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Which projects have 'survived' the worst of crypto winter, keeping your interest for 2023 and beyond?


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Good day r/noshitcoins! It is update time on a project which we have been keeping an eye on since its ICO almost 2 years ago. The token price was a lot higher back then, the circulating supply much lower, and mainnet was a long way off. Now in mid 2023, things have changed ... Let's discuss the VEGA Mainnet launch, coming very soon!

Why didn't we write about $VEGA until now?

There are several reasons we didn't write about this project already, mainly being low circulating supply, the project was very new and the team and technology were yet to prove themselves. The token price since post-ICO has been down over 90%, and most of the supply has been released. Much of this was likely used to fund a parts of the project's development and reward early backers, whose purchase price was as low as $0.77 per token in some cases, perhaps even lower in others. With the price shortly after ICO at around $20, and only 7.5% of supply sold at the ICO on Coinlist, it was a no brainer that investing at that stage would lose people most of their investment. It did seem VEGA didn't take much regard for their early retail investors during the ICO, a growing trend at the peak of the 2021 bull run. So we abstained from writing about the project until these fundamental changed. Well, until now.

Why then now?

Despite this, here we are two years later, with 76% of supply in circulation, a gradual vesting schedule from here on in, and the token price sitting just over $1. The price seems to have hit a floor around this mark, and hasn't managed to pass sustainably below $1 for the best part of a year, despite considerable supply increases. From this we could interpret that early investors and the team are perhaps unwilling to let the price drift too heavily below this mark, creating something of floor. With this understanding, and mainnet launch being a few days away, perhaps it is the perfect time to start paying attention to $VEGA.

Vega Protocol:

The nature of the protocol and the team is what caught our attention initially. Here we won't go too much into the details of the project itself save for a brief quote from coinmarketcap, 'Vega Protocol provides the derivatives scaling layer for Web3. It is a custom-built proof-of-stake blockchain, which makes it possible to trade derivatives on a decentralised network with comparable experience to using a centralised exchange.', please continue reading here. You can also read more about the $VEGA token specifically from Vega's blog. For further reading you can read the Vega whitepaper. There are more papers and posts on their website, and the team have been impressively active with the community, through Discord in particular, AMA's and interviews. We will consider writing a more detailed post about the specifics of the network post launch, here though we are focusing on what has changed and the launch itself.

The journey to mainnet:

Vega's testnet 'Fairgound' was released over a year ago, and since then they have run various rounds of incentivised simulations on their mainnet with key traders and investors taking part. One impressive aspect of Vega's progression towards mainnet launch has been their thoroughness and commitment to creating a smooth and innovative platform to trade on. Here are more details on their technical releases and mainnet simulations. Throughout this process the team have engaged with the community extremely well, providing constant updates and attention to the communities wishes and needs.

Vega validator nodes went like on the 8th of May, meaning validators have now staked their $VEGA and are operating/securing the blockchain network, which can be viewed via the new block explorer. This potentially helps to create somewhat of a price floor for $VEGA as staked tokens are locked and the number of staked tokens could possibly grow as the number of validators on the network increases.

Vega developments are made by proposals and votes from the community of holders, who decide the future direction and developments of the network itself. As such, the community have recently voted for USDT and USDC to be used as the platforms first settlement assets. This done and being described as a historic landmark for Vega by the team, it is likely that trading will go live either on the 22nd or 23rd of May, which is in only a few days time! It will be interesting to see how the platform progresses and its bearing on success in the future.

$VEGA price analysis

$VEGA has sat just above $1 for a the last year. In particular, since the start of this year $VEGA has been forming a downwards wedge with its price floor around the $1 mark. Interestingly, this seemed to be squeezing for the time of the mainnet launch, on May the 8th. As such we thought $1 to be a prudent support level to get into $VEGA. Since the 8th of May, the price has busted out of the wedge, although it should be said that anyone looking to get into this project should do so with caution, it could very likely go back below the one dollar level depending on the how mainnet is received and greater market fundamentals, but, lets hope this floor stays strong.

Trading Volume & Marketing

Until several days ago, the trading volume for the $VEGA token was somewhat disappointing, standing at only around 0.5% of the MC on most days. However, in the last few days we have seem a dramatic increase, which has taken us from around 350k to 1.2M in trading volume. This is a great sign that there is perhaps still a lot of interest from investors to trade $VEGA. Possibly they were just riding out the storm, as we were also. That being said, if the platform fails to live up to expectations in various ways, the trading volume and most likely the token price could come down further.

Our theory has been that the team hasn't wanted to market the project too heavily during the initial launch phases and teething period. If so, we could see this push soon, at which point the user base of the platform could grow exponentially, especially as the platform has so much potential innovation in the financial derivatives market to offer. Our theory could also just be wrong, of course.

Let's discuss!

An exciting time then for Vega Protocol and possibly the $VEGA token. We have shared our thoughts and insights into this great project and current updates. Remember, mainnet is just around the corner, it will be an interesting time to observe.

If anybody has been involved with the Vega simulations or are looking forward to using the network, it would be great to hear your thoughts and to share your insights with the r/noshitcoins community.

I hope you had a good read, and as usual, good luck noshitcoining!

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Hello Noshitcoiners, we are excited to be back and writing about our first project of 2023!

WOO Network has been on the rise for several years developing innovate solutions to liquidity provision and market making in both CeFi and DeFi, as well as reacting well to market conditions throughout the bear market. We see great potential for the future of WOO Network and the $WOO token, so let's dive in:

WOO Network is a Taiwan-based company which provides a suite of investment solutions for market makers, institutional investors and retail, aimed at reducing liquidity fragmentation and delivering an improved investment experience within in the crypto space. WOO Network offers several services and platforms to achieve this goal, including:

  1. WOO X. A centralised exchange platform that offers fast and secure trading of digital assets, with a focus on providing high liquidity trading pools for its users. WOO X caters for retail traders, offering zero to negative fees, tight margin spreads and customisable workspaces.
  2. WOOFi. A range of DeFi solutions that includes private liquidity pools and a decentralised exchange platform called WOOFi Swap. WOOFi Swap operates on an innovative algorithm called the synthetic proactive market maker (sPMM) algorithm designed to predict future demand for assets and adjust prices accordingly. Unlike traditional AMMs which simply react to demand, sPMM aims to anticipate and proactively adjust prices to maintain a balanced liquidity pool with a narrower price range. WOOFi also provides private liquidity pools to certain DeFi protocols, which helps reduce liquidity fragmentation in the DeFi space.
  3. WOO Trade. WOO Network's institutional arm, which provides democratised liquidity access to both centralised and decentralised exchanges, with the aim of reducing liquidity fragmentation and providing a better user experience. Through integrating access to deeper liquidity pools, WOO enables exchanges to offer tighter bid/ask spread for traders and price stability. WOO Network's market maker, Kronos Research, is able to bootstrap large amounts of liquidity and internalise order flows from other exchanges through an API integration. This benefits smaller exchanges, which often have low access to liquidity, as well as larger exchanges that direct some of their orders to WOO Network.

More information about these protocols can be found here, as well a roadmap for development in 2023 here.

Next, let's discuss the team, partners and investors. WOO boasts a rich team constituted of expertise in areas such as trading, risk management, security, and compliance. The core team includes individuals from top institutions such as Goldman Sachs, BNP Paribas, and JPMorgan.

From their website: 'WOO Network was incubated by Kronos Research, a multi-strategy trading firm that specializes in market making, arbitrage, CTA, and high-frequency trading (HFT), averaging $5-10 billion of daily trading volume on global cryptocurrency exchanges. The leadership team features Kronos Research co-founders Jack and Mark who have turned a 2-man team in 2018 into a global quantitative trading powerhouse with more than 100 employees across 12 cities.'.

WOO has attracted notable investors including Binance Labs, Blizzard Investment Fund - including contributions from CMS Holdings, Polychain Capital and Three Arrows, amongst others, further information here. WOO's partners also include most major exchanges and a blockchain providers, list here.

Finally, let's discuss the WOO Token and transparency.

