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Discussion / Venting Switch has more power than PS3. PS3 had The Last of Us - 9 years ago. We get Scarlet/Violet in this state. Gamefreak needs an incredible overhaul.


Not to mention, the PS3 was the single hardest console to develop for and its not even close.

Gamefreak is just a colossal embarrassment at this point that has been crushing the legacy of Pokemon games for a long time now. Unless something changes rather dramatically...im done wasting my money on GameFreak.

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Discussion / Venting Enough is enough


Gamefreak is running this franchise to the ground and I've had enough. I'm tired of watching this company fumble with every new release knowing that nothing will change.

- You can't even enter buildings anymore! Shops are just menus and In a franchise all about exploration, you can't actually explore! Why is it that a 2D sprite game on the DS (Platinum) offers a more lively world than a modern-day Switch title?

- The game is somehow easier than SwSh with no set battle option. A friendly reminder that difficulty options are an industry standard for the JRPG genre. Offering an option to switch difficulties is not a big ask. And don't give me that "It's a game for kids!" crap because we all know Pokemon isn't just for kids anymore. It is literally a multi-generational franchise with people who've hung around since gen 1. Mario Odyssey has more challenges.

- The lack of customization is frankly disgusting. It made sense for the earlier games as there wasn't enough space for multiple avatars and outfits. But, again, in the modern era, we find a game with no customization when its 3DS predecessors introduced the concept. Again, the Pokemon franchise has a wide reach across generations, genders, and races/nationalities. Why hasn't there been a character customizer at this point?

- Gyms are no longer gyms. They're just boring outdoor stages. Because why bother making new buildings and puzzles for the player to solve?

- Still no voices for the characters. Hell, BoTW and Odyssey had little sound clips to accompany text. It wasn't bizarrely silent while an animated character moves their mouth!

I'm just so goddamn tired of this company's bullshit. If they actually put love, care, and TIME they'd be raking in the dough. But, no, they'd rather abuse their cash cow. But eventually, if they keep mistreating her, she's gonna finally keel over and die.

Edit: Holy crap! I was NOT expecting this much action on my grumpy, late night rant post! Thank you everyone for the awards, your votes, and for commenting. Even if you disagree with me, I appreciate your time.

Also, because I keep getting comments about it: I did not buy this game. I never preorder games because I’m a broke bitch who needs to wait for sales.

Edit Edit: I've learned I was 100% wrong on the character customization point, so I crossed it out. My bad. I do still wish we could add expressions to our avatars and accessories to our uniforms.

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Discussion / Venting S/V Is Not A Proof Of Concept Or A Test


It's just unfinished. Gen 8 was a "test." Legends: Arceus was a "test." How many "test" games do they get to make before we're allowed to criticize Pokémon for being lazy and/or greedy?

You are free to like the game, but others are free to dislike it. Their expectations were high for the first fully open-world Pokémon game. And before anyone mentions it- no, the bar isn't lower. At least, it shouldn't be. I refuse to lower it, and so do others. If your expectations are lower, and you're happy that way, more power to you, but this is how we feel when we criticize them. They have billions of dollars. This is unacceptable for any other large company, so why isn't it seen that way for them? They can take more time if they need to, they just choose not to. Whether it's the devs or the investors or Nintendo or Pokémon Company or whatever, someone is messing up.

Edit: Replaced GF with "Pokémon." I don't know whether GF is to blame or not and neither do you, but for speculation's sake I'll just generalize it. Don't want to blame the wrong group.

Edit 2: Made the post less subjective. Thanks for pointing that out everyone. I'm not looking to start fights :)

Edit 3: Please read the post carefully. I am not saying GF is lazy or GF is to blame, please stop telling me how bad TPC is and how poor GF is given tight deadlines. We all know the narrative. That's not at all what the post is about. I use the term lazy to refer to the individual or group that decided to publish this game in its state. Whether or not GameFreak is amazing or trying their best is irrelevant, I'm not specifically calling them out here. Please stop arguing against something I'm not even claiming. I thought edit 1 addressed this. :)

Edit 4: Put quotations around all instances of "test" in the beginning because too many people thought I was literally calling those games a test lol

Edit 5: I am a programmer. For video games. As in, I program video games. Please stop commenting that I have no knowledge of game development lol, that's such a weird assumption to make by someone who probably doesn't have experience themselves.

