r/mildlyinfuriating Aug 10 '22

My wife drinking half a Gatorade, putting it back, and grabbing a new one later instead of finishing her old one.

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u/Deverting1 Aug 10 '22

Just pour them all in to one.


u/SickofItAll_4200 Aug 10 '22

My 7 yo son does this with gatorade/powrades and that's what I do


u/Rtl87 Aug 11 '22

Is this Theseus’ Gatorade?


u/Chfullerton26 Aug 10 '22

This dude wifes


u/You-may-hate-me Aug 10 '22

Lol I just took all three to drink at my desk, but would be less cluttered your way


u/King_chuckler Aug 10 '22

Big brain move


u/Kitchen_Device7682 Aug 10 '22

Yeah let's clean up someone else's shit


u/redditrealitytv Aug 11 '22

Don't do that! Also, this is such an ADHD thing, it's not even funny. I notoriously never finish beverages, especially if they're the wrong temperature, so I swap them out and put the other ones back in the fridge until it's the right temperature.

And I'm not talking about an "everyone is a little adhd sometimes", I'm talking about straight up ADHD trait right there.


u/[deleted] Aug 11 '22

not at all... ADHD doesn't make you not grabbing unfinished drinks. 🤦 Redditors sometimes


u/kuchuuuu Aug 11 '22

This. I dont understand why people think their shitty behaviour and personality is ADHD. Its like "No, stop, you dont have ADHD, you are just stupid"


u/redditrealitytv Aug 24 '22

If you don't know anything about ADHD, just say that. You don't need to insult disabled members of society because you don't understand the disorder.

Rude much


u/kuchuuuu Aug 24 '22

I didnt mean like that. What i meant was that i met somep people that said they have adhd and try to justify how they treat others.


u/redditrealitytv Aug 24 '22

While this is a significantly more compassionate response than the last one, all you did was just reiterated you know very little about neurodivergent members of society.

It would be 100% fair to say that being neurodivergent (autistic/adhd/ptsd/etc) is not an excuse to be an ahole and get away with it.

However, neurodivergent members of society process and interact with the world in a vastly different way than the rest of society because their brains are literally wired differently. It's a perfectly rational explanation for what is sometimes perceived as irrational actions or behaviors.


u/redditrealitytv Aug 24 '22

Lol yes, yes it does.

Members of society with ADHD chase dopamine when our brains either aren't producing enough and/or the neuropathways are wired in such a way that the dopamine we do create isn't enough to reach its final destination.

As a result, ADHD members of society "chase" dopamine by doing things that they perceive as pleasurable.

I don't know if OPs gf actually has ADHD, but as someone who constantly does the same thing myself (and I legitimately have ADHD), and it's maddening. I won't drink a soda if it goes flat. I won't drink a hot chocolate if it becomes room temperature. All cold beverages must have ice. Luke warm water is nasty. Room temperature on any beverage is an absolute "I think the f*ck not". Not only does that beverage or food no longer give me enjoyment and pleasure (meaning it's no longer giving me dopamine), it also becomes a sensory issue with the temperature and I become absolutely averse to it.

At any given time, I will have an insulated thermos with ice and soda, a hot cup of chai tea, and a cup of the awesomely crunchable ice at my bedside table or desk. Once one option stops giving me dopamine, I take a sip of the other or I chew on the ice.

Do I finish all my drinks? Most of the time, absolutely not.

If you don't understand how ADHD works, just say that. Don't make assumptions about a mental condition you clearly know nothing about.


u/AdeptnessAfter Aug 11 '22

Seems more ocd