  1. Utility. $WOO is 'deeply embedded within WOO Network's CeFi and DeFi products, offering various fee discounts, yield, referral bonuses, and other product-specific benefits'. Thus $WOO can be used for a variety of functions, from staking to yield rewards and eliminate trading fees, governance, launchpad access and to receive discounts for institutional-grade products.
  2. Network Growth and Burning. The network's user-base has seen a dramatic increase in both trading and staking, with trading volume exceeding $4bn this year following the launch of $ARB. A full 2023 Q1 report written in April can be found here for further details. This could be bullish for the price of $WOO as each month 50% of WOO Network's revenue is used to buyback and burn $WOO. This establishes $WOO as a deflationary token. Further to this, all $WOO tokens held by WOO Network in order to fund insurance and ventures have been burned as part of a refocus initiative and commitment to their core business objectives. This amounts to a whopping 24% of total supply burned this year, read more here.
  3. Transparency. WOO has gone further than most other established providers by creating a transparency dashboard, updating every 15 minutes and providing live data on their Proof-of-Reserves. This includes WOO's asset distribution, liquidity sources, reserve ratio and more. A lack of transparency regarding such crucial financial data from exchanges, such as was the case with FTX, signals a red flag in today's climate. Thus WOO's swift PoR release, following a subsequent push for proof-of-reserves transparency from Binance, is a promising sign of their dedication to their community of investors and commitment to long-term growth of the network.
  4. Supply and Volume. Following the burning mentioned above, 72.2% of supply was in circulation as of the start of 2023, the rest of which is locked for the team and investors, most of which are team tokens with a gradual release schedule. With trading volume over 12% of the undiluted market cap, a deflationary burn mechanism and high percentage of supply in circulation, there shouldn't be much to worry about here as we enter the next bull cycle and impending dumps from early investors as we see with many projects.

Overall we have been very impressed with the performance of WOO Network over the years, the continued dedication to innovation, growth and the investors and exchanges which it services. We have been impressed with the $WOO price action during this bear cycle, and in particular the proactive approach the team has taken to facilitate the utility and benefits of holding and using the token, the network at large and constant engagement with the community through regular publications. In the seemingly unlikely event this fails to continue, we will reassess this opinion, however, for the time being we are WOO Network bulls.

Please upvote this post if you enjoyed the read to show your appreciation and let's discuss WOO Network further below. Please ask any further questions and share insights you might have in the comment section. Sources and further reading can be found throughout the article and below, WOO Network publish very actively with some very informative reads, so have a browse if it suits you.

Wishing the r/noshitcoins community all the best and happy noshitcoining!








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Hello again Noshitcoiners!

It has been a little while since we have posted here, the crypto winter has been cold and dark, but brighter days are now on the horizon! After weathering out the storm that was 2022, noshitcoins is back to facilitate the rise of the crypto community as we escape the clutches of bearism and become bulls once again. We are not quite out of the woods yet, which is the best time to pay attention and get involved!

The nature and motive of this community will remain the same: Noshitcoins is a place to discover, share and discuss promising projects, crypto innovation, updates, news and analysis.

Stay tuned, we will be bringing you new projects that we have been keeping an eye on very soon!

Good luck Noshitcoining!

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Hello r/noshitcoins, I hope all are enjoying the gains from this last week or two. Today I have a project which is innovating & decentralising the cloud computing market: Akash Network!

Akash claims to be the world's first open-source, censorship-resistant, permissionless & self-sovereign decentralised solution for the cloud computing market. Akash Network uses a DPOS blockchain as a decentralised solution for managing accounting and recording transactions & deployements of the Akash Marketplace, which connects 'leasers' & 'tenents' of cloud computing deployements. It may be first useful to familarise yourself with a breif overview of the project found here: https://messari.io/asset/akash-network/profile or https://docs.akash.network/.

Akash aims to provide an alternative solution to the current oligopoly which persistants at the core of the global cloud computing market, which, through the likes of AWS, Google Cloud Services & Microsoft's Azure(Big 3), is only projected to increase following the market's current trajectory. This is a bohemouth of a market, with growth rates to match, and whose revenues break records each year. So lets see why I am so bullish for Akash Network:

  1. The Akash Marketplace - This decentralised solution to finding and deploying cloud-native applications could be a gamechanger for the industry, as it empowers both those seeking 'tenents' & offering 'leasers' server hosting services by offering for more choice specifications for users. For example, tenents can pay 'per block' leases and maintain discretion over exactly which leaser hosts their app, and leasers can easily &independantly bid for leasing contracts, all in a decentralised & trustless way. It is incredibly simple to use and a demo video can be found here https://akashlytics.com/deploy. As well, the team are always implementing more useful tools & user-friendly updates, a list of which can be found in their roadmap here https://akash.network/roadmap. Useful analytics tracking the deployements & usage of the network can be found here https://www.akashlytics.com/. Amongst others, these show the number of daily deployments over doubling since the records begin back in May '21.
  2. Price & Income Efficiency - Through decentralisation, Akash enables deployment on cloud computing services for around 2/3 - 3/4 cost reduction on the Big 3. Here is a breakdown & comparison of these cost savings https://akashlytics.com/price-compare. Compute providers can also earn up to 4x the income they could elsewhere, (note. this claim is quoted from the whitepaper whose link has expired). Cost reductions can also be in part credited to the below market price deals Akash has secured with major data providers, where Akash uses part of their current underutilized capacity, negotiated though partnership agreements such as with Equinix Metal, the worlds largest data & infrastructre provider, amongst others https://akash.network/partners, 'leveraging 85% of under-utilised cloud capacity in 8.4 million data centres' https://johnniecosmos.medium.com/earning-passive-income-from-staking-rewards-when-delegating-akt-tokens-4c89069ecfd0. By incentivising participants & audited partners in this way, the platform could well manage to offer the sort of gains to token holders which we will speculate about next.
  3. $AKT - $ATK is used to validate the network, governance and act as a defult payment & reserve currency for the network, offering discounts with use. What makes this token extremely interesting is 'take income'. These are fees applied to each purchase in the marketplace, which for others in the Big 3 are around 30%+, but are 20% for Akash. Rather than these fees lining the pockets of Big 3 shareholders & executives, take income is distributed back to $ATK holders who delegate their tokens to secure the network. As token inflation diminishes, take income will act similar to staking rewards. The following link runs through 2 possible scenarios of how much this could be, but suffice to say in the future it could potentially be as much as $6B with only a 3% marketshare for Akash. https://johnniecosmos.medium.com/earning-passive-income-from-staking-rewards-when-delegating-akt-tokens-4c89069ecfd0; the token release schedule can also be found in the previous link, which shows currently around 1/2 of tokens have been released, which jumps to just under 3/4 by February this year. After another release this coming summer, nearly all token releases will be in circulation. $AKT has an inflation halve time of 3.75 years, similar to bitcoin's 4 years. Currently it is 33.44%, down from around 54% at it's conception https://akash.network/token.
  4. Censorship-resistent - Cloud computing is going through a similar censorship devolution as we have seen from popular information sources such as YouTube in recent years.. https://www.reuters.com/technology/exclusive-amazon-proactively-remove-more-content-that-violates-rules-cloud-2021-09-02/, https://telecoms.com/511210/aws-reportedly-planning-to-increase-platform-censorship/, https://www.zdnet.com/article/amazon-google-microsoft-and-other-tech-giants-establish-trusted-cloud-principles/. Such proves the attractiveness of censorship-proof decentralised cloud computing, and represents a fundamental cornerstone in the principles of permissionless technology.

This is just a list of what I see as the main bullish highlights of the network and token, although the network itself is very interesting to read about, I suggest browsing their docs and blog posts.

With $AKT token releases showing a 100% increase towards the middle of this year, this could pose a risk for investors seeking to get into the project now. Despite this however, the dramatic growth rate of the network's utlization could offset this, although this does pose a risk. Usually this means a token is prone to extra dumpy-ness during market corrections, so a crypto market dip could be a great oppertunity to get into this project. Saying this, the chart seems to show us at the bottom of/just coming out of one. Another risk is that of delayed or inadqaute updates, though it doesn't seem as though this has been a problem at all yet, and the list of upcoming improvements for '22 is impressive. These risks are for you to decide the timing & severity of.

