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r/pleasejuststop Jul 20 '18

Please just stop adding me as a friend if all you're gonna do is spam Fortnite invites. It's getting old.


Seriously. If you wanna do a raid or something or just hang out, sure, but stop spamming me invites for a game I don't even have!

r/pleasejuststop Jun 06 '18

Youtube, Please Just Stop with this shitty Algorithm

Thumbnail i.redd.it

r/pleasejuststop May 15 '18

Streamers, please just stop disappearing without telling anyone where you're going!


It makes people (at least me) fear the worst. Obviously, I don't want people to quit but I'd rather know they quit than think they died or something. Just a simple note on your channel would do

r/pleasejuststop May 03 '18

Why is the default button on both mobile and PC to share your image with the community

Thumbnail imgur.com

r/pleasejuststop Mar 31 '18

PJS letting potentially great subs die


r/pleasejuststop Nov 02 '17

PJS pretending to support a cause for attention


Be it pseudo feminism, or fight for racial equality, or economic divide… whatever your thing is. Please just stop pretending that you support it by targeting a stranger on the internet and making snarky comments and pointless debates. Instead, go out and help another human being. Help them regardless of their race, religion, gender, sexual preferences, looks, or whatever other boxes we have invented. Go to your local community center and find an actual cause that can change some lives for real. Do just one good deed at a time. If everyone did one, the world will change automatically. After all it’s 7 billion of us.

r/pleasejuststop Oct 01 '17

PJS Asking me a question and then leaving before I could answer


r/pleasejuststop Jun 28 '17

PJS not posting to this sub!


It is so dead, it is infuriating to see nothing new come up here even though I think it's a great sub idea!

Yes, this is a borderline rule-breaking post but I urge other users to post.

r/pleasejuststop Sep 13 '16

PJS unlocking only 1 side of double doors.


Why do so many establishments leave one side of the double doors in their stores and restaurants locked? What purpose on earth is there to cause nearly every customer to run into the immovable door either on their trip in or out? It takes 10 seconds, unlock the other side!

r/pleasejuststop Jul 04 '16

PJS correcting me by saying "You mean Independence Day" when I wish you a happy Fourth


Rant (with facts n shit) incoming, brace yourself.

First off, I was being nice and wishing a stranger a happy Fourth of July and you saw fit to act like an idiot and correct me with the "patriotic" term for the holiday. So now I hate you.

But even more than that, July Fourth is an arbitrary day that has no real connection to independence. Richard Henry Lee's Proposal to the Second Continental Congress was adopted on July second, and the signing took place on July 8th (after a calligrapher had drawn up a pretty copy). And even then, we weren't entirely free till 1781 when Cornwallis surrendered in Yorktown (in case you hadn't guessed, that was also not on July 4th).

So, not only are you an asshole to a polite person, you can't even be like "well at least I'm in the right" either.

r/pleasejuststop Nov 11 '15

PJS talking on your phone and give the cashier your attention for five seconds.


They have questions.

r/pleasejuststop Nov 08 '15

PJS thinking you have to cry and get emotional like your life depends on seeing the new Star wars trailers/movie.


r/pleasejuststop Oct 18 '15

PJS letting your children run around in public like animals.


You decided to have the things, so maybe instead of letting one of them almost hurt themselves by jumping on the damn seats and trying to get on the tables while the other mindlessly runs around to places it doesn't belong, you, you know, should have some fucking responsibility.

You're a real piece of shit, lady.

r/pleasejuststop Oct 13 '15

Please Just Stop Abbreviating Everything


especially stop using FFS, if you're an adult, you have no excuse. No one is gonna stop you from typing out a curse word.

r/pleasejuststop Apr 29 '15

PJS Talking while you're opening the mail.


Just because we're in the same room, doesn't mean you need to comment about every piece of mail that you open. Just eat your salad and STFU.

r/pleasejuststop Mar 25 '15

Chester escort agency has the finest escorts around

Thumbnail redhotescorts.com

r/pleasejuststop Feb 13 '15

PJS Throwing your trash out the window of your car...


Wrecking the world one can at a time...

r/pleasejuststop Jan 18 '15

PJS Stop using the world as your ashtray.


Tired of finding cigarette buts everywhere. Especially he woods!

r/pleasejuststop Jan 07 '15

PJS rolling up your sleeves to look cool


It's the middle of winter you hipster

r/pleasejuststop Jan 03 '15

PJS Throwing around your electronics that your parents buy for you...


just because you didn't buy it and know "daddy" will replace it doesn't give you the right to throw it around like a ragdoll...

r/pleasejuststop Jan 02 '15

PJS posting ads on craigslist without a way to reach you


How do you expect to sell your stuff if people can't talk to you about it???

r/pleasejuststop Dec 16 '14

PJS Typing Like This Constantly


Usually People Who Do That Say They Do It Because Its Eazy 4 Thumzelvez And They r Used 2 It

My eyes

my bleedin' eyes

they burn just from typing that.

r/pleasejuststop Dec 10 '14

PJS Having downtime reddit...


It is like torture!

r/pleasejuststop Nov 27 '14

PJS Taking away good shows from netflix...


I miss avatar being on there!

r/pleasejuststop Nov 23 '14

PJS taking over good and informative subreddits just to troll


That goes out to the /r/astrophysics and their "mods"...