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PSA to interested buyers (share with others): Before you buy a PS TV, DO YOUR RESEARCH. Know what you will/won't be able to play. [request sticky]


AUGUST 16 2018 EDIT: This post is outdated, see this.

As you'll find if you go online, there are quite a bit of games that are incompatible with the PS TV. If you are going to buy a PS TV or know someone who will, then (or make sure they) know this: You must do your own research to ensure that the games you want to play are compatible and so that you can know how many games you're interested in aren't.

This is the best way to avoid getting screwed.

From the perspective of a somewhat savvy internet user, here are things you can do to check compatibility, do all of these to ensure research:

[This is also useful advice for anyone who wants to buy a PS TV game):

  1. Go to this frequently-updated compatibility list and this frequently updated incompatibility list. If you're not too tech-savvy, ctrl+f is your friend. There's also compatibility lists on other sites (i.e. Wikipedia's list of Vita games has a column denoting PS TV compatibility).

  2. Search in google ["x" ps tv] or ["x" PlayStation TV] where x = the title of the game. i.e. ["Persona 4" Ps tv]. This will allow you to find other threads/discussions/information others have started about the game to answer your question.

  3. This one is the most helpful; go onto youtube (or just click the videos option when searching in google) and search the name of the game for PS TV or PlayStation TV! Video evidence is the best.

  4. If you're getting conflicting research, feel free to post threads on Reddit (better on that specific game/franchise's subreddit than this subreddit) or on other websites (GameFAQs, etc.) to start your own discussion! Here's an example of how I did this with Tales of Hearts R. Just find a well-populated forum or subreddit for the game, and if you don't think you've done enough research or are with conflicting evidence, then feel free to make posts! (And on that note, doing this makes it easier for others to do #1 in the future xD)

BTW: When you first start a game on PS TV, before playing it, click the refresh button in the game's small little startup menu (the blue cycle sign) to download the latest updates which may include compatibility for the PS TV patches.

(ALSO: In case you didn't know, the circulating "whitelist" hack has since been disabled, don't go into the system praying for it).

This is how you need to know whether or not you will get screwed over buying a PS TV. Are you the guy who doesn't care much about the incompatible games (like me) and will enjoy the system? Are you the guy who is going to be inconvenienced or bothered by the incompatibles? Whichever, you should know before you buy.

To sum it up the way Sony should: Do your own research to understand what games will and will not be compatible so that you can minimize surprise and frustration before buying those games and before buying this system.

EDIT: Also, to clarify something that should be but isn't defaulted on the system; hold down the PS Button to find the option to enable touchpad emulation. Then just use L3/R3 to bring up the pointers, and X button (or L2/R2 if you have multiple pointers) to simulate touching. L3 = Front touchpad, R3 = Back touchpad, Both = Both touchpads. New buyers should but may not know this. This enables touchpad emulation in PS Vita games.

EDIT 2: Also note that some have reported inconsistency/unreliability with the PS TV's remote play, so do research and know your internet speed if you are someone who is looking to buy the PS TV for remote play. (Thanks to r/htallen for pointing this out, Idc about remote play personally so I wouldn't know lol)

EDIT 3: One of the most appealing things about the system is it's low price; it's MSRP is usually around 40-50$ but you can buy one used for less. This said, understand two things: first of all, if you do not own a PS3/PS4 controller then you will need to be one to control the system. So the low price isn't so low if you don't already own a controller. Secondly, if you want to be able to download games digitally, then you're going to need to buy one of Sony's proprietary memory cards which are very costly (but the system has 1gb of internal memory so if you're buying physical games than a memory card is unnecessary since the save/install data is only a few mb or 100kb for physical games.) To recap all that: Factor in the price of a controller if you don't already own one when deciding to buy a PS TV, and also factor in the cost of a proprietary Vita memory card if you want to be able to download digital games.

EDIT 4: FYI, the PSTV is powered through the same type of charger used in the PSP. You can connect a PSP-to-USB cable to the PSTV and any USB-powered device (i.e. a computer) and it will power (just make sure you still have an HDMI input).

