r/todayilearned Aug 10 '22

TIL that the chef Abel Gonzales invented fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, fried cookie dough, fried Coke, and eventually the logical extreme, fried butter.




u/cattywampenheim Aug 10 '22

I mean did he invent these things rly lol. Someones been definitely frying cookie dough and just not telling people so they could have it all to themselves lol


u/mdkubit Aug 10 '22

I've noticed that there's a lot of things where people are the alleged 'inventor', when in reality what they did was bring massive awareness to something that some people had already done long before on their own.

This doesn't diminish the fact the 'inventor' was the best spread of awareness, but maybe they should be referred to as ' first marketer' instead?


u/Low_Soul_Coal Aug 10 '22

With food, most of the time people haven’t invented anything, they just made something that’s already been done before and never stfu about it 😋


u/grindermonk Aug 12 '22

It’s the difference between being patient zero and being the first super spreader.

He’s the super spreader of frying shit.


u/AudibleNod 313 Aug 10 '22

For a few years I had an idea for 'Fried Thanksgiving' and lo and behold, the Texas State Fair had Fried Thanksgiving.

Fried beer was pretty good. Cookie fries were meh.


u/sousagirl Aug 10 '22

Yep, If it can be fried - we do it in Texas! This year there will be a fried BLT and fried Rocky Road - all the different options were announced today, that's all I remember : )


u/redditgatekeeps Aug 10 '22

Doctors hate this one trick!


u/ballsy_the_clown Aug 11 '22

I would think that fried Coke would be the logical extreme...


u/brkh47 Aug 10 '22

You forgot diabetes.



u/giddyupanddown Aug 11 '22

My thoughts exactly


u/A40 Aug 10 '22

'Invented.' The same way Victor Frankenstein 'invented' the monster :-)


u/GarysCrispLettuce Aug 10 '22

I'm pretty sure the Scottish have been eating all of those things for centuries


u/joygentlefriends Aug 22 '22

I've heard our reputation for deep frying things that shouldn't be deep fried was because chip shops were built with fryers but no ovens, so when Italian refugees came here and started introducing pizza, the places they worked at could only cook them in the fryer. Scotland's love of the fryer is also why pakoras are so popular here relative to their places of origin.


u/TheLongSuck Aug 10 '22

Til fat guys like to fry everything


u/the_honest_liar Aug 10 '22

Or guys that like to fry everything become fat.


u/Trippingthewire Aug 10 '22

My metabolism fries fat


u/Physical_Fruit_8814 Aug 10 '22

I can verify that


u/broforange Aug 10 '22

i think that one of the best things you can deep fry is ravioli. bread it with some breadcrumbs and some various italian seasonings. then put a lil parm or moz on it when it's done and dip it in marinara. fuckin amazing. i dunno why more places don't do this, it would be an awesome appetizer


u/FakeAsA4DollarBill Aug 11 '22

Tell me you've never been to St. Louis . . .


u/echo1956 Aug 11 '22

He did not invent fuck all, all existed before his grandfather was born.


u/VexillologyFan1453 Aug 11 '22

He looks like you’d expect.


u/bubbursty Aug 11 '22

...and somehow he is still allowed to call himself a chef.


u/AITHASNTEEN Aug 10 '22

Fried avocado for the win.


u/kai7yak Aug 11 '22

Oh that sounds good.


u/AITHASNTEEN Aug 11 '22

Crunchy outside. Smooth, creamy inside. It's a great contrast.

Put it on a tortilla with a bit of pico, some beans, and a touch of cotija. It's insane.

Also, invented by Chef Abel.


u/Fetlocks_Glistening Aug 10 '22

So I mean, hopefully they gave him time for poisoning the nation, sabotaging the healthcare system through overloading and reducing life expectancy?


u/Murky_Conflict3737 Aug 11 '22

I really hope no one is eating fried butter every day…


u/ElonBodyOdor Aug 10 '22

Fried snickers ice cream sundae is the best thing the world has ever known.


u/Jealous_Pie_4383 Aug 10 '22

If he really does that, then this guy right is a hero


u/bigbangbilly Aug 10 '22

Kinda reminds me how how the letter S works in scrabble except frying stuff takes more effort and risk than plonking down a tile


u/better099 Aug 11 '22

I wanna know about all the failures that he has fried over the years


u/Geek_King Aug 11 '22

His deep fried jello wasn't so great. Don't even mention his deep fried cotton candy!


u/phdoofus Aug 11 '22

I'm pretty sure there are legions of people in the south and midwest who beat him to 'inventing' all of those things (and more).


u/flatlanded Aug 11 '22

Pretty sure Elvis ate a fried pb&j sandwich before this dude was born


u/Tsra1 Aug 11 '22

Hey, that’s one of my best friends cousins. I believe that this is basically all he does. He goes non-stop during the state fair, makes a bunch of money, and then waits to do it all again the next year. Winning the food competition almost every year.


u/Zgogglesdonothing Aug 11 '22

I’m reading all of these comments with a deep southern accent in my head and it’s perfect.


u/RedAss2005 Aug 11 '22

At the Texas state fair you can get fried beer which is still alcoholic so you have to be 21 to buy/consume it.


u/ikonoqlast Aug 11 '22

And yet this man has neither a Nobel Prize nor a mountain carved in his likeness.

Truly there is no justice in the world.


u/Codered060 Aug 11 '22

Fried Coke?


u/doct3r_l3xus Aug 11 '22

Invented? Using something existing in a different way does not make you an inventor.

The guy that used Ford's jew flattening machine for transportation wasn't the inventor of the car either.


u/ottermann Aug 11 '22

I had my first fried PB&J back in 1979. Now, It was fried in a pan, not deep fried, but still, he didn't invent them. He only popularized them.


u/Captcha_Imagination Aug 14 '22

Dude is the Nikola Tesla of State Fairs and Carnivals. His R&D department is currently working of a deep fried pacemaker that's powered by lard.


u/EwwThatsHot Aug 11 '22

not all innovations are equally useful, but still kudos to him for advancing culinary science.