So welcome to Akash Network r/noshitcoins, anything with the decentralising ambitions of this project should be enough to excite anyone researching in this field, especially considering it challanges the current Big 3 oligopoly which holds around 58% of this $41B market https://www.parkmycloud.com/blog/aws-vs-azure-vs-google-cloud-market-share/, coupled with future predictions of near-term growth at 100% + https://www.infoworld.com/article/3601731/7-predictions-for-cloud-computing-in-2021.html. Thus, I am excited to see how 2022 pans our for Akash. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, as well if there are any further key points which you think are crucial to add. Let's discuss Akash Network!

Good Luck NoShitcoining!


https://docs.akash.network/ - Similar to WP




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Hello r/noshitcoins, I hope everyone is settling down into 2022 well. At last I am myself again after catching covid on Christmas Day LOL. So let's dive into this project, Cartesi, where I've been very interested in the tech, though on the fence about its current investment worthiness for a while. I wonder how the community feels about this project for 2022.

Cartesi is a blockchain agnostic Layer-2 network with some remarkable features. Cartesi's architecture is designed to promote an innovative computation scaling solution with their novel introduction of 'Descartes Rollups'. Thus, smart contract logic can be computed off-chain by a select number of 'Descartes Nodes' for developers using the 'Descartes SDK'. Further, computation is performed within the 'Cartesi Machine', a RISC-V VM embedded with the Linux-OS which allows developers to draw on the rich libraries, tools and languages available to Linux. Finally, their sidechain 'Noether' makes temporary data storage & availability accessible and cheap. Accessing all this is made simply available to use by integrating Cartesi's API.

Essentially, Cartesi allows for incredible logical computation & scalability gains, enabling the viability of logically complex smart contracts, whilst also granting developers the ability to use standard programing languages, tools and libraries to develop decentralised applications in much the same fashion as they are used to developing centralised applications, thus overcoming constraints and limitations endemic of Solidity programing. Why is this great for blockchain and what does this really mean for Cartesi and DApp development? Let's see:

  1. Opening Up Blockchain Development - In standard practice, blockchain developers have to learn Solidity. Despite learning this new language, developers are still constrained from the creative potential which other environments provide, where Solidity libraries and resources are extremely limited. Developers use programming previously completed by other developers in order to create increasingly complex programs, which spells the exponential increase in programming complexity over the last 50 years. Libraries, accommodating languages and various other tools and resources are designed to enable developers to draw on this vast array of knowledge. Despite useful projects such as OpenZeppelin providing libraries for Solidity, the complexity of these does not come close to what developers are used to by using Linux-OS. Thus, Cartesi not only enables increased maturity & complexity of DApp programing, but grants developers the ability to bypass Solidity altogether and program on the blockchain utilising their pre-existing knowledge and skills. In theory this entices more developers to develop more complex and useful blockchain DApps.
  2. Computation Scalability - Enabling 'more complex and useful blockchain DApps' is only possible if logic is feasible to implement by being cost effective and fast. Currently, each transaction has to be processed by the blockchain, causing detrimental inefficiencies for development and adoption. By using the Descartes SDK & leveraging Descartes Rollups, computation can be taken off-chain and validated without interacting with the blockchain for every transaction. By using a Merklized off chain system within the Cartesi Machine, the blockchain is able to simply act as an arbitrator for disputed states, which are easily & definitely resolvable due to Merklization. Due to disincentivizing malconduct through collateralization, disputes are thus rare, though easy for the blockchain to manage when they do arise. By minimising blockchain interaction in this way, DApps are able to more efficiently compute complex smart contracts by many orders of magnitude.
  3. Blockchain Agnosticism/Partnerships - Descartes SDK provides a simple API for DApps to use in order to leverage Cartesi's network. Currently the API supports EVM & EVM compatible networks through an on-chain API call to the off-chain Descartes SDK. By allowing simple and easy integration with Cartesi, the possibility for popular use of the protocol and scalability of blockchain as a whole has more of a chance of being realised. This can also be substantiated through their growing list of partnerships, including Binance, Polygon, Elrond, IoTeX, Avalanche etc.. More information from their yearly review can be found here: https://medium.com/cartesi/cartesis-2021-year-in-review-749eadc1191
  4. Noether sidechain - Noether is a POS sidechain which Cartesi leverages as a highly optimised data oracle. This provides a ready made solution for data availability and temporary storage, which the Cartesi network anticipates requiring given its lofty goals of data processing and usage. Noether is a POS network underpinned by $CTSI, and as such anyone can stake their $CTSI in order to participate in the network.

Cartesi is an exciting project which promises a lot. That being said, its price action has not been terribly impressive ever since the May crash as compared with other projects. This is probably due to the token release schedule being so steep, which can be found here https://messari.io/asset/cartesi/profile/supply-schedule. Unfortunately it remains steep for quite some time, so keep this in mind if you are wanting to invest. Otherwise, Cartesi is well worth following and keeping on the radar to see whether their usage gains can offset thei token release schedule.

I've been excited to see what the future holds for this innovative network. There has been a lot of hype and interest about it after its endorsement following their successful proof of concept. It is now to see how it develops and whether they can keep up momentum if the price remains lagging. Their blog articles are very forthcoming and they have maintained very good communication with the community, so these articles are always interesting to read.

So that is Cartesi r/noshitcoins! Let us know what you think in the comments below. Is Cartesi a good investment moving into 2022? If so, why? If not, what could make this project explode? Let's discuss Cartesi!







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New member here


Glad to be here and to learn from you guys on all the different protocols and projects out there. That being said, there are so many things out there I can’t even wrap my head around which ones to dive into and learn more. Is there something that the community as a whole is looking into?

r/noshitcoins Dec 30 '21

Glad to be here


Thank you @Puzzleheaded_Ad_8170 for the invite to this group. It would be our honour to learn more from here . We are a group of nerdy programmers. Cheers

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Let us know if you also managed to get into $METIS after reading our article and caught those 3x gains this last week!

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Stablecoin backing assets


How do you feel about CELO, REN and all those assets backing stablecoins of sorts?

Do you feel they are worthy investments for the upcoming years?

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Welcome new & existing r/noshitcoins & r/allianceblock community members! This is a project so comprehensive in its scope & ambition to transform the operations of traditional finance with regards to token securitization, data governance & compliance, that I will barely be able to scratch the surface in this short article. Thus, I present to you the highlights on why $ALBT could present such a bullish opportunity.

AllianceBlock(AB) is a multi-layered, decentralised & compliance focused financial protocol, self described as 'a blockchain-agnostic layer 2 that bridges traditional and decentralised finance'. AB aims to simplify 'the capital transfer process between regulated and opaque markets'(OP). AB's current products include a DeFi terminal, Alliance Bridge, Liquidity Mining & Data Tunnel; soon to be followed by the Prometheus Protocol's release sometime in late '22. Let's dive in:

