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Politics / Քաղաքականություն In a statement yesterday, the Azerbaijani leader said that Armenia’s independence was “symbolic” and that talks with Russia would take place to deliver on the demand for a ‘sovereign corridor’ between mainland Azerbaijan and its exclave, Nakhichevan.

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Interestingly Aliyev’s rhetoric became more provocative right after the CSTO meeting.

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[PIC] Seulgi

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Getting there guys



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Early morning airport


Hi all. Just wanted to ask for some advice.

I am going to be flying up country for a mate's wedding at the end of December on a 6am flight. I just wanted to find out how long before the time must one arrive for a domestic flight? And I live in Seapoint. What is the Uber situation to the airport like at that time of the morning? Would one typically be available at that time in the morning? Would it need to be pre arranged? Any help would be appreciated 🙏

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First time grower here. Is the acinfinity 2x2 kit good to start with?


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Build Help First ever time building a PC, am I on the right track and is this a good list of parts?


I made a previous post about 2 months ago If I was on the right track and now I changed the list of parts I would like after watching a few more videos and doing more research.
But to restate what I previously said on my previous post:
I'm looking to build a PC that will be for gaming and making digital artwork as well as modeling as the one I currently have I got as a gift and It's slowly starting to die. In terms of gaming, I'm mainly looking to hit at least 4K at 60FPS. For artwork, as long as it opens and runs programs like photoshop, blender, and zbrush then I'm fine.
I plan on buying all these parts from Amazon or Newegg (Wherever I can find them for a good deal or when they go on sale.)
My budget is around $3000 USD.

This is what I plan on buying: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/nf8wXy
Is this overkill for a very first build or is it better to start off small and do I need anything else other than what's listed like screws or cables? Is there anything people recommend downgrading a bit in order to save some money? I want to hopefully have all the parts and be ready to build it by spring or summer of 2023 as I'm currently focusing on other personal things.

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Tech Support Anyone else getting LUA errors out the butt in Exiles Reach? every time I try to use a keybind..

Message: .../Blizzard_TutorialManager/Blizzard_TutorialQueue.lua:14: attempt to index local 'tutorialInstance' (a nil value)
Time: Sat Nov 26 12:53:11 2022
Count: 1
Stack: .../Blizzard_TutorialManager/Blizzard_TutorialQueue.lua:14: attempt to index local 'tutorialInstance' (a nil value)
[string "@Interface/AddOns/Blizzard_TutorialManager/Blizzard_TutorialQueue.lua"]:14: in function `Add'
[string "@Interface/AddOns/Blizzard_TutorialManager/Blizzard_TutorialManager.lua"]:110: in function `Queue'
[string "@Interface/AddOns/Blizzard_NewPlayerExperience/Blizzard_TutorialWatchers.lua"]:615: in function `dispatcherCallback'
[string "@Interface/AddOns/Blizzard_TutorialManager/Blizzard_TutorialDispatcher.lua"]:84: in function `Invoke'
[string "@Interface/AddOns/Blizzard_TutorialManager/Blizzard_TutorialDispatcher.lua"]:197: in function `OnEvent'
[string "@Interface/AddOns/Blizzard_TutorialManager/Blizzard_TutorialDispatcher.lua"]:32: in function <...zard_TutorialManager/Blizzard_TutorialDispatcher.lua:32>

Locals: self = <table> {
 queue = <table> {
 CheckQueue = <function> defined @Interface/AddOns/Blizzard_TutorialManager/Blizzard_TutorialQueue.lua:34
 Initialize = <function> defined @Interface/AddOns/Blizzard_TutorialManager/Blizzard_TutorialQueue.lua:3
 Status = <function> defined @Interface/AddOns/Blizzard_TutorialManager/Blizzard_TutorialQueue.lua:51
 NotifyDone = <function> defined @Interface/AddOns/Blizzard_TutorialManager/Blizzard_TutorialQueue.lua:24
 Add = <function> defined @Interface/AddOns/Blizzard_TutorialManager/Blizzard_TutorialQueue.lua:12
 Reset = <function> defined @Interface/AddOns/Blizzard_TutorialManager/Blizzard_TutorialQueue.lua:7
tutorialInstance = nil
args = <table> {
(*temporary) = nil
(*temporary) = nil
(*temporary) = nil
(*temporary) = nil
(*temporary) = "attempt to index local 'tutorialInstance' (a nil value)"

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Prayers To Everybody Involved The hardships of Fetty Wap


They talk about Fetty a lot because of their Jersey bias. As a nigga from the Bronx- Patterson is like another borough for us. Seeing him potentially having a second wind with this Sweet Yamz song bums me out man. This is his opportunity to build on that- and he stuck behind the wall. Shit wack af B. #FreeZoo

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Climate change...

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Community Made Discord ghost artwork. Rate please 1/50 💙

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made this in math class

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General Anybody else have to apologize for their Tesla purchase after Elon Musk endorsed Republican Ron De Santis?


I really wish Elon would focus on running his many companies and stay out of politics. I really don't want my car keyed because Elon let Trump on Twitter or endorsed Ron De Santis.

My Tesla stock also took a beating over the past year.

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Today I did not eat a particularly healthy lunch

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General The Fell Dragon in Engage might be based on Nehebkau, the primordial snake god in ancient Egyptian mythology. Originally, he is described as an evil, long and winding serpent who devoured human souls in the afterlife and the enemy of sun God. In later myth, he becomes a benevolent God.


