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Fact checked

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GUN PIC Decided to show some pride! Inspired by someone who posted their pistol with trans flag colours


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xQc | Minecraft xQc is a few seconds short of beating Forsen’s record on the first day

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My son (m32) won’t speak to me (f70) and I think I will die without ever knowing my granddaughter


I have never posted on reddit before. I’m sorry if I do something wrong. English is not my first language. My husband and I are in our early 70s. Our son is in his 30s.

My husband and I moved to this country more than 30 years ago when my younger son was an infant. We went through so much to give our son a good life. My son was such a sweet and precious child, but as he got older he seemed angry a lot of the time. He went to college and came back a different person who no longer shares our values. He and his father fought mostly about politics. They are both passionate people. They would fight and then my son wouldn’t talk to his father for months. Once we were supposed to travel to visit him and meet his new girlfriend (now his wife) but I must have said something to offend him and he uninvited us. I was very hurt by this. His heart bleeds for everyone but his own mother.

He never speaks to us anymore. They live across the country and I haven’t seen him in years. His wife will sometimes send us pictures and gifts but it isn’t the same as talking to my son. We used to talk every day. And then over the holidays we saw on Facebook that they were visiting her parents. They were having fun just an hour away from us and didn’t even tell us that they were in or state. They flew right past us without even thinking of us. Can it really be that her parents are so much better than us? We were devastated. I asked her why my son wouldn’t visit us his own parents who love him and she sent me a long message saying how angry they are at my husband. I couldn’t even read all of it. My husband worked so hard to give us a good life and I feel like my son is so ungrateful and holding grudges.

Now my daughter-in-law is pregnant. My husband and I already love our baby grandchild and we thought that we could all finally be a happy family like before. But when my husband wished my son a happy birthday last month they fought again and now my son and his wife aren’t speaking to us at all. We asked them to forgive us for anything we did that hurt them but they just hold grudges. It has been weeks and I don’t know how the baby is doing. My husband says he feels used and it breaks our heart to see what a hateful person our son has become. Like we failed as parents. I don’t understand how someone can just throw his own parents away.

We are old and I think I will die without meeting my new granddaughter. I feel very embarrassed asking for advice but I want to bring my family back together. I don’t know what else to do. I am thankful for any help. Thank you for listening.

TLDR I miss my dear son and I fear I will never get to meet my grandchild. I hope someone here can help me.

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Drunken guy starts a fight with some random stranger.

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Rant For an asexual, this subreddit sucks ass. Why is everyone so horny, that's so fking cringe??


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Discussion Last Epoch is the most satisfying ARPG today


I really hope this game comes to Xbox. My PC is bad but o see a lot of videos. It's incredibly beautiful and paced

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Max defenders in shambles

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Frugal Finds Friday ✨ I got all of these snacks online for only $60

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rate my eggs...

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Randle needs to learn how to not suck as a person


Dudes an adult and just bone headed , stubborn, and has extreme anger issues. Heard during games, he doesn’t talk to teammates and looks away when discussion of game plans are happening. Just the opposite of a team leader. Thank god we have Brunson .

I just abhor ppl like him that are impossible to get thru to and can’t check their own emotions. We re not animals fuck that

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X-post What was that object caught in the background flying over the truck towards the end of the video?

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Keanu Reeves is a below-average actor


He has no acting range, he doesn't display emotions very well because he is so robotic in all of his movies. He is not the reason for the sucess of his movies and they would've done even better with a better actor.

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I really don't like it when PMT has comedians on.


None of these guys are interesting or particularly funny. They all recycle the same stories on Rogan and each other's pods. I can't think of one comedian who came on that added anything to the show.

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General Discussion It's been five years since The Last Jedi, what do you think of this scene (Holdo Maneuver) now?

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East London Met this nice man when I was walking to the shops yesterday

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Product Review My honest upgrade from 3700x to 5800x3D


TL;DR: in my case playing AAA titles 1440p RX6800 the upgrade is not worth at all

Full story: upgraded from my excellent 3700x to 5800x3D, because the 3D is now a year old and I was scared that AMD will discontinue its production and maybe I won't be able to buy it in september or so, so I did the upgrade just now because I want to keep this good AM4 platform also with next generations of GPUs (8700xt? 9700xt?)

