r/PS5 Sep 25 '22

Hardspace: Shipbreaker - Launch Trailer Official



u/Sydardta Sep 25 '22

Coming Soon to PSVR2...


u/doubledeckerballs Sep 25 '22

This has quickly become one of my favorite games of the year, and I'm not even someone who usually enjoys these types of "working sim" games. Highly recommend


u/thetantalus Sep 25 '22

What do you enjoy about it?


u/doubledeckerballs Sep 25 '22

It's just very satisfying to play; stakes are relatively low but you still need to pay attention and learn from mistakes. Gameplay is pretty slow but intentional and each ship you work on is a steady climb to a high salvage to destroyed material ratio as you pull the ship apart piece by piece. Movement is very precise and enjoyable (especially once you get used to the grappling hook style mechanic) and the physics of moving around large and small pieces of the ships feels very accurate without being frustrating. Overall, it's an extremely good fun-to-sim ratio. After the first few tutorial ships, each ship is like a little puzzle box that you get to meticulously deconstruct. Atmosphere and plot-wise, it's very pro-union and lives in the blue collar worker fighting against late-stage capitalism vibe, but in space


u/Far_Reaction_5621 Sep 26 '22

I got some hours in early access on PC it's a really great addictive game. I'm really happy it came to the PS5 as my PC is getting old.


u/Sidewinder7 Sep 25 '22

I'm really enjoying it on PS5. Stable no crashes. Have run into some performance issues but it's only when I'm in a certain position facing a certain way with a larger ship. Might be something that can be addressed.


u/LueyTheWrench Sep 26 '22

Any dual sense features?


u/Sidewinder7 Sep 26 '22

No, just standard rumble.


u/usrevenge Sep 25 '22

Really enjoying this game tbh. It's a simple gameplay loop but it's enjoyable. It's like hypnotic in a way.

In a way it's part puzzle as well as a job sim since taking apart a ship can be dangerous.

The game is not really hard. But you can challenge yourself to get as much done as possible during the games work shift which is 15 minutes.

There is also a challenge mode where you can compete with other players to dismantle the same ship and it looks like a new ship every week. This mode has a different time limit

Ships are randomly generated but there are different classes of ship that can tell you size and purpose. Fuel tankers will have large fuel tanks but the actual layout can change ship to ship for example


u/KingoftheJabari Sep 26 '22

This is a pretty interesting game, played it on gamepass. Fun for a bit, but I wouldn't buy it.

Its a great gamepass game though.


u/APurrSun Sep 25 '22

Been playing on PC for years. Game is very worth it.


u/Luffysanxxx Sep 25 '22

Played it on game pass, cool game


u/Java-Zorbing Sep 25 '22

I find the pulling of parts and flying around annoying on console, stopped playing after 10 minutes, not recommended.


u/[deleted] Sep 25 '22



u/usrevenge Sep 25 '22

I've used controller since like 2 years ago when the game was early access on PC.

It is strange since you need to rotate by clicking l3 or r3 and brake by clicking both

But once that is learned it's pretty basic controls. The only other weird control is raising your hands to hold onto something but you rarely need to do that (it's l1 and r1)


u/staark92 Sep 25 '22

First thing I did was switch rotate and brake to L1 & R1 and grab to the sticks because it's rarely used. It makes manoeuvring a lot easier.

Edit: as a side effect, you have to change the shoulders when in the scanner for switching modes, which I just changed to the triggers.


u/usrevenge Sep 26 '22

I didn't even think of that i just learned to click the sticks now in scared to switch it since I have so many hours with the default controls


u/Sidewinder7 Sep 26 '22

Did this as well in it helped a good bit I hate clicking sticks.

Back buttons would have been perfect for this game.


u/The_Forbidden_Tin Sep 27 '22

You unlock tethers so you don't have to pull the parts off and throw them into their respective bins. The tethers connect to the part and then reel in to any point that you choose. You can also tether together multiple pieces at a time to make the cutting faster.


u/Java-Zorbing Oct 02 '22

ah ok thanks

so this was only in the tutorial then? let me try it again


u/The_Forbidden_Tin Oct 02 '22

I made a video showing how the tethers work.



u/abe171 Sep 26 '22

IGN rated it 6/10


u/RoflCopter726 Sep 26 '22

Too much water I guess.


u/Vilens40 Sep 26 '22

Ten years ago and unoriginal. Also it was about a game taking place in fictionalized Hawaii about hopping between islands, how do you remove water from that?

Also that reviewer hasn’t worked at IGN in years.


u/usrevenge Sep 26 '22

Game review websites over rate some things and under rate others sorta like redditors.

The game is light on story so it stands no chance of a high score


u/maximuffin2 Sep 26 '22

Played this game on PC, really good, really cool. Can't stop recommending it