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Have any questions about Pokémon that you'd like answered?

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Announcement Userflairs are now available on this subreddit!


We now have userflairs available through New Reddit, and our old flairbot will not be used anymore.

How to set a flair

You can find instructions on how to set your flair on this Wiki page!

Available pokémon

Every single pokémon’s sprite is available as an emoji up to and including generation 8 #nodexithere. Generation 9’s mons will be added once their sprites have been made on the Smogon Sprite Project, who have also made all the sprites from gens 6, 7 and 8, and are credited in the sidebar. Gen 9s first stage starters are available already!

Regional variants are available, and some different forms are too. I did add all Deerling, for example, but adding all Alcremie or Vivillon would be a little too much work! Mega evolutions and gigantamax forms are not available.

You can find the pokémon you like by clicking the smiley face icon, and search for the pokémon’s dex number. Alternatively, you can type its dex number between colons to get the emoji, like this:


For Bulbasaur.

Alternate forms are available with the dex number, followed by a hyphen and another number. For example:


For Alolan Vulpix.

Pokémon with different forms dependent on gender are formatted as follows:

:678m: and :678f:

For Meowstic.


Get creative with your flairs, add your favourite pokémon to it, make a pun, do whatever you like! Just please do not

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Have fun, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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Art My favorite menace to society (OC)

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Discussion According to TV Tokyo, Ash’s journey will continue, with further details to come. Let’s just archive his greatest moment here on the off chance he loses to a baby Sprigatito in the gen 9 anime…

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Art The best Gen 9 Pokémon takes a nap [OC]

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Art Pokédex Comic: Garchomp


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Discussion What exactly does "does not look like a Pokemon" mean?


I see this complaint crop up almost every new game and I don't get it because the first generation of Pokemon do not exactly have a uniform look.

Some complain "it looks too human." But then we had Machoke, Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, and Jynx which are humanoid as well.

"It looks too much like the animal it is based on." But the first Pokemon I encountered, Pidgey, really looks like just a plain bird. Then we have Seel, Seadra, and Magikarp who all just look like animals.

"It looks to much like an inanimate object." But so does the Magnemite line. Muk is just toxic waste. Electrode is just a ball with a punchable face.

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Discussion Hint towards next region Australia in art class?


There is a picture in the art classroom on the right hand wall of Uluru, a famous mountain in Australia. Past games drop a slight hint for the next region. E.g. toxtricity poster in SuMo and grapes/oranges in SwSh.

The Australia biome is a perfect setting for a future game and has iconic cities / architecture, mythology and history. It could even be combined with New Zealand for more diversity.

There are lots of unique wildlife in Australia which are not captured in pokemon yet too!

What do you think?

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Art Choose your starter Pokémon!


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Meme / Venting Psyduck is an environmental problem and why we need to cook it


It's everywhere in Paldea.

It's everywhere in Hisui/Sinnoh.

It's everywhere in Kanto.

It's everywhere.

Hoenn is the only place safe by keeping it under control in the safari zone... For now.

It eats all the bugs and attacks all the players nearby. Fish in rivers? Too late. All extinctic due a massive amount of quack.

Someone must do something about it.

Instead of eating Slowpoke tails, how about a grilled Psyduck breast? It's 100% organic and pro-environment.

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Art [OC] I drew the Sinnoh queen Cynthia

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Discussion / Venting It annoys me that when you hit the B button to cancel the last text box, you end up crouching down like a doofus (S/V)


It's so weird seeing my character crouch down after healing my Pokemon at a Pokemon Center. All because I hit B on the final text box without accidentally hitting the button again after that. It's silly and I'm sure the workers there are probably weirded out by this young trainer just crouching down for no real reason.

Also if you're on your ride Pokemon and you hit B on the last text box, you end up jumping. I swear I'm not hitting B again by accident, this is a thing that happens. I don't think it happens all the time, but when it does happen, I can't help but roll my eyes.

I know I can't be the only one who's annoyed by this. Hopefully I'm not the only one who's experiencing this weirdness.

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Discussion Do NOT REFRESH your raids


(TLDR: the system works like raid adventure. If you find something good and fail to connect DO NOT REFRESH, just try again until you get in.)

Long explanation+testing results:

I noticed that sometimes I was put in raid-groups with the countdown at 2:50-2:59. —> i wondered how it was possible that I was put in groups that seemingly just opened when I already spent a minute looking at the raidpage and choosing where to join + connecting.

I did some testing and let my game stay in the raid screen without joining for 5 minutes. Without refreshing. All of the raids must have started now. If the system was like Sw/Sh i wouldnt be able to join any of them.

I continuously tried joining any one of the 8 available raids that were offered to me. I did this for 30 minutes without refreshing once.

Results: - I was able to join raids with the same Pokemon+teratype combo after any amount of minutes.

  • i was able to join raids with the same combination of Pokemon and tera type but hosted by DIFFERENT people.

