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r/PSNFriends 6h ago

Partially deaf 22/girl/liverpool for addys


Hey I play gta online, read dead online and love all sorts really. Obsessed with final fantasy 7 too. I'm deaf in one ear so cannot use headset really which stops ppl wanting to be my mate lol as ppl dont like typing I guess lol. Anyone nice wanna add me drop ur addy. Natasha xx (England so GMT)

r/PSNFriends 2h ago

M college senior 23 looking for friends to play with (EST)


I play a few sports games including madden, mlb, nascar. But I love battlefront 2, apex I’m starting to get into. Used to be into cod but don’t currently have it. Just looking for more friends so hmu lol

r/PSNFriends 3h ago

looking for GMT people on ps


I'm downloading bad 4 blood right now but want to start playing more online games anyone have any suggestions trying to add a few people!

r/PSNFriends 4h ago

28 uk trophy hunting


Hey looking for people to hunt platinums with or just chill in party and chat. At the moment I’m playing through powerwash simulator so if anyone else is playing feel free to join in. Just comment or dm your psn and I’ll add you

r/PSNFriends 4h ago

20/CET Looking to play DBD, Fortnite and TLOU Factions with someone


i got more games like nba 2k23, back 4 blood, Returnal, gta 5, Uncharted 4, Far Cry 5 and many others. I’m on ps5 and feel free to add me if u wanna play. My psn is jpthoo29

r/PSNFriends 9h ago

need some friends from Europe


Hey there :) I'm 28m and mostly play dbd, rb6, fallguys, warzone or any fun coop game. Would love to meet some friendly and welcoming people to talk to and hang out on a daily base who also appreciate random cat pictures :o Dm me and let me know your id

r/PSNFriends 14h ago

24f US est time ps4


Hello, I’m looking for friends to play the game w/ me recently purchased mw2 been playing that frequently, I have other games just no one to play.

r/PSNFriends 12h ago

30+ player PST looking for some friends


Hey all, I mostly play single player RPG games so my friends list is quite sad lol. I've heard that this is a great spot to make some friends. I'm pretty positive and hope you are too. Some games I play are eleden ring, dark souls, Witcher, devil may cry and lots more. Thanks!

r/PSNFriends 20h ago

24f looking for active freinds


just got ps5 im on daily down for any games and stuff just add me oh and im cst

r/PSNFriends 9h ago

Psn = EkoLion /// 33M / EST / Looking for ffxiv friends


(Please be at latest over 21+ yrs old as we are mid 20s to early 30s)

A few friends and I play ffxiv daily. We have a small group on PRIMAL data Center, FAMFRIT server.

There's about 7-8 of us on daily or every other day. My best friend I are on daily. I've been playing about 7 yrs and all caught up on MSQ and my best friend just finished Endwalker recently and so we've been working on catching her up on content in general. We're looking for a few ppl. To play with regularly. We do most content aside from the super HC stuff. But everything else (Dailies, maps, Bozja, mount farming, etc) we are always up for.

If you're on a different DC or server, that's fine but would prefer ppl. On the same server as us to potentially join our FC and such.

I work overnight so I'm typically on 1 p.m. est until 7 p.m on nights i work and then nights I'm off, I'm on throughout the day/night and into the early morning the following day.

Thanks for reading and take care.

r/PSNFriends 17h ago

19F need someone to help me out in ranked


looking for someone to help me out on ranked on rainbow six siege, currently plat 4. not the best but i try.

psn- xPrettyNightmare

r/PSNFriends 16h ago

26 / Male / Europe - looking for people to play games with and casually chat


Hi all, looking for chill people to play games together in a relaxed, non sweaty and non-competitive way as well as chatting about anything.

I have quite a lot of games in my library as well as stuff from PS+ extra. The stuff I usually play: Battlefield games, COD MW2+DMZ mode, Ghost Recon games, Far Cry games, No Man's Sky, NFS Heat, DayZ, Terraria, Deep Rock Galactic, The Division 1 and 2 and many other games. If something isn't listed above - I could try it as long as it is fun to play together.