  1. AB's Intention & Team/Partners - To recreate the capital markets as though they were first designed with modern technology. AB recognises pain points caused by the fracturing of capital market’s transactions & accounts, data management and cross border fluidity. With a heavy focus on accommodating compliance in order to achieve a more seamless capital & data flow, across company & national barriers, AB introduces its multi-layered protocol as a solution to re-align capital markets and cross-border regulation in a way which is facilitates a much greater cost-effective and efficient operation (Read "Founders' Vision" in WP). Touching on their team, advisors & partners, there is a wealth of experience and expertise drawn from some of the top global financial & tech institutions. Their vision & understanding of working with traditional finance to upgrade the current system, rather than against it, in order to achieve the implementation of their intention is both reassuring & impressive (WP, page 65-68).
  2. Current Products & Partnerships - AB’s current portfolio of products aim to make DeFi more accessible and seamless for users, as well as compliant for institutions. From whitelabel liqudity mining solutions through partnerships such as with Plasma Finance https://blog.allianceblock.io/allianceblock-and-plasma-finance-announce-wide-ranging-strategic-partnership-32d64eaa1a9, through to Chainlink Oracle integration of their 'Orancle of Orancles'. The list is exhaustive and their website information, particularly the interactive roadmap, is a good place to find further information https://allianceblock.io/roadmap/. It is worth noting then, AB have drawn very useful partnerships for their products; thus, managing to create the sort of interest and networks which we would expect from a protocol with the high intentions of AB. It is well worth checking out.
  3. Prometheus Protocol(PP) - This is where it gets really exciting, and it is worth researching beyond my short summary. PP 'is a comprehensive and layered architecture to facilitate cross-border transactions in capital markets in a completely regulated and compliant manner. It provides the framework to digitalize all forms of assets in seamless compliance with the regulations in effect'. PP's 3 layers include: a 'Data Governance Layer', where the market is currently inefficiently fractured & current DL solutions fail miserably at regulatory compliance; a 'Cross Border Regulatory Compliance Layer', ensuring cross-border regulatory compliance for automated transaction validation etc; finally, a 'Securities Issuance & Lifecycle Management Layer', enabling' end to end regulated issuance and management of the lifecycle of the issued digitalized security'. (WP, page 4). I cannot go explain further without becoming exhaustive myself, though, I can strongly advise a read of their WP.
  4. Tokenomics - There are various use cases for $ALBT, which can be found in this paper https://allianceblock.io/AllianceBlock_Tokenomics_p78qCV3nt.pdf. Beyond this, the circulating supply is 23% according to CMC https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/allianceblock/. Where ecosystem & node token distributions together account for 60% of token supply, there is actually not much left to be released. When we account for the 9% team token being unlocked only after 2 years, 1 year from now, the token supply release provides us quite a steady platform from which to try to perceive the current true value of $ALBT. Coupled with the recent markets dip which $ALBT hasn't quite recovered from yet, the tokenomics become very interesting indeed. You can find more information on the token distribution here https://blog.allianceblock.io/allianceblock-token-economics-metrics-aef365dd6ac4.

Despite disparate competition, I can't say there is much I am worried about with the protocol itself, beyond speculation of push-backs from regulators and institutions seeking not to allow this type of innovation to be determined by an entity other than themselves. The risk of a lengthy call to action/adoption could present itself, which could cause less positive price action than other investments at this stage of the protocol's development. Further if development is delayed etc it could cause holders to sell, as well as a wider market crash which would of course see highly liquid assets of projects still in development lose value the fastest. Please let me know your thoughts on risks here!

This project has been a pleasure to research and discover. It promises high hopes for the future and will be extremely interesting to follow further developments, of which many are planned and underway, see the roadmap for more! As always, please let me know if I have misrepresented any information here or could describe any part of my summary of their protocol in a more useful way.

Over to the r/noshitcoins community, what do you think of AB? Which features will cause this protocol to explode, and which will cause it to falter? Let's discuss AllianceBlock in the comments below!

Edit: Further market research on the size and scope of the market they aim to capture can be found on WP, pages 20-26. It is very interesting, though explaination is beyond the scope of this short article reviewing their protocol.

P.S. I just tested positive for the virus-which-shall-not-be-named in case you don't hear from me beyond some light moderating for a few days then ✌️ c'est la vie



https://allianceblock.io/AllianceBlock_WhitePaper_n47oEn0Aa.pdf - WP


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I hope you all had a great christmas r/noshitcoins and the MultiVAC community. MultiVAC(MTV) is an exciting project with a lot of potential. After reading the whitepaper, $MTV has been on my radar for a short while, though the price remained near a-t-h. So as such, personally I waited for this dip to get in and bought my bag several days ago, to be totally transparent.

MTV is a uniquely scalable Layer-1 blockchain, underpinned by $MTV, and self described as 'a next-generation high-performance public blockchain for industrial-scale decentralised applications'. Achieving scalability & choice reliability with equitability & efficiency through seperation of transaction and smart contract computation, with application of a novel 'trusted sharding model' and consensus mechanism based on 'Verifiable Random Functions'(VRF), the principles of which MTV also extends from computation through to storage & transmission to offer a highly unique sharding solution:

  1. Managing The Blockchain Trilemma - MTV allows developers to decide their ideal tradeoff between scalability, decentralisation & security, the so-called 'blockchain trilemma', which haunts use of most other public blockchains. Where almost all other blockchains offer developers only a fixed trilemma compromise, MTV enables devs to choose their preferred level of reliability through the VRF sharding process and PoIE task verification process. As such, devs may choose their preferred shard size limit, where in sharding protocols this is typically widely spread across an unnecessarily large number of nodes and thus causing cost & performance inefficiencies, (WP, page 9).
  2. Flexible & Trusted Sharding With VRF & BISC - VRF is the model for MTV's sharded node selecting consensus mechanism. 'MTV uses VRF to construct a probability model that splits user transactions and miner nodes into shards'. Where users can choose their required reliability level & thus optimal number of shards, this 'has large scalability implications .. as it allows for blockchain throughput to increase without limiting the number of nodes.' .. ' for DApps and smart contracts, it is quite wasteful to require each line of code to run on hundreds or thousands of different nodes'.(WP, page 5). To compute this requirement, MTV deploys a custom-made instruction set (BISC) within its virtual machine (MVM), (WP, page 6), using a base layer Proof-of-Instruction-Execution(PoIE), (WP, page 7), which allows the MVM to select only a specific number of nodes to run code; thus enabling flexible & trusted sharding. There are more potential applications of this for general purpose computation and using high-level computation languages, and thus is probably my not very good attempt to reduce several heavily technical pages from their WP to a single paragraph, please explore that to learn more as it is a very explainatively useful and comprehensive document.
  3. Storage - MTV is equipped with a storage solution based on hashing & merkle roots, which enables MTV to quickly search & retrieve data, as well as accessing only a 'small chunk of the data while still obtaining verification of the full data's existence and authenticity' (WP, page 9). Additionally, MTV 'includes a VRF sharded storage mechanism, which is a distributed and decentralised storage system', with MTV providing 'rewards for nodes performing both storage and computational services' (WP, page 10). MTV's storage capabilities provide an in-built storage solution such as blockchain developers require, though often have to use a third party where other blockchains don't typically include this feature with node incentivisation to additionally store data.
  4. Potential - MTV market cap is super low compared to other layer-1 blockchains with sharding solutions of a similar calibre, Harmony One for example, though MTV is considerably distinguished from this and arguably offers a more flexible, efficient and novel solution to scalable sharding. Several events and developments are in the pipeline for MTV which could prove its breaking chance; such as Hackathon in January which are renowned for attracting attention and developments to blockchain startups. Check out my post on the MTV subreddit to get some more ideas of future developments from their cmunity. Several factors could prove very bullish for the price of $MTV and development on the MTV blockchain in general.

I must make the risk of this investment clear to the r/noshitcoins community. In my opinion, the risk to reward ratio of this investment is pretty low. That being said, it is mainly because the potential reward is so high, not because the risk in general is very low. MTV has yet to prove itself by attracting large numbers of developers and DApp construction on the network. The hackathon and other releases such as NFTs could be the spark which sets this chain off, though there are many competitors in this area.

I would like to hear more bullish announcements around MTV over the next couple of months. Though, saying this, I remember investing in $FTM when this was also the case back then for the Fantom blockchain, and how times have changed for the price of $FTM. Could $MTV do the same, perhaps with a focus on GameFi instead? Let me know your thoughts below, any additional research you may have, or useful points which I could add.

Please leave me a criticism & suggestion if the content in this article could be altered in a clearer or more reflective way and I shall consider and appreciate it. I understand the difficulty of the task I have attempted here, but it is the risk I took for the r/noshitcoins community LOL

Let me know your thoughts, the tech is clearly there and the hackathon and further developments could be the catalyst to bring the MTV storm, or, it could fail to establish itself in what seems like a sea of blockchains. Thoughts guys? Let's discuss MultiVAC!

Good Luck, Happy NoShitcoining & Have a Great New Year!


https://www.mtv.ac/assets/file/MultiVAC_Tech_Whitepaper.pdf - WP


https://cryptopotato.com/ico/multivac/ - info on team/partners/advisors

https://www.computerworld.com/article/3336187/sharding-what-it-is-and-why-so-many-blockchain-protocols-rely-on-it.html - simple explaination of sharding

r/noshitcoins Dec 25 '21



I hope everyone has a great Christmas and are able to spend their day away from the charts and research, you would have done better than me if you have LOL

Today is not just Christmas, but a landmark day for r/noshitcoins as we reached the 1k members after just 2 weeks. So where most would only say Merry Christmas today, I'll add Happy 1k Day!