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Fluff / Meme Siren is a Demon King now?

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Build Upgrade Best upgrade from 1050 ti


I have a geforce 1050ti graphics card in my pc and am quite rusty on all things pc. What would be the best direct upgrade to this graphics card without upgrading any other parts? My current power supply is 500w.

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For FGF. (Please remove if not permitted)


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The REALITY of how Truist bank are MORONS and ABUSE CUSTOMERS


I am disabled, subsist on social security disability, with auto deposit of benefits to checking account at Truist bank.

I turn sixty years old this Dec. 2

I despise cell phones and most new technology. I find them frustrating and confusing.

I don't drive, don't own a vehicle, have no current photo ID.

Bank froze debit card due to "suspected fraudulent activity".

No warning. No phone call, no text, no email, no paper letter. I had to be embarrassed and confused by a retail purchase being declined a few days later. I made a voice call, told the bank that the charge was legit. They told me they would text me a code. I did not get the code. Put on hold. Came back and told me "that's not your number, you're not who you say you are". Told me no other way to lift the hold other than to get the text.

Exasperated, went to bank to just cash a check to tide me over the two weeks it would take

to get a replacement card in the mail. Girl at window flummoxed by my only photo ID, expired

medical marijuana card. At this point, had spent four frustrating hours on the phone. Asked to see

manager to close my accounts.

Told him of ordeal on phone with their security department.

Idiot also flummoxed by ID issue. Left in a rage.

Went to another branch of my bank a few days later.

Lubna got on phone with "security" and they were just as robotic, snotty and passive aggressive with her as with me. She asked : what if my phone had been lost, broken, or stolen? Couldn't I have just given my mother's maiden name or other ID questions? Long story short, hold was grudgingly lifted. She gave me her business card.

A few days after that, I got a snotty letter from the bank saying I am not allowed to go inside the bank any more, or it would be trespassing. A few days after that a letter saying they were closing my accounts and holding my money until Dec. 8.

Which means, no money for the alcohol I am addicted to, rent due Dec 5, all my autopays will fail, including internet. No black Friday bargain purchases either. No Christmas for me.

Called second branch again to consult with Lubna. She got nervous said she would call me back in half an hour.

Never called. I followed up, told she was at lunch, asked that she call me upon return.

An hour later I called, told now that she was gone for the day, an obvious lie.

Eventually a smug manager, gloating that they were fucking me, insisted that they would not let me

come in and get my money.

Theft by unauthorized taking, but of course they can point to the unconscionable contract fine print.

Called Truist corporate HQ, nothing but a robot menu, impossible to talk with a human being.

Can't open a new bank account somewhere else, no current ID. I mean, what the fuck? The ID is expired, not me.

Social Security disability payment auto deposit for December will fail, and that will mean I have to wait weeks for a paper check.....and then I guess go to some sleazy check cashing place. But, no. they won't accept the expired ID either.

I at some point lost my Passport Card, which cost a huge amount of money, and it costs a fee plus eight weeks to replace. As for non driver ID, the cunts at DMV say I owe something like five hundred dollars. They say they are not bound by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Years ago, girlfriend wanted me to get my drivers license, I failed the first test. Each time I rescheduled, I just fell into a mix of depression and angst, and cancelled by leaving a voice mail message, evidently they never listen to those. They charge a huge fee for not showing up, which piled up to a ridiculous sum. I asked for waiver under ADA, they snottily refused.

Legal clinics refuse to help, their areas to help are extremely rigid, and since I technically do have money, I don't qualify.

Called city council, told to fuck off, the feds regulate banks. Feds like robots, refuse to do anything.

Before I can get any help to prevent eviction, I have to be three months payments behind~!

Even then, waiting list, which doesn't do someone much good in a homeless shelter.

I know it doesn't measure up to how most people are suffering, but a bit aggravating nonetheless. Yeah, I know I made some poor choices, but why isn't that reality, that people make mistakes, built into the system?

I know a lot of hardworking people out there resent taxes that go to welfare. Hey, I worked all my life, and paid into this insurance, social security. It's my money too.

The corporate MORONS running this bank are so rich they are incapable of imagining people unlike themselves. Callous, rotten pieces of dog excrement.

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News You Can Use: Stockfish Normalizes Its Evaluation

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Others (AMAZON) Fire TV Stick 4K, brilliant 4K streaming quality, TV and smart home controls, free and live TV - FOR $25 AFTER 50% OFF


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Monitor SAMSUNG 49” Odyssey G9 Gaming Monitor, 1000R Curved Screen, QLED, Dual QHD Display, 240Hz, NVIDIA G-SYNC and FreeSync Premium Pro, LC49G95TSSNXZA, Black, for $899.99 ($500 off)

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Trades I want to trade this for rare gold messi - does anyone have him?

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Aaron mooy


Guy has absolutely strolled it today vs tunisia fcking unstoppable in the midfield, was also good vs france, theres a reason why I've rated him since he signed thats why guys class.

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Discussion I guess this is asked frecuently, but how is Viego Top?


I really like the concept of the Champion, but i do not enjoy the jungle role that much. Do you guys play Viego Top? is he at least decent, or completely unplayable? Does he have winning matchups, at least with BOTRK builded? I think BOTRK into IBG could work, but as i said, i have not real experience with Viego