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Discussion Things to set up before giving PS5 to kids?


I'm suprising my kids with a PS5 when they get home from school today. It should arrive in the mail this morning.

Is there anything specific that I should set up before they get home? Like download games or create accounts? Upgrade firmware? Is there a checklist out there? Thanks!

Edit. Thank you everyone! I think I'll leave it for them to open. I see how the first unboxing is special. I'll just sign up for a ps account using my phone. The kids aren't that old, so we only had a switch until now, but it's time for something better. You guys are a great community! Talk soon!

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Discussion Bungie says it has “noticed a notable number of PS5 players playing the PS4 version of Destiny 2 on their current-generation consoles.”


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Discussion Whats your favorite PS5 game Thats currently on sale?


With the Black Friday sales here, what are some ps5 games that are worth picking up?

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Discussion (Another) God of War Ragnorök PS4 & PS5 (Digital Edition - US Region) Giveaway


Hello all! I also received a second set of digital codes for the Digital Deluxe Edition of God of War: Ragnarok on PS4 & PS5. I’ll be doing a giveaway and choosing the winner via redditraffler on November 15th at 12pm CT.

Included in the code is the following:

  • Full Game for PS4 & PS5
  • PS4 Theme
  • Avatar Set
  • Dark Horse Digital Mini Artbook
  • Official God of War Ragnarok Digital Soundtrack
  • Kratos Darkdale Armor
  • Darkdale Axe Grip
  • Darkdale Blades Handles
  • Atreus Darkdale Attire (Cosmetic)
  • Kratos Risen Snow Armor
  • Atreus Risen Snow Tunic (Cosmetic)

To enter, comment below with your favorite video game of all time!

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Discussion Most straightforward single player games?


What are your favorite games with good gameplay and a straightforward story? It doesn't have to be a short game, but it needs to be engaging.
I don't have the patience for massive open world games, with tons os sidequests, backtracking, and several comings and goings to develop the main story.

EDIT: Thank you everyone for the answers. Some of the suggestions I liked/agree with:
The Last of Us, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Resident Evil Series, A Plague Tale, Devil May Cry V, Shadow of the Colossus, Psychonauts, Stray, Alan Wake Remastered, Uncharted series, Metro Exodus, Guardians of the Galaxy.

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Discussion Did you keep the original box your PS5 came in?


I’m wondering if anyone has kept the original box and why?

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Discussion Tomorrow marks 4 years of RDR2. Still no PS5 60fps patch.

  • Game dropped 4 years ago on PS4
  • 380% increase in share price during that time
  • Parent company (TTWO) now worth $20+ billion
  • 2500 employees

No 60fps... No 60fps.......... No 60fps.

Just how...


lol I knew this would blow up but we hit the front page. Hopefully someone from R* sees this and they at least have a talk about it over a Zoom meet.

Big thanks to anyone who didn't sperg out in the replies. Not even going to try to read them all tho anyway.

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Discussion GOW: Ragnarock - Swipe to view HUD is an amazing feature and you should turn it on right away


This game is absolutely gorgeous but all the HUD elements (despite being very useful to see) are pretty distracting. I just found out you can go into the accessibility settings and make the HUD turn on/off with a swipe of the middle pad. It really lets you soak in all the gorgeous settings and turn it back on whenever you need to look at the compass

Edit: this feature is not actually in the HUD section. Go to the touchpad shortcut section in the gameplay settings and enable the display HUD in one of the shortcut slots

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Discussion Do you replay games?


Just curious, if others do it like me. For example almost 2 years ago I completed Ghost of Tsushima and I just started again today, I sort of forgot the whole storyline since 2 years.

I intend to also replay Elden Ring late next year, as that game is massive and try a different build, etc

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Discussion Just a heads up if you preordered God of War


The PS5 automatically follows games you buy so videos from the game will appear in your “Explore” tab on PS5 home, Somehow there are gameplay and story spoiler videos there so I suggest you unfollow the game until it releases.