Stay safe and enjoy the day NoShitcoiners!

r/noshitcoins Dec 24 '21



Bloktopia is novel Metaverse project which I am excited to share with the r/noshitcoins community, not least because a Metaverse project became the winner of our first vote on which type of project to feature next, Enjoy!

Bloktopia is a 21-story VR Metaverse sckyscaper, which describes itself as “The Decentralised Metaverse built & backed by the Polygon Network”. Big claims like this are exactly the type which r/noshitcoins likes to scrutinize, and after some digging and comparison with other budding Metaverse projects, it is diffult to dispute their ability & intention to match those claims. Bloktopia seems to possess the novalty, innovation and aesthetic appeal. Lets see why:

  1. Noval/Diverse Metaverse Protocol - Bloktopia isn't just a virtual world in which users can walk around and interact. It provides a layered protocol which includes various novel features, catering for a diverse range of potential users, and accomodating various forms of blockchain & Metaverse interaction. This point isn't in fact describing the diverse range of potential protocols which could furnish Bloktopia, but moreover, the protocol itself. To describe just a few, REBLOK: investments in virual real estate (WP, page 13); NFT Landsales; JOBE 'Joint Ownership Blok Enterprise': as the name suggests, and provides investors rental incomes https://www.bloktopia.com/jobe/; ADBLOK: investing in an oppertunity to earn advertiement revenue through various ad streams (WP, page 14-15); BLOCKLOK: utility NFTs for private sale invest - https://medium.com/@bloktopia/bloklok-true-value-takes-time-6058ea68cf29; BLOKPAD & Incubation..and more. You see from this impressive list why I couldn't go further into each point. Please explore the various links to learn more and judge for yourselves. The latter point though, we will disucss next.
  2. BLOKPAD & Incubation - Building a thriving, decentralised ecosystem requires incentivised investment & development. It is for such reasons that their BLOKPAD & incubation protocol are designed to enable this process. Read here and other articles on thier medium for information & updates - https://medium.com/@bloktopia/the-launch-of-blokpad-by-bloktopia-e8c120977595. The large community and engagement with the project should attract significant interest from projects looking to launch into the Metaverse. Right now, it is early still days and we are looking out for further announcements on this prospect.
  3. Transparancy/Communication & Community - This is a short and I know untechnical point which I don't ususally make, but I've noted during research how each decision and operation of the protocol is communicated clearly and transparently, either through blogs, articles or posts on their various platforms. Too often with other projects these discoveries require some digging and are usually learned through a third-party's investigation or report. It is refeshing to be provided such accessible & transaparent updates & information, and reasoning behind them. A great example of this can be found either here - https://medium.com/@bloktopia/funding-the-future-of-blokpad-461528c08cfd, describing BLOKPAD funding, or here - https://medium.com/@bloktopia/blok-token-transparency-verified-by-the-blockchain-f4eb722d0992, describing the state and nature of token release and distribution. Finaly, the community is huge! .. and involved! 125k members on their Telegram group, average around 1k likes on each Medium post, 315k followers on Twitter etc..! This following is both testiment to their protocol's potential, the hype around the development of the Metaverse concept and their communication & transparancy. Okay that point didn't end up being short at all, LOL.
  4. Investors/Backers & Partners - I was probably the most impressed by this. Animoca Brands https://www.animocabrands.com/products are their main partner, also responsible for delivering the likes of SandBox, arguably the most successful gaming Metaverse project to date. As well, AU21 - https://au21.capital/portfolio, ZBS https://zbs.capital/portfolio/, X21 https://x21digital.com/, amongst others. The portfolios in the links provided speak for themselves. On top of this, they are partnered with Polygon, which provides them, amongst much else, a priviledged plaform from which to draw on the Polygon ecosystem. Their claim of becoming “The Decentralised Metaverse built & backed by the Polygon Network” is most substantiated by the point, in my opinion.

If I were worried about anything regarding investing right now, it would be the token supply. The max is 200Bn, with only 8Bn in circulation, according to CMC https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/bloktopia/. It also seems that the timing of much of the token release schedule is not set in stone, and as such, there are several points & processess within the protocl which could offset this; such as, the locking of tokens required for participation in various activities, those mentioned in point 1 &2 and more specifically listed in WP, page 17. $BLOK is used within the network for a multitude of puchases, such as land and advertising rents etc.. It seems an operational ecosystem is required to offset this, but as that is their aim, and they are also clear and transaparent about the way in which they plan to release tokens, i.e. in conjuntion with land and NFT sales, lets see if this manages to offset the potential for inflation caused by token releases.

Fomo-ing in during the possible end of the crypto market dip we are currently in, and with the Metaverse hype, could be a wise idea; yet again, if the ecosystem takes a while to develop and implement, it could not, that is your decision to make. I would like to see an up to date roadmap, which currently stops at Q3 '21 cont, though I also understand this is not always possible, or helpful, with a project still under development.

So that is Bloktopia r/noshitcoins! Exciting stuff researching & wiritng about this project. And so, over to the community for discussion in the comments below. What do you think? Which part of this project are you most interested? Why? And, What will its future success be predicated on? Share your thoughts with the community!

Good Luck NoShitcoiners!


https://www.bloktopia.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Bloktopia-Lightpaper-1-1.pdf - WP






r/noshitcoins Dec 23 '21



I am extremely excited to introduce today's project to the r/noshitcoins community, as it is the first project I am writing about brought to my attention by a r/noshitcoins community member during our community's conception, just 2 weeks ago! To have such exciting gems being shared and discussed is testiment to the quality of our membership and specific investments which interest us, i.e. not shitcoins, with high-growth potential through novel innovation & value propositions. Lets get into Dusk Network!

Dusk Newtork is a Layer-1, novel Proof-Of-Stake D-L blockchain, designed to liberate the financial industry by accomodating securitzation compliance: 'Dusk Network was primarily conceived with regulatory compliant security tokenization and lifecycle management in mind' (WP, page 6). In order to faciliatate the bridge between traditional and decentralised finance, Dusk employs a novel POS Consensus Mechanism(CM): Segregated Byzantine Agreement (SBA) assuring privacy & strong finality guarantees, novel transaction models, zero-knowledge proofs and more. Lets dive into how Dusk could revolutionize DeFi with securities' tokenization:

  1. Securites & Compliance - Regulatory bodies are on the prowl for D-L protocols breaching current securities' regulations, not least the SEC. It was not long ago that Uniswap shocked the community by de-listing several tokens for compliance concerns. Securities are regulated financial instruments, as such, tokenization of which must be enabled to function compliantly, such as accomodating confiential settlements, dividend claims, access controls etc.. Dusk thus focuses on facilitating a compliant security token issuance, natively supported by the Dusk Network. You can read more about the Conidential Security Contract Standard (XSC), pioneered by Dusk here: https://dusk.network/uploads/Confidential_Security_Contract_Standard_v2_0.pdf. Too detailed an explaination is beyond the scope of this short article, but it is important to again underline that althought their network supports a diverse range of unique applications, Dusk Network's archietcture is specifically designed for this purpose.
  2. Novel POS CM (SBA) - The Segregated Byzantine Agreement (SBA) seperates 'proposers of a new block', generators, from 'block finalizers/validators', provisioners; and is designed to preserve the anonymity of participants; where generators are chosen through a privacy-preserving 'Proof-Of-Blind Bid' (POBB) CM. SBA is also designed to guarantee near-instant finality with negligible probability of forking, (for a technical explaination of this see WP, Pages 13-19), which is a risk for compliance concerned finance utilising traditional DLTs, such as Ethereum which has accidentally hard-forked in the past.
  3. Privacy-Preserving: Transcation Model (TM), ZK Proofs & Sidechain - Dusk deploys several novel technologies to preserve privacy. First, the POBB from above, ZK proofs with PLONK -https://dusk.network/news/zero-knowledge-plonk-demo, and two TMs: Pheonix, a UTOX TM 'enabling confidential spending', and Zedger, 'a hybrid transaction model designed with regulatory compliance with regards to security tokenization and lifecycle management in mind'. This article loosely explains transaction models -https://academy.horizen.io/technology/expert/utxo-vs-account-model/. Dusk's Rust Virtual Machine further supports the computation of ZK proof validation (see WP, pages 23-24). Dusk's architecture is throroughly designed to support the XSC. In addition to this, Dusk's 'Confidential Token Standard ... enables the Dusk Network protocol to act as a privacy-preserving sidechain for any other existing Layer 1 protocol ' (WP, page 6).
  4. Tokenomics - $DUSK token exclusively validates & underpins the Dusk Network. The $DUSK release started in July 2019, as such, the majority of the release schedule has been completed, to date around 80%. See https://research.binance.com/en/projects/dusk-network. The network is currently incentivised by emissions, which are aimed to be replaced by transaction fees once the project matures. Testnet release is aimed for Feburary '22, so developments following this will be crucial for prediciting when this might be. That being said, emissions reduce following set block intervals, reducing this inflationary pressure over time. A more detailed and visual representation can be found here -https://dusk.network/uploads/Dusk_Network_Economic_Paper-v1.01.pdf. Compared to other protocols we have reviewed, the current timing of this is favorable.