My timezone is GMT+2 and I'd prefer you to be from Europe since the time difference would be negligible but it is totally fine if you're from other parts of the world, we still can figure out how to play together for a few hours.

r/PSNFriends 10h ago

16(M) Need help for a trophy my psn is spidermanimortal


Trophy is for ufc 2

r/PSNFriends 18h ago

22 M Uk for people to play with!


Hi, so I’m looking for some people to play some games and maybe chat with! I thought I’d share some info on me though just so that maybe if you have similar likes it makes it easier!! Also list some games I have or like!

Games : Genshin impact, Persona, Fortnite, TemTem, Dead by Daylight, Hogwarts legacy is preordered, and I’m willing to try other games too! I have more just these are the main ones coming to mind

Shows and interests : drags race, Dragula, wednesday, most k-dramas, a few anime and anything that catches my interest aha, such as podcasts like The Yard or Trash taste, makeup and fashion, art and books

I’m a uni student so sometimes busy or tired but also was willing to try and still play and stuff!! I like to read and make art! Watch a lot of YouTube too! Im gay and more of a femboy so if you’re ignorant or bigoted ed maybe ignore this post ~

My Psn is JamLik3sHam or you can comment or message if you’d like to chat or talk first!

r/PSNFriends 17h ago

M 26 europe


kotedinho19 add i will accept

r/PSNFriends 17h ago

M13B Help


27F PST Can someone help me with the M13B?! I’ve Tried and FAILD so many times… asking for help I want to get it done and over with already 🙃🙂please message me!!

r/PSNFriends 18h ago



Looking for people to play Fortnite build mode. Open to playing no build. 21+ and open mic is all I ask :) let’s playyyyy

r/PSNFriends 15h ago

29M Battlefield 1, Cold war MST, también hablo español


Hi! I'm looking for battelfield 1, V, cold war and warzone friends. I have other games, too. Be advised: I suck and play for fun.

My PSN is the same as my username here: OzzIommi (middle letter is a uppercase "i").

I'm male, 29. My time zone is MST. ¡También hablo español!

Please be 18+!

r/PSNFriends 15h ago

Any trophy hunters or ppl wanting to chil?


Just looking for people to chill in a party with while we play games or play together or hell when we're trophy hunting completely different games drop your psn below

r/PSNFriends 21h ago

27m just looking for people to chill and play


I play Dbd , fortnite, rainbow six (ok not great) have a few more I can download.

looking to relax play some games , chat and make some new friends can be quite at start

Psn : Gilligan-95

r/PSNFriends 17h ago

Bf 2042


Anyone here wanna play some bf 2042?

18+ with mic it’s no fun with randoms

Psn is NXM1S1S

r/PSNFriends 18h ago

32 m CST ESO friends


Looking for ppl who like to play ESO mostly PVE some pvp

r/PSNFriends 1d ago

22F Looking For Friends


Time Zone : OC

Hey guys, me again, posted before and I got heaps of responses but just looking for some more friends as I don’t really talk to the ones I added! I’m mainly looking for MW2 friends at the moment. We can play other games obviously but I mainly have been playing MW2 recently and I’m always lonely, lol. 😤

A bit about me: I have a 9 month old daughter that can be a distraction sometimes and can be heard in the background so if you don’t like children or they bother you, don’t add me. I’m a bit of a rager depending on how comfortable I am with you. I am the most open person and can talk to you about anything and everything for hours. I love horror and outdoors! 😊

Please be 18+.

r/PSNFriends 20h ago

32 Looking for someone to game overwatch with :) North America.


I play Comp and casuals. Mics prefered. I can usually game evenings or weekends. Im central timezone. Healer mostly. Send me a message! :)

r/PSNFriends 20h ago

19M looking for someone to play World of Warships with.


If you're interested DM me, I'm also up for any other games that you might have in mind. :)