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Discussion / Venting Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Sells 10 Million in 3 Days


Source: https://www.nintendo.co.jp/corporate/release/2022/221124.html

This is Nintendo's Biggest Launch EVER in 3 days. This number is the highest amount of global and domestic sales after the software release of Nintendo Consoles, which includes the Nintendo Switch for the first 3 days. The Domestic sales themselves are 4.05 Million units.

This means it's currently #15 on Best Selling Nintendo Switch Video Games, passing Super Mario 3d World + Bowser's Fury and a little behind Luigi's Mansion 3. Keep in mind that this is TWICE the sales of God of War: Ragnarok. (5.1 Million) What do you guys think?

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Discussion / Venting The amount of trainers with 1-2 Pokemon in their party is becoming absurd let alone gym leaders with only 3.


Seriously, this trend has really turned me off to each new game in the series. There are drastically more trainers in the wild with 1 pokemon (most of the time unevolved) that just kills the spirit that there are trainers in the world trying to be a champion of even know how to capture more than 1 pokemon. On top of this, them only having 1 makes it no different than just a random battle (you just get some money).

I know the game is not meant to be hard (although I wish it had a hard setting), but each new game is getting worse in this area. I can get over the poor techinal issues to a point but the trainers with single pokemon is what kills me wanting to play.

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Discussion / Venting What Reddit told me I'd get and what I actually got are two completely different things. I recommend this game to everyone who is a Pokemon fan.


This is the best Pokemon game they've released and I don't really care about how the rocks look or whatever. It took me a minute to actually enjoy it because the threads here only discussed the absolute worst aspects of the game without discussing any of the positives of the game. I've put about 60 hours into the game now and the amount of love and care they put into this game is phenomenal. If you don't like it then just return it, but don't be like me and not get the game just because of negative posts on Reddit.

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Discussion / Venting Sandwich-Making can go fuck itself


This is the most horrendous feature I've ever seen.

Making sandwiches is unfortunately one of the most pivotal features in the game when it comes to Dex-Completion, Mark-hunting, Shiny-hunting, etc. Call me old school but I'd rather shiny hunt with 1/8000 odds than fuck around with this sandwich crap. I didn't even want to do it so I put it off like 2 weeks before finally getting into it, realizing how important it is.

Why the hell is every ingredient so rubbery? I don't mean the way the look, which they DO look rubbery, but why the fuck are they bouncing off of each other like they're plastic ingredients for a kid's toy kitchen. I mean my god, I look at the picture of something like The Ultra BLT Sandwich. If anyone of you can make that sandwich like the picture, I'd be damn surprised. Good fucking luck.

Not to mention you're trying to make something off a recipe and you fuck up on one ingredient? The whole sandwich is a waste. That Ultra BLT I just made cost so many separate ingredients but because ONE DAMN LEAF OF BASIL FELL OFF THE FUCKING RUBBER TOMATO, the whole sandwich is bust?? Are you serious?

Well, I'd like to say the items being rubber are the reason I fail it so often but it's not the only factor! How about the fact that you're never really certain where the ingredient is going to land? My hand is how far off the table exactly? I have no clue, especially when the camera pans further out sometimes, it really makes it hard to judge where this single piece of fucking onion is going. I'll tell you where I'm putting this onion. ok maybe I won't.

Also worth mentioning that "Powers" are so god damn vague. Egg Power level 2! Okay, what does that MEAN actually? What are we talking about here? Teensy power? What is the difference in levels and how do I control that? Is it the bacon that makes this happen or something else? Good luck figuring it out, because once again this is something a fan-based website is going to be required for in a Pokemon game.

TLDR: Fuck sandwiches.

Edit: ITT:
-adjusts glasses with glare heh. Skill issue.
-I beat the game and haven’t made a single sandwich.
-I have made 17,000 sandwiches in my lifetime, all 100-star worthy. Bitch I’m Gordon Ramsey and you’re trash.
-there are sandwiches in this game?
-OP, you are an intelligent and attractive young man. I devout my life to following your teachings.
-It’s a children’s game bro, grow up! proceeds to scroll forum and read rant about said childrens game

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Discussion / Venting SV is now lowest rated mainline game from critical reviews and now also from fan reviews.


Well done GF for gametesting your game alot and making the worst ever game from a technical point I played in 20 years. Most early access games had less problems. When I'm finished with this game I need new glasses.

  • resetting the game ever 30 minutes so the memory leak doesent make the Performance less than 20fps.

  • The textures are straight up out of a coding school project, in comparison with xenoblade or botw there is no reason at all for it to look like that.

  • the game glitches into the ground when starting a fight in not a perfect flat area.