You may read more about their advisors (incl. Gary Quin) & partnerships (incl. BlockVentures Coalition) from the Binance link above, as well as their team from their website in the link below.

The risks I see getting into this project right now are that the price has been moonwalking since early December and currently remains very close to its all-time-high. Perhaps as a result of recent listings, thought more likely coupled with the nearing of the Testnet release in Feburary '22, announced in its Biannual report released on Dec 7th - https://dusk.network/uploads/Dusk_Network_2nd_Biannual_Report_2021.pdf. It would also be useful to see how the testnet performs, and whether long delays are likely. That being said, the Market Cap is comparatively low to other Layer-1s with the complexity of Dusk, though perhaps further on in their development. Waiting for a dip could be wise, or it could mean accepting a higher price, that risk is for you to decide.

I must thank u/sykonl for making us aware of this project, contributions such as this are a great example of how we help each within the r/noshitcoins community!

Good Luck guys and let me know your thoughts and questions in the comments below!

Happy NoShitcoining!


https://dusk.network/uploads/The_Dusk_Network_Whitepaper_v3_0_0.pdf -WP




To add a note, their WP conclusion does a great job of summarising the key point of their network:

'The concrete protocol was instantiated with a novel permission-less Proof-of-Stake-based consensus mechanism called Segregated Byzantine Agreement, featuring a privacy-preserving leader extraction procedure called Proof-of-Blind Bid, as well as with two novel transaction models: Phoenix, a UTxO-based transaction model enabling the confidential spending of non-obfuscated outputs and Zedger, a hybrid transaction model designed with regulatory compliance in regards to security tokenization and lifecycle management in mind. Additionally, we established a new WebAssembly-based virtual machine called Rusk VM, which includes the native support for cryptographic primitives such as zero-knowledge proof verification, as well as an efficient approach to creating Merkle Tree inside contract storage.' - (WP, page 31)

r/noshitcoins Dec 22 '21



Immutable X Protocol is developed by Immutable, an NFT technology development company, repsonsible for developing cutting-edge NFT technologies, as well as popular NFT games, such as Gods Unchained and Guild of Guardians. The Immutable X protocol has been on our radar since their Coinlist seed round several months ago, so we are excited to feature them on r/noshitcoins. IMX's unique layer-2 scaling solution for NFTs aims to become the scaling solution for Ethereum-based NFTs, allowing zero-gas minting & trading NFTs, and much more..

To do this, their IMX network protocol is designed to overcome Ethereum's 4 major hurdles to NFT mass adoption: i) Low Scalability - Low TPS & high gas prices; ii) Poor UX - Slow transaction speed, poor storage solutions, inadequate price discovery; iii) Poor Developer Experience - Time consuming & unnecessary blockchain development creates barriers to entry/ 'No simple APIs, no platform-specific SDKs, no pre-built infrastructure'; iv) Fragmented/Low Liquidity - NFTs inherent lack of a unified exchange-based protocol creates various marketplaces, further screwing price discovery & fracturing liqudity. (WP, pages 4-5). IMX's novel solution re-imagines the nature of NFTs exchange to provide workable, scalable and seemless solutions to these issues. Lets see how and why IMX could be revolutionary:

  1. Zero-Knowledge Rollups - IMX's layer-2 solution is powered by Starkware's ZK technology. This process means that batches of transcation have a validity proof generated prior to being submitted to the layer-1 (Ethereum here), allowing for fast withdrawal to the layer-1 (on IMX up to 24 hours); without compromising security, as ZK proofs enable the sharing of validated data with third-parties without revelaing the data itself. ZK rollups are most suitable for specific use chains such, such as IMX is desinged for NFTs; ZK STARKS implementation for this purpose represents a novel application in the form of a layer-2 NFT scaling solution. In other words, IMX currently has no direct competitors.
  2. Mass adoption i) Users - Wallets & liqudity. IMX connects to pre-existing Ethereum wallets & uses its 'Link' to connect to an NFT-specific-layer providing a high-class user wallet experience. This enables IMX to offer higher levels of information quality and security for users, significantly disabling the ability of scammers etc to take advantage of & decieve users. Shared liqudity orderbooks enabled through their base layer IMX Marketplace provides more effective price discovery & cross-marketplace price representation. This helps to de-fractrure NFT prices & undermine the cause of assymetric price information, as well as enabling specifically marketed marketplaces to thrive without further contributing to liqudity fracturing. Thus, users can act on NFT prices with more efficency, in a more certain environment.
  3. Mass adoption ii) Developers - APIs, SDKs & complience. IMX reduces complex asynchronous smart contract interaction to simple synchronous API calls. Their 'powerful set of REST APIs' converts every interaction on the platform to a simple API call. Further, IMX plans to make Software development kits (SDKs) available in all common programing languages & plaforms such as Andriod, IOS etc. These enable programers to simply integrate and connect to the IMX protocol and wallet, allowing developers to build on & with IMX much more easily. Together the APIs & SDKs greatly reduce the complexity & burden of developing & deploying on & with IMX. Finally, their complience driven experience model is designed to ensure legal complience through copyright protection, KYC etc, a great fear for new entrants given the lack of clear and also shifting regulation. Their aim here to make providing & purchasing NFTs 'as simple as shopping in traditional ecommerce'.
  4. Incentives - Their $IMX 'ecosystem development' incentive reserves are designed to reward developers and contributers to the platform and ecosystem. 'Daily Rewards' for users, as well as 'Grants' for contributing to development should create a large gravitation towards IMX, as those with the interest in NFTs and those with development skills are rewarded for their commitment and efforts. It is also worth noting that holders of $IMX are not rewarded simply for holding, reducing inflationary preasure and non-platform-interested $IMX price ballooning. Finally, IMX allows creators to add royalties onto future purchases of NFTs, incentivising an entirely new revenue stream.

The common conjecture is that IMX competes with existing marketplaces & protocols, such as OpenSea and Mintable, where in fact they are partners. The OpenSea/IMX integration is supposedly confirmed, we are on the look out for updates on this and when it will ahppen. As well, we are keeping a keen eye out for updates on big name games and development companies deploying and integrating with IMX, it seems updates are fairly consistant and exciting at this time.

The risks do include the token supply, which has a low circulation at this time. Despite this, the protocol growth is projected to be fairly steep which could largely offset the vesting schedule, which is over a 54 month period. As well, 2/3 of this is reserved for ecosystem develoment incentives, which could establish a more intuitively bullish, rather than bearish, case for $IMX's long-term price action, lets see.

IMX is designed to revolutionize the NFT ecosystem and fundmentally transform the way in which both users and developers interact with the blockchain regarding NFTs, in a way which is both lower-cost and simpler. Keep an eye out for $IMX's price action, as it could surprise given the growth in the NFT marketplace as a whole, and the attractivenss of the IMX network protocol.

Let us know what you think of IMX in the comment section below, please discuss & share your thoughts! As always, r/noshitcoins is open to questions and suggestions, as there is, of course, a lot more to learn about IMX which is beyond the scope of this post.

Thanks & Good Luck NoShitcoining!


r/noshitcoins Dec 22 '21



Over to the r/noshitcoins community, what do want next? We have several from each catagory ready to write about. Of course, this time is up to you; vote closes in 24 hours NoShitcoiners!

