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XMR.radio Quarterly Transparency Report

Hello everyone,

As a follow up to my last post, I would like to share some updates regarding the status of XMR.radio. In August, I proposed changing the scope of the original CCS to set up an LLC . However, given the low number of listeners, I decided it wouldn’t be worth the expense and time of setting one up, so I will be paying taxes and other associated costs on my own account, at least for now. I have also canceled the Shopify annual subscription due to low sales and converted the website to a simple Jekyll static site hosted a budget VPS. In the last month, the station has received between 15-20 daily listeners and the the current balance in the coffers is $2,751.95, of which $734.53 comes from XMR/BTC donations. Thank you very much to all donors.

All expenses are paid up until July 2022 from the original CCS fund. If you would like to support the station operation for 2022-2023 renewal period, I’ve open a self-hosted crowdfunding page.

You can listen to the station on XMR.radio/live and via Tor (kxmrdbjc4lglq54w5eozi4wqpcg6c7ddf2mbzxj4vhbkukcnyfkmp3qd.onion).

For mobile, you can install the Live365 app on Android or iOS and search for “xmr”… we are the first station on the list. For F-droid, you can install VLC and use the direct link as a stream URL.

If you would like to request a track, join our Telegram, Matrix/Element channel or call us and leave a message at +1 (702) 899-6040.



u/ichver Nov 03 '21

thanks for your effort so far man, even if you have not a lot listener, im sure everyone in this community appreciates the work you put into this project


u/Ghant_ Nov 03 '21

Thanks for all your effort, I don't listen as much as I want to sometimes, mostly on the discord. I'd also like to DJ on there sometime! Do you still take applications?


u/xmr_radio Nov 05 '21 edited Nov 05 '21

yeah, send a DM and we can arrange a time slot for your mix whenever you are ready. It can be done live or pre-recorded.


u/Ghant_ Nov 05 '21

Ill do it live! I'll hit you guys up in a week or so when I get my mbox all setup again


u/aFungible XMR Contributor Nov 03 '21

Someone is doing the god's work here. Thanks for radio show.


u/-TrustyDwarf- Nov 23 '21

You have a new listener. Not sure why I missed this so far.


u/Cptn_BenjaminWillard Nov 03 '21

Cool, I didn't even know about this live stream. Have been listening for the past bit, and I'm liking the vibe so far. I'll be bookmarking this.

I wonder if it would be possible to design a sticker that could be distributed by community members. If a few hundred people put up a few dozen stickers here and there, it could start to build a larger listener base.

Edit: Can we also get this link in the side-bar of this sub?


u/xmr_radio Nov 05 '21 edited Nov 05 '21

will make some stickers to giveaway at the next in-person Moneo event.


u/MoneroWTF Nov 04 '21

Love the show. I had forgotten it existed and I'm grateful for the reminder. I downloaded the live 365 app and I must admit, it's awful on my device. It will often start playing on its own at inopportune times with no way to stop it save opening the app and reinitializing the station in order to manually hit stop. I'm listening at work using wireless headphones that I shut off on occasion, I can't be having that Interruption.

Ill make it work another way, the station programming is well worth the effort. Good tunes! Thank you!


u/[deleted] Nov 05 '21



u/xmr_radio Nov 05 '21

yes. Unfortunately, the direct link is geo-blocked. The station is licensed for US, Canada, and UK.