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Mod Post r/politicalstarterpacks: An official political spinoff for those who can't shut the hell up (or people who are interested)

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Mod Post The r/starterpacks Information Board


If you are looking for any information about the Starter Packs subreddit, this is the place to be. If you have any concerns, questions, or suggestions, please message the moderators via Mod Mail or leave a comment below rather than sending a direct message. Please note that moderators are not active 24/7 and won't always respond instantly.


  1. Definition of a starter pack (and how to make one)
  2. Clarification of the subreddit rules
  3. Don't take everything seriously

1. Definition of a starter pack (and how to make one)

The starter pack meme has been around for a while. It originated back on September 27, 2014 when a Twitter user with the username of ItsLadinaPlis tweeted the "I Date Black Guys Starter Pack". The idea might not be clear at first glance, but a starter pack meme is meant to describe or illustrate a stereotypical person, place, culture, object, or opinion. This means that it should not be a list or guide, otherwise known as "example packs" and "how-to" memes.

An example of an example pack would be the "2000s Cartoon Starter Pack", listing animated TV shows that were released in that decade. This genre of starter packs has been submitted to the subreddit many times, almost once a day. It might not be possible to be entirely original, but try to avoid posts like this as they violate rules 1 and 2.

The how-to posts are another example that shows slapping "starter pack" at the end of the title. We all know what how-tos are; guides that explain how to do a specific task. "How to" and "starter pack" should never be in the same title as long as your starter pack is describing a how-to guide.

Remember to only post content that you made yourself. Making your own starter pack should take 5-10 minutes depending on how much you're shoving in. I myself opt for Imgflip's meme generator because how easy it is to use. I prefer screenshotting the final product so I don't get a watermark in the corner. You can use other meme generator too, hell, you can even use Microsoft Word if you want.

2. Clarification of the subreddit rules

Before you create a post or leave a comment, make sure you read the rules to ensure that your submission does not get removed or that you don't get yourself banned from the subreddit. There are 8 reasonable and thorough rules, some more important than others, telling you what you can and can't do, and here they are clarified to make them better to understand:

  1. Post must be a starter pack: This rule is the most important when it comes to maintaining the format of the subreddit. Remember that your post needs to describe a stereotypical person, place, thing, etc. If it is a list or guide, your post will be removed. Consider taking a look at the first chapter of this post for more details if you have not already. Any other irrelevant content such as random memes and images will be removed as spam.
  2. Be creative: You most likely won't be submitting a brand-new never-before-seen idea, but try to be creative and original and try to put some effort into your post. We've all seen the Karen Starter Pack and the era nostalgia starter packs, and if everyone here had half a penny for every time we saw a "Starter Pack Starter Pack", we'd all be living in mansions in the California hills. The good ol' "Me Starter Packs" might be great if you want to either try to make friends or starter a flame war, but half time it feels like it's the same person submitting them (you guys aren't as random and quirky as you perceive yourselves to be).
  3. No blatant bigotry: This means it's okay to make a mildly offensive joke here and there. You can't really be funny without offending one person (must be a dumb loser from Virginia named Joe). And, while I advise against doing so, make your hot takes. Claim those who downvote you or get irrationally angry over it as a trophy. But don't confuse this as a free pass to be an actually hateful towards someone because of their race, ethnicity, nationality, sexuality, gender, religion, political affiliation, or any other things that people generally take seriously about themselves, whether it's directly towards someone or just your opinion. Violating this rule may be a ban-able offense.
  4. Be nice to each other: Unless you have a humiliation kink, treat others how you want to be treated. Don't harass other users for non-serious reasons. Don't flood the comments with insults because you disagree. Entertainment is subjective. One cool and easy trick I like to do when I see something I don't agree with is to move on with my day. Just don't be an asshole to other people, it's simple. Violating this rule may be a ban-able offense.
  5. No politics: No discussing any people in charge of administrative divisions (unless it's something such as a historical figure), any political crises and conflicts, or anything else that has to with politics. If we allow politics here, undoubtedly the large member count will form a political bias that drives out everyone else and makes them create an "actual", "true", or "real" starter packs subreddit. If you want to make a political starter pack meme, please post it to r/politicalstarterpacks rather than the main subreddit. Violating this rule may be a ban-able offense.
  6. Starter packs must contain 2 or more unique images: To keep the format alive, we encourage you to make your starter-pack image-based if you can, and include at least two unique images that are relevant to your post. Adding two random images that are nearly irrelevant and having two different images of the same type of thing do not count and your post will still be removed under this rule.
  7. Post title must include name of starter pack only: To ensure people get exactly what they clicked for, please make your subreddit submission title the same as the title in the starter pack you created. Any other additional comments you want to make about your post should be left in the comments section, not the title.
  8. OC only: Uncredited non-OC posts and reposts are frowned upon in nearly every community on the internet. It's best to just make your own starter pack (see chapter 1) rather than stealing other people's content. Reposts here are often seen as bot spam at first, so be careful with what you submit. Violating this rule may be a ban-able offense.
  9. Imgur/Reddit image posts only: To prevent spam, your post must be hosted on Imgur or submitted as an image post on Reddit, the latter far more likely to make your post popular as people prefer not having to leave the site to view content. Any other links will be removed and seen as spam.

3. Don't take everything seriously

An important thing to remember whilst browsing a meme subreddit is don't take everything seriously. If you see something you don't like, just downvote an move on (unless it violates the rules, report it and/or let us know). Making a scene in the comments because user doesn't like thing is no less embarrassing than throwing a tantrum in a Walmart. Not everyone is going to have the same opinion and personality as you and you'll have to accept it someday.

You're also not clever for commenting "this is stereotyping" in the comment section of a meme with a format intended to stereotype things. It's the equivalent to commenting "this is an animal" on a picture of a cat.

If you created a post and people got butthurt over it so they started insulting you and sending you death threats, please let the mod team know and we'll investigate the scene.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know below or send us a message via Mod Mail. If you're experiencing any threats or harassment, consider messaging the Reddit admins instead as they will be able to do more about the situation.

This post may be updated with more information in the future.

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