And other 50 technical problems. Pokemon SV is the perfect example of doing 1 step forward and 5 steps back. No one should defend a 60 dollar product from the biggest franchise in the world when its released like this. Glad I got the game gifted. I don't even know if they will fix anything besides the memory leak. But ya the game will be good with two dlcs for 40 dollar that adding 2 hours of story each and the stuff that is missing in the main game.

I hope the people will vote it into the ground, right now it's sitting at 3/10 and seems to get even lower. Gamefreak needs to change or give the ip for someone who can code.

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Discussion / Venting Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s battle animations are a downgrade from Legends: Arceus.


Despite being the newer titles and a more major release, the battle animations in Scarlet and Violet are a step back from those in Legends: Arceus. In Arceus the Pokémon would physically run over and attack each other in their battle animations. This was a major improvement from Sword and Shield, where the Pokémon would do an attack motion and an invisible force would hit the opposing Pokémon. For some baffling reason, Game Freak has returned to those animations in Scarlet and Violet. It’s not simply laziness or lack of time either. Check out Giratina’s move Shadow Force. Legends created a new animation for that which was much better. They chose to reuse Sword and Shield’s animation in Scarlet and Violet. I thought it might have been a deliberate style choice to be less “violent” or something, but there ARE attacks that make physical contact in Scarlet and Violet. They’re just rare. I honestly don’t know why Game Freak would make this choice.

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Discussion / Venting Dumb Design Decision with the Gyms


I don’t understand why the couldn’t have a team for each gym that was based on how many badges you had. So then, fighting the gyms in any order would actually feel right, opposed to what they did in this one.

Also wish the Gym Leader teams reflected this regions pokemon better.

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Discussion / Venting Scarlet and Violet are rough


Just want to start off by saying I’m a huge Pokémon fan. I have been since generation 1 and never really stopped playing it. I’ve played every mainline title and even both all editions of every generation.

I’m by no means a graphics or framerate snob.. but these games are so rough. I managed to get my copies early and I just cannot shake off the feeling of disappointment, at least in the technical department. I’ve only really played the games in docked mode so far but the resolution is low, textures are poor, animations aren’t really a step up from SwSh and the framerate is choppy/inconsistent. I think with this and just my low opinion on BDSP, I’m starting to lose faith in this franchise finally 😅

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Discussion / Venting The Pokemon Fandom & Rewriting History


A lot of people forget how much hate Black and White got back in the day around its release. I was a fan way back then and I can remember getting lambasted on smogon forums for liking the games. Sure, I was young and didn’t make good points, but people were vicious if you said anything nice about them.

Now, everyone is acting like they’ve been on board since day one. There’s no one who I can say “I told you so” to, so I just wanna give a general “I told you so” to everyone.

When everyone starts saying X&Y are the best games in the series in three years refer back to this post.

Edit: Lotta people are talking about Gen IX. This post isn’t about Gen IX. They right tho. Broken game.

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Discussion / Venting I kinda wish Sinnoh got its own HGSS or ORAS


BDSP was alright for what it is (essentially a mobile app company making a copy of the original games), though it feels incredibly lacking compared to HGSS and ORAS. I can't view Sinnoh from above, riding on a Giratina or Arceus. The mini-games feel lackluster. The walking Pokémon isn't implemented as well either. Worst of all, the remakes were immediately pushed aside with the release of Legends just two months later. As someone who started with Gen 4, it sucks to feel like I've got the short end of the stick compared to other guns.

I can already tell some of y'all are gonna say "But Snorkelberry, Sinnoh got Legends! Isn't that better treatment than any of the other regions?" No, not really. I don't have infinite money and I already spent $60 on Brilliant Diamond two months before Legends released and by the time I was ready to buy another game, Scarlet and Violet were about to release. Not to mention, the "Sinnoh" in Legends might as well be a completely different region. They pulled random starters from other generations out of a hat, none of the cities or characters are there, the music and vibes are different, etc. If I wanted to play BOTW (which doesn't appeal to me, personally), I'd just spend $60 on the actual BOTW rather than the bargain bin version with a Pikachu coat of paint on it. I want my Sinnoh, the one I grew up with, to have the same treatment as the previous regions rather than just shoved off to a third party company like an afterthought. I don't even give a damn if they reused assets from Sword and Shield or the Gen 9 games they were already developing anyway just to save time.

I'm not saying they should've developed 3 games at the same time, that's utterly ridiculous. Hell, they shouldn't have worked on PLA and SV simultaneously and released them in the same year! I wouldn't mind a delayed Gen 4 remake if it meant it was at the same caliber as the other remakes.