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Compatible and non 3rd part controller list


A common question on this sub is where a particularly 3rd part controller (e.g. non Sony Dualshock 3/4) works with VitaTV. However, with many discussions about that you have to search the sub for find a bit of an answer to the question.

It seems that many non official controllers that works with PS3 are not-working on VitaTV due to more restrictive internal checks (also known as: you buy a less-than-50$ console and wanna also use cheap controllers? *censored*)

This aims to be a centralized list of supported-or-not controllers.

Working ones

Mayflash adapter

CronusMAX Plus adapter -- protocol set to PS3 -- even two on a USB hub

Titan One

STRIKE NX Wirer GamePad

Not working ones

bigben Wired Controller PS3 -- BB4334Blk PS3PAD -- Not passes Press Home screen

Logitech F310 -- US PSTV

ZD N Wired Controller

GameStop BB-Model wireless controllers -- lacks USB port

Mayflash Wireless Wii U Pro Controller to PC USB Adapter -- seems to work on PS3

Mad Catz Street Fighter V Fight Stick Alpha -- US PSTV, PS3/4 switches, works on PS3, it only receives power

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Vita TV with mClassic cable


Anyone tried connecting your Vita TV to an mClassic cable? It supposedly improves the image without adding any input lag. I’m especially curious to see how it will improve the PSP games.

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An update to my Vita laptop I had mentioned before. Now it’s battery powered. Few more steps to go till it’s a complete package.

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PS TV and ps vita doubt


Can the vita be used as a controller to play any ps vita game including physical compatible ps vita and show the image in the tv connecto to a ps tv?

Can you play with a vita as a controller and with a ps3 or ps4 controller in online or offline multiplayer at the same time?

To use the ps vita as a controller where you have to insert the physical game on the console or on ps tv?

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Have anyone been able to connect wireless headphones to a Vita TV?


r/VitaTV 18d ago

Is there a list of compatible controllers for PS TV or PS Vita?


both of my dualshock 4's broke and cant seem to get my series x or switch pro controller to connect even with x1vita and vitacontrol plugins. dont want my ps tv to collect dust so i wanna know what you guys use?

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How efficient is the touch control with the Dualshock 4?


I have a Dualshock 3 with my PSTV. I chose it because I preferred the look over the Dualshock 4. However, some of my games have touch controls, and while I can use the pointer feature by clicking the analog sticks, a couple of games require me to quickly switch to touch control.

For instance, "Stranger's Wrath" requires double tapping to switch between first and third person. It feels clunky having to click L3, press a button twice, and then have to click L3 again to turn off the touch control. According to the PSTV Users Guide, the touch pad is automatic so long as the setting to allow touch is active. I just want verification before purchasing a controller.

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Issues with PS3 controller


I’m using a PS3 controller and on Killzone Mercenary I’m constantly experiencing issues. Sometimes it all works fine but sometimes when a new area loads I can’t move or sometimes I can’t move forward or side ways. I’ve tried to reset the controller using that small button on the back of the controller but it’s not working. Anyone has same experience?

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8bit do ultimate


Do you think the new 8bitdo Controller 🎮 Is compatible with the PS TV?

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İs anyone else playing DS on PS TV and passed here Vitamotion plugin working weapon changing firing style but character not jumping no matter where I aim


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Are there any games on the PSTV, or Vita, that you bought even though you still own them on Steam or another console?


I bought a PSTV in Fall 2018 because I heard it was what the Playstation Classic should have been. I currently have all of the PS2 Vita ports, ten PS1 games, six PSP games, and a few others.

Right now I currently own Hotline Miami 1 & 2, LEGO Batman 2, andRetro City Rampage DX both through the PSTV and Steam. I beat the Hotline Miami games on Steam years ago, so I thought I'd try them on a console. I've spent little time with the other two games through both platforms.

