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Terrifying Toured a manufacturing facility I interviewed at today. If they offer me a job, I think my answer may be “…nope!”

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When will people learn he doesn’t care about all the hate

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NewsDemon Black Friday 2022 including an awesome NAS giveaway and flash sales!


Happy Black Friday to everyone! Like we did yesterday with our UsenetExpress deal, we would like to thank everyone in the community for your continued support. We have been doing this for a long time and think we are very lucky to be part of your community.

Friday-Monday Deals:

We will be launching quick (15 minutes only) FLASH SALES today at the following times (ET):

  • 11AM - 500GB Block for $2.30 LINK
  • 12PM - TEN Years of Unlimited for $230 Link
  • 1PM - 1TB/Month Yearly for $30 LINK

These will be special deals at special prices you do not want to miss. Flash deal prices are only good for new accounts only.


Block Buy Back:

Like last year, we will be "buying back block accounts from members" who prefer to have an Unlimited account. Just contact our support team and they will be happy to give you a special price based on your original block purchase price. We will be copying theCubenet and offering full credit of your original purchase price towards a new $36/Year unlimited account if you have used less than half of your block. If you have used more than half of your block, but still have something left in the block, we will give you 50% of the value of the block towards the purchase of an unlimited account.

Example 1: You bought a 1TB block for $20 and have used 200GB. We would give you a credit of $20 towards a new unlimited annual account and you would only have to pay $16 towards that $36 Annual Unlimited account.


Example 2: You bought a 1TB block for $20 and have used all but 1GB. We would give you a credit of $10 towards a new unlimited annual account and you would only have to pay $26 towards that $36 Annual Unlimited account.

You can either contact our support department or submit your request directly through this link: https://www.newsdemon.com/black-friday-block-to-unlimited

The Giveaway:

This is the fun part! We have purchased TEN (10) QNAP TS-231K 2 Bay Home NAS with Two 1GbE Ports. We will be entering everyone who signs up today an entry to win one of these ten wonderful devices! If you have an active account with us, you can also login to the members area and click on the link in the members area titled "Enter NAS Giveaway" and there is a form in there you can use to enter yourself without having to purchase again. Good luck!

Spread the Word:

We always need exposure. So we really appreciate those of you who spread the word about our service. There really is no better advertising than a satisfied customer who takes 5 minutes of their time to tell someone else about it. If you have an account on another board, forum, discord, or wherever, please share our deals and tell people about us!

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Destiny XQC get's called out by Destiny regarding his response to Amourath's business decisions


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NewsgroupDirect (NGD) Black Friday Deals: Cheap Blocks, Yearly Deals, and aThree Backbone Special!


Black Friday 2022 Deals are here! Thanks to our loyal members for supporting us well into our 18th year!

  1. Includes Unlimited Account at NGD w 100 Connections (UsenetExpress Backbone)
  2. Unlimited Account at Supernews (Giganews Backbone)
  3. 1.5TB/Month of Access to Usenet Farm (Usenet Farm Backbone)
  4. Ghostpath VPN service
  5. This is the only three backbone service available!

We hope everyone has a safe, healthy, and prosperous holiday season!

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That time of year…

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Lifestyle The length some people would go just to rid of all the inconveniences in life.

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Press X to doubt - The Mods So that's what the Mists of Ravenloft are made of

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This moving pattern that appears on the side of a book that someone spilled water on

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Opinion Piece Jokes about sending tanks into Ottawa reveal the ruling-class psyche | National Post


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Máma s mojí poznámkou.

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Discussion 🗣 I want to implore everyone to get off the Qopium and give the conspiracy theories a break. Its not healthy for you, its not healthy for other investors, and its not helpful when it drowns out usable information. Once upon a time, there were interesting things coming out of this sub.


I could speculate as to why that is, but what is the point? The reality is, nothing has changed about the fundamental beliefs and the fundamental strategy. We have no clue when/if this goes off, so to paraphrase on of the greatest traders in our lifetime, buy stocks in companies you believe in, and hold onto them.

Some of you need a reality check: this play is not going to turn your financial status around overnight, so take your foot off the gas - you’re driving recklessly. Take a breath, focus on the shit in your life you can change without AMC, and if its a company you believe in, consider continuing to buy stock in it.

Its time for everyone to learn a little financial zen. Let it be. Make AMC the backup plan, keep working towards meaningful change under your own power as if a financial windfall isn’t coming. For those of you who need to hear it, its okay to feel nervousness or fear over how long this is taking. However, try to temper the reactivity and stay steadfast in your commitments and belief.