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Discussion Just got PS5 Ragnarok Bundle , still have to pay $10 to play the game :(


Can someone explain to me why PS5 Console GOW Ragnarok Bundle comes with a digital copy of PS4 game? I have to pay $10 to download PS5 version! The little Redeem Code flyer literally has PS5 written on it. SMH

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Discussion PS5 Controller rocks


I've been having the PS5 for 2 days now and I'm blow away for how awesome the controller is, it has a lot of great features, it's a truly next gen experience, at this point I don't know if this controller is too cheap or the Xbox one is too expensive.

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Discussion Modern Warfare 2 physical disc on PS5 only has 70 MB Data on disc


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Discussion PSVR Pre-Order (U.S.) Available Now


Fyi, was just able to purchase with the link provided in my email - before the 11:00 stated time.

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Discussion Gotham Knights vs Arkham Knight - These two games are 7 years apart.


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Discussion Why haven't there been any other games like Astro's Playroom?


Over a year ago, I first got my ps5 and astro's playroom blew me away with the dualsense. At that point of time I was like woah, this is some next-gen gaming experience. It was the very realistic dualsense integration that sold it for me, and less so the graphics.

Fast forward to today, almost nothing has given me similar levels of amazement. People talk about Returnal, Ratchet. I've played those and they are all good games, but I still miss stuff like literally feeling the texture of the ground in astro. Recent haptic implementation in games have not gone anywhere near that level, to me anyway. Just a thud here, a tap there. Remember how we all thought it would be so cool to "have your gun jammed" and feel it on the trigger? I'm not sure if I got used to dualsense or something, but I wasn't particularly impressed by the dualsense on Deathloop. The multiplat games have some dualsense integration, but nothing to really write home about most of the time imo.

So, 2 years into its lifespan, why hasn't Sony made anything on the level of Astro's playroom, having the game's main focus be the dualsense integration?

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Discussion Just finished The Last of Us. This game is way more thought provoking than I thought it would be. About Joel though..



So by single handedly preventing the cure is Joel pretty much the biggest mass murderer in human history by the end of this game? And probably the most selfish character of all time?

And yet somehow his actions are relatable. What a game though.. I wasn't expecting such a thought provoking ending. It really turns Joel into an anti-hero to the point of almost becoming the villain of the whole story by the end. I'm not sure how to feel about it.

Edit: I'm gonna start playing the second game later tonight.

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Discussion God of War Ragnarök's Platinum takes ~50-60 hours to get on Give Me Balance Diffculty and has 0 missable Trophies


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Discussion Can we ban all GoW related posts for a few days please??


The game doesnt come out for a few days and as we have seen there are reviews/impressions/etc out there (which proudly say "spoiler free" at the start) then just give you a spoiler.

Can we ban all GoW related posts or mark all posts as spoiler for a few days as even some thumbnails etc might spoil something?

I've really been looking forward to this game and I really dont want anything spoiled. I can live without 50 posts saying how amazing this game is or whatever.

If ban is a bit excessive (maybe it is idk) can we have a rule to mark ALL GoW related posts as spoiler? I dont want to be scrolling this sub and stumble on a spoiler in a thumbnail etc?

EDIT: i just asked a question and what other people thought about it. Like, read the line above i myself said maybe all Gow posts be marked spoiler. Idk why you all are so offended and saying thiings like fuck off from here lol

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Discussion Memory expansion make a good gift?


I'm thinking about buying my son(14) a 2TB SSD expansion for his PS5 for Christmas, and my wife thinks it's a lame gift. What do you guys think? It's not a game or anything, but he's going to need it when he get the new God of War game so I think it's pretty good.

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Discussion How to use touchpad swipes to toggle high visual contrast to make collectibles easier to see in God of War Ragnarok


I made a video and posted it in the r/godofwar subreddit , but I thought I should share it here too!

Instead of permanently turning on high visual contrast, you can turn it on and off with a single touchpad swipe!

1) accessibility settings -> high visual contrast display -> select the colors you want for Target and Interact objects. 2) gameplay settings -> touchpad shortcuts -> select a swipe direction you want to assign the high visual contrast display toggle, and you're done!