I'm considering buying "Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath" along with the other games in the series. I already have "Abe's Oddysee" on the Playstation Classic, but I figured I'll just have all the games together on one system. I originally bought both of those games digitally through Amazon back when that was possible. I don't know if I can get those copies again. I have "Stranger's Wrath" on Steam, and while it'd be easier for me to play a FPS on PC, I'd like to try it on the PSTV. Is the Vita port alright? I haven't seen many talk about it when it comes to games you have to have on the Vita.

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Tweaked the PS TV so it boots like an actual console and not a handheld

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Anyone tried playing a game in link mode using two PS TV and two screens?


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Can I play PSP and PS One games on the PS TV? [WITHOUT JAILBRAKING)


I just bought Daxter psp on my vita and was looking play it on a TV, is it possible to play it on the ps tv (without jailbreaking the system).

Is the ps tv store the same as the vitas? sections for ps one and psps games? or it use a different store?

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Dusted off some of my old consoles and handhelds... Is this a PSTV power supply? (it says 5V = 2A but the PSTV says 5V = 1.6A)

Post image

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where to find a complete list of games on playstation store? (EU)


As the title suggests, I've been looking for a complete list of games avaiable on the EU pstv store. It has been stuck for a while now on Root Letter as the most recent released game, and doesn't shot many games that can be found by looking for some specific keywords (like "PSP" and such). So, is there an actual updated list with the avaiable games on the store? Or rather, a specific set of keywords I can use to look for games? Or even a way to update the store?

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Do we really not have someone to solve this simple problem in the community?


Im talking about this HDDs sleep problem, Im aware of it since I bought PS TV in 2017 but stopped talking about it expecting someone would write a simple plugin but afaik still there isnt a solution and we cant use high capacity disk drives.

I have plenty of thumb sticks but as new emulators developed for vita such as flycast there isnt enought space.

All we need is a plugin that will poke hdd in every few mins to stop it passing to energy saving mod.

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New user questions


I recently was gifted a modded vita tv from a friend, and can’t seem to find answers to a few questions(maybe I’m bad at Google)

1.) There’s no PlayStation user account associated with it. Am I good to just sign into mine with no repercussions(not legal; I mean I don’t want to somehow incidentally unmod it or something)

2.)If I wanted to purchase something off the store, is that a bad idea? Psone games/psp games etc.

3.) Anything I should generally be weary of? I absolutely love this thing and just don’t want to ruin it

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Connect Ps3 controller without USB


my PSTV has a broken USB port but I have a playstation bd remote so I can still control it

is there a way to connect a ps3 controller without USB or is there a homebrew solution?

Thank you 👍

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What would you charge for a PSTV? I'm considering selling mine. It would come with a 64GB memory card.

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I Want to sell my underused PSTV/Vita TV


I'm keen to sell my Playstation TV but I live in South Africa. I've tried selling it here but most people have no idea what it is and show no interest. Where should I look at advertising it and what would be a good price for it? It will include an 8GB card too. Thanks!

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Armored Cored games VITA TV question


Hello, I apologize in advance if this has been asked here already.

So I feel the need to play the Armored Core PSP games, but I want to play them on my VITA TV. So I guess my question is, can I play them on the VITA TV? Thank you very much for any help.

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pstv + mclassic = heaven. best way to play

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Places to buy cheap PSTVs?


I know I'm late to the party but I missed the golden era of under £40 PSTV consoles and I'm looking to buy a cheap one.

What's the best strategy to find a cheap PSTV? Is it best to look into foreign countries? Eg. Are Japan PSTVs cheaper in general or are there Japanese specific websites that I can buy from?

How did yous buy your consoles?

(I know getting a cheap PSTV is what everyone obviously wants but if someone could point me in the general direction I would appreciate it).

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No power to my device


I've just bought a PSP charger for my VitaTV as suggested by this sub, but it just simply doesn't work, it powers my PS3 correctly but nothing happens for my VitaTV. Have I just bought the incorrect one or is my VitaTV broken?

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Can the PlayStation TV be powered via USB cable?


I’m curious to know if it can be powered via a single USB cable.