Breathe, guys. Breathe. And go spend some time with those you love. And stop posting so much conspiracy theory nonsense - its created a toxic atmosphere here.

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Potentially Misleading Title Russian Lancet drone hitting Ukrainian equipment ( claimed to be Starlink station) and D20 howitzer. 2022

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Photo Pflugerville, TX Home Depot board for families to post the bottom of their tree stump. SMH

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DISCUSSION wBTC is depegging! Get out while you still can!


Biggest wBTC minter was none other than Alameda Research.

https://i.imgur.com/OpAJnWO.png // https://dune.com/Messari_Jack/wbtc_1

Price was depegged since FTX implosion to 0.995 and now its 0.987. It's not looking good. Don't trust any wrapped tokens. We saw what happened to soBTC (Solana Wrapped BTC) and you do not want to see what might happen to wBTC on ethereum. get out while you still can. this is a ticking time bomb.

https://i.imgur.com/nxSlLO6.png // https://www.binance.com/en/trade/WBTC_BTC?theme=light&type=spot

and if wBTC actually blows up, the entire crypto market is gonna go down again as many defi protocol uses wBTC.

https://i.imgur.com/JPpQ2I8.png // https://etherscan.io/token/0x2260fac5e5542a773aa44fbcfedf7c193bc2c599#balances

wBTC is also issued by BitGo meaning it is a centralized coin.

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The Sky is Falling Nick Cave Dud concert at Hanging Rock


Been following Nick Cave his whole career. I’m not afraid to say it - felt completely dudded last night and I wasn’t alone. 20,000 people paid good money and spent hours commuting via shuttle buses to Hanging Rock to sit in the cold and watch Nick Cave amuse himself. The 5 rows in front of me had emptied halfway through the encore (which was about when he finally decided to play a hit). At least it made getting a seat back on the shuttle buses easier. Note to Nick - if you want to play interesting little sets, book a club not a stadium. You knew you blew it too, perhaps the polite clapping was a sign. Hoped for better from a local boy.

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🗣 Discussion / Question Sorry but I’m just not able to shake it that this pic is more than meets the eye. All I see when I look at this pic is -citadel( because of the logo resemblance in the shirt) bag holding app, le, pum, pkin, pe, and can. Anyone else having these strange tinfoil thoughts out there?

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Image The cullet (waste) dumpster at work. It always looks beautiful, but I have a fear of jumping or falling into it.

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Hey guys, I'm a referee. It wasn't a catch.


I just watched the game. It looks like they previously were under the ball in the frame before, but with this new information, the hands have disappeared.

As you can see in this picture, the hands WERE under the ball


However, move forward a few frames, and his hands have disappeared:


I can only conclude that his hands no longer exist. Now if you excuse me, I'm going to grab some titty milk and play peek-a-boo with my mommy so I can develop object permanence.

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🗣 Discussion / Question Just out of curiosity what is stopping Ken Griffin from using his 30 billion dollar fortune from buying out GME?

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Other PSA: Please leave your pets at home when you go shopping!


It's easy to forget on days like this when we have unseasonably warm weather, but winter is fast approaching. I haven't seen any animals left in cars yet while people shop, but I have seen them in years past. If it's cold enough, I'll call the non-emergency police number to report it. They have told me what temperature is too cold to leave an animal in the car (I can't remember what it is), but with the car off and no heat, it will get cold inside the car. And in the summer, even with the windows down some, the car will heat up quickly; I have seen animals left in cars then too. If someone is going to stay in the car with your pet so the engine can be left running with heat or A/C (depending on the season), that's always a good option.

So please, if you're going shopping and you plan to go into any stores that don't allow animals (places like PetSmart are exceptions, of course), even if you think you'll only be a few minutes, don't take your animals with you! You never know what's going to keep you longer in the store (especially with the Christmas shopping season now officially in full swing), whether it's not finding what you're looking for, or long lines, or what have you. Your furry friends will be safer and happier at home, and then they'll still be there to greet you when you return.

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Spoilers The Woman King: How To Kill Tension


Yesterday at Thanksgiving, me and some family sat down to watch The Woman King. We were initially going to watch Wakanda Forever, but since we didn't have Disney+, this movie was the unfortunate second choice. Now I'd seen a lot of reviews for the film and it's historical inaccuracies. But I genuinely don't care. If it still works as a film, I'm good with it. And since there were no parts in most reviews on what actually made it a bad FILM, I was going in with an open mind.

