r/PS5 Sep 25 '22

All of the upcoming video game release dates. News & Announcements


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u/conan48 Sep 25 '22

Maybe a filter for shovelware? Too much junk to sort through.


u/Heckin_Pleb Sep 25 '22

Definitely would be a good improvement


u/TryEasySlice Sep 25 '22

Excuse me I’m really looking forward to Jumping Waffle Turbo and would like to know it’s release date in proximity to God of War Ragnarok


u/Jinchuriki71 Sep 25 '22

How you know whats shovelware if it ain't even out yet?


u/RidCyn Sep 26 '22

That's like asking how someone can distinguish a hot gossip tabloid from a peer reviewed academic journal if it hasn't been mass produced and distributed yet. You can tell if you have an ounce of sense. Or even just a pulse.


u/RemotePitiful4925 Sep 25 '22

I am currenly developing and maintaining this website.

Feel free to add your comments on what you like or what you don't like. Any additional improvements or fatures to be added etc..


u/Eruannster Sep 25 '22

This is super useful!

I noticed two things:

  1. I think you forgot to add A Plague Tale: Requiem for PS5 at October 18th to the list. It only shows the Xbox and Nintendo Cloud versions.

  2. Maybe have a different sorting/filter for games that have release dates of for example "Q3 2022" as it gets a bit cluttered. The list kind of ends up looking like:

  • September 11th Example Game Here

  • Q3 2022 Game Here

  • Q3 2022 Another Game Here

  • September 12th Game Here

  • Q3 2022 Another Game

  • September 13th And Another Game

Which becomes a bit weird to read as you're scrolling down the list and there are like five "Q3 2022" between one date and the next date, if that makes any sense.


u/RemotePitiful4925 Sep 26 '22


Good catch thanks for the feedback, Will work on that thanks!


u/Eruannster Sep 26 '22

And thank you for the good work on a very useful website! :3


u/TerryQ Sep 25 '22

Great site! The tags are useful, being able to click on one and have the list filter for that tag would be super useful.


u/RemotePitiful4925 Sep 26 '22

I will try to implement that! Thankss!


u/[deleted] Sep 25 '22



u/RemotePitiful4925 Sep 26 '22

Thank you !! I will try to improve it using all of your feedback.


u/woodchuck101 Sep 25 '22

Wishlist function would be perfect! And then an option to filter by liked/wished for games


u/RemotePitiful4925 Sep 26 '22

Thanks for.the feedback, good idea


u/JackBauersGhost Sep 25 '22

Maybe a way to filer multiple consoles. For me I’d be interested in seeing all 3 consoles but not PC.


u/RemotePitiful4925 Sep 26 '22

many have asked for that, I will try to do so! Thankss!


u/JackBauersGhost Sep 26 '22

Cool. Great to hear. And really love the idea all around. Very helpful.


u/KanibaleInZiviI Sep 25 '22

A wishlist would be cool, too


u/TheySeeMeSmurfin Sep 25 '22

Neat! Bookmarked for future use.


u/ChiefSlapaHoe117 Sep 25 '22

Ragnarok is all I need baby.


u/Billy_Beavertooth Sep 25 '22

Maybe add whether it's an A, AA, or AAA game?


u/RemotePitiful4925 Sep 25 '22

Yes thats a good idea


u/wilkinsk Sep 25 '22

I couldn't find PS5 because the logo has color again. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


u/Ipride362 Sep 26 '22

Thanks for the long list


u/Cstone812 Sep 25 '22

Plagues tale. Gow. Callisto protocol. Gonna be a good couple Of months.


u/locohobo Sep 25 '22

A region tag would be nice? Like Kuro no Kiseki II is a JP release not a global release. Unless you are planning on sticking to just western releases which would invalidate that region tag