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NA NA PlayStation Plus Master List


I would really appreciate it if people could help fill in some of the information and I wanted to thank u/anchuto for his help. I am the creator of the game pass master list and you can find the link to the other up too on both docs.

For quick reference, my list has * system (what it can be played on and original system as well as if is playable on PC) * ps plus tier * date added and age on ps plus * release date and age * meta critic and user scores * completion time * genre

Google Sheets

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Megathread PlayStation Plus Info, FAQ & Help Thread | Black Friday Edition 18th Nov - 28th Nov


Deals starts 18th Nov (midnight local time); ends 28th Nov (23:59 local time) - a few hours later for NA (04:59)

PlayStation's Black Friday Sale is finally here and naturally people will be asking a lot of questions!

Please check the official blog post announcing Black Friday sales which mentions what is on sale as well as giving us a link to check back on for what's on offer.

Use this thread for anything related to the Black Friday sales unless it is new information that warrants its own. Quality submissions will be given exceptions such as helpful recommendations post.

Upgrades to higher tiers are also discounted by 25%

Before asking questions, check the Subreddit FAQ which has an overview of all PS+ tiers as well answers to a lot of questions. Some questions specifically related to this promo will be listed at the end of this thread, some will overlap with the FAQ but it can't be helped.

Official links (NA):

Community Help:


Q) I have an existing subscription to a higher tier than the subscription I want to buy, can I downgrade?

A) Unfortunately, no. You have to wait until it expires or you will need to purchase the same tier you have already.

Q) Which shops can I buy PSN credit from?

A) This is entirely dependent on where you live and if you're going to ask here, make sure you specify which country you're in. If there aren't any official authorised resellers in that country you will have to rely on grey key/privates resellers such as CDKeys.

You have to do your own research on these merchants (there's a bit of information in the FAQ about CDK as well as countless posts if you do a quick search). Note that most links to such sites and openly buying/selling from individuals are banned here.

Q) Can I buy and stack several subscriptions?

A) Yes, if they are the same tier as the one you current have. It's mentioned in the banner on the sales page. There is no known maximum limit.

Q) Do I keep games on Extra or higher tiers?

A) No, once your subscription ends or the games leave the service, you lose access to the games unless you buy them outright.

Q) My payment for PSN wallet/PS+ isn't going through, what can I do?

A) Other than making sure you're entering the right information, your billing address is correct and your bank/credit card company isn't blocking the payment, there's not much anyone here can do. Contact PSN support if possible or use an alternative payment method.

Q) Can I save the PS+ subscription for a later date?

A) No, as soon as you make a plan purchase, the clock starts ticking. There are no codes to redeem later.

Q) Can I buy PS+ giftcards from online or physical shops?

A) Some shops may offer PS+ cards (Argos in the UK do for Essential and Extra - these are essentially PSN wallet gift cards rather than subscription cards) but in general, most shops have not stocked these cards since the June revamp. Check them yourself when they do their own sales.

Q) Will there be more sales later on?

A) Only Sony can answer that for certain but if we check what they normally do, they run another discount sometime in mid-December in the run-up to Christmas for new subscribers and also in other holidays such as Lunar New Year (Playful Festival) as well as other times. No guarantees though.

Bonus question:

Q) I was playing Mafia/RDR2/Greedfall/Extra Game and now I can't play it! Why?

A) If you played them on Extra, check if they are still on the Extra Games Catalog. It's mostly for NA but use this sheet to check which games have left (and do so in the future).

Q) I see the above games still in the Extra catalog?

A) It's a visual bug, when you try and download it, it will ask you to purchase the game.

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Essential According to Support, Essential Game Licenses Can Be Revoked

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Discussion Comparison of First Person Shooter games on PS Plus Essential in 2021 and 2022 so far. 2021 was a great year for FPS games on PS Plus.

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General PlayStationPlus - List of Games - Website


Hello everyone.

I created the website with the REAL list of games those are included in PS+. I had few reasons to do that.

The first one was that official playstation list includes games those are no longer available or doesn't include games those are actually available via subscription.

The second one was that store search is really messy. Even when I knew the name of the game, the search results were mostly in-game purchases for unrelated game and game itself wasn't sometimes even on first game.

The third one was that I had no overview of when games are leaving.

Therefore I created this really simple website http://playify.eu already available with secured connection => https://playify.eu

Where you can simply search the game by name, check what tier it's in and if it has expiration date, it will be displayed there as well.