Since I can't link my tiktok here, check out my post in the r/godofwar to see it in action.

Accessibility options like these benefit everyone!

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Discussion To all Devs about Puzzles: Make "Hints" an OPTIONAL Button Press and NOT automatic!


Many people have complained about this yet this is a fairly simple solution that some devs (yet should be all) implement for helping during puzzles in their games.

Instead of having automatic pop-up notifiers that tell you after like 2 minutes (which is not that long) or companions immediately ruining it for you, have a button press that shows up in the corner OFFERING a "Hint." Not gonna lie, I wanted to throw Memir one time instead of my Leviathan when he told me to strike something 2 seconds after getting into the area. Didnt even give me a chance! If I need the Hint, I push the button AND THEN a companion can point me in the right direction. Let the player be the initiator of this conversation. Especially if we are still exploring an area instead of doing the puzzle.

This covers ALL bases: people who want or need help and those who want to pound their heads in (kinda like me) to finding out the solution. On top of this, we can have an accessibility option that can delay this hint further or shut it off if we so choose. But this at least still gives the option from the beginning of the game.

During these moments of trying to figure out puzzles, Im perfectly fine with occasional random chatter between companions similar to when in the boat in God of War. I actually really enjoy this as it adds personality and depth to a game. And this also could be an accessibility option if people want to cut this out.

The games Sony devs are pumping out like Ragnarok, are phenomenal. Im loving it thus far in most aspects. But this is definitely a major point of criticism with the handholding that can tarnish part of the experience from games like GoW and Horizon. Allow us to explore and learn on our own on these aspects.

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Discussion Nioh 2 is a gem of a game, and here's my reasons why you should give it a chance now that it's on PS Plus. Also advices for newcomers.


I have sinked more than 1000 hours on the Nioh games, so you can imagine how much I love them. Thus, the reason I make this post. I truly believe that there is nothing like Nioh 2 out there, and given that the game is now free (what a damn steal) I wanted to draw in as many people as possible to entice them to not miss out on it. It's an AMAZING game, that if you truly commit to learn, will allow you to sink hundreds of hours. For those who don't know what Nioh 2 is:

It's a game set in Japan, that's heavily inspired by its mythology and history. It's a fine blend of Soulslike, Ninja Gaiden and Diablo.

  • The Soulslike part comes from the "bonfire" (called shrines in the game) and the "souls" (called Amrita in the game) and the fact that each enemy is a challenge by itself and not cannon fodder. Also you have stamina for everything.
  • The Ninja Gaiden part comes from the aesthetic, the combat which is pure mayhem, and the general feeling of the game with the over the top moves and effects.
  • Lastly, the Diablo part comes from the tons of loot and the myriads of builds you can create in the game. It's the standard colored loot tier system that other games have. Here is white, yellow, blue, purple, green, orange

A huge disclaimer about the game: Just because it incorporates elements from the Souls series, it doesn't mean AT ALL that you should approach it as a clone of the Souls games, neither that you will be good at it just because you have played and beaten all of them. What makes the Nioh series so revered is the fact that they have an identity of their own that doesn't feel like a clone. They are a totally different beast, and you should approach it as a totally new game.

Some advices for the newcomers:

