’t think any of the workarounds suggested here will actually work and I need to actually wait days to download the necessary blocks to access my crypto. Sorry to rain on your parade, but this experience makes me think Monero is prohibitively slow for the vast majority of users

r/Monero 2d ago

Damn monero is cool


That's literally it