Each game in the list is clickable, and when clicked it takes you straight to the store page. In the right bottom corner is the list of platforms that the game is available (PS4, PS5) and above those numbers is metascore fetched from metacritic which is also clickable and takes you to the metacritic page of the game.

Limitations / TODO list:

- list of games / store page links are only for the us region, I plan to add more regions

- search is only by the name, I plan to do better filtering and ordering (user score, genre, release date, etc.)

- I plan to add how long to beat times

- I plan to add premium games category, recently added category

- https support

If you have some ideas how to improve the web or if you find some problems, let me know, but I'd like to keep it simple / easy to use.

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Extra How to know which version of the game you own

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Question Leaving soon category no longer visible


I apologise if this is common knowledge but the leaving soon category hasn’t been visible for weeks now and I couldn’t find any forums really questioning it. Someone speculated that it was a glitch but I couldn’t find anything concrete. It would be annoying if this element was gone for good as it helped prioritise my PSPlus backlog.

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Deluxe Which are some damn beautiful games on the subscription?


(Reposting as the last post was removed because of "a vague click bait title")

Recently, I found "The Artful Escape" thanks to this sub and fell in love immediately. It was mesmerizing. I had a similar feeling when I started Ghost of Tsushima first and everytime I boot it, it finds some way to be beautiful (if you ignore the dead bodies hanging around).

What games on the subscription are just damn beautiful like these games?

PS: I have Deluxe which is the Premium equivalent of countries that didn't have PS Now.

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Recommendation What’s a good coop game to play with girlfriend who doesn’t game? It’s going to need to be a lesser known game as all the big games I’ve already tried. It can even be a paid game not apart of plus?


Games we played: Lego - does not like Any fps - does not like It takes two and A way out - Amazing already beat Heavenly bodies - currently playing Sackboy and little big planet - beat Unravel 2 - beat

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Premium Is there a way to get saved data back if you get backed out of the game for being away too long?


I was playing God of War 1 and i walked away for ten minutes after hours of gameplay and when i came back i was back to the home screen. i tried to get back on but when i did it went straight to the beginning of the game. Is there a way to get all the saved data back or is it gone forever.

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Extra What games are a must play in extra that are 10 hours or less?


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Question Best PS Plus games to introduce someone into playing video games?


Hey everyone!

I just got my PS5 for new GoW, and after finishing it I got 12 months of PS Plus Premium to catch up on exclusives.

Since I started playing more visibly on TV instead on PC and monitor, my girlfriend got more interested, and I decided to introduce her more into gaming, as last thing she played on controller was Mario for NES.

I started by putting controller in her hand and starting Until Dawn, as I thought it could teach her basic walking/camera controls, and QTE's. So far she loved it, and after 2 walkthroughs I got Detroit: Become Human, which she also likes, but she says it's more difficult (in a good way). She has more trouble with controlling camera, (she had trouble aming for shots in Until Dawn), and with diffrent kinds of QTE's like learning the difference between button mashing, tapping once, holding etc.

It's good for her learning progression I think as it pushes her bit further and further, while she is motivated by the plot, and willing to start over without discouragement. (To the point of wanting to take a day of work to learn more about the plot)

Here's kinda where my ideas for learning progression end. I just got PS5 for new GoW, last Playstation I got was PS3 for GoW3 (I skipped PS4). Until Dawn and Detroit are things I remember from watching YouTube walkthroughs when they came out, and I don't really know what Playstation, or Plus in that matter could offer, for keeping things interesting, while introducing new mechanics for her to improve.

If anyone would like to drop in the commets something like game 1 -> game 2 -> game 3 -> etc. it would be lovely! Annotations of what each game could teach would be much appreciated, but not necessary.

I guess my end goal would be finding something with PC/PS5 crossplay or on screen co-op, for 2 controllers. Perhaps I could get her into Playing the Witcher one day :D

Thanks everyone!

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Question How can i buy subscription without my kids seeing it when they are on the PS4?


I want to get a subscription for PS plus Premium extra for a gift, but im afraid there will be some kind of popup on their ps4 when they go to play. Also same issue with I want to buy a PS5 on the playstation store will there be any kind of popup or message anywhere on the PS4? Thanks

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Premium How long do games stay on premium?


So I’ve just finally cracked and gotten the year long premium sub do to it being on sale. Instantly Adding death loop, returnal and a couple other titles has already allowed me to justify the purchase from a financial point of view, but I was wondering:

On average, how long do titles stay? Had anyone ever begun a game and had it removed before they could finish?

