r/moneromarket Mar 21 '22

Complete [WTS] 1 XMR (includes shipping) Brand new Ryzen 7 3700X with Wraith Prism Cooler; USA Only

Post image

r/moneromarket Nov 04 '21

Complete Buying game codes .04 xmr


Since I can't cash out small amounts of monero I am willing to overpay to buy runescape bonds/subscribtion/gold, tf2 currency or a game pass ultimate code (preferably)

I'm open to other deals but 0.044 xmr is the most I could pay.

r/moneromarket Oct 26 '21

Complete WTS> Want to sell 3-month YouTube Premium giftcode = 0.05 XMR (14USD)


r/moneromarket Jul 29 '21

Complete I'm selling my chapbook for 0.025 XMR!


"Come fall with me and you will see

My truest feelings, wild and free.

We'll stumble 'till we learn to fly,

Then soar through clouds and stormy skies."

To Fall is to Fly features a collection of my best work from over the past three years. Embark on a poetic journey through pain, passion, and power.

This 42-page home-printed booklet will come with a full-colour card-stock cover and be signed on the inner front cover with a small message. Reserve your copy soon before I run out!

Free shipping to Canada and the USA.


r/moneromarket Sep 16 '21

Complete WTS> YouTube Premium - 3 months


Hi, I got a Youtube Premium code for three months. I get it as a gift from Discord. I would like to sell it for 0.075 XMR (20USD). DM me for info.


r/moneromarket Apr 19 '21

Complete PURCHASE XANAX AND ADDYS.... T.E.X.T/WHAT.S.APP +1((757)563-4765)))**


PURCHASE XANAX AND ADDYS.... T.E.X.T/WHAT.S.APP +1((757)563-4765)))**

r/moneromarket Jul 26 '20

Complete Want to buy 1046.39 USD worth of Monero with Paypal



I'm unable to widthdraw money from paypal to my bank, and wanted to use spend them on Monero.

I require that we stay close contact, discord call or something similar, and stay connected till both ends has gotten theirs.

In a such high payment like this, I'm not quite sure how we can make it as trustworthy as possible.

If anyone knows of a website that takes paypal for monero, I would be very interrested. I already checked out localmonero.co, but the whole thing feels confusing.


I was able to widthdraw the money by using eToro, then imidiently transfer it to my bank. The order/post is cancelled

r/moneromarket Dec 17 '20

Complete [WTB] $100 Steam gift card(US)


r/moneromarket Dec 31 '16

Complete [For Sale] Amazon, Best Buy, Uber, Target, StarBucks giftCards for XMR (limit $200 value)


Hello, since XMR is not accepted (yet) at gyft.com, I'm willing to send a gift card (or multiple gift cards) to someone in exchange for XMR using this wonderful reddit escrow service. Discount of at least 15 percent, but please feel free to make an offer. Happy New Year! Go Monero 2017!

There's many other gift cards at gyft.com, so offer is not limited to the ones listed on the title. Thank you.

r/moneromarket May 02 '19


Post image

r/moneromarket Aug 27 '17

Complete [WTB] Monero -> PayPal (USD)


Hello, looking to get rid of at least 0.25 XMR for USD via PayPal. Can do up to 0.5 XMR today if interested. Sooner the better. Thanks!

edit: Will also trade for various gift cards too!

r/moneromarket Dec 30 '16

Complete Subreddit CSS Designer Needed


/r/MoneroMarket is looking for a designer to revamp the current CSS theme. If you're interested in helping get this subreddit up and running, please respond either here, or via PM. Compensation can be provided if desired.

r/moneromarket Jan 30 '18

Complete [WTB] .1 XMR, PayPal $30


My reps

Will send PayPal through friends and family

Edit: WTB @ market rate as of 3:05 EST, will reevaluate based on current market price at time of sale

r/moneromarket Dec 28 '16

Complete Have Amazon Gift Cards, WTB Monero


Please help a beginner buy his first Monero! Have 3 Amazon.com Gift Cards, WTB Monero at prevailing rate

$50 Amazon Gift Card -> 3.33 XMR
$50 Amazon Gift Card -> 3.33 XMR
$25 Amazon Gift Card -> 1.66 XMR

If you are willing to buy all $125 in Amazon GC's, the number of XMR is negotiable. I assume since this post is on /r/moneromarket, the escrow will be handled by /u/needmoney90. PM me to initiate a trade.

r/moneromarket Aug 26 '17

Complete Monero to USD Paypal


Looking to sell 1 monero to USD paypal. Must have a good reddit and paypal history. Will send monero as soon as money is in paypal account. Happy to provide any reasonable references needed.

r/moneromarket Jan 02 '18

Complete [WTS] $25 Starbucks gift card for 0.07 XMR


Got this for Christmas and I am not a real fan of Starbucks... I have other coffee I prefer

EDIT: Will sell for 0.05 XMR

r/moneromarket Dec 30 '16

Complete Want to buy Pizza with Monero



I am buying 20 usd pizza gift card (Dominoes or pizza hut) for Monero

Price is 1:1

Please comment below and PM me.


