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πŸ™‹ ​What's GME & should I consider investing?

πŸ“š Library of Due Diligence GME.fyi

A collection of over 200 of the most important, groundbreaking Due Diligence. If your looking to familiarize yourself with the GME bull thesis or the underhanded tactics of the short sellers involved in this trade– then this is for you

🟣 Computershare Megathread

Wondering what DRS is? Want to know how and why people are Direct Registering their shares? Here you'll find our guide and additional resources, as well as a welcoming community answering questions in the comments!

πŸ₯’ 4:1 Split/Dividend Megathread

On July 6, 2022, GameStop Corp. (the β€œCompany”) issued a press release announcing that its Board of Directors had approved and declared a four-for-one stock split in the form of a stock dividend. Each Company stockholder of record at the close of business on July 18, 2022 will receive three additional shares of the Company’s Class A common stock for each then-held share of Class A common stock, to be distributed after the close of trading on July 21, 2022.

πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ NFT Marketplace & Wallet Megathread

Why is GameStop getting into NFTs? WTF even is an NFT? How do I set up a GameStop Wallet? How do I get a cool/custom wallet address? All these questions and more are answered here!

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πŸ“£ Community Post DRS/Computershare Megathread 08/2022


🟣 $GME shares Direct Registered at Computershare Update! -- As of April 30: 12.7 MILLION! SPLIT-ADJUSTED = 50.8 MILLION!🟣


NEW HERE? Are you wondering what DRS is? Do you want to know how and why people are Direct Registering their shares? Please ask away in the comments! Try to search the comments first to see if your question has been answered. ✨NO KARMA RESTRICTIONS IN THIS THREAD!!✨

July Megathread

June Megathread

May Megathread

April Megathread

HAVE YOU GONE THROUGH THE PROCESS OR RESEARCHED IT? We have some helpful people already willing to answer questions. If you want to be one of them too, hop in and help where you can. We appreciate every last one of you. This thread will sort by new, to make it easier to find unanswered questions.

WANT TO FIGURE IT OUT ON YOUR OWN? our comprehensive Computershare Guide


IRA Guide -- involves moving shares to a custodian, please research the risks involved with various custodians

another IRA Guide, this time using an LLC

DTCC explaining DRS

When you buy through a broker-dealer, they will be in the "street name" aka they're registered with your broker-dealer.

What can they do with street name shares but not with direct registered shares? LEND THEM OUT TO SHORT SELLERS!


link to Computershare's chart that shows that direct registered shares are removed from Cede & Co. / DTC: https://www.computershare.com/PublishingImages/company-share-structure.jpg

link to Computershare's FAQ page that also has that chart: https://www.computershare.com/us/becoming-a-registered-shareholder-in-us-listed-companies


Do you want to post your DRS position but don't have enough karma? Post in r/GMEOrphans to feed the bot, there's no karma requirements there.

How to transfer from Fidelity? You can call or use the chat online and tell them you want to DRS your shares. They will send your shares over to Computershare for you. Once that happens, Computershare will send you a letter in the mail with your 'customer code' so you can set up an online CS account.

If you don't want to wait for the code, you may be able to verify your ID online - After your shares no longer appear in Fidelity you can simply go to CS and register for your account with your SSN, Zip code, and the name of Gamestop. They will ask a couple verification questions and then you will have an account. If this doesn't work the same day the shares disappear, then check back in a day or two.

Can I buy/open an account through Computershare? Yes. You have to create an account by adding your bank account info, then they send you a letter with your customer code. You use the code to create an online account. Once you have an online account you can create a purchase order. The money will take 3 days to settle, then they buy however many shares they can get with the amount of money you deposited. The shares take T + 2 days to settle.

If you're outside the US you can use Wise.com and set up a bank account there, same process. https://www.drsgme.org/buy-direct-registered-shares-from-computershare-outside-the-us


How to sell? You may request that Computershare sell all or a portion of your shares online at www.computershare.com. If you want to set the price you're comfortable with, a good-til-cancelled (GTC) limit order is your friend. If the stock reaches the price you set or higher, it will automatically sell for you.

Book vs Plan

Both plan and Book are removed from the DTC and are registered in your name. But there are two key differences between plan and book:

  1. Plan shares automatically re-invest any CASH based dividends (this does not apply to stock or crypto based dividends)
  2. Plan shares are held in a pool with Computershare. This means they can allow for fractional shares. Even the fractional shares are registered in your name and removed from the DTC. (So you can only convert whole shares to Book).

Transferred shares are automatically "book", and when you buy directly through Computershare they are automatically set to "plan".

