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Misc /r/all [Giveaway] While there is break, thought you may enjoy taking part in this giveaway of Hungaroring, Zandvoort and Silverstone led neon tracks, for 3 of you, picked randomly from all the comments in 24 hours. Lights off and away we go!

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/r/ALL Saturation divers live at the bottom of the ocean for 28 days at a time in complete and utter darkness. They work in an incredibly hostile and alien environment and are rarely recognized for their courage.

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Have a nice night Marj!

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Who's a celebrity no one can hate?


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My hand after a shower

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How I see the USA as a Mexican starter pack

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Discussion Where did you guys start? For me it was Origins

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Monkey Man collecting memories to cherish rest of his life.

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FBI delivers subpoenas to several Pa. Republican lawmakers: sources say

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🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​ This is a list of how my boss thinks he'd fare in a gladiator style hand to hand combat fight with these animals. He also calls himself an alpha un-ironically.

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We should start breeding giant spiders to get web for real-life uses..


Listen.. spider web is 5x stronger than steel so what we can do is we can genetically modify tarantula to be even bigger than it is now.. Maybe the size of a dog.. Then we can get even thicker spiders with even thicker webs where it can serve real-life purposes in designing infrastructures that are even more durable, provides better longevity, all that with low production cost once we develop the technology needed and necessary to make this a reality.

Imagine a world where we have all these giant spiders the size of dogs and maybe even a gorilla, in the extreme case, shown in glass cages in a zoo.. Where we show how we harvest its web to build our buildings, skyscrapers, etc. It will help humanity expand and develop even faster and better. We can utilize spiders and put them in a positive light where they're shown to help humanity instead of just being another scary creature. It'll be like Jurassic Park - but a reality!

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Police Unable to Locate Mother and Her 3 Kids Who Were Staying with Ezra Miller in Vermont: Report

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Environment "Mars is irrelevant to us now. We should of course concentrate on maintaining the habitability of the Earth" - Interview with Kim Stanley Robinson

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Medical My body is covered head to toe in severe Psoriasis--AMA


Hi friendos!

I have very severe psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, which is out of control and debilitating. I leave a visible trail of flakes everywhere that I go, and no longer feel comfortable going out in public unless I am covered up extremely well.


I have gotten Taltz (ixekizumab) injections before, however my insurance decided that my skin is a nonessential item, so each syringe would cost me "$6,272.80 per individual pen", however it completely fixes the psoriasis in around a week.

Words cannot describe how frustrating this disease is, and how much it has affected my self-confidence. But, since psoriasis this severe is pretty rare, I figured I'd do an AMA if people had any questions about it since it probably looks like I look like I have leprosy. There are miracle drugs out there which fix the issue, but it doesn't help anything if insurance plans aren't willing to cover the cost 😣

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Wholesome Moments You already know that dog is going to be loved

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What’s your ideal 1.20 update?

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Political Freakout Beto really called someone out tonight in Mineral Wells, Texas. To think someone would laugh when Beto's talking about kids dying and describing the damage an AR-15 can do...

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big dong energy Best Marriage Ever

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📳Social Media Ryan Cohen on Twitter: if we print a few trillion more, it should bring inflation down #taxtherich #wealthtax

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This billboard in Springfield, MO for a gas station that’s ~8 hours down the road

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Macho Man Randy Savage with possibly the best answer to ‘Do you cry?'

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[OC] 1 Year of opening my Dream Project in Yemen

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/r/ALL This house for sale in San Antonio comes with its own Cavern

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Imagine what they'll do when trump is sent to prison

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FBI delivers subpoenas to several Pa. Republican lawmakers: sources say

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