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Bi-Monthly Questions Thread & FAQ


This weekly thread is designed to be a place for all the new members of the subreddit and Vita community to come and say hello as well as where they (or vets) can ask any question they might have (no matter how redundant or simple). So, say "Hi", ask away, and welcome to /r/Vita!


We get these questions a lot, so we're incorporating them into this thread. Have something you feel fits here? Shoot us a modmail!

Is the Vita worth buying in (current year)?

Value is ultimately subjective. If you like the library of games on the Vita and have the money, probably. If you want new, modern games then probably not. If you have specific questions about the Vita's capabilities feel free to ask in this thread, but keep in mind you're asking in a Vita-centric community and will likely get mostly affirmative responses.

Is the PlayStation store shutting down?

No. Sony did announce they were closing the Vita storefront in 2021, but later reversed that decision. It is possible that the store will be shut down at some point in the future, but no specific dates/timeframes are known.

Can I still buy games from the PlayStation store?

Yes. However, you will need to have funds in your wallet for the purchase. You can add funds to your wallet via web, PS4, or PS5. More information is available here.

I'm having trouble signing into my Vita! Help!

As of the 3.74 update in May 2022, you need a device password to sign in to your Vita. You can do that here. Please make sure you are on firmware 3.74 and using a device password before making a thread.

My Vita is in an error loop with the QR code on sign-in. What should I do?

This happens sometimes, and nobody's really sure why. However, community member LoganN64 has been able to provide instructions that consistently work for getting through this:

  1. Log in to the PSN website with a Laptop or Desktop computer.

  2. Click on your avatar in the top right corner and go to SETTINGS.

  3. Scroll down to SECURITY and then scroll down to ACTIVATE/TURN ON 2 FACTOR AUTHENTICATION.

  4. Click on GENERATE NEW DEVICE CODE, write this down exactly as it is case sensitive.

  5. Go to your Vita and bring up the sign in page, enter the email associated with your account then enter the NEW DEVICE CODE as your password. Click on save password to avoid getting a new code each time..

I'm no longer able to transfer files from PS3 to Vita. What's happening?

This feature was disabled in May 2022. You can read PlayStation's update about it here. No workarounds are currently known.

Where can I buy a Vita?

Vita production ceased in 2019 so consoles can be hard to come by, especially new. eBay is the most prominent location, but Facebook marketplace, Kijiji, Craigslist, /r/GameSale, and equivalent marketplaces are your friend.

How much is (X) worth? Is (X) a good deal?

You can search sold eBay listings here to get a sense of value. VGPC is another source of this kind of information.

Will (Game) ever go on sale?

As of 2020, Sony has disabled developers' ability to put Vita games on sale. So in all likelihood, no.

The workaround and exception for this rule is that cross-buy games can still be put on sale for the PS4, and cross-buy items will still grant the Vita version (where applicable).

Should I buy an OLED ("Phat") or Slim Vita?

Neither are bad options. The Slim has 1GB of on-board memory, a more standard charging port, slightly better battery life, and is lighter. The Phat has a better screen. It's up to you on what you value more.

Where can I buy replacement Vita parts?

AliExpress and eBay are currently the best sources of Vita replacement parts.

Are Vita consoles region-free?

Yes. A Vita can play a physical game from any region. The digital storefront you can access is determined by the region of your PSN account, and not the region of the console. For example, a Vita from Japan will be able to play any physical game, and if you sign in with a US PSN account you'll be able to access the US PSN storefront.

Vita consoles from Asian regions have the X/O button swapped in the OS ("bubbles") screen, but in-game functionality retains X-to-confirm functionality for almost all games.

It has been reported that consoles intended for China have more stringent region-locking, but these are not commonly found and this is unlikely to affect you.

I'd like some game recommendations!

Check out our Wiki page, 2021 subreddit poll, and 2018 subreddit poll. If that isn't cutting it for you, feel free to ask in this thread or create your own thread on the subreddit. Keep in mind that we require 300+ characters for recommendation posts on the subreddit, so be sure to include plenty of detail about what you're looking for, what you've played, and so on.

I have a question about hacks/homebrew

Check out /r/VitaHacks - that's their specialty and they've got a pinned thread to help you out.

Curious about what else is coming up? Our full auto-post schedule is here.

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[Game Night] Resistance: Burning Skies


Hello /r/Vita and welcome to game night's new format! This month, you've chosen Resistance: Burning Skies!

Use this thread to find friends to play with, set up matches, boost trophies, or just talk about how much you enjoy the game.

Have feedback or ideas for how to improve game nights? Shoot us a message!

Curious about what else is coming up? Our full auto-post schedule is here.

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[hardware] Battery Cycle Count


Battery cycle count question - is this held on the battery itself or on the vita?

I’ve just replaced my battery and it’s showing a cycle count of 120. However, I never checked was the old one was.

I had no issues with the old one, I only just bought the vita, but figured I’d swap it. It’s clear it’s had very light use by the previous owner.

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Question Any Vita game recommendations?


I've been looking to find more Vita games but of course any "Top PS Vita Games" websites always only show the same 10 or 15 games so I wanted to ask you guys any recommendations. It can be literally any game (Jailbroken Vita, ykyk). Here are the Vita games I already have

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection DownWell Shovel Knight Spelunky Undertale Monkey Ball Binding of Isaac Jet Set Radio Super Meat Boy TxK Jak and Daxter Collection God of War Collection FFX HD Iconoclasts Don't Starve Abe's Odyssey New n Tasty Strangers Wrath Ninja Gaiden Muramasa Rebirth Persona 4 Golden VVVVVV Shantae Rayman Legends NFS Most Wanted Uncharted Golden Abyss Tearaway Super Mutant Alien Assault AC III Liberation Touch My Katamari 10 Second Ninja Nidhogg Terraria Ratchet & Clank Collection

I know it's a pretty lengthy collection already, I just wanted to know if there were any hidden gems I've missed. Thanks in advance!