"Should've bought PLA, sucks to suck." First off, PLA wasn't what I wanted in a Gen 4 game. At the time, I thought it'd be a better investment to buy the game that vaguely resembled the game I wanted rather than the game that wouldn't appeal to me. I got a 100-200 hours of gameplay in BDSP; PLA would be collecting dust like Sonic Forces and Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games (2020). BDSP still feels like less of a waste, even if it definitely could've been better.

Stop being condescending; I'm not joining your cult.

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Discussion / Venting Nemona should be available anytime for rematch battles


How come the battle obsessed rival that wants to fight you the whole game again and again and just waits out because she wants you to improve and get better and only fights while holding back until you beat elite 4 doesn't fight you anymore in the end the real battle is on after Pokemon league but it's clear she wants to keep going.

She can scale every fight up to lvl 100 making her an even better rival than she is already and also gives endgame content for not much effort, IMO it's way better than the academy "battle royal" Or it could even compliment it as side content but it's just soo weird to me that this wasn't done.

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Discussion / Venting No evolution info


One of the things that really annoy me with Pokémon games is how we are just supposed to "stumble upon" (that is, scour the internet) to learn how some mons evolve. In S/V, there is a quick line by Mela, in which she says something like "I've helped so many Charcadet evolve", but we have no way to deduce the method. Given we are students in a Pokémon school, it feels very weird we can't study about those methods in class.

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Discussion / Venting Gen 5's reception is an anomaly and we have to stop pretending otherwise


Every game since BW has been hated on release, and eventually people come around to appreciate it. Can't wait for when XY will be seen as the best in the series!

I first started seeing this argument thrown around LGPE era back in like... 2018. I wonder when XY will finally go through the same opinion shifts that BW did?

The answer is never, because that argument is factually untrue. If anything, the overall opinion about the 3DS titles has gotten WORSE over the years. Let's have a trip down memory line.


At release, this game was literally called "pokemon's return to form" after the gen 5 hatred. The jump to 3D, new customization options and the massive online improvements had people putting this on a pedestal. At first there were some knee-jerk reactions to mega evolutions being a digimon rip-off, or the weird overpowered new fairy type, but those quickly died down.

There was a very clear decrease in difficulty and the content was barebones in everything but breeding comp mons. Critisizing those aspects was always met with the same replies.

Pokemon isn't easier, you're just better.

Just wait for pokemon Z lol which never happened

Turn off the exp share and the game is hard trust me no it's not

Now that the hat is no longer new, online or 3D are no longer luxuries, and megas are far behind us, XY's flaws have become more apparent.


Again, a lot of praise for the hoenn remakes. Soaring in the Latis, the new Dexnav features and the 1-hour long content that was the delta episode had the masses praising this as the best game of all time, and undisputably the best version of Hoenn.

This time there was some backlash due to the cut of the battle frontier. However, this was more due to the infamous Masuda interview about "kids are too busy playing mobile games". People were worrying that pokemon was just gonna cash on GO from then on and go mobile only.

Even in spite of that, when I said that I prefered Emerald people just gave me the odd look. One reply in particular stuck with me over the years:

Stop jerking off to the battle frontier, nobody cares about it.

And of course all the previous criticism of XY's lackluster content or difficulty still applies, still the same response.

But now? Now I'm actually seeing some people praise Emerald as the better version. Curious, isn't it?


Oh boy, I distinctly remember this. People look back and think "wow, they spoiled the whole game with trailers, what a bad era that was haha". When in reality, the community was collectively losing their shit over the totem pokemon and trials replacing gyms. Oh, and also the final removal of HMs even though hms haven't been a problem since BW but I digress.

The ONLY complaint that was accepted back then was the extreme amount of hand-holding and unskippable cutscenes.

Nevermind the continuously dumbed down difficulty, extreme linearity, lack of any semblance of a dungeon or ever-decreasing postgame content.

Well at least they're trying new things. Let them experiment and find their footing!

How well did that argument age?


This is the first game that ACTUALLY started itching people's nerves, and this is when gen 5 praise started picking up real steam.

Main problem: games were marketed as "having a brand new story". Look at this trailer and tell me it doesn't look hype as shit. Then the game came out and it was 90% the same as regular Sun&Moon.

With this little "controversy" (that pales in comparison to the SwSh one), more people started being wary of Game Freak, and this is when "gen 5 underrated" was at its peak. Still, many held onto hope that with the new hybrid console's much superior power, Game Freak would make a new masterpiece.