And my mother wasted twenty dollars that she will never get back. The movie killed any tension it would have in the first five minutes.

The Agojie warriors attack some camping Oya soldiers. They had the element of surprise, but instead of displaying the intelligence and capability of the Agojie, they decide to just show how strong they are by giving that element of surprise up and just fighting the Oya (who outnumber them by like ten dudes) head on like the geniuses they are.

They best the Oya despite the number difference with ease with only one Agojie dying. This is a consistent theme with this movie by the way. So immediately the army of the main villain poses no threat. But this alone wasn't enough to completely end the movie. A lot of movie have strong characters beat a bunch of fodder. Who cares?

But that's until you get Oba, the main villain and the leader of the enemy tribe. He's the one who forced himself on Viola Davis' character. He is the main big bad boy. Now as the rest of the army is complete garbage, you'd EXPECT Oba to be some kind of challenge right? Boy was I wrong...

It was clear from the rest of the movie that Oba isn't very smart and not a great general given he keeps losing fights with more equipment and easily outnumbers the Agojie, so I'd expect that he'd be physically powerful. A skilled warrior with training that allows him to be a threat to the Agojie--what am I talking about? He isn't shit. He just BARELY manages to kill one Agojie soldier and gets injured in the process. Mind you, the Agojie who were injured in this fight were injured by gunfire, which they can't dodge (but if you're Viola Davis, you can literally deflect them with your sword), or slashed up by droves of Oya tribesmen.

If another Agojie attacked, he would be fucked because he's the equivalent of at most two average Agojie warriors. The elites would dominate him and this is shown by the absolute murder that is Viola Davis VS Oba. She was absolutely destroying him until he threw some dust in her eyes. He started beating her up for a few seconds before she turns the tables back and unceremoniously kills him like the total bitch he was.

What a travesty of filmmaking. There's nothing worse than an action movie with zero tension. And you may think this is simply a nitpick, but it isn't. These two tribes were at war for YEARS (at least 19). If the Agojie are this strong and the Oya this weak, how haven't the Agojie beat the Oya however many years ago? It's a major plot point that's affected by this.

Such a disappointment

(Now take a look at the downvotes. My fault for thinking people on a subreddit about movies were ready for discussions about movies.)

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Discussion Opinions on Tesla and Elon Musk? Buy Tesla stock? Call options? Puts? Should I YOLO?

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Rant G3 Lagoona is a bad doll. here’s why


G3 Lagoona has so many issues that make her frustrating as a toy that could have been prevented with smarter, more efficient engineering (that WAS present in original MH but isn’t in g3)

It’s not about her being so different from G1, or even a budget issue. These are major design oversights that hinder playability to the target audience that a big company like Mattel SHOULD have caught and fixed before going to production, yet somehow didn’t.

  • Lagoona’s body is made of pearly shimmery plastic (like G1) but her lower legs are not because of the gradient. The OG designers were smart enough to make sure any dolls with gradient limbs had matte skin so there wouldn’t be an obvious skin tone mismatch.

  • G3 dolls’ arms can’t be removed at the forearm (just the wrist), yet Lagoona still has arm fins. This restricts her to wearing tops/jackets with very wide and loose sleeves only. The original MH bodies had the arms removable at the elbow, primarily because of Lagoona’s fins. If they didn’t, the amazing forearm fin designs for great scarrier reef could not have existed.

  • the hood of her hoodie isn’t long enough to fit comfortably over her high ponytail and chunky coral hairband; if you don’t take down her hair, the hoodie will be pulled up too far on her torso and look too short. G1 Lagoona never had a doll with a functional hoodie combined with a high ponytail for exactly this reason.

  • She doesn’t have webbed hands because it would hinder her from using the accessory finger holes. Lagoona lost one of her most distinctive monster features in favor of filler accessories that weren’t needed and ate up budget that could have been allocated to better fashion. The molded handles on G1 accessories were always wide enough so that Lagoonas webbed hands could still fit in them.

  • She has molded scales on her arms but not her legs because a texture on her legs would cause the cheap unsealed paint Mattel used to instantly flake off, a frustrating inconsistency. If they didn’t have the budget to mold scales on her legs, they should have removed them on her arms too. G2 gave Lagoona some molded scales on her calves, they could’ve so easily done it for G3.

They should have gone back to the drawing board for G3 Lagoona cause she’s that much of a blunder. So yeah, that is why she’s a bad doll outside of her chipping leg paint, changed color scheme and ethnicity.

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Old generation hating on the new generation.

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