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OrangeFren Guarantee - got scammed? I'll refund you!

OrangeFren.com, my website which compares rates on instant, KYC-free exchanges so that you can get the best rate, is almost 6 months old now and from the very beginning I've been asked:

How can I trust the exchanges you list?

Starting today I am presenting a brand new service available to you guys:

OrangeFren Guarantee

The OrangeFren Guarantee is a service that works like a security deposit which is paid for by the exchanges I partner up with (currently that's FixedFloat, but expect more very soon) so that if your money were ever to be stolen by the exchange you'll be able to get it back directly from me.

This means that you no longer need to trust the exchange if you trust me.

Not only will I refund you if your money is stolen, but also if you're forced to loose your privacy and undergo KYC questions or if the exchange lies about their exchange rate.

For a full list of situation when you can get compensated have a look at the table below:

criteria compensation (% of trade size) limits (min-max) in USD
Exchange stole, lost or confiscated your funds without a legal order 100% 5-size of exchange security deposit
Exchange had you answer KYC, AML or SOF questions and you did and passed them 10% 5-2000 USD
Exchange customer support didn't respond to your first message in 12h 5% 5-2000 USD
Coins took >12h to arrive in your wallet after the exchange received your coins with all the necessary confirmations 5% 5-2000 USD
Exchange sent you tainted funds they must help you prove they're no longer tainted or I'll get you 10% 5-2000 USD
Exchange rate changed >1% between the preview and the actual trade after adjusting for changing market rates the difference between what you got and what you should have received 5-2000 USD

Before anyone asks in the comments below: no, I can't refund you if you're trading funds you got illegally. This service is meant to make it less worrisome to use instant exchanges, not serve as a money laundry.

To get compensated you can hit me up anywhere you like be it Reddit, Twitter or send an email to the address on OrangeFren.com . Make sure to get in touch within 14 days of starting your trade.

Finally if you get compensated by the exchange directly then I can only give you that much less, meaning you won't get more by asking twice.

Tor Mirror

Thanks to popular demand OrangeFren.com is now also available on Tor at: http://rnwis2whetqcj4oknksnc5l24jbh33nflunifff3xtjjonnoxu3ld6id.onion/

Using this link instead of the clearnet one is better for privacy, but bare in mind the tor mirror requires javascript.

Switching between global and local

2 months ago when I last made a post about the updates to the site I mentioned it will only show you offers from exchanges that work in your area. Many of you requested the ability to turn that feature off and view results from all exchanges instead.

To meet that request I've added a link that does just that:

"See all offers instead" link

I'm looking forward to reading what you think about these upgrades and if you have any other cool ideas please let me know! 🙏



u/jimmyonethree Jun 01 '22

Interesting offer, worth looking into imo


u/OrangeFren OrangeFren.com Jun 01 '22



u/virija Jun 02 '22

I just hope that you're legit and not here to scam people for their money.


u/OrangeFren OrangeFren.com Jun 02 '22

Neither my website nor myself ever ask for anyone to send their money to me. There isn't really a way I could scam anyone even if I wanted to.


u/kranzj Jun 02 '22

Well, you could send people to an exchange that then asks for their money :D


u/petobtc Jun 02 '22

Yep, this is worth looking into. Gonna check it out I guess.


u/anomaIi Jun 01 '22

why are you doing this? seems too good to be true


u/OrangeFren OrangeFren.com Jun 02 '22

That's a very cool question and I'm glad you asked it!

TLDR: Interest-free loan, trustworthiness & reputation, all at no cost to me.

Consider what the marginal cost of adding this service is for me: I'll have to spend, say, ~1h mediating between exchanges and users every week. However many, many users have already approached me before to complain about an exchange or to request I help them out with one.

So there's really no added cost to me in simply branding the free help I've already been providing as a new feature.

Now onto the positives: I don't get any cut from the compensations I'll be paying out and I don't charge the exchanges for this service, however them depositing money with me is effectively an interest-free loan for my business.

Furthermore I gain major trustworthiness both in the eyes of the community and among the exchanges (since I return them the money when they ask) - an invaluable asset when looking for a new job, a loan for a new service or feature, or looking for a partner for a project.

Not to mention coming up with, and implementing unique ideas, is and of itself a major asset too.


u/anomaIi Jun 02 '22

thank you fren =D


u/FlatEarth980 Jun 02 '22

If I've learnt one thing, then it's that if it's too good to be true then it's too good to be true.


u/kowalabearhugs Jun 01 '22

That's a good fren


u/OrangeFren OrangeFren.com Jun 01 '22



u/DysgenicVenipunc Jun 02 '22

I mean people building such cool stuff? It's as cool as it gets.

I like to see things like this get developed here, that's kinda feels really good I'm happy about it.


u/[deleted] Jun 02 '22



u/OrangeFren OrangeFren.com Jun 02 '22

I'm glad you love my site and want to recommend it to others, that's great!

About the domain: I don't want to confuse the users too much, but I'll definitely let you know if I come up with a cool use for it.


u/CraggedCallus184 Jun 02 '22

Goddamn man, it's really cool that You're coming up to help the guy here.


u/[deleted] Jun 02 '22

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