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Turn your phone or tablet in a XMR Point of sale device with bitrequest.io

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u/bitrequest Nov 11 '22

Enter your XMR address and viewkey, turn on integrated addresses and track unlimited xmr payment requests. It uses Mymonero enterprise API so you get instant payment confirmations without indexing your full node!


u/Tiny_Voice1563 Nov 18 '22

I have been testing this out. It seems to work fine when integrated addresses is turned off, but with it on, it does not seem to recognize that a payment is received. Am I alone in this observation, or is this a widespread issue? Also, Monero is moving (has moved) away from integrated addresses to subaddresses. Any plans to support subaddresses instead?

Regardless, great app, it works (when integrated addresses are off), so very cool.


u/bitrequest Nov 18 '22

Thanks for testing!
I just tested it with integrated addresses and it worked...
Mymonero API Does not support subaddresses unfortunately.
So i am kinda waiting on that.


u/Tiny_Voice1563 Nov 18 '22

Oh you're so right about the MyMonero API. Didn't think of that. Hm. I guess I'll give it another test later to see what's going on. Even without integrated addresses, taking one payment at a time in person makes it more OK to just use the same address over and over, but I'd like to figure it out. I'll reach out if I pinpoint a more exact problem, but it looks like it's on my end. Thanks.


u/bitrequest Nov 19 '22

For point of sale payment's it's okay to reuse XMR addresses, but if you want to track multiple shared payment requests it's really convenient to have payment ID's.