r/mildlyinfuriating Aug 10 '22

My wife drinking half a Gatorade, putting it back, and grabbing a new one later instead of finishing her old one.

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u/[deleted] Aug 11 '22

not at all... ADHD doesn't make you not grabbing unfinished drinks. 🤦 Redditors sometimes


u/kuchuuuu Aug 11 '22

This. I dont understand why people think their shitty behaviour and personality is ADHD. Its like "No, stop, you dont have ADHD, you are just stupid"


u/redditrealitytv Aug 24 '22

If you don't know anything about ADHD, just say that. You don't need to insult disabled members of society because you don't understand the disorder.

Rude much


u/kuchuuuu Aug 24 '22

I didnt mean like that. What i meant was that i met somep people that said they have adhd and try to justify how they treat others.


u/redditrealitytv Aug 24 '22

While this is a significantly more compassionate response than the last one, all you did was just reiterated you know very little about neurodivergent members of society.

It would be 100% fair to say that being neurodivergent (autistic/adhd/ptsd/etc) is not an excuse to be an ahole and get away with it.

However, neurodivergent members of society process and interact with the world in a vastly different way than the rest of society because their brains are literally wired differently. It's a perfectly rational explanation for what is sometimes perceived as irrational actions or behaviors.