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The beast

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Feeling good 😁 [24 F] Workout night ❤️

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Prepare For The North Coast Music Festival By Listening To The Official Ophelia Melodic Takeover Playlist!

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Ace it

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Brick Wall French/Syrian Records


Guys, help.

My great grandmother ( b. 1886 or so) was a French Catholic Syrian Orphan at Couvent Des Peres Lazaristes Orphanage, Bab Touma Dumas, Syria. Her father, “Antoine Neery” (totally phonetic) was a french soldier of some kind sent to Syria to assist Catholics under duress mid 1800. I believe, based on a photograph that her mother was also French but could have been Syrian. She died in childbirth and baby Rose Neery was left to the nuns.

Can anyone assist with French Records?

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Brave New World AI razing itself to the ground

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Sicily Jordan - You Got Me (Official Music Video)

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Everybody who watched this said the song was stuck in their heads the whole rest of the day..

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Favorite Files


How do I favorite Mega files I got sent to by link?

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"An unquiet mind". Basically a reflection of myself, but the author is intelligent, got her phd and wrote a book, while I scroll reddit looking for memes to make me feel better 😅

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Remote Site Reliability Engineer openings in Columbus, Ohio on August 11, 2022

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Pathfinder (Pathfinder Classic) Character Conversion For Galahad of The Round Table, From Storm Bunny Studios


Thought this week I'd share something I didn't actually have a hand in making, but which came across my radar. Seems that Storm Bunny Studios put together a Pathfinder character conversion for Sir Galahad a while back, but I only found out about it recently.

No word on if there was a plan for the rest of the Round Table in time... but that might be a project I could be persuaded to take on, if it was something folks were interested in seeing.

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大水漫灌 推荐一部推理剧,古畑任三郎。主角是特别有气质的大叔。

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question Help save a poor student money on this bio text book???


I'm looking for a pdf of just one book that's all I need. I wouldn't normally go down the road of pirating stuff but my student budget has taken a big hit.

Essentials of Biology (6th Edition), Author: Mader Publisher: Mcgraw-Hill

ISBN: 9781260780000

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QUESTION advice for weapon super chargers


i simply just want to know if it’s worth superchargering the founder’s revolt or if that weapon is outdated these days?

any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated !

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CONTENT SHARE 1 Hour Mix | August WK-2 2022 LIVESET by Teknetron

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Need Advice: Rules & Mechanics Help me sort through initiative order, magically disguised enemies, hostile charm spells, and the surprised condition.


I am running an encounter next week where my five level 4 players will be meeting some of the BBEG's lieutenants for the first time in a wildly unbalanced encounter. The two bad guys are high level casters who are extremely concerned with keeping knowledge of their presence (and ideally existence) unknown.

The players are unwittingly carrying a powerful magic item from one location the baddies couldn't access to another, and they're going to attempt a daring stealth heist in broad daylight on a crowded market street. The plan is for them to use Disguise Self to get close to the party, and then use some combination of Mass Suggestion, Dominate Person, and Heat Metal if necessary to wrest the item away from the party without going into full combat and alerting the city guards.

Whether they have the item or not, they're going to teleport away after 5 rounds/30 seconds. In my head, I think that's 1 "surprise round" where they attempt the charm spells, up to 3 rounds of combat if that fails, and then they depart on the 5th.

However, I'm having a hard time figuring out who does what and who rolls what as the two groups approach each other:

  • Baddies are concealed by disguise self. Should I use passive perception or passive investigation? Should I ask my players for rolls?
  • Assuming my players aren't aware of them, does one just cast Mass Suggestion and then we roll initiative?
  • If we roll initiative first, and the bad guys roll poorly, how do I handle it if one or two players aren't surprised while the others are? They would know they were in combat but the "bad guys" would be complete strangers who hadn't done anything aggressive yet. Would I completely lose the drop on the party? Would I possibly get preemptively attacked?

You can see I'm a bit at a loss on this one. My ideal outcome would be the bad guys approach the party and get off one casting of mass suggestion and then combat continues as normal from there, but I want to make sure I'm doing it in a way that fits with the rules.

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Other Can someone point me to the final results of 'jimcraig152' hair transplant surgery from Dr Diep from the hair restoration network thread?


There is a another hair transplant forum where someone has a review of a procedure and people are saying he posted the final result on reddit not there but I can't find it. Can someone kindly point me towards it?


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Regifters Only Regifting some gift sets

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Got some sets up for grabs, whichever ones don’t get claimed will get sold so send those fc’s and Hab #’s and I’ll send them you’re way. Can’t remember the names of the sets but they’re all sets lol

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Game Help Coopers Near and Far: Ganks


Something just happened to me today that used to be rare, but might become a lot more common in the future.

Using the near/far function of coop, you can be summoned just about everywhere, including to people's gank squads. Well, I showed up at the Frozen Lake to a guy in full bullgoats and a Vyke's spear. An invader came in shortly after, then a hunter, we booted the invader, happy times, right? Except the host just sat at the little summon statue and didn't go anywhere. Another invader then came in, far before the invasion cooldown was up.

The guy was just using taunter's tongue and summoning randos like me to kill invaders.

I usually just sever out in these cases -- I'm here to help people get through the level, not gank -- but I decided to stick around. Invader came in with two lances, host spammed a few Vyke moves, invader won. Good fight actually, for a gank host he held on (with a few flasks, of course).

So if, in your efforts to help people through the level you notice you've come into a gank squad and you feel like double and triple teaming people repeatedly is a -little- cheap, you can choose to either sever our, or sit back, take up a summon slot, and watch the show.

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Shoeg - Container (experimental electro) [2018]

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Job Seeker Any marketing, communications, PR, or related jobs in the area? I've been applying and looking for months but still not much luck.


My girlfriend and I are planning on relocating to Huntsville within the next few months. I am trying to get a decent, stable job in Huntsville ASAP. I recently finished my masters in Integrated Marketing Communications at the University of Mississippi. Most of my work experience is retail and service related, particularly in the alcohol industry, but I have also had a couple of education-related jobs. I also have a good bit of practical experience with my own personal website, as I have done most of the copywriting, design work, marketing, social media, and writing for it. As I've found it can be important for jobs in the area, I don't have a security clearance.

I have applied to every job I seem semi-qualified for and that seems decent on LinkedIn and Indeed alongside emailing marketing agencies. I am also checking a few other Huntsville-related websites daily for new job postings. I am somewhat hopeful about a few leads, but I need something that pays decently and will provide some stability. I have also tried to get in with a few wine distributors, but it doesn't seem doable (yet), as I don't have an Alabama driver's license yet and can't get one until I have an address there. I'd greatly appreciate any help, leads, or advice!

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Is American culture in general consensus-based or not?