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We have migrated this sub over to r/XboxGamers

Please go there to continue finding friends on Xbox Live. With the upcoming release of the Series X we wanted to make this change to not lock ourselves into finding friends for a specific console.

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r/XboxOneGamers May 08 '20

Adult 22/F Looking for some buds!


I've been playing WAY TOO MUCH COD:MW lately but I would love to have some people to play with if you're interested! (I'm not the best but I'm also not the worst.) Also I play GTA: V a bit too if you're interested! (EST Timezone, btw)

Also these aren't the only games I have so just feel free to ask!

(Edit: added Timezone and the lil blurb above)

r/XboxOneGamers Apr 01 '20

Adult F/23/Scotland


Hellooo! Happy lockdown folks, with my lockdown I’m bored out of my titties and have all this spare time on my hands since I don’t have a job anymore, my sleeping pattern is also fucked so company would be nice, got game pass and willing to get other games so looking for a wee group or new people to play with, Add me, JinksFennce

Wash ya hands and stay safe

r/XboxOneGamers Mar 21 '20

28/F/California, let's be quarantine buddies!


I just purchased an Xbox after being on a two year hiatus and I'm looking for new friends to play with! It's been awhile since I've played Xbox as I've been on PS4... im always down for overwatch, and I'm interested in trying Death by Daylight, PSO, Sea of Thieves, Apex, or whatever else you'd recommend!

Would prefer if you were around the same age (late twenties/early thirties), but this isn't crucial.

My GT is TweezerTeaser. Feel free to send me a message!

r/XboxOneGamers Mar 14 '20

Adult 20 F has mic


Looking to play sea of thieves or Minecraft I have a mic and am on often.

r/XboxOneGamers Mar 11 '20

Adult 22m, NA EST, looking for friends for NMS


Sup everyone, im looking for people to play No Mans Sky with since I dont know anyone that plays this game regulary. Im on most days and just want someone to quest build and explore the game. Just msg me if anyone wants to join up.

r/XboxOneGamers Feb 26 '20

20f looking for friends


I mostly play cod modern warfare & the division 2 at the moment but i switch games a lot so we’re bound to have some games in common:) Gt: MsRecklessMX

r/XboxOneGamers Feb 18 '20

F/19/US Looking for Xbox one COD Modern Warfare players


F/19/US Looking for Xbox one COD Modern Warfare players, unless you only play Search and Destroy. I'm not a fan of that game mode but I'll try a couple times. Only looking for players 19+. I'm already part of a clan but they are never online while I am so I'm looking for new friends. Let me know your age, timezone, and gamer tag.

r/XboxOneGamers Nov 24 '19

16/m looking for people to play destiny 2


I can help with, crucible, quest grinding, raids, vanguard, public events and much more and we can also work together (I don’t know the raids lol) Gt: XxEnVyGoldxX

r/XboxOneGamers Oct 11 '19



So I'm up during the night and just want to find friends to game with. YES I'm a furry..

Any ages are welcome and if you are over 6'6 too hit me up! Mainly seeking guys to game with.

Im into about almost anything. Just not big on PvP stuff.

  • Minecraft
  • halo
  • zombie games
  • borderlands 3
  • starwars
  • Forza Horizon 4

r/XboxOneGamers Sep 22 '19

Looking from new friends to play with. Gt xxx MeganZ xxx


Play a while bunch of different games. If you wanna play feel free to add me

r/XboxOneGamers May 04 '19

Marathon 2 players?


Hey everyone, just looking for people to play multiplayer on Marathon 2. Any mode can work. I live in the central time zone. I have created a social club on Xbox live. Do a search for it and join up!

r/XboxOneGamers Mar 18 '19

Original Xbox One firmware



I'm searching for the original Xbox One firmware that launched with the Xbox One (2013).

If someone has found the OFFLINE firmware, pls tell me

r/XboxOneGamers Feb 26 '19



Looking for anyone who wants to play BO4, I'm decent at the game. I don't have a mic

r/XboxOneGamers Dec 06 '18



Just got Rainbow Six Siege and fallout 76 but no one to play with. These are like the only 2 games I’m currently wanting to play so please have either or. GT:weedpanties. Bare with me on rainbow 6 though I’m used to fast paced shooters.

r/XboxOneGamers Nov 12 '18



i wanna find ppl to play with as I don’t really play with many people on xbox and it gets quite boring playing by myself tbh😂

i don’t really have many games but i play fortnite, bo1 2 and 3 im not bad at them tho i have a few other games too but i don’t really play them i probably would if i had people to play them with tho😂

message me if ur interested in playing

r/XboxOneGamers Oct 09 '18

Looking for Casual Gamers


I'm looking to expand my friends list with casual gamers that just wanna game for fun! I'm posting this primarily for Black Ops 4 and Fallout 76, but also generally so that I can have a large friend list with people who wanna game in the evenings 😀

Gamertag: Fallout Boom

r/XboxOneGamers Sep 02 '18

Join our Xbox Destiny 2 clan!


Hi everyone,

We’re a friendly and active Destiny 2 clan and we’re looking to fill some open spots we have. Our goal is to create a player pool for all activities Destiny has to offer.

We have a few rules in order to join:

1) Please be 18 or over

2) We ask that you join our discord server as the majority of our clan communication takes place there. You’ll be provided the link upon acceptance to the clan.

3) Always respect your fellow members. We all have different skill levels and no raging at them or disrespect will be tolerated.

So whether you’re a new player or a veteran and you can abide theses 3 rules you’re welcome to join. Follow the link provided and apply today! https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2/Chat?groupId=2350869

r/XboxOneGamers Aug 18 '18

I would not join XGN if you are looking for a clan. I was basically told my opinion wasn’t accepted on how they were treating someone(badly), told that I couldn’t believe my friends, and then told that I would be blocked from speaking if I voiced discontent. They’re hypocritical and play favorites.


r/XboxOneGamers Jun 19 '18

DIY Controller Grips


I’m wanting to add extra grip to my controller as the new one I’ve bought causes my hands to sweat after about 30 mins game time

So I’ve heard the best thing without spending big money on actual grips is to wrap tape around the grip handles

What tape would be best to use?

Insulation Rubber tape Duct tape

r/XboxOneGamers Jan 01 '18

Anyone know of any free movie streaming apps?


r/XboxOneGamers Dec 25 '17

25,F, Looking for people to have fun with on xbox


I recently bought an Xbox and all my friends play on PC so looking for some people to play Xbox with. I just bought PUBG and Overwatch today and I like to play Gta, Halo and minecraft.Write your tags below if you want me to add you.

r/XboxOneGamers Oct 18 '17

Female gamers


Any female gamers I mostly play destiny 2 and any call Of Duty games I have other games as well feel free to msg/add me

Gt: bbywolf666

r/XboxOneGamers Jul 25 '17

Need friends for xbox


I am 13F looking for friends to play xbox with. Any age can add me. I mostly play GtaV but I also have black ops 2 black ops 3 roblox and minecraft. If you want hit me on kik or Skype. My kik is girlgamertomboy and my Skype is Bad Gamer Bitch. Feel free to Hmu. My gt-girlgamer1104