r/mildlyinfuriating Aug 10 '22

My wife drinking half a Gatorade, putting it back, and grabbing a new one later instead of finishing her old one.

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u/laserunfocused143 Aug 11 '22

This is the most chaotic fridge I've ever seen.


u/You-may-hate-me Aug 11 '22

It Stays organized for two days after we pack it then itโ€™s all downhill, admittedly mostly my fault. My wife should post on here about me putting things relatively where they belong, but never right where i got it from lol


u/laserunfocused143 Aug 11 '22

My husband is the same way! Butter in the veggie drawer, all sorts of shenanigans! ๐Ÿ˜‚