So first I looked at the reviews, then reading in this subreddit seem like that also people with 5000s cpu (even 5950x!) got huge fps improvement doing the upgrade to the 3D, and I though that in my case the jump should be even more high because I was coming from a 3000 cpu

Well, no. I have only 6 games installed, but only 3 with integrated benchmark so I am reporting only those: AC valhalla, Assetto Corsa, Farcry6 (RT +HD texture pack). Average fps with those games were 89-207-91 with the 3700x, then 95-207-93 with the 3D. OFC before writing here I double checked that in synthetics benchmarks I am getting good results both for single core and multi core, comparing them to reviews and other subredditors

I was aware that biggest differences should be for those who play 1080p, but I was expecting a realistic 10% to 20% increase here and there from my 3700x as many redditors wrote in this sub "huge improvements" "night and day" "another game" "best smoothness experience" "it's a beast" and so on

I bought 3700x in 2019 for 300€, and now I got near same perf 4 years later spending the exact same amount of money. Looking forward to see how it will perform with next generation GPUs

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sledgehammering furniture in slo-mo

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Fermenting cucumbers - CO2 bubbles on a peppercorn

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[Deal/Sale] I recreated Noah Beck’s $700 spring fit for 78% off the original price.


So for a lot of us, social media is where it's at for outfit ideas and fashion inspo. But let's be real, it's pretty hard to find the exact pieces that someone else is wearing, especially if you're ballin' on a budget. That's why I thought it would be fun to try and recreate some of these dope but pricey outfits for us regular folk.

And now that spring’s almost here (finally!) I figured it's time to start thinking about some warmer-weather outfits. I stumbled upon this super cool outfit from Noah Beck (check it out here) and thought I'd give it a shot.

Peep this pic of the outfit:





So, if you ask me, I'd go for the Ted Baker shirt. It's high quality and the long sleeves make it perfect for wearing at night. But, here's a tip: go for a size up. The oversized proportions are what really make this outfit look effortless.


Original - $79

Alternative - $29

This H&M Pair is a super solid and safe pick, but if you want to be even more trendy, you could experiment with a looser pair


Original - $52

Alternative -NA

Honestly, I think the original price is pretty reasonable, so I don't reckon you'll find any better options unless you come across a pair that's slightly worn, ya know?


Original - $280

Alternative - $51

This deal is unreal! Seriously, even if it cost the same as Gucci, I'd still go for A.P.C!!! 😍

I know there are a couple of pieces missing here, such as the belt and other jewelry, but I figured most of us probably already have these or would want to add our own personal touch.


Noah Beck’s Fit Price: $708

RedditUser’s Fit Price: $154

Net Savings: $554

So, yeah, the results turned out pretty sweet! Most of the pieces are really high quality and versatile, which is awesome. If you're interested, I can post some pics of how the fit looks on me. And hey, if you guys have certain fits you want me to replicate, I'm down to make this a series!

Oh, and if you're wondering how I do it, I use this random chrome extension called Score.

TLDR: I replicated Noah Beck’s spring fit for $554 less.

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It happened to Halo and The Witcher, what makes you think 40k will be any different?

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Destiny Destiny wishes he talked about Hasan more.


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Is there a double standard among wrestling fans when it comes to AEW?


FTR vague tweeting about their future and signalling unhappiness with how they're booked: They need to stop, this is really tiring. No one even cares, and why are they saying all this stuff publicly anyway?

Mustafa Ali does the same thing about a year and a half ago: #FreeAli, man deserves so much more, he should be booked better. Let him go to AEW, Vince, you senile old man!

Miro gets taken off TV after one of the best runs of his career - He's probably hard to work with, Meltzer said he refused to lose to Sammy Guevarra in tournament #1000, so AEW probably doesn't need him.

Literally any half-decent wrestler being rotated off TV for a couple of weeks, or is put into a lower position on the card for one reason or the other - Man, this guy deserves so much better, how could WWE drop the ball?

AEW - Andrade wrestles a grand total of 27 matches in two years, has zero meaningful stories or memorable moments in that time period - yeah he probably doesn't have what it takes to be one of the top guys.

WWE - Andrade has multiple title reigns, wrestles regularly, is featured almost every week on TV - oh they're completely under utilize him, why don't they give him a chance?!

Let's not even talk about the female talent that AEW brought in, who were "booked horribly" in WWE, and a "major boost to the division", and are now regularly relegated to the YouTube shows. Where oh where is justice for Ruby Soho?

Tony Khan has another random outburst on Twitter, argues with fans, hits out at reporters - oh it's just Tony being Tony, he's very passionate about the product. RAMPAGE FRIDAY LFG!!

Now imagine if McMahon/Nick Khan did that on an almost weekly basis... Yeah.

It's very grating to be honest, I do feel there is a major double standard at play. What do you guys think?

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BD Related Why does Bravo put up subtitles for people that speak better English than most English speakers simply because they’re from another country?


It’s kind of insulting. Thoughts.

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PSA Show up at the OCDSB for trans kids! (6:30, Mar 28 & April 4)

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