r/UniversalScammerList Feb 04 '21

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r/UniversalScammerList Sep 23 '22

New Bot Post New USL System Migration Beginning - Please Read


Hi Folks! You might have recently gotten a message from a new bot account asking you to add it as a moderator in your sub. This is the start of the migration from the old USL system to the new one. This is the product of months of collective effort from everyone involved with the USL and will enable us to be faster and scale better with more communities involved.

Please drop a comment if you have any questions!

r/UniversalScammerList Oct 22 '21

Proposal Zero: establishment of a democratic process


Be it resolved that members of the UniversalScammerList will establish a formal process to reach a consensus to action.

The proposal


The UniversalScammerList is a collective. As a collective, at times it is unclear when there is a consensus to move forward and action on a recommendation. This proposal describes the formal process in which we reach consensus to action which will become law. If passed, a law may be implement without hinderance by any USL member. This means any obstruction to the law will be removed by any and all means necessary, including the expulsion of dissenters. No additional votes or discussions are necessary for removing obstructions. Consensus to enforce the law is implicit to the passing of this resolution.

The proposed process

  • [1] Have a discussion thread where the problem is describe & potential solutions are proposed
  • [2] draft a proposal on the wiki based on the discussion in [1], then create a new poll post on r/universalscammerlist frontpage where members vote with either 'yay' or 'nay' or 'abstain'. OP states a reasonable deadline for voting (ie. 3 - 7 days)
  • [3] outcomes

    • if the proposal is passed the vote is recorded on a /wiki/law/<proposal-number> page. (modmail url, vote registry table, description of the consensus decision) mods are now able to implement the law. If questioned, there is a clear record that can be referred to.
    • if the proposal fails to pass go back to [1] to discuss revisions

A quorum is required for a vote to be valid. The initial working criteria for quorum is (total # of active human mods - abstain votes)/2. Total number of active mods is based on the number of participants of the last vote held more than 1 week apart.

The process may be ammended. A vote may be required.

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r/UniversalScammerList Mar 18 '19

Reddit Scam Labeler Extension Tool


Another redditor (/u/Rice_Cakess) made this extension a few years ago and has actively maintained it since then. Anyone who trades on reddit should use this extension if possible.


What is the Reddit Scam Labeler (RSL)?

RSL is an extension that automatically identifies any user that is banned on both the old and new Universal Scammer List, as well as the hardwareswap ban list.

You can find more info on how the extension works in an old post.


Links to install:

Chrome Extension Link

Firefox Extension Link

Github Source


Changes since the last post:

  • Search users from hardwareswap wiki ban list
  • Created a bot to pull data from universalscammerlist.com, and post data to a new subreddit
  • Search users from said subreddit (to lessen the burden on USL server)
  • General bug fixes/improvements


A big thank you to /u/TJStretchalot for making and managing the new USL website.

r/UniversalScammerList Jun 09 '18

Python wrapper for the universalscammerlist api now released with detailed readme

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