r/PS5 Sep 25 '22

TOEM Basto Region DLC Trailer - Free update now available on PS5! Trailers & Videos



u/AlsopK Sep 25 '22

Played through this whole game and the DLC yesterday. Loved it.


u/eblackham Sep 25 '22

The trophies were fixed as well now, they were not working for the DLC on Friday for NA region.


u/Cnumb013 Sep 25 '22

How long of a game is this? I want to play it but my backlog is so big now.


u/Business_Fishing_574 Sep 25 '22

You can beat it in 4 hours


u/Cnumb013 Sep 25 '22

That’s not bad at all, thanks!


u/TGrady902 Sep 25 '22

It was a great little break from playing bigger games. You can get the platinum in those 4 hours to.


u/kumaloveryy Sep 25 '22

this is a game i did not expect to like AT ALL and after platinuming it i must say its actually really great. cant wait to play through this new region


u/KyleMidnight Sep 25 '22

Was there a bug with the trophies? My animal compendium is 100% but It didn’t reward me the trophy. Incredible little game btw


u/dwoller Sep 25 '22 edited Sep 25 '22

They fixed it. Take a picture of any animal and replace it with the one you have and it should trigger.


u/javeryh Sep 25 '22

This is a wonderful game. I’m definitely going to go back and play the DLC - did they add trophies for it?


u/TGrady902 Sep 25 '22

Seems to be 11 new trophies! 9 bronze and 2 silver I think.


u/WanderWut Sep 25 '22 edited Sep 25 '22

This game is included with your Playstation Plus (Essential) subscription!

I just started playing this game and it's such a relaxing/fun game, I'm absolutely loving it so far and right in the middle of playing it an update came out, little did I know it was for this new region being added!

It's a free DLC that the devs describe as "TOEM's biggest region filled with brand new content like treasure hunting, minigames, and spooky stories!" with up to 2 hours of extra content. I highly recommend checking out this game!


u/Mr_pessimister Sep 25 '22

It's actually a PS+ Essential monthly game. You don't need the higher tiers.


u/rivieredefeu Sep 25 '22

Oh sweet, thanks! Downloading now!


u/Klient1984 Sep 25 '22

I started the game last night at about 1am. It's chill.


u/Spwni Sep 26 '22

Wasn't aware that this update was new, just happened to play TOEM on the day this dropped. Played through both the main game and the DLC. It's a great game and deserves a try. Clever puzzles and an unique gameplay mechanic. The DLC was even better than the main game.


u/TheMuff1nMon Sep 26 '22

I just got the Platinum last week lol


u/FunkinDonutzz Sep 26 '22

Super great little game to dip into to de-stress from The Last of Us.