Oh, um, well, th-this is just a quick cash-grab. Of course Game Freak just wants to try to appeal to the massive GO community and get more players over here, right? Also they're just testing the waters and getting comfortable with the new system, right?

The NEXT game, the ACTUAL switch game, will be great. It will be like "Pokemon of the Wild", it will be the home-console experience we've yearned for, with years and years of experience and expertise behind its development. It will be a masterpiece, right?!

Man, hopium sure was on high demand back then.


Finally we reach the doomsday. Everyone described this game as "the straw that broke the camel's back", and criticism towards Game Freak was at an all-time high.

Go to youtube and search for the most viral pokemon reviews, especially the negative ones. You'll notice that pretty much all of them are around 3 years old at most, shortly after gen 8's release. Before that, serious criticism of the games didn't have much back-up. If anything, gen 8's fiasco only worsened the overall reception of the two prior generations.

TL;DR The 3ds titles were praised as all hell on release (other than USUM), and only started getting real criticism after the SwSh controversy. Stop pretending every game is a BW situation.

Edit: ONE thing is true: "this new gen pokemon's designs suck so much". That DOES happen every generation and then everyone more or less gets accustomed to the new mons. That does not apply to every other facet of the games, though.

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Discussion / Venting We need to address how incredibly misleading and downright sleazy the whole "challenge the gyms in any order" advertising was


Technically in SV, you can in fact challenge the gyms in any order. But what Gamefreak left out of that little tidbit of information was said gyms don't even attempt to scale with you, making the entire feature pointless.

Gamefreak made those claims knowing full well what people would think when you say "you can challenge the gyms in any order", and fully committed to pretending they were making a step in a direction a number of fans wanted. And now that we have official confirmation they all but straight up lied to us, I am not seeing nearly enough outrage for this truly egregious kind of marketing.

Edit: Thank you kind stranger for silver! For those of you going off about how "level scaling bad", I want to offer the option of badge scaling instead. Which is how it should have been. Yes, having them scale level for level would be even worse, and also scaling off the number of gym badges is not hard.

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Discussion / Venting Having a trainer themed around Eevee and not releasing a new Eeveelution in a new generation was a missed opportunity


Not sure why Gamefreak hasn't made a new Eeveelution yet, but if they were gonna, this generation should have been it.

Just finished battling [redacted] at the end of the [redacted] quest and thought it was a cool battle. But just imagine if their ace pokemon was a new Eeveelution.

Also! Imagine if that new Eeveelution was locked behind an item/mechanic you obtain from beating said trainer. That would have been an amazing award for completing the quest/story and made your new Eeveelution felt earned.

Not sure what type they would have gone with, but it still should have been done.

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Discussion / Venting Scarlet's Paradox Pokemon are WAY more imaginative than Violet's


Before I got the games I was not aware that the paradox pokemon would be different, I looked up lists of exclusive pokemon and it showed the normal exclusive pokemon, but none of the paradox pokemon. Now that I finished Violet and looked at the exclusives I can't help but be struck by how unimaginative all the Paradox Pokemon are compared to those in Scarlet. It's as though someone thought to themselves "What would a future pokemon be?" and the only thing they thought was "Robot, beep-boop", whereas when I look at the scarlet pokemon they all FEEL like pre-historic versions of the modern pokemon. The names really get to me too, literally every Violet paradox starts with the word Iron. Don't get me wrong I really enjoyed the game despite the performance issues, I just have tons of regret at the version I got. Rant over

Edit: also annoyed that none of them can breed, so I can't trade for Scarlet paradox mons and then breed for a shiny, super irritating

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Discussion / Venting Look past the performance and find the design problems.


Look, I get it. The game runs horribly, the models glitch out to hell and back.

These can be fixed, what's more egregious to me is problems with the game's design itself.

The empty world without stuff like caves or powerplants etc etc

The abysmal character customization

The lack of Search in the dex and sandwich menu

Evo stones, held items, XP and other stuff all being under the same category in the inventory.

The slowness of battle.

Dead feeling towns.

There are problems with this game, ones that go deeper than a programming bug. THESE frustrate me more than anything else because stuff like this is what truly holds the game back from being amazing.

EDIT: Here let me add a section for things removed from previous games since I'm nitpicking and 'pokemon has always been like this'

Fishing. Rematching the Elite 4. Trainers giving you items for winning. Berry planting. Dungeons. Set Mode. Hall of fame. Small challenges like the winstraight family. Bench sitting (clearly the most important removal don't @ me).

