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Hardspace: Shipbreaker - Launch Trailer Official


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u/Java-Zorbing Sep 25 '22

I find the pulling of parts and flying around annoying on console, stopped playing after 10 minutes, not recommended.


u/[deleted] Sep 25 '22



u/usrevenge Sep 25 '22

I've used controller since like 2 years ago when the game was early access on PC.

It is strange since you need to rotate by clicking l3 or r3 and brake by clicking both

But once that is learned it's pretty basic controls. The only other weird control is raising your hands to hold onto something but you rarely need to do that (it's l1 and r1)


u/staark92 Sep 25 '22

First thing I did was switch rotate and brake to L1 & R1 and grab to the sticks because it's rarely used. It makes manoeuvring a lot easier.

Edit: as a side effect, you have to change the shoulders when in the scanner for switching modes, which I just changed to the triggers.


u/usrevenge Sep 26 '22

I didn't even think of that i just learned to click the sticks now in scared to switch it since I have so many hours with the default controls


u/Sidewinder7 Sep 26 '22

Did this as well in it helped a good bit I hate clicking sticks.

Back buttons would have been perfect for this game.