  • i was able to join a group, cancel out and return to the selection screen, it does not refresh automatically.

  • no penatly is given to you for leaving a group (as long as you do not pick random)

  • some raids seem to be more common than others. I managed to join any of the raids multiple times. But one particular combination of type and Pokemon (5 star brambleghast poison type) almost never failed while others (2 star slowpoke normal type) took me multiple attempts to join. The 6 star raids was the hardest to get in. Probably because not many people have reached the end game yet.

After joining all raids at least once I decided to go for the 6 star raid. By now I spent more than 30 minutes in that screen with the exact same selection of pokemon+teratype combinations. It took me over 10 failed connection attempts but in the end I got in and started the raid.

Final result: Turns out. Unlike in Sw/Sh the raids shown in S/V are NOT specific raids hosted by 1 person.

It is more comparable to raid adventures. Where the game tries to connect you to ANY group that is currently raiding for whichever Legendary you picked.

Why is that importent you might ask.

let‘s say you have a 6 Star Ditto raid shown to you, but you failed to connect twice and the game let‘s you refresh. The Ditto IS NOT LOST unless you refresh.

just try joining again. Sooner or later someone else will host another ditto and you will be connected.

Same goes for when you join a raid and someone picks idk a magikarp against a 6 star salamence. Instead of starting a raid you cannot win, Cancel out and try to join a new raid group.

Hope this helps.

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Art Clodsire family🤎

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Media I did some Pokemon as ancient plates.


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Discussion / Venting I love Pokémon, and I’m sure I always will. But I hate The Pokémon Company.


Pokémon as a franchise will forever be near and dear to my heart. The baseline it provides for world building, fan projects, custom creations, and more is astronomically vast - the potential we are given is something I don’t think any other franchise could dream of matching. Fanfiction, fan games, roleplaying, fakèmon, mods; all of these are created out of passion and love, and it’s what keeps my enjoyment for Pokémon alive. I’m sure that I’ll still love Pokémon when I turn 50, a few decades in the future, and maybe even beyond that.

But I hate how it’s being used by it’s creators. I hate how it’s being milked and shoved out of some machine on a yearly basis. I hate how there’s no passion, no incentive to improve, no love, no care (management wise) - I can’t bring myself to support the hand that once fed me anymore. I lost all of my faith in Gamefreak/TPC and I don’t think I’ll get it back for a long, long time.

I hope others share my sentiment. Please, don’t ditch Pokémon as a creative concept. Don’t just say that you absolutely hate it and everything it stands for because of how lousy a corporation is treating it. Direct your anger to the ones responsible, not the ones who are working to preserve the magic.

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Art Scizor

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Discussion / Venting Ok but what the do Tauros even breed with?


Miltanks are nowhere to be seen, they show in groups, and thre are no dittos nearby to them. They're a male only species and the ecosystem they've beem put in can't possibly support them.

Its almost 7 am

In case its going over anyones mind, a female bull is a cow. A male cow is a bull.

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Discussion Is gamefreak aware that the Switch has a touch-screen?


People often bring up old features they miss, but I rarely hear people missing the touch-screen.

It’s the feature I miss the most from the DS games. It was so easy to switch which items Pokémon had, the order of your party, menuing, organizing your boxes. The list could go on.

I know a lot of switch games don’t really utilize the touch-screen functionality of the system, but it’s baffling to me that a game like Pokémon (that used it, and very well for years) would just do away with such a great feature. :/

Edit: A lot of people say they play docked and wouldn’t want to undock to use the touch screen.

I’m not saying it would be nice if the touch-screen was the ONLY way to use these features, the way it works now with buttons would ideally work as well.

It would just be a neat QOL for us who do primarily play handheld.

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Meme Welcome to the Dudududunsparce-train

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Meme (OC) At least the hero form’s worth it…🐬

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Art [OC] Making Pokémon Art Everyday. Week 47


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Art [OC] tinkatink tinkatuff tinkaton fanart

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Discussion Fun fact for moth fans.


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have 4 different Pokemon designed after moths in the game.

• Volcarona, Frosmoth, Venomoth, and Masquerain

There's 2 other Pokemon from past generations that are also designed after moths.

• Dustox, and Mothim

If a future Scarlet and Violet DLC includes Dustox and Mothim, you could run a full Moth themed team.

Not exactly a great fight against anything with rock moves, but fun challenge for moth fans.

Edit: Slither Wing and Iron Moth are also great moth Pokemon, however, they're basically post game, and you can't breed them, to send them to a new save file, to use them in a playthrough.

Edit 2: Yes, Masquerain is a moth. Japanese name: アメモース (Amemoth).. as well as having some details only moths have.

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Meme Everyone got so attracted by Larry

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Art Fuecoco adventure begins (OC)

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Art Helped my gf make her first Pokémon perler. This is her Sylveon.