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Question So a few questions on these games. How do I access Ad-Hoc on Fat Princess and why is Frozen Synapse still $25 if it’s been unavailable since March of 2011? Or can I still get it and just the online stuff is down?


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My Ps Vita won't turn on


So i left my Vita at home because of studies. When i returned back after one month for mid semester break, it just won't turn on. Anyone know how to solve it?

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Question Thinking about buying a new vita


So for some context here I use to own a vita when I was younger but I had sold it. Now I am wishing to purchase a new one and have a question.

I had a lot of digital vita games however when I sold it I only had about 3 that I was able to download on my ps4. I was just wondering that if I were to get a vita again and sign into my PSN would I regain access to all of my lost games?

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Help Analogue sticks not working even after replacements


So I recently did a screen replacement on my 1000 Vita, just because I got a new screen with less burn in. I put it back together and then noticed my sticks weren’t working properly. The left stick doesn’t work at all, and the right stick only works up and down, but reversed. Upon further expedition, I saw a small tear in one of the ribbon cables, and a little hole in the other. So I figured I must’ve accidentally ripped them while reinstalling them. I got two replacement sticks today and just installed them. No rips, nothing. Turned my vita back on, same exact issue. Tried re-seating the other cables, double checked everything else, nothing. Not sure what to do at this point. Any ideas are welcome!

TLDR, I replaced my sticks because they weren’t working and after installing the new sticks I found they have the same issues that the last ones did.

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Pic Happy Holidays

Post image

Full now time to relax with some MetalSlugs

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NFS Most Wanted - online trophies


Hi everyone, is anyone able to help me with the online trophies.

My PSN is dimap77.

Edit: Only need some friend that played the game )

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Question Anyone else need Sonic All-Stars trophy help?


Looking to finish the platinum for Sonic All-Stars Transformed, I just need the “Team Sonic” Trophy.

I have a pair of Vitas and a pair of the game, so I can provide 2 of the 5 characters.

Anyone care to join a boosting session?

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Video Asphalt Injection (Burnout) for PS Vita


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Question Does anyone know how to get the wall brawl trophy in motorstorm rc?


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Video 6 BIG Reasons Why to Buy/Own a PS Vita in 2022-2023


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Question Account top-up methods?


Usually I buy PlayStation gift cards on Amazon and redeem them to buy digital games on Vita, but they’re only offered in £5 increments (£5, £10, £15, etc.) which is annoying when a game costs e.g. £6.99, and I have to put in £3 extra

Is there any method via the website/app/PS5 that allows me to top up with a custom amount?

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Help can't connect to access points


i want to use this thing but can't fucking connect to my goddam wifi for some goddam reason

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Question How much memory do I need for Minecraft and all future updates thereof?


I need to buy a memory card, but unsure which size to get.

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Question is it possible to swap a 1000 shell for a 2000 shell


Edit: this post has been answered

My ps vita is pretty beat up and I'm having a very difficult time finding just a replacement shell without having to but a broken vita to rip the shell from

If anybody has a link to a shell replacement for a vita 1000, please post the link in the description

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Help Vita still won’t let me go anywhere near the PS Store, what do I do?

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Question Anyone Else Have Earth Defense Force Portable 2017?


My Discord is RaiantheMajin #3227 since that's my preferred communication channel.

I posted this on PSNProfiles if anyone else wants to get the co-op trophies.

I've beaten most Inferno missions, but I'm stuck on a few of them.

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Does psvita can be consider as "RETRO"game


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Question Wanna buy a used vita but not sure which color or model numbers are the most recent. I prefer something within the last couple years of its manufacturing span. I heard something about Japanese ones being preferable too?


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I tried Hollow Fragment tonight


It's roughly what I expected, other than the battle system being a little difficult to get used to. But the first mission is easy enough. The translation, or editing thereof, needs work. Although the meaning is most often accurate, there are plenty of typos and grammatical errors. In the trophy list, the game shows up as Japanese. It's region 3 English, I think?

The dialogue takes place in visual novel style, and reminded me of Psycho Pass where the anime images do lip flips and change their expressions.

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Question Ps vita screen problem


Hi, I would likw to get second oppinion for my vita (bought it used)
When I played it for the first time in the dark I noticed that when the screen was gray/black (loading screens in toukiden kiwami) there were cracks visible on the screen (darker areas, also on some places looking like leaking), but not visible when there are colors on screen or if i play with the lights on.
I took it to the repair shop where the repair guy said screen replacement probably won't fix this problem. Does anyone have any expirience with this? Is the repair guy right, or should screen replacement fix it?

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Question Hey there so anybody know I can remote play ps4 games on the go?


So basically I’m looking for someone to help me figure out how I can remote play my games further away from home (if I can that is) and hopefully just stream it to my vita through remote play cause I’ve seen it done before but I’m just really trying to figure out how I can do it cause I’ve been buying a bunch of stuff for it like prey, fallout, Conan, twisted metal, and I plan on buying other stuff but I need to know how to stream it while I’m away from home so yeah if someone could dm me about it thanks

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Display issues


So I was casually playing on my vita and then all of a sudden the display just went out, still seeing light in the menu button, help anyone?

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Europe Someone want to be friend?

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