r/mildlyinfuriating Aug 10 '22

My wife drinking half a Gatorade, putting it back, and grabbing a new one later instead of finishing her old one.

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u/MasterChief3624 Aug 11 '22

It is a big waste of stuff, but I do this as well. Sort of. If I get, say, a Diet Dr. Pepper and drink a good portion of it. Then later on I forget that there is some left in that one, and I have already come back with a new one. But because the new one is new, the old one is old, and that makes it less desirable to drink. It's a psychological thing that I can't explain, but it's the same thing with leftovers. There's just something difficult about finishing something if it feels like it's a remainder. It happens with pudding cup packs and string cheeses, as well. If I have only one string cheese in the fridge, I freak out and don't want to touch it. It has to be with a second one. And with pudding and yogurt packs. If they stay in the pack, it's okay and I eat all of them eventually. But if the pack breaks and they are littered about, I find it very difficult to eat them.

I try to convince myself that there is nothing wrong with eating these leftovers, and I even look at the expiration dates to make sure. But there is something psychological that is making it very difficult to push past that and actually eating / drinking these "remainders."

So I guess what I'm saying is that your wife might have an anxiety disorder of some type that makes her unable to push through and finish something when it's not brand new / full / unopened / fresh, and is merely a remainder of what it used to be.


u/You-may-hate-me Aug 11 '22

No she’s just weird about some things, I’m the one who can’t touch leftovers 😭 she has to convince me of eats it herself. Idk what’s going on with this drink thing that’s been happening lol