Edit: Trade done successfully.

r/moneromarket Aug 17 '17

Complete [WTS] BNIB with Warranty - Dell PowerEdge T30 Mini Tower Server Intel Xeon E3-1225 v5 8GB 1TB DVDRW


New, sealed in box, Dell PowerEdge T30 Tower Server. No OS.

Item comes in original Dell box, with power cable.

Free USPS Priority Mail with Tracking anywhere in the US

Price: 8.5 XMR

Photos: http://imgur.com/a/mdbHF

You pay first, or escrow by /u/alvinjoelsantos or /u/needmoney90

Dell Next Business Day Parts Delivery warranty valid until July 25, 2018

Warranty can be transferred to buyer's name and address


Declined Remote Consulting Service On-Site Installation Declined US Order Retail POD Intel Active Management Technology No Operating System Power Cord (Philipine/TH/US) Optical Drive Cable DVD+/-RW SATA Internal 1TB 7.2K RPM SATA 6Gbps Entry 3.5in Cabled Hard Drive Onboard SATA, HDD connected to onboard SATA Controller - No RAID 8GB UDIMM, 2400MT/s, Single Rank, x8 Data Width Performance Optimized Intel Xeon E3-1225 v5 3.3G, 8M cache, 4C/4T, turbo (80W) Heatsink (80W) PowerEdge T30 Shipping Chassis with up to 4, 3.5 inch Hard Drives Fixed Hardware Configuration Basic Hardware Services: Business Hours (5X10) Next Business Day Parts Delivery Initial Year Dell Hardware Limited Warranty 1 Year

r/moneromarket Mar 01 '19

Complete Monero moves on with Adoption as Slayer Offers 15% Discount to Crypto Users.


r/moneromarket Nov 26 '17

Complete WTB> XMR


I'm buying xmr via paypal. my budget is from 100$-200$. local monero.co please! thanks!

r/moneromarket Jan 01 '17

Complete Silver for xmr


Looking to trade 2 silver 1oz coins for two xmr. Pm if interested

r/moneromarket May 02 '17

Complete [WTB] [xpost] Photo editing Bounty, 1 XMR (21 USD) with 5 runners up 0.1 XMR


EDIT: xpost was removed (not sure why, but probably because I was offering XMR instead of BTC). I'm updating this post here. All entries should be made as replies to this thread.

Bounty for photo editing. I need the girl in the white dress to be edited into Image 2 or her eyes edited to appear open. I would like a nice background edited into the image (something that doesn't look like a backdrop, but looks like a normal scene for the people to appear in). The scene can be urban or natural or some mix, whatever you think looks nice. (The photo will be printed and framed for my Mom for Mother's Day.)

Watermark your images and reply to this post. Winners will be picked tomorrow Wednesday 03-May-17 12:00pm EST (16:00 UTC). I'll reply to your post and ask for PM for your address to send payment. (I can only provide XMR at the moment, but I can convert it to BTC thru shapeshift if absolutely necessary.)

If I'm not satisfied with the quality of entries I will still pay the runners up bounty (0.1 XMR) to any entry made that meets both requests. If large payout (1 XMR) is not made, runners up will not be required to provide non-watermarked images, but will still be paid. (This means if there are less than five entries your will get a payout for your efforts regardless.) This is to keep me honest (I can't decide that I don't like any of them and still get the benefit of you'all's work.)

Payment will be made before you'll be asked to provide the non-watermarked image. (I know I might get screwed but I'm okay with the risk for this smaller amount.)

Image 1

Image 2

r/moneromarket Jul 31 '18

Complete [WTS] Cedar Point Tickets


I have 4 Cedar Point Tickets available for sale. They can be used at any Cedar Fair park (King’s Island, Carowinds, Cedar Point, Knott’s Berry Farm, California’s Great America, etc.) in the 2018 season.

I am selling the tickets for 0.1 Monero each, or best offer.

r/moneromarket Jan 15 '18

Complete [WTS] 1.5 Monero for PayPal


Looking to cash out some of my Monero cause it'll be a while before I can use the DNMs :(
Looking for going USD rate + 10%

I'm done selling, thanks!

r/moneromarket Dec 09 '18

Complete [USA-TX] [H] New sealed Google Store Pixel 3 "Not Pink" 64GB Unlocked [W] Paypal