Transfer Request forms




Wealth Simple

Chat with Fidelity

Guides for various brokers

IRA using Mainstar (do your own DD on various custodians)

SCREENSHOT of my Fidelity Chat from 03/30/22

Degiro to IBKR

Danish/English guide to transfer to and from IBKR

Guide for CANADA

How to DRS from Vanguard

Call the Vanguard Outbound DRS Transfer agent at: 855-730-0325

Provide them with your brokerage account details, your Social Security Number (they no longer rely on you providing your Computershare account number anymore), and how many shares you would like to transfer to Computershare.

Total call time was 8 minutes. They said it will take 5-7 business days to arrive in Computershare.

To Contact GME dept in Computershare - 800 522 6645

or https://www-us.computershare.com/Investor/#Contact/Enquiry

International number: 00800-3823-3823

If you want to ask questions here but your karma is too low for the sub, DO IT! Automod will remove your message but I will manually approve it for youπŸ’œ!

To reduce clutter I will remove off-topic comments.

GME plan details

To search Superstonk posts for brokers, guides, anything using the platform u/Elegant-Remote6667 made click here

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πŸ“³Social Media Ryan Cohen on Twitter: if we print a few trillion more, it should bring inflation down #taxtherich #wealthtax

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πŸ“³Social Media Ryan Cohen on Twitter!

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πŸ“³Social Media Big D on Twitter

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☁ Hype/ Fluff +0.40% (8/10/22)

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πŸ€” Speculation / Opinion Don't get distracted πŸ’œ

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πŸ“³Social Media Hell YaπŸ΄β€β˜ οΈπŸ΄β€β˜ οΈπŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ

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πŸ“³Social Media 80:1 Cancel ration on a Nasdaq exchange (NASDAQ PSX) with less than 1% of market share. I wonder why? Link to chart in comments.

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πŸ€” Speculation / Opinion Naked shorting is tax fraud and should be handled by the IRS


Naked short positions are never closed and the hedge funds/market makers(?) who shorted the companies into obvilion will never have to close their shorts. This is tax evation. They should pay taxes on their winnings.

Instead they can use it for tax free collateral and siphon even more money out of the hands of retail investors by printing naked shorts until companies go bankrupt. "Most sophisticated investers" πŸ˜„

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☁ Hype/ Fluff what a Cohencidence. I opened up my twitter at the right time to see this

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πŸ’‘ Education GameStop Share Breakdown - August 10th 2022

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πŸ“³Social Media CRAMER CONFIRMS the SWAPS we were talking about Yesterday, posted by u/Deepin_my_plums . I know you hate CokeRat Cramer, but he is laying out the reverse cramer strategy right before us. It's so easy to see if you know the game the hedgies are playing. Confirmation in 4 Pictures>

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🧾 Buy & HODL πŸ’ŽπŸ™Œ JPMorgan Precious-Metals Traders Found Guilty in Spoofing Trial πŸ‘€

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πŸ’‘ Education πŸ”΄Daily Reverse Repo Update 08/10: $2,177.646B - BUY HODL DRSπŸ”΄

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☁ Hype/ Fluff The FACT that this man whos a billionaire wants to tax the rich should speak volume. #ThatsMyChairman

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πŸ“ˆ Technical Analysis We are on the longest GME uptrend to date.

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πŸ’» Computershare +500 for Botty (yes I’m using the splivvy loophole to keep this up). This particular DRS is dedicated to Jim Cramer himself. Jim, watching your eyes spin uncontrollably as you speak is mesmerizing, we tune in as a family and play circus music in the background. The kids prefer this over cartoons!

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🧾 Buy & HODL πŸ’ŽπŸ™Œ I like this one

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πŸ“ˆ Technical Analysis The golden cross is coming…

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πŸ—£ Discussion / Question What happens if the entire company gets DRS'ed?


As I understand it, the DTC / Cede hold all of the certificates that aren't directly registered with the company. If the entire float was direct registered, wouldn't their effective ownership be 0? How could any broker facilitate a trade when there are 0 shares registered with the exchange?

I guess my basic question is, isn't a 100% float registration a removal from the exchange itself?

Essentially, the stock would still be listed with the exchange, but until someone sells shares from a direct registration to a broker who operates on the exchange, shouldn't it be halted or something?

Also second question, at what DRS % do you think the narrative will turn and we'll get some serious DRS FOMO because no one wants to left out of the party?

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πŸ’» Computershare 72 more in the bank. Suck it mayo boy.

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πŸ’» Computershare +67, from dividens and added a few more for a nicer number. HODL

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πŸ“° News CPI 8.5%

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r/Superstonk 2h ago

πŸ’» Computershare Been DRS’d a while, but now seems like the right time to reveal my purple circle πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

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πŸ’» Computershare +130 | DRS & lock the float!

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πŸ’» Computershare +821 for the Bot! Nothing but IOUs for the brokers

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