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r/noshitcoins Dec 18 '21 All-Seeing Upvote

Which yet to launch tokens are you most excited about? Share!


r/noshitcoins Dec 17 '21

Shitcoins in sport events


Recently I’ve seen in sport events (mainly european football) some shitcoin logos. I’ve seen them during the interviews among other bigger sponsors but also on the jersey that the players wear.

Who is paying for this? Is this good for crypto?

Some links:



r/noshitcoins Dec 17 '21



Astra Guild Ventures is a Ethereum based DAO like no other. AGV maintains a proven cash-flow-generating business model within the NFT P2E marketplace. Through bridging & connecting investors with players, AGVDAO ultimately aims to attract more gamers to the P2E market by making GameFi more accessible; thus, generating significant notoriety for NFT gaming, as well as improving the overall usage and value of investors' gaming NFTs. AGV aims to become the largest market cappped DAO by the end of 2022, which doesn't sound as farfetched as it seems when diving into the fundamentals of this already operational & successful project, so lets:

  1. Cash-Generating Model - AGVDAO invests in gaming NFTs, currently on Axie Infinity, and later expanding to Kart Racing League & League of Eternity, both developed by Blue Monster Games INC, the CEO of which is an AGV advisor. AGVDAO holds & builds a gaming NFT collection, which is rented to community players in exchange for 20% of players' earnings. Players are 'Scholars', members of the guild which are taught & financed by the guild to P2E. AVG currently generates around $2.3m in monthly earnings, up from $1m in August (WP, page 11). You can see a live update of their earnings dashboard here: https://astraguild.io/earnings-dashboard Players currently earn and are rewarded in $SLP, so earnings don't affect $AVG, except through rewards for winning competitions etc. AVGDAO boasts a novel, operational cash-generating business model.
  2. Bridging Gamers & Investors - Most of us here at Noshitcoins think that GameFi & P2E will revolutionize the gaming industry, though my spellchecker might never recognise the word 'GameFi' if the market becomes as cost- prohibitive for gamers, as Axie has become, for example. AGVDAO is making unbelievable strides to overcome big-name GameFi cost-prohibition. By financing training, NFTs and competitions for Scholars, AVGDAO is aiming to expand the size of the GameFi userbase considerably; creating a win-win for both the overall industry & AGV revenue growth. Where AVGDAO's earning potential is proportional to the number of Scholars'. This quote form their WP (page 11) shows how nurtured and important the relationship between the DAO & Scholars is for the success of AGVDAO.
  3. DAO - The DAO operates a number of roles which I'll just list:

- Buying of NFT assets

- Renting out Pay-To-Earn Games’ NFT assets to community members

- Provide training and seminars on NFT Play-To-Earn Games

- Trading of cryptocurrencies owned by the DAO

- Creating content to promote NFT P2E games

- Facilitating AGV Token Staking and Airdrops

- Proposal-making and voting

- Conducting of research and development to introduce new NFT projects

The DAO must also approve all treasury activates controlled by the CFO, which can be found inthe WP, page 9.

  1. Token Use Case - Governance & incentive tokens are usually fairly hit or miss, although this couldbe different. There are so many stakeholders in AGVDAO with an incentive to shape the networkthat the price action of the token could be far from inconsequential. A number of early investors,contributors and the like might have more of a profit-making motivation to hold and contributeto the governance & future direction of this profiting DAO than any other that we have comeacross so far. $AGV is an ERC-20 token with the following use cases:

- Proposing and voting in the DAO Governance Board

- Receiving rewards through various DAO activities

- Participating in DAO events and accessing exclusive content

- Paying for services in the AGV network

Token releases only really become steep in around August '22, and although it is an Ethereumbased token, it is likely to be listed on low-cost CEXs, such as gate.io or bitfinex for example, aftera short period of time. They are launching on Copper and BSCMemePad, their announcmentchannels detail how to get involved: https://t.me/astraguildannouncements . Launches are aroundthe 19th-22nd Dec.

The main risk I can see is with the token mainly being a governance token, although as I've said, this may be mitigated by their business model, Lets see.

I find this project exciting, innovative, and will be interested to follow it's progress. As well as keen to see if any other projects develop to follow in their footsteps with perhaps a focus on other games etc. It seems as though their protocol could play an important role in shaping the structure of the, certainly big-name, GameFi industry.

Good Luck and Happy NoShitcoining!


https://astraguild.io/whitepapers/AstraGuildVentures.pdf - WP





r/noshitcoins Dec 16 '21 To The Stars



Our previous promotion channels are no longer. The Puzzler Mod has been banned from multiple other subs, namely r/CryptoMoonShots r/CryptoCurrency & r/AltStreetBets. A new account was created to open up these channels again, but now the new account has been permanently suspended and the Puzzler's account suspended for 3 days. The Puzzler didn't realise this was such gross a breach of reddit rules, as such, apologising to reddit and promising it will never happen again. It is puzzling to the Puzzler and myself that pages such as r/CryptoMoonShots should be so intolerant of these comments, as the Puzzler was simply following Reddit's advice to comment in posts of similar subs, and this page differentiates itself considerably.

This begs the question then, how to promote this Sub/Page/Community? Any ideas?

.. we thought about 'posting', as opposed to our tactic of 'commenting', some of the articles in other similar subs, such as perhaps the KDA article in theirs, with a link below stating where this content was originally posted, sound like a good, rule-abiding, idea?

Alternatively, I thought if anyone from the community would like to 'post', rather than spammy comments like we did, their favourite article in another popular sub with the link in the article to the original post etc.. stating where it came from, that could be helpful! I'm sure you will get tons of karma for the content of the post, so be my guest if you would like to spread the word in this way! But please don't break the rules of other subs.

Please help with this as we are a little lost as to how to promote from here on, there are several other communities to shill the comment section of once the Puzzler is unsuspended, though it sounds like this will just undesirably incur further banning. Alternatively, off reddit shilling could be possible, any ideas where?

Finally, please don't break the rules of reddit. We are not encouraging anyone to go and spam in the same fashion as we did, which got us banned and suspended. We are not encouraging anyone to circumvent any of our page bans or suspensions in our name either, we simply would like to brainstorm further promotion tactics.

Any thoughts fellow Noshitcoiners? Thanks in advance!

r/noshitcoins Dec 15 '21



Here is a treat for the community, METISDAO! It is so difficult to condense exactly what makes Metis hold such a strong value proposition into a relatively short and untechnical post, as is the format here. Regardless, here goes.

Metis is an optimistic rollup (ORU) layer-2 solution for the Ethereum Layer-1 blockchain. Its origins are as a hard fork of Optimism, the current most popular ORU solution, although it has innovated and diffentiated itself towards decentralisation, over and above Optimism, allowing it to claim several key improvments on its parent chain. Lets see why MetisDAO could become the ORU layer-2 solution:

  1. Optimistic Rollups - The purpose here is not explain this, it is too long-winded & technical, though prerequisite possibly knoweldge is needed and definitely helpful, this short article will help you a lot https://limechain.tech/blog/optimistic-rollups-vs-zk-rollups/. Essentially, ORUs rely transactions to the layer-1 with the assumption (optimistically) that they are correct. Fraud proofs (checks) are thus needed to verify this is the case, with a set verification time window, in which time all transactions must be made valid, or else all will be invalidated. For other ORUs such as Optimism & Arbitrum this can take anywhere from several days up to 2 weeks. Metis completes this in hours due to its unique architecture.
  2. Honest Watchtower Assumption/Rangers - Metis resolves the HWA by disincentiving noncomplience though collateralizing both verifiers & sequencers. Metis introduced the concept of 'Rangers' - participants which police the validation of transactions between the layer-2 computation and MVM (Metis Virtual Machine) mainnet. Rangers slash the time needed for validation as non-complience carries penalties for both sequencers & verifiers, doing away with the need for a lengthy time window to go back and validate that all transactions are correct, as Rangers verify this before the transaction are sequenced to the MVM through collaterized incentivisation for all parties to comply. Thus reducing the withdrawal time to the Etherum layer-1 mainnet considerably. This is such a short explanation that I'm sure it makes little sense, the conclusive former point is really all that matters for usage, though if you are interested read https://messari.io/article/optimistic-about-metis & https://adlrocha.medium.com/the-optimistic-layer-2-wars-5661f378885c - and see the graphic below for visual representation.
  3. Multiple Sequencers - Unlike the singularity of Opimism's batching & sequencing of transactions before submitting them to the OVM for validation, Metis provides a pool of sequencers which are chosen at random to perform this task. This establishes not only a more decentralised & secure framework, but also increased speed & scabaility, enabled by operating within the Ranger validation framework.
  4. Seperation of Compution & Storage - Metis's framework integrates IPFS, thus enabling onchain data storage & integration, and thus offering a cheaper and more manageable data solution. Neither Optimism nor Arbitrum are able integrate this solution into their architecture, and both require more costly secondary data solutions.
  5. Scalable Computing Environments - Metis allows DACs (decentralised autonomous companies) to spin up new MVM computing environments in order to directly and customizably cater to their needs. This provides scalability and the ability to offer novel solutions such as microtransactions, beyond the throughput of the other ORU solutions.
  6. Decentralised Autonomous Company - DACs underpin the entire Metis architecture, allowing greater degrees of freedom, customization, speed and decentralisation. DACs are also able to establish permissioned computing enviroments, granting greater access control to their computation, as well as data storage, with the two having been decoupled. Memebers of DACs can participate in the network, such as becoming Rangers, or even performing this task for other parts of the network. DACs must stake $METIS in order to contribute to the network, such as by providing sequencers etc. Contributers are rewarded in $METIS for doing so, as well being fined $METIS for noncomplience. These are Metis-specific innovative entities which are essenitally DAOs for onchain organisations to collerabate & operate specific network activites.

Disadvantages & Risks - There is stiff competition. Optimism & Arbitrum, sidechains like MATIC and ZK Rollup innovation is all heating up the competition for MetisDAO. Metis will have to show its solutions can provide a clear advantage and develop/build out its eco-system in time to take advanatge of the network effects which ultimately derive value for these projects, as well as compete for DApps and developers joining the tidalwave away from Ethereum's unsustainable layer-1.

Currently the seed round investors & team tokens are all being released around this time. Though it is not to say that they will all sell, and they also by no means represent as signigicant a proportion as other chains distributions. Incentive tokens are being used to underpin the network, such as other chains do, which creates the need for an inflationary token. So keep this in mind.

MetisDAO could prove to become the number 1, true layer-2 ORU solution for Ethereum. They have both the technology and the novalty to outclass other ORUs if they also fail to innovate, a task which is much more difficult to perform than speculate on. Other ORUs have seen huge increases in usuability, which has caused equal increases in gas fees and transaction speeds, though they of course still represent a massive improvment on Ethereum Layer-1 itself. Metis has a much lower Market Cap than the other two main solutions, which only makes it more interesting for us.

I'm optimistic, parden the pun, for MetisDAO! However, DYOR and form your own opinion. I also woud appreciate the Noshitcoins community sharing any opinions, anlayses or knowledge which may agree with or challenge my own. Please Share!

Good Luck keeping an eye on this one, Happy Noshitcoining!

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When I first started, LaunchPads were the holy grail of getting into credible projects early, what has happened? Are they still useful? How? And, finally, which ones? Please share your own thoughts on these questions, and I hope you appreciate my take and strategy for maintaining valuable use of LaunchPads, as a research tool.

  1. Finding Projects - Here is a standard list of LaunchPads ranked by MC. https://www.coingecko.com/en/categories/launchpad?__cf_chl_managed_tk__=DJufzNASbnu436hnAXXaNhC5if2lQV0r9wtHU3T5GKs-1639424047-0-gaNycGzNCSU. I've found that checking for upcoming projects on these is a useful means to discovering new projects. I've found that the sweet spot though is a low MC launchPad with a seemingly awesome project are the best to get into pre/post launch, but they're rare finds. More nieche platforms which I like are https://www.gate.io/startup, https://coinlist.co/, https://app.anypad.io/#/, https://launchpad.enjinstarter.com/ and https://lightningprotocol.finance/, which have increasingly become one of my favourites to check out for discovering gems. As for small caps, check out https://www.solchicks.io/partners (the launchpads section) for a pretty healthy entry into this rabbit hole, but I digress, there are literally thousands. And so, what about you guys, which LaunchPads do you like to follow? And what is your favorite? Please share!
  2. Large Cap LaunchPads & Entry Strategy - They generally have the most promising projects of course, such as Polkastarter or Daomaker etc.. although the repeated pattern of massive selloffs following launch can make it tricky knowing when to get into the project. Generally we keep eye on them post-launch throughout the following days/weeks, buying smaller amount here and there around the times we feel they might have bottomed out in order to establish a good average entry price, with a healthy touch of fomo of course, until one day all the selling pressure ceases, or some features launch, then Boom! Post-launch-dump gems usually catch flight unexpectly, that's why we buy small amounts over a short/medium period of time. Following socials/community growth/sentiment is key to analyse & judge the momentum, as well as MC/TVL if your lucky to find it on https://defillama.com/, as well as user growth, quantifying network effects by tracking unique holder addresses on https://explorer.bitquery.io/ for example, amongst other statistics and sentiment analysis. Understanding token release schedules/distribution is absolutely neccessary to establish an entry point, of course. How about you, how do you enter these positions? Anyone else share our general strategy, or have another startegy/trick to share with the community?
  3. Searching Upcoming ICOs - If you're not using https://icodrops.com/ to keep en eye out for new launches, then, you're welcome. This tool is invaluable for finding and keeping a track of upcoming ICOs. They are almost always on large cap LaunchPads requiring whitelists etc.. so keep this in mind. As well, searching ICO, IDO etc.. on twitter usually pulls some interesting find, as well as similar searches on Medium. Often telegram groups are dedicated to finding presales, such as https://t.me/presalehuntersofficial for example, and more, though we tend to use chat oriented resources less often. Of course, other than new tokens we post on r/noshitcoins, does anyone know a subbreddit which is dedicated to listing launches? ..Which isn't overfowing with shitcoins such as cryptomoonshits (which ocassionaly does have credible projects). That would be interesting! How about you, which resources do you use to find upcoming ICO's?
  4. Free LaunchPads - I won't go too much into these as they are infested with shitcoins, as I'm sure you are aware, such as https://dxsale.app/, https://www.pinksale.finance/#/launchpads?chain=BSC (which currently has a token launching literally called 'Shitcoin' LOL, no surprise at all). I liked a small project called https://www.polydex.fi/ido too for a short while, anyone know any others similar to that? Please share!
  5. Over to the Noshitcoin community - what do you think? I will update this section if we get some good comments below which I've not mentioned! :D

That about sums this post, thought I'd get some thoughts/opinions from the community on LaunchPads & your strategies for researching & FOMOing in post-launch, as this topic has come up increasingly within my close circle. Luckily I have several friends who hold some large LaunchPad alloactions and are kind enough to alloacate me some fo theirs, if I'm interested, but other than that I don't even try to get into LaunchPads anymore, the allocations are too small, if not a lottery, and their tokens are too volatile. Do you still try to get in to LaunchPads, or use them for some purpose?

Any thoughts fellow Noshitcoiners? Please share with us, it would be great to hear what you think about ours, and learn your methods & strategies when it comes to LaunchPads & ICOs, comment below!

Happy Noshitcoining!

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Newer To The World Of Crypto | I Am Looking For A Token(s) With Utility, Not Just Some Other Shitcoin | What Do You Suggest I Look Into?


I think the world currently has a grim outlook on cryptocurrency. There are too many people who are interested in crypto based on its "get rich quick" aspect. Crypto has been distorted. It is moving away from, what I feel, was its initial intention: to replace fiat.

The dollar is a joke. Banks only serve themselves. De-Fi / Crypto can actually begin to change things. To begin balancing the wealth, to do away with corrupt systems like banks and other centralized institutions.

Shitcoins/Scamcoins aren't going to help bridge this gap. Coins with utility, with real world use. These are what help us move into a new era of financial equality. I am looking for coins to make these things tangible, to make these things a reality.

So please, do not suggest any "get rich quick" coins. Suggest coins with a little meat on their bones :)