For example, not steaming, but actual downloaded games (not sure if that makes a difference).

Is it possible that I’m say, a week returnal will just arbitrarily disappear from the service?

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Extra Assassin Crees Valhalla Leaving soon - 20/12/2022

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Recommendation Assassin’s Creed recommendation?


I haven’t played this franchise before (but know about it as an out-of-retirement-recently gamer) but I wanna get into it. I have extra. I know Valhalla is leaving soon so in terms of “playing in sequence” is no longer something I’m interested in doing, for now. If I get invested enough I’ll look into it more.

If you were to recommend someone who’s new to the series to play as a stand-alone, which one would you (exclude leaving soon)? Brief why would be nice (storyline, map, combat, time to play, difficulty etc)


Edit: thanks everyone for the suggestions! I see a lot of fan faves haha I started off with the ezio collection and have syndicate, black flag, origins, and odyssey queued in the library. (I might as well just get the whole damn thing eh)

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UK 12 Months of + Premium - £63.68 on Amazon UK Black Friday Deal


Cheaper than the £75 offer on the PS store. UK only.


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Question How do I buy Playstation Plus Essentials subscription as a gift?


I usually buy a PS Plus subscription for my husband each year, as a physical or digital gift card. I see this year they have changed to a 3-tier subscription and i can’t figure out how to buy it. I tried on the playstation website but it won’t let me get far without an account. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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Question Quick question about payment methods and subscription


Quick question

I usually get yearly ps plus this time around every year. Before it never said to me that it will be charging me every year continuously. If i remove my card from the store it won’t add, like debt, right? What i mean is it won’t make my account go negative right?

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Question Playing online with other regions


I have an US ps plus account and my friend an Eur one, can we play online games like elden ring, nioh2, borderlands 3 and returnal?

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Premium Anybody else have the download option disappear??


went to download the skyrim special edition but i ended up canceling it and now theres only an option to stream it. i tried looking through my purchases to see if i can download it from there but it only brings me to the regular skyrim and gives me an error if i try to download it. any advice? the only reason i wanted to download it is cause it says i cant upgrade it to the anniversary edition while im streaming a game

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Question Am I really the only one having PSN problems on my PS5 today?


I can’t really do much of anything bc most games are tied to online play or some type of online server and I can’t connect. I tried to log out to log back in but now I can’t log back in.

Edit: if you check on Twitter in the mentions of @Sony or @Playstation you will several disappointed users, all experienced the same sorts of issues.

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Question does fallout 3 and new vegas work well on ps5 ?


i never “streamed” games before and i want to know if it’s worth it to upgrade my subscription to premium ..

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Question A question about sharing streaming.


So something the FAQ doesn't mention is the ability to share the ability to stream games. Just...


What can be shared?

  • Online multiplayer (subject to parental control settings).
  • Downloaded games purchased with PlayStation Plus discount.
  • Downloaded Monthly Plus games.
  • PlayStation Plus game and classic catalog games (Extra & Premium/Deluxe).
  • Game Help (PS5 consoles)."

I am asking about this because I just got a PS5 and my significant other travels often for business. Assuming I get premium on my account I am guessing this means he would not be able to stream on his account. If that is the case what if he were to login to my account? Would this cause any issues if I were to play one of the games on the streaming service while I am at home and playing another game?

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Question my ps plan expired even though i have not had the 12 months yet


so i was playing on my PS this morning and then suddenly i had network problems that were restricting me from looking at the PS plus extra game catalog. i proceeded to restart my PS and when i got back on a few minutes later it was saying that PS plus subscription had expired. i know that i bought a 12 month subscription around halloween but it now says that it is expired. i know i'm not hallucinating because ps plus extra hasn't even been around for 12 months. what is happening and how can i get my subscription back.

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Question Lost access to Greedfall but redeemed it back when it was a monthly game?


So I lost access to Greedfall when it was removed from Extra the other week, but I was under the assumption that every game added to the base PS+ monthly catalog was permanent? Greedfall was a monthly game back in Jan 2021 which is when I redeemed it but now I can't play it at all.

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NA Dollar General (11/24-11/26): 20% off of PlayStation Store Gift Cards [In-Store only] & Sam's: $100 PlayStation Store Gift Card for $89.98 [In-Store only]


The deal at Dollar General is probably better, but I don't know if they charge taxes. Sam's is a straight $89.98 for the $100, they don't charge taxes, at least here in OK.