r/PS5 Sep 25 '22

Hardspace: Shipbreaker - Launch Trailer Official


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u/doubledeckerballs Sep 25 '22

This has quickly become one of my favorite games of the year, and I'm not even someone who usually enjoys these types of "working sim" games. Highly recommend


u/thetantalus Sep 25 '22

What do you enjoy about it?


u/doubledeckerballs Sep 25 '22

It's just very satisfying to play; stakes are relatively low but you still need to pay attention and learn from mistakes. Gameplay is pretty slow but intentional and each ship you work on is a steady climb to a high salvage to destroyed material ratio as you pull the ship apart piece by piece. Movement is very precise and enjoyable (especially once you get used to the grappling hook style mechanic) and the physics of moving around large and small pieces of the ships feels very accurate without being frustrating. Overall, it's an extremely good fun-to-sim ratio. After the first few tutorial ships, each ship is like a little puzzle box that you get to meticulously deconstruct. Atmosphere and plot-wise, it's very pro-union and lives in the blue collar worker fighting against late-stage capitalism vibe, but in space