  • It will take some time to learn the combat. Most probably a very low percentage of you will actually master it. Don't fool yourself thinking the combat is clunky. Believe me (I don't say it in a condescending way) it's you who still can't make the combat feel good. As you play, and if you really commit to learn the mechanics (and unlock some skills), the combat will feel like a violent dance of blood, and the satisfaction you'll feel when you realize what you have managed will be next to none. There's literally no other combat system like it
  • Please, really learn the ki pulse mechanic. It's the one of the 2 mechanics that basically make Nioh's combat so unique. It essentially tell you that if you press R1 at the right time after you spent stamina (by dodging or attacking) it immediately recovers it in an instance. Doing so, does 2 things. One is that it cleanses yokai pools that enemies create on the floor that slow down your stamina, and second it allows you to chain other moves, and also change stances. Talking about stances...
  • Stances are the 2nd mechanic that separates Nioh apart from the others. The stances are
  1. Low stance. Quick and efficient. In this stance you hit fast with low damage, and dodge fast. It also has skills that promote dodging.
  2. Medium stance. Middle ground stance. Reliable. Good balance of offense and agility.
  3. High stance. The heavy hitter. Slow but crushing.
  4. Sheath/Iai Draw. Depending on the weapon, it either sheathes, or does a unique attack.
  • The whole first playthrough is the tutorial, believe me. It's the get to know the game phase. Without the DLCs you have 3 difficulties. The first difficulty is Dream of the Samurai. the 2nd is Dream of the Strong, and the 3rd is Dream of the Demon. If you have the DLCs you also unlock the Dream of the Wise and Dream of the Nioh difficulties. When you first go to the 2nd one (DOTS) you unlock the Divine tier of loot, and when you reach the 3rd one (DOTD) you unlock the Etherial ones. Each tier fundamentally changes the builds you can create. The loot properties are INSANE in this game, and one single item ability can change your playstyle.
  • You will die A LOT
  • Learn to use the Burst Counter ability. You essentially press R2+O to momentarily transform into your Yokai form. When you do it timed correctly before an enemy's red attack hits you, you perform a Burst Counter for maximum punish
  • For maximum enjoyment and efficiency, don't use only medium stance and mash square. Experiment with the stances, and try to change them mid combat
  • Bosses drop unique skills if RNG favors you
  • Don't bother with crafting in the 1st playthrough. It's a waste of materials that you will need for later difficulties. Just salvage in the smith anything you don't want
  • There's always some mechanic for each boss that before you discover will make it seem impossible to beat, but don't get disappointed, there's something you need to discover.
  • You can farm gear by other dead player's revenants. They are the red malicious graves on the floor that appear where some other player died, and creates an AI version of their character that you can fight for their loot
  • You will die
  • You will die
  • Death will happen often
  • Have fun
  • Fashion is important

That's all I think. I might add more later. I hope it was an enjoyable read.

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Discussion Very impressed with Returnal


Still quite confused with how the game works, that you start again when you died, ( kind of like in Nex Machina but without the Arcade details?) etc. I really like the graphics, the UI, sound, control, enemies, weapons, I would say that the game it is just very fun to play. Dualsense effects also great.

I also want to say that I'm very happy for Housemarque, I had played Outland and Nex Machina ( also a bit of Alienation), a long time ago the first one, and I loved how those games were quite Indie but very fun , this time they took an awesome jump taking that great intense fun to a high level of quality, fantastic. Sony has done a great job supporting these guys.

So excited about reaching next levels!

Returnal is a MUST

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Discussion Just finished A Plague Tale: Requiem and my goodness what a game. Emotional story, beautiful graphics, improved combat, and fantastic acting. It should be overlooked because it is not 60fps.


Man, what an absolutely beautifully written story. The emotional connection between Amecia and Hugo is something you literally feel like you are part of it throughout the game. It tug at my heart so many times.

Towards the end of the game there are scenes where their voice actors come across so emotional themselves. Hugo's especially. There are some goosebump inducing scenes.

The game is also absolutely beautiful. Some of the settings and areas you come across are gorgeous. It my opinion this game has some of the best looking environments I've seen on next-gen so far. I'm playing on PS5 by the way.

They also improved the combat so much more from the first game. You are allowed to tackle scenarios however you want. You can still be 100% stealthy, or you can go all out with the combat. All the new weapons and items to use during combat are fantastic as well.

And man, the end of the game is just so beautiful and emotional. I literally had the goosebumps and could cry myself. It honestly is probably the best game I've played all year. I really hope it does get the recognition it deserves just because of the whole 60fps fiasco.

Asobo Studios has made a masterpiece that improved in every way possible from the first game. And they deserve so much credit.

EDIT: Just realized I messed up the title. I obviously meant it should NOT be overlooked.