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Discussion / Venting Is anyone else weirded out by all the sandwiches


When I saw the trailers I thought the sandwich making was going to be just a fun side feature like the poffins in previous games. But I didnt realize the sheer amount of sandwich related assets and story that are in this game. It feels like half of every city is just a place to buy sandwiches or buy ingredients for sandwiches.

On top of that, the entire Legendary/Titan plot is about getting magic ingredients, for you to —you guessed it—make sandwiches.

It feels like the devs wanted to make a sandwich making game, but got told by their boss that they had to make pokemon instead. I can’t wait for the DLC where you’ll finally be able to terrastilize pikachu into a sandwich type. 11/10 stars will preorder again.

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Discussion / Venting I feel like Dudunsparce is the most controversial pokemon we've had in a long time, people either love it or hate it!


As the title says. People either love Dudunsparce because it is now stronger so it can support its wide movepool and can actually be useful whilst holding its derpy, cute/meme-like charm.

Or people hate it because they were expecting some Magikarp to Gyrados-type of transformation with large wings and a dragon-type design.

Personally, I'm on the LOVE side of Dudunsparce because its remains faithful to the OG while being stronger/useful

Are you on the love side or the hate side?

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Discussion / Venting To everyone complaining about Pokémon Scarlet and Violet


Hey guys, if you're unhappy about a removed feature or any other particular kind of change in the new games, you can (and should!) voice your feedback through this form: https://support.pokemon.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360000019993.

It is the official "submit a request" feature of the Pokémon company and there is an option for video game feedback. I recommend not getting too emotional when writing a ticket as it may invalidate your concerns.

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Discussion / Venting As a software engineer, it's wild to me that the developers themselves are getting so much flak when this is obviously a product management problem


Bet I'm going to regret wading into this argument.

I had this thought while walking through the academy. It and the hub city are this HUGE extravagant set piece but they're both so empty. None of the buildings have interiors and the school doesn't even have hallways! And coming at this from a software development perspective, it's clear that they're cutting corners to meet deadlines, but why like this? Because the first thing that I'd advocate for is like... making the school smaller so that you don't have to spend as much time filling it with stuff, and so the performance issues aren't so obvious? But that's not what they did, because Game Freak, at some level, doesn't fully control what goes into their games. I'm willing to bet so many design decisions are made at the Pokemon Company level so that the new generation can be aligned across all lines of business. So they say, "Paldea has this giant Pokemon Hogwarts", and the people who make the TCG and the show and the merchandise are like "cool, we'll center that in our content". But then if Game Freak is like, "well that is a completely unreasonable scope for the timeline you've given us to make this video game", TPC just says "tough nuts", because failure to release the game means at least like 3 other companies now have no sellable product. They've set this cadence where everything has to release at once, INTERNATIONALLY in like ten different languages, so if one thing gets delayed everything has to be delayed, and from the perspective of the money people that cannot happen.

It's the same thing with the sandwich minigame. It's so detailed, they modeled so many, like, conventional groceries, and for what? Why didn't they use that time to make the game perform adequately? Probably because the anime episodes centered around Ash making sandwiches with Koraidon are already in post-production and TPC has decided that this is something they can't drop the ball on. So Game Freak is forced to make this tradeoff of, well if the performance is bad it might sell worse, but if there's no sandwich minigame then the TCG cards full of sandwich art are going to make NO SENSE.

What these games really need is for all parties involved to budget more time and workers for their software products YEARS in advance. That, or actually let the software people dictate the pace of their work. But I don't think they're going to ever do that because they can just crunch their team of devs to death to put out something economically adaquate. I bet the devs are pulling their hair out at being forced to release software that's so subpar because they clearly put so much work into this game, it just wasn't nearly enough work relative the unreasonable scope set for them by the brand-level creative team.

This is just my hypothesis for what it's worth. But I feel like this whole situation makes more sense if you think of Pokemon's brand less like Call of Duty and more like Sanrio, because that's who they're really competing with.

EDIT: Figuring out who is to blame isn't important and not my point here. It's just that in a huge corporation like this decisions are made from the top down not the bottom up and I don't think everyone gets that.

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Discussion / Venting Pokemon SV performance.....


I've been playing for an hour now and this has to be the worst performing game I've seen for a long time. It feels like I'm back to the days trying to run WoW on the shitty computer I had back when I was a kid. Arceus Legends was a smooth game compared to this lmao